Marilyn and the Mob




big-bones-remmerAfter my mother was arrested, she fled to L.A. lest she face a trial and more charges. She left her four children in the care of an old crazy woman who ate cold pork and beans out of the can while she watched T.V. with us. We hardly got a word out her. She looked like a witch and had a big mole.

Six months later, she came and got us. We saw very little of her. She went out a lot, and there was often a doggie bag from the Beverly Hills Hotel with a steak inside she hardly touched.

Near the end of her life, I asked Rosemary about her secret life. She told me she hung with a crowd at the Beverly Hills Hotel that was too degenerate for her taste.

It was right after our move to L.A. in 1964 that Rosemary told us she knows who killed Jack Kennedy. She did not give us any names, or, say anything more.

That’s Rosemary Rosamond with the fur.

Jon Presco

During the dinner, Monroe got uncontrollably drunk and was led to the cabin where, while she was passed out, several hookers, male and female, molested her while Sinatra and Giancana watched, with Giancana taking his turn with the actress as well.
While the female prostitutes had their way with Monroe, someone snapped photographs of the entire thing and before the night was over, Sinatra then brought the film to Hollywood photographer Billy Woodfield, and gave him a roll of film to develop in his darkroom.
The next morning, Peter Lawford told Monroe that Robert Kennedy was in Los Angeles and that he didn’t want to see her, speak to her or have any contact with her in the future. When she protested, someone showed her the photographs from the night before. That afternoon, she tried to commit suicide with an overdose of pills and had to have her stomach pumped.
Later on, when Giancana told the story to Johnny Roselli, Roselli said to Giancana, referring to either Monroe or Campbell: “You sure get your rocks off fucking the same broad as the (Kennedy) brothers, don’t you?”

Alleged CIA connections

It is widely reputed, and partially corroborated by the Church Committee Hearings, that during the Kennedy administration, the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) recruited Giancana and other mobsters to assassinate Cuban president Fidel Castro. Giancana reportedly said that the CIA and the Cosa Nostra were “different sides of the same coin.”[8]

The association between Giancana and JFK is indicated in the “Exner File” written by Judith Campbell Exner. Exner was reputed to be mistress to both Giancana and JFK and claimed she delivered communications between the two regarding Fidel Castro.[9]

However, Giancana’s daughter, Antoinette, has stated her belief that her father was running a scam in order to pocket millions of dollars in CIA funding.[10]

According to the recently declassified CIA “Family Jewels” documents, Giancana and Tampa/Miami Syndicate leader Santo Trafficante, Jr. were contacted in September 1960, about the possibility of an assassination attempt by a go-between from the CIA, Robert Maheu, after Maheu had contacted Johnny Roselli, a Mafia member in Las Vegas and Giancana’s number-two man. Maheu had presented himself as a representative of numerous international business firms in Cuba that were being expropriated by Castro. He offered $150,000 for the “removal” of Castro through this operation (the documents suggest that neither Roselli, Giancana, nor Trafficante accepted any sort of payments for the job). According to the files, it was Giancana who suggested using a series of poison pills that could be used to doctor Castro’s food and drink. These pills were given by the CIA to Giancana’s nominee, Juan Orta, whom Giancana presented as being a corrupt official in the new Cuban government and who had access to Castro. After a series of six attempts to introduce the poison into Castro’s food, Orta abruptly demanded to be let out of the mission, handing over the job to another, unnamed participant. Later, a second attempt was mounted through Giancana and Trafficante using Dr. Anthony Verona, the leader of the Cuban Exile Junta, who had, according to Trafficante, become “disaffected with the apparent ineffectual progress of the Junta”. Verona requested $10,000 in expenses and $1,000 worth of communications equipment. However, it is unclear how far the second attempt went, as the entire program was canceled shortly thereafter due to the launching of the Bay of Pigs Invasion in April 1961.[11][12][13]

