Grandiose Public Portraits


Above are two portraits of two men that may be guilty of grandiosity. The portrait of Ken Kesey is owned by the Tax Payers of Springfield, and the portrait of Stefan Eins is not owned by the Tax Payers of New York. There was no commission or contract. The famous writer’s portrait is painted by mere mortals, while the famous artist’s portrait is rendered by….THE SUN. Around the sun orbit the planets that astrologers claim influence our lives, and, predict our future.

Jessie Benton was the patron of  Brett Harte, and, Gutzon Borglum, who carved Mount Rushmore. Jessie wrote Fremont’s journals about his exploration of Oregon, and accounts of the Native of the Willamette Valley. The Pathfinder is kind of honored in the mural on the Emerald Arts building, two blocks from where Ken stands – like King Kong! Stefan looks like Washington at Rushmore. Is he to scale.

Here is my first contact with Erin where I put her alongside legends in these here parts. How can she complain? How can this hurt her? Thousands of Springfield Citizens would gather around her and adore her as she repaints the now second famous mural. Maybe Matt Groenig will do a treatment?

Dear Erin; I ran into my friend Nancy at the presentation of the Kesey mural and she told me about the mural your helped render on the wall of the Creamery that was sandblasted away in what I consider ongoing censorship. I want to start a grassroots movement to restore it. I would like to include you in my next blog.

Here is an e-mail I sent to one of the artists of the Kesey mural who gave me his card.

“Hello my fellow Artist.

Here are the first two installments of my art/book review – that is morphing into the next mural. I just found Erin, who painted the first Kesey mural that was sandblasted out of existence. I want to be a grassroots project.
Jon Presco”

My plan was to get a group of artists together to repaint that mural and gift it to the citizens of Springfield. Of course Erin would be there!  This might be seen as under-cutting the grandiosity of the Kesey Family, who might have contacted Erin. We can’t have lose canon hippies running around undermining the City Fathers with their cheapness! We want professionals – only!

I deleted a bad review of the Kesey mural because I want to remain on the good side of the Kesey Family, and my childhood friend, Nancy Hamren. This is a information game that I must not allow to GUIDE ME.

This is the first of several important posts. We can not be civilized people without honest critique. As far as I know, my self-censored critique may be the only one on the Kesey mural – that is flawed! Stefan was written up in the New York Times. His mural may be a very honest work of art free of politics. Congressman Peter De Fazio was at the Kesey unveiling. Stefan and Christine loved my Musical that stars a Blue Bicycle – and Belle!

Stefan’s mural is free of ownership which is at the core of Fashion Moda, being, art should be free, and free of the confines of the traditional gallery gauntlet that establishes cruel bounderies that discriminate. “On the bus” is an exclusive statement. Everyone who took LSD had free access to the universe we all share. Being a Hippie – was all inclusive!

Erin Sullivan has no copyright on the heavens, or, genetics and bloodlines. Here she cautions me to be careful with our shared knowledge. She believes Dan Brown ripped off her friends. She had read the post she wants me to delete, and thus she saw me connect with Brown – and her!

“Boy, could I tell you about Dan Brown . . . I am published by Penguin/Tarcher . . . I was the editor for Arkana Contemporary Astrology, Penguin UK . . . . And, he ripped off my authors and friends, Michael Baigent and Rich Leigh who are the authors of Holy Grail, etc. Rich Leigh who are the authors of Holy Grail, etc. When they lost the lawsuit, Rich died of a heart attack four months later . . . Michael has since died 4 years ago from cancer . . . , When I was forced to read DaVinci, by the tine I got to page 38, I thought it was Rich Leigh under a boring pseudonym . . . AND, it is also straight out of my book on Retrograde Planets, in the VENUS chapter!!!!””

“As for using my words, not verbatim, NO, but we can tell the story . . . BUT . . . no lawsuits. You may couch absolutes.”

Two days after she read my post, and responds with the above, we exchanged more e-mails. Then, this;

“Dear John/Jon/Greg

Will you please delete immediately your entire blog where I am depicted and written about  – I was not pre-informed by you that you were going to publish anything on me, and it was inappropriate.

So I will appreciate your showing good faith, and deleting the entire blog.

Please show that you have done so.

All the best in your endeavours,

Thank you,

Sincerely, Erin Sullivan”

At first I thought she was concerned Brown would sue her, but this is not the case. The case I made to other scholars who were researching this bloodline, is that it would be full of artists, writers, and theologians – like my family!

Step back and look at the big picture! I told Erin she would go with me and Stephan to the UofO Museum, where I will reveal the large canvas they found in a bank vault in Eugene. And, let’s not forget the Oddfellows! Was Ken a member? How about his family? There is a mysterious Biblical quote in the place the artist traditionally writes his name.

Erin told me she found the notes on the mural. Did she behold the truth she knew about Venus in Retrograde, back when? Note the blue line pointing off the wall. Did something extraordinary come to her – while she was on LSD? Does she fear for her life?

