Daughter of the Purple Gang

chris-melindaMarilyn, my first girlfriend, gave me her copy of ‘The Last Temptation of Jesus Christ’. She saw me as a Christ-figure. I began to develop a Christ-complex. When Melinda came into my life, I beheld her being crucified in her father’s arms. He had given her a violent yank as she held on to the door jam crying;

“I’m not going without Greg!”

She hit her head and there is blood streaming down her face. She is saving my life, because her father had his mob kill her first boyfriend, a beatnik that looked just like Jesus.

Melinda’s father and uncles were members of the Purple Gang and owned much of New Mexico. Her father threatened to kill me, and Melinda knew if we were separated, they would come, the guys I trench coats.

My mother had connection with the West Coast Mob. She met Elmer ‘Big Bones’ Remmer in a Emeryville card room where she went to have a drink after work. Rosemary told my younger sister she had a job with Remmer editing the porno movies he made. Jack Ruby and his sister, knew Big Bones, and worked for him.

Melinda’s father owned one of the first adult theatres in America that showed soft-porn. At seventeen he offered me a job managing this theatre. Melinda made peace, but, did not want me to take this job, because, I would be a member of Don’s family that is associated with Murder Inc.

Melinda was written up in TIME magazine for speaking sentences when she was six months old. She had a very intelligent and powerful aura around her. Christine’s portrait of her good friend does not capture that innate superiority she had. She was mature way beyond her years. She understood she was a Mob Princess, and rejected this title. Her fate is unknown.

If Jesus comes back, he will not be sitting in the home of the wealthy, or, the hateful. He will be born amongst sinners, and he will die for their sins.

Jon Presco

Why San Francisco Was Never Much of a Mafia Town, or Was It?



Big Bones Remmer

You heard about that big mob bust late last week on the East Coast? Well, NBC went to local crime author and retired policeman Kevin J. Mullen to find out why we haven’t had any real, juicy mob activity out here. Mullen says that Al Capone sent emissaries out to San Francisco in 1931 to case the joint, but decided it was “too tough” a town to crack. That may just be a proud cop talking, but Mullen says it’s an easier town to police, given its size and geography, and the transcontinental railroad terminated in Oakland, after all.

NBC and Mullen neglect to mention that the mafia’s historic stronghold out here was Emeryville, where they set up shop with a figurehead mayor, a chief of police, and their very own little harbor, ultimately headed up by mob boss Elmer “Big Bones” Remmer, who worked for Lucky Luciano. Remmer controlled a number of after-hours joints, gambling parlors (the Oaks Card Club in Emeryville is a latter day remnant, grandfathered in under city law since it’s been there since the 1890s), brothels, and loan-sharking operations around Oakland, Emeryville, and S.F. Remmer’s S.F. headquarters was the Menlo Club, and at least one source credits Jerry Brown’s dad, “San Francisco Attorney Edmund Pat Brown [with helping to] incorporate Bone’s La Costa Nosta operation.” So maybe it’s just that the mob was better connected and operated in relative quiet out in crazy S.F.? In Emeryville, a reported hangout back in the mid-twentieth century was The Town House Bar, so named in part because it’s where the “mayor” sat and drank all day while Remmer had free reign.

The Alameda County D.A.’s office prosecuted a bunch of cases against noted mob figures in the 40s and 50s. Also, reportedly, Jack Ruby (Lee Harvey Oswald’s assassin) once worked in the Menlo Club in S.F. for a gambler named Eugene Shriber, an employee of Remmer’s. (And this blogger guy claims to be the son of one of Remmer’s prostitutes.)

So what’s that again about the mafia never being in San Francisco?

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    Don backed me up against the wall and bid me to throw the first punch. He was confused when I poured light on him. He did not want to fight anymore, and just wanted his daughter away from me so he could send in his thugs to kill me. When I did not run away, he saw that I had guts, and, we both loved Malinda. This was new for him. He never met his daughter’s boyfriend. He invited me to come to his house where we talked man to man. A month later he ix offering me a job at his soft-porn movie theatre. The Mob makes their money on VICE. My mother made porno movies for the Mafia. She worked out of the Beverly Hills Hotel. She knew who Don was. She told me she knew who killed Jack Kennedy. I suspect Bryan was picking up hippie chicks for famous people. Everyone wanted to fuck a hippie chick. The Polanskis were making porn flicks. Amateurs and dopeheads were muscling in on traditional turf. Melinda knew too much. She disappeared in 1965 after moving to San Francisco.

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