Healing Children as a Child

Greg 1955 School Portrait

Around midnight on Saturday, I got on my computer and looked at Facebook. Thinking of Sandra, I checked my sister’s FB, and saw that she had not deleted my posts, and wondered if she was dead. This notion became overpowering. I looked at all my kin for any sign. The next morning after blogging I got on FB around 11 A.M. and read on Rod’s FB his sister had died early Sunday morning.

In 1987 my first flame insisted I get a reading at the Berkley Psychic Institute when I went to the Bay Area to see friends and family. I had a year of sobriety. A young woman with her eyes closed was psychically attacked by Rosemary. The guide said this is what you get when parents think they own their children. My mother did not want me to be read. The young Seer saw this;
“You are sitting by yourself, and you are pouring down a wave of
healing on all the schoolchildren on the playground. It is very
beautiful to watch.”

When she said this I owned a image of me doing this at Glenview Elementary when I was eleven. But, the most powerful image of this healing is when I sat on the hill overlooking the Fred Finch Orphanage. I had a religious experience. I came to own a healing energy that many people borrow without asking. This Seer said;

“People come into your being and take, take, take! You are powerless to stop them. I can not see why.”

When I try to stop people from doing this, they get upset and resort to blackmailing me. They want what I have without admitting the existence of The Source. If they did, they would have to change, even become religious and spiritual. When Patrice took my child knowing it was my child, and used the energy around this child to try and heal her husband, a ex-c0n and famous conman, she did much damage to me and forces she claims she is allied with. The Seer said I had two children. I did not know this.

I do not subscribe to everything. I met with Rt. Rev.David Pearce, and he wanted me to found a men’s group in Eugene. I declined. I was doing a lot of work with incest.  As a Incest Survivor, I know there is a lot of trouble with credibility. I have debated about writing about my psychic work in fear it would be used by those close to me as a excuse to label me ‘Insane’ then continue to borrow my healing energy.

What I saw at an early ages, was my parents hurt me in order to get me to apply my healing energy to them, because they were wounded as children. The reason Rosemary gave Christine and my creative legacy to Mark and Vicki, was, they did not use art to heal themselves, nor was it a tool to arrive at the Truth. My late sister and I were Seers. Rosemary wanted me put out in the cold so I could not see, and end up taking taking my own life. But, according to the three Seers, I had already died.

Here is my grandson coming up from the sea.

Jon Presco




The Rose

When working with energy the Rose is a very effective visualization tool. The Rose is used to identify and remove unwanted energy. The Rose is used in a variety of ways in your energy work. Visualize a Rose on your view screen, visualize that this Rose is vacuuming up all energy in the center of your head that is not for your highest good. Now visualize blowing the Rose up and releasing all of that energy back to the universe from where it came. By creating the image of a Rose and then destroying it or blowing it up, you are using a  visualization tool that will assist you in moving energy out of your space. The Rose has an unlimited amount of uses. As with all thought, if you can think something, it is already created. You can create a Rose and ask it a direct question.  The first answer that pops into your head is almost always right.

Below is list of several ways to

use the Rose in your energy work.

1.    You can send a Rose to your 1st Chakra to vacuum up the energy of fear.
2.    You can send a Rose to your 2nd Chakra to vacuum up the energy of anger.
3.    You can send the Rose to the 3rd Chakra to vacuum up the energy of hostility.
4.    You can use the Rose as a gauge; you can ask the Rose on a scale of 1-10

        is my first  Chakra blocked with fear energy.
5.    You can send a Rose outside of your Aura to create a protective energy field.
6.    You can create a Rose to represent your day, ground it and clear all the

        energy not for your  highest good.

7.    You can ask the Rose “what is the emotion that has me blocked.”
8.    You can use a Rose to Break agreements that you have made on an energy level.

A year after Christine died I wrote a long letter to my mother and
sent a copy to my surviving siblings. In this letter I conclude
Rosemary seduced my friend Bill causing him to su8icide on my
eighteenth birthday. From the day I first bring Bill to the house (I
was twelve) my mother began to stalk him. At thirteen, Bill was very
mature for his age. He was six foot three and a Nordic with blonde
hair. Bill was a very gifted artist, and a very narcissistic young
man, like his military father.

It was after seeing the movie `The Great Santini’ that I got my
glimpse of what was destroying the Gifted Children in the Presco and
Arnold household. When Bill came to live with us after his father
evicted him, Bill was doomed, and knew it. We had many deep
conversation about our talent our gifts, concluding others around us
wanted what we had, and would destroy us out of jealousy. Bill
understood his father was running his creation through Bills
creation, and thus insisted Bill become a carbon copy of his father
who was orphaned at three years of age. The military provided Mr.
Bryan C. Arnold with a means to gather his narcissistic supply, but
when he was retired by the Army, who saw that he was an eccentric, a
War Orphan if you will, Bryan fell from grace and began to suffer a
severe identity crisis. If he could get his son to take up a
military career, then retired Lieutenant Colonel Bryan C. Arnold’s
career would continue, he living vicariously through his son, he
receiving the medals and promotions his son received. And, if Bill
should be killed in a conflict, then Bryan’s military career could
end more honorably, then being put off the base like some useless

In my first reading at the Berkeley Psychic Institute one of the
Seers saw me sitting on a hill overlooking a playground. I am about
ten years of age.

“You are sitting by yourself, and you are pouring down a wave of
healing on all the schoolchildren on the playground. It is very
beautiful to watch.”



What I saw on that playground was a whole generation of children
suffering from their narcissistic parents, due to World War Two.
Many young men and women went to war in their teens, they for the
most part still children. They lost their childhood, and their
innocence, and upon returning home they tried to recapture their
lost years by having children. These children would become Guinea
pigs, their parents living vicariously thoroughly them in order to
change the outcome, to be who they once were. But, you can never
come home again.

I noticed due to my introspective nature that many aggressive
children were not being themselves, but were being their aggressive
warrior fathers who bid their sons to be extremely competitive. I
had seen the fathers of certain children at school plays and events,
and alas saw the big ghosts that hit the ball when their sons hit
the ball, and ran to first base when their sons ran. And I saw these
ghost bid their sons, and daughters, to do cruel things to less
aggressive children. Being the biggest kid in school I became a
champion of the weaker children. I let the big ghosts know I was
watching them.

When Bill came into my life, he came as a rumor, told to me by a
friends, who said there was this big blonde kid in his P.E. class
who plays on the play ground without his shirt on, in the cold.

“So.” I replied.

“He’s got these big welts on his back, as if he was beaten. He acts
like he doesn’t care if anyone knows.”

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