At the same time, Giancana, according to the “Family Jewels”, approached Maheu to bug the room of his then-mistress Phyllis McGuire, whom he suspected of having an affair with comedian Dan Rowan. Although documents suggest Maheu acquiesced, the bug was not planted due to the arrest of the agent who had been given the task of planting the device. According to the documents, Robert Kennedy moved to block the prosecution of the agent and of Maheu, who was soon linked to the bugging attempt, at the CIA’s request.[13] Giancana and McGuire, who had a long lasting affair, were originally introduced by Frank Sinatra.[14] During part of the affair, according to Sam’s daughter Antoinette, McGuire had a concurrent affair with President Kennedy.[15]

Immigration and Naturalization Service records indicated RUBY flew to Havana from Miami on the night of September 12, 1959, and returned to New Orleans on September 13, 1959. [Memo Hubert & Griffen to WC 3.20.64]
RUBY visited Major William Morgan and HEMMING, who were considered close to Fidel Castro, in his effort to secure TRAFFICANTE’S release. HEMMING told the HSCA: “HEMMING met RUBY in September or October 1959, at William Morgan’s house in Cuba. Ruby had sold inferior jeeps to the Cuban Air Force, and Morgan had a few choice words about them. They were filmed by Clete Roberts of Channel 13 in Los Angeles.”
HEMMING told this researcher: “JACK RUBY was with Morgan in the latter part of 1959. He was by Morgan’s place. It was a mish-mash of people trying to get a meeting with Fidel. They were clamping down on the casinos. RUBY got to Cuba after FRANK had left and gone to Miami with Pedro Diaz Lanz. RUBY was on the periphery of the MARCELLO deals that they’re trying cut with the new Cuban Government. To them it’s just a new fucking banana republic government. Deals were going sour. We’re talking about a three or four day period in late 1959. RUBY became the clean-up guy in the Kennedy assassination.”
Marita Lorenz stated: “It is possible I saw RUBY with…Oh, God I am going to get killed, Charlie, Charlie ‘The Blade’ in Cuba. Charlie Tourine, Delmonica White, who is a friend of mine.” [Depo Lorenz USDC Miami – 76-1252-Div-EBD]
RUBY returned to the United States via Miami, where he met with Louis J. McWillie’s associate, Meyer Panitz. In January 1964 Meyer Panitz told the FBI RUBY was in Cuba in “the Summer of 1959,” contradicting RUBY’S story of only one visit to Cuba in September 1959. [WCE1773, 1774; FBI LV-44-48 1.10.64 Las Vegas, DC-44-1639] A few days after RUBY returned to the U.S. he was seen by three Chicago businessmen in the Tropicana Casino in Havana. Jay Bishov, an attorney, Jack Marcus, and Sherwin Braun, told they FBI they visited Havana “for three or four days about September 1, 1959, as it was Labor Day weekend in 1959. Jay Bishov stated that the second or third night in Havana, he Sherwin Braun, and Jack Marcus, were standing near a crap table or roulette wheel at the Tropicana night club when a man approached and introduced himself by a name which Jay Bishov believed was JACK RUBY.” RUBY said he was originally from Chicago, but had moved to Dallas. He invited them to visit him at one of his night clubs in Dallas. “Bishov stated RUBY appeared to know his way around the Tropicana, and may have been familiar with some of the employees.” None of the men would positively identify RUBY from the FBI’s photograph. [FBI 44-24016-167]
In 1974 Michael Canfield asked STURGIS if he knew JACK RUBY associate Lewis J. McWillie, when STURGIS was Minister of Games of Chance. He answered: “Yeah, that name is very familiar – I forgot what he is or who he is, but McWillie, yes. I am not sure if I knew him later in Miami.” During testimony in HUNT v. ajweberman, STURGIS was asked:
Q. Do you remember a pit boss named McWillie?
A. Yes.
Q. Did you know him later in Miami?
A. I’m not sure.
Congressman Ford asked RUBY: “When you got to Havana who met you in Havana?”
RUBY: McWillie. Now here is what happened. One of the Fox brothers came to visit me in Dallas with his wife. They came to the Vegas Club with Mrs. McWillie, and we had taken some pictures, 8X10’s. Evidently the Foxes were in exile at the time, because when I went to visit McWillie, when he sent me the plane tickets, they looked through my luggage and they saw a photograph of Mr. Fox and his wife. They didn’t interrogate, but they went through everything and held me up for hours.
Ford: Castro employees?
RUBY: Yes, because in my ignorance I didn’t realize I was bringing a picture that they know was a bitter enemy. At that time they knew that the Fox brothers weren’t going to jail, or something was going to happen. Whether it was they were in exile at the time I don’t know. But they came to my club, the Vegas Club, and we had taken pictures. McWillie was waiting for me and he saw me go through the Customs line for a couple of hours, and he said, “JACK, they never did this to anyone before.” Evidently, they had as pretty well lined-up as to where I come in the picture of Mr. Martin Fox. I can’t think of his name.
Ford: You spent eight days in Havana?
RUBY: Yes, approximately. [I stayed at] Volk’s apartments. I never used the phone. I wouldn’t know how to use the phone…my dinners were served in the Tropicana. One thing I forgot to tell you – you are bringing my mind back to a few things – the owners, the greatest that have been expelled from Cuba are the Fox brothers. They own the Tropicana…they are in Miami, Florida. They know everything about McWillie, I heard, and know the officials. [STURGIS?].
The Pedro and Martin Fox (Pedro: born NY October 24, 1909, died May 1973; Martin: born November 15, 1915, NY died September 1979) were front men for TRAFFICANTE and nominally owned the Tropicana. The FBI: “This place is supervised by (deleted). The Tropicana is owned by a Cuban named Martin Fox and his connections with American hoodlum elements are unknown although it is to be noted that (Deleted) has been connected with gambling at Tropicana for many years. [The Jockey Club] is supervised by Dino Cellini of the Tropicana…With reference to the possibility that gambling in Cuba is controlled by a syndicate headed by Meyer Lansky or other individuals, it is noted that (deleted).”
HSCA Chairman Stokes questioned TRAFFICANTE: “You did know Pedro and Martin Fox?” TRAFFICANTE: “Pedro Fox, yes sir, all I know is that Mr. Martin Fox, who was the owner of the Tropicana and one of the richest men in Cuba, he died in the United States in the 1960’s. I think, and he died completely broke. And Pedro Fox was working as a waiter and maitre d’ in all the restaurants and hotels around Miami.” [HSCA V9 p67] STURGIS testified during the course of HUNT v. ajweberman that he knew the Fox Brothers.
During another part of his testimony RUBY said:”…I had to buy a $2 ticket, a pass to get through Florida.”TRAFFICANTE controlled the numbers racket, which relied on small bets. It was popular among the Cuban exiles of Florida.
RUBY clearly made more than one trip to Cuba. Ruby was aquainted with the Fox brothers, frontmen for TRAFFICANTE and evidence suggested that RUBY visited TRAFFICANTE in prison.

