Healing Children as a Child

Going home!

Rosamond Press

Greg 1955 School Portrait

Around midnight on Saturday, I got on my computer and looked at Facebook. Thinking of Sandra, I checked my sister’s FB, and saw that she had not deleted my posts, and wondered if she was dead. This notion became overpowering. I looked at all my kin for any sign. The next morning after blogging I got on FB around 11 A.M. and read on Rod’s FB his sister had died early Sunday morning.

In 1987 my first flame insisted I get a reading at the Berkley Psychic Institute when I went to the Bay Area to see friends and family. I had a year of sobriety. A young woman with her eyes closed was psychically attacked by Rosemary. The guide said this is what you get when parents think they own their children. My mother did not want me to be read. The young Seer saw this;
“You are sitting by yourself, and you…

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I am an artist, a writer, and a theologian.
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