Wanton Destruction of Civic Magic

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Hi Jon, Here the link to FASHION موضة MODA 時裝МОДА’s new website in its early stage: http://www.o-t-h-e-r-dimensions.info Thank you for offering to donate funds! Attached the info on FOG STORE LTD


John Ambrose

Today at 8:42 AM

Stefan wanted to see what my entry to Fashion Dimensions is going to look like, and I sent him this;




To watch me simulate an Augur’s ritual, may one of the few existing examples of Magic, and Civil Magic that I have been performing for two years, that was viciously attacked by people who think they are magical beings. My ex-neighbor is the King of the Eugene Anarchists, and is famous for his chalk art. He is good friends of the SLEEPS people. He may have used his chalk to write the messages I found in Ken Kesey Square – twice! These chalk lines morphed into the work of Stefan Eins and come from another dimension. I am compelled to author a book on this subject.

Here is John Monroe going after me. John is the lover of Alley Valkyrie who worked hard to made me feel unsafe in the Whiteaker, and, attending City Hall meetings. I told my friends these terrorist-anarchists are interfering with my attempt to save the Ken Kesey cottage on Columbia Street. I needed to go look in civic files. The other lovers pictured above, are Belle Burch and Ambrose Holthem-Keathy. All four were arrested for trespassing in the City Manager’s office – four days before our path’s cross.  These four comprise a journey into another dimension because The Righteous Quartet did not want to believe there are conaquences for trying to take of the Civic Downtown. They thught they owned all the magic, and had Given Magical Rights, them a Real Magician came along…..like the Pied Piper!

These lovers of self put a message around Ken Kesey’s neck, and this defaced a public work of art. That’s Ambrose hugging the little girl listening to Ken read. He is so sexy! That is Belle talking to a woman who is hiding her face from me. It might be her attorney. Twelve anarchists broke the law. They do not want any consequences. They want to make a permanent home for the homeless in Ken Kesey Square. Will they claim they own the right to camp under Ken’s mural in Springfield, because ‘The Lovers’ are real cool? They went after me after I sent these words to Belle in an e-mail;

“You better not be misusing funds given to you to help the poor!” 

” Beware of wolves in sheep’s clothing.”

The year was 1970 and next door to the creamery, the Keseys opened the Health Food and Pool Store. A mural outside depicted a fun-filled utopia, complete with a rainbow, a man in the moon, a smiling sun and dancing milk jugs. Inside, not far from the pool table, bulk foods, whole grains, herbs, candles and, of course, Nancy’s Yogurt, filled the shelves.

Chuck Kesey smiles slyly and his eyes glint as he describes the store as “a real culture shock to Springfield.”

Healy, the fellow who bought the bakery next door, remembers that the place lit up whenever Ken Kesey, who died in 2001, rolled up in his Cadillac. He and a few of the Merry Pranksters, as those in his entourage were known, would hop out, shoot pool and raise the sort of high-energy ruckus that fueled their radical reputation.

That reputation and the impact Ken Kesey had on 1970s youth culture gave Nancy’s Yogurt a nudge, or, as Gilbert Rosborne puts it, “The Kesey name gave it hippie star power.”


These dictators never ran for office, or got elected to a Arts Board. They rose into tow on the back of the homeless. When I went to the First Friday Artwalk I was going to talk to Steve, who runs the New Zone Gallery, ask him if her new anyone. When I met Belle Burch, I believed I found my Helper and new Muse. She agreed to model for me in exchange for a blue bicycle. I talked about going to New York with her to meet Stefan Eins, whom I never met. Belle thought I was inviting her to take in a Broadway show, and was excited to go with me.  Here are my prophetic words about John’s lover, Alley Valkyrie;

” I am going to immortalize her along with Belle. No one can stop me. They will be famous.”

This is why I refused to stop blogging about Belle and her SLEEPS anarchists, whose leader was her lover. These people conspired to break the law in the plaza of our Civic Court House, then did break the law. They targeted Jon Riuz because he closed Whoville. Jon also appeared on T.V. days later in front of the Kesey Cottage slated for demolition. He wanted to use them to house Veterans which dovetailed my work with a homeless veteran I adopted after he died.

When I found Erin Sullivan, she sent me a photograph of the Springfield Creamery she painted with Laura Foster. I told Erin I was going to blog on her. I asked her if she had a biography and she said she had several on the internet – but, did not give me a link. I can not find one. I know she read at least two of my blogs. One she put on her Facebook site. She kept questioning my different names. I wondered if she was googling me. I thought it best to inform her of the false Sexual predator Alley Valkyrie posted, after the same message was taken off Mayor Kitty Piercy’s Facebook. Alley is going after my blog. She could care less about helping female victims. Her motive was – MONEY!