R.D. Matthews was in Havana from July 1958 until January 1959. R.D. Matthews told the HSCA that when he moved to Cuba in 1958 he purchased the Sportsman’s Club, which was located in the lobby of the Plaza Hotel, and he resided at the Hotel Deauville. In interviews with the FBI he stated he worked in the gambling casino of the Hotel Deauville. [HSCA V9 para.1054] R.D. Matthews was a co-conspirator in the mob’s initial plot to hit Fidel. R.D. Matthews had returned to Cuba in February 1959 and purchased another club. A 1959 FBI report stated R.D. Matthews move to Cuba was made on behalf of TRAFFICANTE. In 1978 TRAFFICANTE told the HSCA that the mob’s first plan was to hit Fidel Castro, gangland style, on a Havana street. [HSCA V9 plO54; Miami Herald 9.29.78] A 1962 FBI report confirmed this: A FBI informant overheard a conversation between R.D. Matthews and (FNU) Paxton “during which both men admitted having worked for TRAFFICANTE. The Embers Club in Havana and the Sans Souci were mentioned. The informant stated it was apparent that R.D. Matthews was in the Dallas rackets and had worked for a big time gambling house in Havana.” In his HSCA deposition R.D. Matthews denied having known TRAFFICANTE and also stated he had no association with the Sans Suci casino. In November 1959 R.D. Matthews left Havana and returned to Dallas. R.D. Matthews was also connected with Sheriff Bill Decker. In 1959 the FBI questioned Sheriff Decker about his alleged mob ties. Sheriff Decker admitted that he had known R.D. Matthews all of his adult life. A FBI report dated 1960 stated that R.D. Matthews lived with a known prostitute and operated a Bail Bond and Loan Company. In 1961 R.D. Matthews worked for Clayton Fowler and lived in an apartment house owned by Clayton Fowler. Clayton Fowler became one of RUBY’S defense attorneys in 1964. On January 29, 1961, R.D. Matthews and James Robert Todd were arrested on Vagrancy charges. R.D. Matthews was termed a “notorious criminal” by the FBI and the Dallas Police arrested him. From 1961 to 1963 R.D. Matthews frequented several Dallas gaming clubs and was included among a group of people considered the higher echelon in Dallas bookmaking. [HSCA V9 para. 1054]
On January 2, 1961, Lewis J. McWillie left Cuba aboard a commercial flight. On January 3, 1961, the United States broke diplomatic relations with the Castro regime. During the flight Lewis J. McWillie noticed that there was an old man aboard who wore a Fair Play For Cuba button on his lapel. When the aircraft landed, Lewis J. McWillie walked up to him and punched the man. Lewis J. McWillie stayed in Miami for a few weeks then flew to Dallas where he conferred with RUBY. A job was waiting for Lewis J. McWillie at the Cal Neva Lounge at Lake Tahoe, Nevada. [WCE 1692; WCD 686d]
In the late 1940’s the Cal Neva Lounge was owned by Bones Remmer, a gambler and friend of RUBY linked to the mob by the Kefauver Committee. In July 1960 Frank Sinatra applied to the Nevada Casino Commission for permission to buy an interest in the Cal-Neva. Frank Sinatra was widely believed to have represented the mafia in this transaction. In May 1963 Frank Sinatra vacationed with Sam Giancana in Hawaii. In July 1963 Sam Giancana visited the Cal-Neva Lounge despite the fact that he was barred from entering any Nevada Casino. [NYT 7.14.6O p42; 10.23.63, p5l, 10.8.63 p3l, 9.14.63 p2l, 10.9.63 p3l, 9.12.63 p26, 11.20.63, pl, 4.14.76, p1, Kefauver Hearings, Test. of Mr. Brown and M. Mooney pgs. 439,549, 1074] In October 1963 the Nevada Gaming Commission revoked Frank Sinatra’s casino licenses. A few days later, Frank Sinatra announced that he had quit the gaming business. In 1972 Frank Sinatra sold his private jet to the Union Insurance Agency of Illinois, which was once owned by the Dorfman family. [Chicago Trib. 10.l0.77; Chicago Sun Times 6.18.72]
When United States Attorney General Robert F. Kennedy took office, the New Orleans newspapers carried stories that he planned a Federal investigation of Jefferson Parish. Angelo Bruno remarked, “CARLOS MARCELLO had got in contact with SANTO TRAFFICANTE, who contacted a representative in Chicago. This Chicago contact was alleged to have contacted Frank Sinatra, who spoke with the President’s brother. Apparently he was referring to the Attorney General.” [FBI NO 92-36 RLK/(deleted)]
Did Sam Giancana have Frank Sinatra contact RFK on CARLOS MARCELLO’S behalf? In December 1961 CG T-51 related that John Drew, in a discussion with Sam Giancana, “had attempted in some degree to convince Sam Giancana that Frank Sinatra had made some attempts to dissuade the Justice Department through Attorney General Robert F. Kennedy from conducting the intensified investigation being conducted on Sam Giancana and his activities. Drew said Sam Giancana was not at all satisfied with the effects…” [FBI CG 92-349]