Lawsuits are not about Art, but about Money! The stars in the sky are indifferent to our money. They follow the laws of the universe, and may know next to nothing about the rules of astrology. Surely Erin believed I would tell the tale of how the lost mural was found – with her playing a key role. The only other answer is, she was going to feed me secret information about Dan Brown and Rich and Michael.

Stefan is outside the Guaranteed Some Money Game, and rarely picks up a brush or piece of chalk to render the work of art he is recognized for. One could ask;

“Is he tripping?’

“And for this he hangs in the Museum of Modern Art?” asks Christine.

At the chalk festival Stefan’s philosophy became crystal clear, because there was no ownership, no gallery owner and customer to consummate the Art Act. All will be washed away come the first rain. But, not so the cracks that no human rendered in an attempt to make art.  There is NO NAME and TITLE next to the work of art.

I went back to the Chalk Festival in order to get more inspiration, and found one work that read; “It started as a crack in the pavement!”

It was like Stefan Eins – was there!


What if I were to set up my easel in the street and render a street scene, and, just as I am completing my masterpiece a person comes up to me, and demands he, or she be removed from the painting.

“Why?” I ask! Then……..

“I want to be removed – too! This is an outrage!”

“Me too! God-Allah did not give you permission to render my image. I am a devout Muslim!”

Alas, a cop comes up and tells me to stop what I am doing because I am disturbing the peace, and creating chaos.

“You are a public nuisance. The next time you do a painting in public, you are going to have to ask the public for permission.”

In the last week I brought to the attention of the Kesey Family the cottage Ken lived in, and the short story he wrote there. My photograph of this abode will go into the family archives. So will the lost mural I recovered. I did this all on my own. I live on $700 a month. I produce every day what many magazines take a week to publish – with  staff of twenty! I get no – THANKS! I get more HURT, just like my friend, Michael Powell.

Here is a photo of the famous poet, Michael McClure, throwing the bird at the Public as he heads off to his home to drink beer with his good bud, Jim Morrison, who was a good friend of my friend, who was asked to contribute to Oliver Stone’s movie. He said to Stone’s people what I am about to say to Erin Sullivan, who knows my words were INSPIRED by the starry mural she and Laura Foster rendered. To censor one’s inspired words is a new low in the World of Art.

I suspect Erin got a lot of attention when she posted my blog, and would like to wipe it out so she can rewrite it. This will all generated into paying customers. If I had not contacted her, she would have DIED with it in her files – for her children to discard! I rediscovered it! I own a copyright to this work with her name next to it. Erin does not own my permission to use this image next to her name, or, for any other reasons! She threatened me, using legal jargon. “Good faith” my ass! She did not act in “good faith”. I believe it is illegal to “couch” threats to sue someone, with the motive to get them to forfeit their copyright.

When I visited the Springfield Creamery in 1986, I saw the mural, and, Nancy inspired me to write. Nancy gave me leads at the mural unveiling that I was covering for this blog. For an artist to threaten another artist with legal action over words inspired by a mural that was destroyed, and no longer exists, comes from the un-cosmic crap a New Yorker may step in. Erin Sullivan! Curb your dog! This birds for you! The moon is not for sale!


Jon Presco



I have bios all over, but I don’t know which one you might want to see . . . it is so long and huge and convoluted even in sequence.

As for using my words, not verbatim, NO, but we can tell the story . . . BUT . . . no lawsuits. You may couch absolutes . . . I will look at what I wrote later, but I would need to see it and vet it first – but using terms like “it was so like the words . . . or/ and “it appeared to be exactly out of . . . etc” and so on . . . no, this guy Dan Brown has serious law behind him I

You are going to have to provide a good reason why you want me to remove what you posted on this site? You have removed it. Why? I am a registered newspaper in Lane county. The SLEEPS people did not like me asking them if they were misusing the money people gave them, and defrauding the IRS. This is why they came after me. They were involved in criminal behavior. They went to court. That you attached your request to my e-mail on them, makes me wonder if you believe I am a stalker. Stalking laws were made to protect famous people and their families. There are two bad biographies about my late sister – by outsiders out to make money off our tradgedies and real abuse we suffered. You published my blog on your FB site. You act are a victim, and are demonstrating anger. WHY?

On FB you said I can write about your trouble with Dan Brown but not quote you. I did not quote you. You asked me to clear what I write about you IF I discuss your angst with Brown. I do not say YOU had any problems with Brown. I do say he ripped ME off. Be specific and respectful – with me! I do not like to be censored, or my blog and newspaper – attacked!


When he awoke the next morning, he looked out the window and saw — his face. The early-morning sun was casting a shadow that actually resembled his angular profile. He returned there on a recent Saturday to document the shadow with a photograph. In one shot, a weathered copper cornice looks like a crown.

“I immediately identified with it,” he said. “It looked like me. It also had this crown thing. This king thing. Not that I want to be a king, because kings oppress other people. Whatever.”

His other recent project can be found right in his neighborhood, along the streets near Marcus Garvey Park. That was where he found “Slavery,” a green paint spot that looks like either a person collapsed on the ground, or a torso raising a clenched fist.