I was shocked by Sullivan’s response and her demand that was attached to my warning there are people still after me. Erin was using these threats and going after what she thought was my Achilles Heal – for selfish reasons! I believe she could not let go of the idea that she should have copyrighted the Creamery Mural, and, then gone to the Kesey family. Did Erin have it in her mind MONEY could be had?


John Monroe is a wanna-be. He is not a hippies and is not a friend of any Kesey, yet he struts around Ken Kesey Square like the Cock of the Walk. He uses mentally ill people to make himself look grand. He knows some of them are very dangerous. John knows he could point out his enemy to a deranged homeless psychotic, and they would go after that person like an attack dog. I have proof of this.

“His fear is dangerous, his illness is dangerous, his bigotry is dangerous. And I’m seeing just three people willing to put up a defense against that danger. And while obviously psychotic and seemingly paranoid as well, he is above all a threat to people in our community.

I’d like to point out the following two quotes from Presco:

“She’s the head of the dragon of fear! She should have not let me know that, because when I have to fight, I go for a head shot! Especially when the body is so co-denedant to Alley.”
Yesterday at 12:33pm”

“Greg Presco:  She retreated in this chat. She bid you to protect her. How are you going to do that? She already lost. I am going to immortalize her along with Belle. No one can stop me. They will be famous.”

Anyone acquainted with the subtleties of violent communication can see that Presco entertains death-phantasies regarding Alley and Belle. Every psychotic lone shooter imagines themselves and their target as dual immortalities — here Presco sees Belle and Alley as potential victims that can turn him into an Eternal Name.

His desire to be an artist (fueled by his mother, who suppressed his sister’s talents so he could be the family star, see my post earlier in the thread for the links to demonstrate this) is his way of desperately seeking immortality as he gets closer to death. I imagine his belief that Alley wants Belle for herself has something to do with his own erotic phantasies, obviously still running just fine regardless of whether his genitals work. His desire to demonstrate his superior masculinity is linked to obvious male socialization patters. Cf. Oregon Duck rape scandal(s).

Two years ago, my best friend Michael Harkins died. He was fifteen when he met Nancy Hamren. We had gone to the Harkin’s house to get come pot for our road trip to LA.  Michael was a good friend of Michael McClure, Jim Morrison, and Bruce Perlowin. He was also a good friend of Peter Stackpole, the son of the famous LIFE photographer, and grandson of Ralph Stacpole, the famous artist and sculptor who brought much Civic Magic to the Bay Area. Ralph brought Rivera and his lover to San Francisco. Ralph’s stature of Pacifica was blown up by a warship, and the Rockefeller used sledgehammers of Diagas mural. The Creamery mural was sandblaster into oblivion.

I am an Art Historian who has been working on a book titled ‘Capturing Beauty’.  I am now going to concentrate on the first of a Trilogy ‘capturing and Destroying Belle’.

I had a long talk with Stefan yesterday about the recent attacks on this blog. I mention the attack on Belle by ISIS who are attacking ancient public squares in order to eliminate the competition, so they will be the only voice in town. They demand the world be seen thru their eyes. Stefan said he wanted me to enter the new show Fashion Moda is putting on, called ‘Other Dimensions’. I told Erin I was going to connect her and the mural to Stefan.


Last night, as I grieved of another betrayal and lack of Good Faith, I realized why I kept staring at Michael Powell’s rusty chair. There is a Stefan Ein’s image on it. This is ‘Telemusing’ a word I made up to describe a East Meets West teleportation.  After the attack by SLEEPS I sent Stefan an idea for a Broadway Musical, a Filmore East and West Revival. Een though Belle stabbed me in the back, and danced for my head on a silver platter, I still wanted her to be the Shining Star of the Show. Now I understand she is the archetype of Venus in Retrograde that Erni said only happened once. After I suggested it happened in the Descent of Anath, it now occurs to me it was recorder when Paris captured Helen of Troy. I captured Belle, and there is still hell to pay. Troy is under attack, and much civil magic lies in ruin!

My attackers are claiming I will never be famous, or my books. Why so much angst? Do they…….sense the truth? Monroe and Alley are artists.

“Every psychotic lone shooter imagines themselves and their target as dual immortalities — here Presco sees Belle and Alley as potential victims that can turn him into an Eternal Name.”

Jon Presco

Copyright 2015


bicycle12 bicycle13 bicycle14 bicycle33


After Belle and Jon board the train, Jon give Christine a call. She informs him Stefan has put together a song and dance routine ‘Putting on the Woodstock’ that is based upon ‘Putting on the Ritz’. Stefan found tails and top hat in a closet, and looks like Fred Astaire. Stefan was a master of the Viennese Waltz, and in no time has mastered Astaire’s famous Ritz dance.