RUBY contacted Lewis J. McWillie who helped manage the gambling interests of the syndicate in Dallas. Lewis J. McWillie was born at Kansas City, Missouri, May 4, 1908. At age 16 he was arrested for stealing a car and sentenced to two years at a boys reformatory. Lewis J. McWillie became a professional gambler, who worked river boats up and down the Mississippi. The FBI described him as a “murderer.” [FBI PX-44216 12.5.63] In 1942 he worked for Benny Bickers, and Benny “the Cowboy” Binion, at the Top of the Hill Casino, located just outside the Dallas City limits. [HSCA V9 para. 1153; Lt. Butler, Kefauver Committee test; WCE1692; WCD 686d] Benny Binion had controlled gambling in Dallas ever since his rival was executed in gangland fashion. Benny Binion had been arrested for murder and possession of a sawed-off shotgun. Benny Binion left Dallas in 1948 and moved to Las Vegas where he became associated with West Coast mob figures Mickey Cohen and Jack Dragna. Jack Dragna was frequently referred to as the Al Capone of Los Angeles and was closely associated with Johnny Rosselli. In 1951 the State of Nevada granted Binion a gaming license, and he became a casino operator. [Reed, Ed, Ovid Demaris, The Green Felt Jungle, Trident Press, NY, 1963 pgs. 66, 84, 104, 184]
In 1978 Lewis J. McWillie was questioned about his association with Benny Binion and any possible connection between gambling in Las Vegas and Dallas.