A cognitive psychologist would say his mind is only seeking patterns he is predisposed to find. Mr. Eins says that may be true, but adds that the patterns may not have been accidental. Maybe he is operating on another dimension beyond the usual limits of time and space, he suggested.

“Naturally, you have the artist’s vision,” he said. “You just can’t go out and find these everywhere.”

Not that many people stop to look. Juan Urena and his son, Juan Jr., were standing on the green spot one morning when they were told that it was actually art.

“What’s it look like to you, Papi?” he asked his son.

Venus Retrograde 2009: Descent Into Love’s Darkness

Friday, March 6 through Friday, April 17, 2009

What Is Venus Retrograde?
When Venus goes retrograde, she takes our hand and pulls us into the darkness of our relationships.  A retrograde period of any planet is a retrospective of that planet’s themes.  It is like going into the deep, dark cave of oneself in whatever area of life is covered by the planet that is retrograde.  It is a time of moving backward, perhaps of going back to pick up pieces lost in the past.  It is a retrieval, a turning inward, perhaps a letting-go.  Since Venus’ domain is relationships, this turning inward will happen in that domain.

Inanna’s Descent To The Underworld
The retrograde journey of Venus is depicted in the Mesopotamian tale of the descent of Inanna.  To the people dwelling in the cradle of civilization several thousand years ago, Inanna was as Venus is to us:  a goddess of love, a beautiful goddess, a heavenly queen.  In the tale, she travels to the underworld to retrieve her dead love.  The underworld is ruled by her sister, Ereshkigal.  Inanna cannot enter the underworld without dying, but a goddess does not stay dead.  A goddess is immortal and so, after her journey, she rises, just as the planet Venus, having completed her retrograde journey, must turn direct and return to the sunlit world.

Contemporary philosophers and scientists are still actively discussing whether teleological talk is useful or accurate in doing modern philosophy and science. For instance, in 2012, Thomas Nagel proposed a neo-Darwinian account of evolution that incorporates impersonal, natural teleological laws to explain the existence of life, consciousness, rationality, and objective value.[3] Another example is chaos theory and its notion of attractor.[4]


Aristotelianism (/ˌærɨstəˈtiːliənɨzəm/ ARR-i-stə-TEE-li-ə-niz-əm) is a tradition of philosophy that takes its defining inspiration from the work of Aristotle. The works of Aristotle were initially defended by the members of the Peripatetic school, and, later on, by the Neoplatonists, who produced many commentaries on Aristotle’s writings. In the Islamic world, the works of Aristotle were translated into Arabic, and under philosophers such as Al-Kindi, Al-Farabi, Avicenna, and Averroes, Aristotelianism became a major part of early Islamic philosophy.

Moses Maimonides adopted Aristotelianism from the Islamic scholars and based his famous Guide for the Perplexed on it; and that became the basis of Jewish Scholastic Philosophy. Although some knowledge of Aristotle’s logical works was known to western Europe, it wasn’t until the Latin translations of the 12th century that the works of Aristotle and his Arabic commentators became widely available. Scholars such as Albertus Magnus and Thomas Aquinas interpreted and systematized Aristotle’s works in accordance with Christian theology.

In the Abbasid Empire, many foreign works were translated into Arabic, large libraries were constructed, and scholars were welcomed.[2] Under the caliphs Harun al-Rashid and his son Al-Ma’mun, the House of Wisdom in Baghdad flourished. Christian scholar Hunayn ibn Ishaq (809–873) was placed in charge of the translation work by the caliph. In his lifetime, Ishaq translated 116 writings, including works by Plato and Aristotle, into Syriac and Arabic.[3][4] Al-Kindi (801–873) was the first of the Muslim Peripatetic philosophers, and is known for his efforts to introduce Greek and Hellenistic philosophy to the Arab world.[5] He incorporated Aristotelian and Neoplatonist thought into an Islamic philosophical framework. This was an important factor in the introduction and popularization of Greek philosophy in the Muslim intellectual world.[6]

Stefan Eins grew up in Vienna and Gresten, Austria. He settled in New York City in 1967. Eins graduated from the University of Vienna with a degree in Theology (1965) and he attended the Academy of Fine Arts in Vienna from 1964–1967. He does not distinguish between creating art and doing science research. He is the founder of Fashion Moda as a cultural concept. An important manifestation of Fashion Moda was the Museum of Science, Art, Invention, Technology and Fantasy (1978–1993) in the Bronx. It quickly became a strong voice in the New York art world in the late 1970s and 1980s. Fashion Moda also pioneered in the featuring of Graffiti art and showed artists such as Jenny Holzer and Keith Haring among others early on. It was a Multicultural project of the hip-hop culture of artists, writers, rappers, and break dancers.

While continuing activities with Fashion Moda, Eins also pursued his own talents having shows in the National Gallery in Vienna (1991), MoMA PS1 in New York (2007), the notable Now Gallery and other museums and galleries in US, Europe and Asia.



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