“Yeah! You aughta see him.” says Chris. “He looks real sharp. We got the tenants to dress like Richie Havens, and Hendrix. The chorus line is called the ‘I want to take your higher dancers’. They are wearing white tasselled jackets like Sly did at Woodstick. We got ten drum sets doing Santana. He went insane, Greg. He told me I inspired this show. He wanted to bring back the Filmore and my friend Bill Graham. I wish you were here. Oh, the shows starting. Oh my God!”

“What’s wrong Chris?” Jon asks, sensing something is wrong.

“The ‘take you higher dancers’. They are women in mesh and white high-heel boots. These are his women, his dames he met in the art world. Listen to this!”



Einstein postulated the dimensions of space/time. Quantum Mechanics established the existence of other dimensions in the universe. String Theory explored these hidden dimensions using mathematics. We humans are aware of just a fraction of reality. Dark Mater represents almost 90% of the universe and we are just beginning to understand it. The relation of matter and energy is an intersection of dimensions. The possibility of accessing OTHER DIMENSIONS becomes a probability in the light of recent discoveries

I hope you do not believe you have exposed a sexual predator by asking about my name, and believe these female breakers of the law, who took over Ken Kesey Square and defecated all over the place. The Kesey family was not happy.  This concerns you in regards to the history of your mural. Belle told me nothing about her arrest and who she was arrested with at our two-hour meeting. She was STALKING me, with the approval of her lawless anarchists. You better act in good faith! They did not want the prosecutor to read about their threats, and thus not grant them probation. They conspired to break the law again, in Kesey square, four days after they were arrested. They couldn’t believe I didn’t cave to their blackmail, extortion, and threats. I will use ALL the information you shared with me as I deem fit.


On Wednesday, September 2, 2015 3:14 PM, John Ambrose <braskewitz@yahoo.com> wrote:

I came across your study on the Dactyls this morning. We need to talk on the phone. I have studied the Ogham and made profound discoveries. Belle’s mother wrote a play ‘

The Descent of Innana

This might be Venus in Retrograde. On this blog I reveal what two seers said when I had a psychic reading in 1987. I died. My mother and daughter were born on the same day Sept. 26. My astrologer. Nelda Casten, looked at my death as did the head of Serenity Lane and Buckley House. She thinks I am a ‘Walk-on’. If you are feeling unsafe, my childhood friend will vouch for me. Marilyn 541 915-1332

Nelda said I would make a great astrologer. I have so many irons in the fire. We can author a book.


Canadian professional astrologer with an international practice, she is a lecturer and author of several books, including “Saturn in Transit” (2001), “Retrograde Planets” (2006) and “The Astrology of Family Dynamics” (2008) among others.





After the Oakland Firestorm of 1991, Michael Harkins and I went to look at the burned out ruins of the Stackpole home. I met Michael when he was fifteen. Nancy Hamren, Keith Purvis, and myself, were invited by James Harkins to his father’s home on Skyline Blvd in 1965. Jeffery Harkins was about twelve. I became friends of these brothers who were my second family. Wanda Harkins always had a place at her table on the Holidays. James would soon drop acid with his father, Jim, a succesful pediatrician who formed a Jazz band with his peers, and smoked dope. The Stackpoles were Michael’s second family.

On Taurus street, Michael showed me the ruins of Peter Stackpole’s home wherein valuable works of art and photography was destroyed. This was a monumental loss to the art world, and to the creative culture that made the Bay Area a Mecca to Bohemian Souls from all over the world.

Ralph Stackpole was a friend of George Sterling and stayed with him and the artists and poets that gathered at Lake Temescal in Oakland. Ralph befriended Diego and Freda Rivera the famous muralist and artist. Ralph helped design the Paramount theatre and a giant statue for Golden Gate Exposition, a goddess named Pacifica.

Peter Stackpole was a staff photographer for LIFE magazine and spent much time in Hollywood shooting the stars, among them, Elizabeth Rosemond Taylor. Peter stayed on Errol Flynn’s boat and was privy to his exploits. My grandmother, Mary Magdalene Rosamond, chased Errol from her home at dawn when he and a friend came serenading.

Michael was a good friend of Jim Morrison and the poet, Michael McClure, who he met at the Californian College of Arts and Crafts. Michael wanted to be a sculptor.

When the powers that be got rid of the Mudflat sculptures, and put an end to artists rendering more of them, Fascism took root in the Bay Area – and America. The END WAR message had to go. It was anti-Christian. because Everyone knows Jesus loved war, especially the war in Vietnam.

On Halloween night 1990 I was flipping channels and came upon Pat Robertson who was angry at the Statue of Liberty which he claimed was goddess worship in disguise. Pat said she was in costume, and was not bringing American citizens Freedom, but Satanic worship. Pat bid his followers to write their Senators and Congressman and demand Lady Liberty be torn down. On 911, Osama Bin Ladin brought down the Trade Towers because he claimed sexy goddess worship was born here, and spread through all of Islam in order to tempt and corrupt pubescent teenagers. It has been suggested Lady Liberty was a target of these religious terrorists who claim they are normal believers, bringing back a normal way of living.