RUBY demanded and was given, a lie detector test. In Coup D’Etat In America, it was pointed out that by the time RUBY was asked the important questions, he was desensitized. The HSCA confirmed this and discovered that the FBI’s polygraph operator decreased his instrument’s sensitivity when RUBY was asked about an underworld conspiracy. [HSCA V9 p8]
RUBY’S death sentence was overturned and he began serving a life sentence for the murder of OSWALD. In July 1965, he was interviewed by a psychiatrist after two suicide attempts. RUBY feigned insanity in an effort to get his sentence mitigated and convince the syndicate that he posed no threat to them as a State’s witness. RUBY’S delusions took an interesting form. He told the psychiatrist, Dr. Werner Teuter, on July 12, 1965 to July 15, 1965 that his mind was functioning adequately. “He promised that, after having given such proof, he would make me acquainted with a conspiracy which I was to guard with the utmost secrecy…He considers himself the victim of a conspiracy and was ‘framed’ to kill OSWALD so that OSWALD could never say who made him kill President Kennedy. This framework of course is very complicated and must be guarded with the utmost secrecy. It also involves high government agencies, and his attorneys, whom he considers to be members of the plot…There is considerable guilt about the fact that he sent guns to Cuba – he feels he ‘helped the enemy’ and incriminated himself. ‘They got what they wanted on me.’ For him the assassination was an act of overthrowing the government…Then he suddenly related that he cannot possibly divulge how he was framed into killing OSWALD.” RUBY interspersed this information with tirades concerning anti-Semitism that did not make sense: “Do you hear crying – Jewish men and women and children are being slaughtered – in the next room – all over the United States. Auschwitz, Treblinka are operating again – my family is dead. Listen, I hear them, trains, coming to take them away.”

G. Robert Blakey, Chief Counsel and Staff Director to the House Select Committee on Assassinations, published, “The Plot to Kill the President” in 1981. In the book, Blakey argues that there was a conspiracy to kill John F. Kennedy. Blakey believes that Lee Harvey Oswald was involved but believes that there was at least one gunman firing from the Grassy Knoll. Blakey came to the conclusion that Marcello, Trafficante, Jr., along with Chicago Outfit boss Salvatore “Sam,” “Mooney” Giancana were complicit in planning the assassination.
On January 14, 1992, a New York Post story claimed Marcello, Trafficante, Jr., and Jimmy Hoffa had all been involved in the assassination of President Kennedy. Frank Ragano was quoted as saying that at the beginning of 1963, Hoffa had told him to take a message to Trafficante and Marcello concerning a plan to kill Kennedy. When the meeting took place at the Royal Orleans Hotel, Ragano told the men: “You won’t believe what Hoffa wants me to tell you. Jimmy wants you to kill the President.” He reported that both men gave the impression that they intended to carry out this order.

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