Erin Sullivan

Sep 2 at 12:57 AM

We lost the Kesey Cottage that Ken lived in with his wife, Faye. I suggest you join Zane’s FB. You are a part of the legend.

Are you having a problem with John Ambrose? Presco was Prescowitz, or Braskewitz, a Bohemain name that may mean “Son of Ambrosius”

You have helped me so much, to complete my Vision Quest, and I am eternally grateful.




Sep 1 at 1:09 PM

You may come across a false charge of stalking filed by an anarchist, who needed Bell’s permission to post for her. They were after my blog and my connection to the Kesey family because they were taking over Kesey Square where they hit folks up for money. An anonymous person gave $400,000 to homeless groups a few days before I ran into SLEEPS. They were vying over this windfall and wanted to look good. Belle had a hidden agenda. Note the chalk. That you have angst against the plagiarism of Brown, is utterly out of this world. THIS STORY is writing itself. Bravo! Who is the author? The troubadours are singing ‘Saint Stephen’ Roe’ by the Grateful Dead. I have been communicating with Zane Kesey and will be going on a quest to see if his father lived in a cottage. There is this large painting at the UofO museum that was found in a bank vault in Eugene rolled up in a carpet. I see us standing before it, one day, soon. This is THE VEIL.





“His desire to demonstrate his superior masculinity is linked to obvious male socialization patters. Cf. Oregon Duck rape scandal(s).”

The quote above was written by John Monroe a close friend of Alley Valkyrie, Belle Burch, Anbrose Heltham-Keatley, and other SLEEPS advocates. John was arrested with Belle. John and Alley were instrumental in the ‘Kesey Square Revival’ that Alley said was over, but, it looks like I innocently stumbled into a clandestine revival led by Belle Burch. This is why she tried to incorporate my blog and book in their hidden agenda. Note the chalk on the m ground, the woman hiding her face from me, and the woman wearing a OCCUPY slogan on her hat. It appears that after their arrest this revival was rehashed in order to keep these anarchists visible. How many knew Belle was going to give me a call and set up a meeting? This is why she kept her people a secret from me.

“We brought tables and chairs, played board games and read books, handed out organic produce and created murals throughout the square with sidewalk chalk.”

This is why Belle wanted this video removed, and her subversive clandestine gang. These slanderers and extortionist were not protecting Belle, they were protecting their covert agenda. They needed me to fear for my life, lest I continue my investigation into why they went after me when I discovered Belle Burch had been arrested with members of the Kesey Square Revival. It appears there was a new plan just underway. I did not know I was the monkey wrench in the works. Belle and her backers, did. This is why they tried to destroy my reputation. They went too far when they attacked my mother and my family, and lumped me in with the Duck football players who were accused of rape.


I was an innocent citizen enjoying the square. I made a video that CAPTURED HELL. I will make sure the Kesey family is aware of these radicals who denied me freedom of the press. Note the woman who is hiding her face from my lens. Belle waves off her concern, but, comes over to check me out. When I tell her my blog if for the promoting and preserving the Bohemians and their lifestyle, she can’t believe what she heard and asks me for my number.

I will now be contacting several attorneys in order to restore my reputation and make sure my Civil Rights are not violated again.

Erin Sullivan has no copyright on the heavens, or, genetics and bloodlines. Here she cautions me to be careful with our shared knowledge. She believes Dan Brown ripped off her friends. She had read the post she wants me to delete, and thus she saw me connect with Brown – and her!

“Boy, could I tell you about Dan Brown . . . I am published by Penguin/Tarcher . . . I was the editor for Arkana Contemporary Astrology, Penguin UK . . . . And, he ripped off my authors and friends, Michael Baigent and Rich Leigh who are the authors of Holy Grail, etc. Rich Leigh who are the authors of Holy Grail, etc. When they lost the lawsuit, Rich died of a heart attack four months later . . . Michael has since died 4 years ago from cancer . . . , When I was forced to read DaVinci, by the tine I got to page 38, I thought it was Rich Leigh under a boring pseudonym . . . AND, it is also straight out of my book on Retrograde Planets, in the VENUS chapter!!!!””

“As for using my words, not verbatim, NO, but we can tell the story . . . BUT . . . no lawsuits. You may couch absolutes.”

Two days after she read my post, and responds with the above, we exchanged more e-mails. Then, this;

“Dear John/Jon/Greg

Will you please delete immediately your entire blog where I am depicted and written about  – I was not pre-informed by you that you were going to publish anything on me, and it was inappropriate.

So I will appreciate your showing good faith, and deleting the entire blog.

Please show that you have done so.

All the best in your endeavours,

Thank you,

Sincerely, Erin Sullivan”


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