Dueling King Davids

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Dueling King Davids


John Presco

An idea for a book and Netflix show.

Donald Trump and I are candidates for President – and King David! Rick Perry told Donald he was like King David. Perry met with neo-Confederates that battled with my kin over the graves of Confederate soldiers. Will the Dead South Rise Again – and be greater than ever?

Has it been four years since I went to Wayne Morse in Eugene to discuss the Bible with the Three Percenters after reading, or seeing on T.V. they invited folks to talk King Jesus with them. I went as


No sooner was I crowned, a MAGA MAN got in a fist-fight with a Lesbian – and got a bloody nose. I tried to sympathize with him, but, he still wants to be a Fighter Man.. After the event, I do


The idea the President of a Democracy can be the embodiment of King David, may be the


Mark Twain would cover the debates I will have with King Trump on television. Not knowing any Biblical Words, Donald will be allowed to have a MAN OF GOD speak for him, while he hurls insults at me, and makes up lies. He will be allowed to do the Hillary Hover, and make sniffing sounds.

I hate violence. This idea is not aimed at furthering violence, but, conducting Democratic Debate.

The show will begin with a video of Donald and John on – DUELING HARPS – dressed like King David. It will be hilarious – all in good fun!

John Presco Candidate For King David

“God uses imperfect people through history. King David wasn’t perfect,” Rick Perry said, before relating that he’d told the president that he embodies “God’s plan for the people who rule and judge over us on this planet in our government.” All kinds of people invoke scripture to support their argument. But this claim bears examination premised not on impatience with faith but rather profound respect for the Book of Books.

Candidate For King David

Posted on December 26, 2021 by Royal Rosamond Press

Because Pope Francis asked for peace thru more dialogue, I John Presco am announcing I am a candidate for the Embodiment of King David. I have said I was a Republican Presidential Candidate, before, but, this time I am going to complete the requirements.

I will be providing much evidence that I am the most likely embodiment of King David. Not like citizen Trump, I know much about the Bible, and, have solved Biblical riddles.

I awoke to snow – and a message from God and the Pope….

“Forgive the Rougemont Knights Templars, and gather them around you!”


He’s No King David

Some of the president’s supporters have taken to comparing him to the biblical monarch.By Eliot A. Cohen

President Donald Trump
Yuri Gripas / Reuters



Some avowedly pious men and women have, of late, explained their support of President Donald Trump by citing the example of King David, a sinner whom the Lord used for his purposes, and whose faults—crimes, even—were redeemed by the good he did. According to this line of thinking advanced by politicians, activists, and even clerics of different hues, Trump may have wandered far from the straight path, but he is nonetheless doing God’s work.

One of the president’s Cabinet secretaries recently averred on Fox News that the president is, as some claim, the chosen one. “God uses imperfect people through history. King David wasn’t perfect,” Rick Perry said, before relating that he’d told the president that he embodies “God’s plan for the people who rule and judge over us on this planet in our government.” All kinds of people invoke scripture to support their argument. But this claim bears examination premised not on impatience with faith but rather profound respect for the Book of Books.

The Bible describes many bad men, or men with bad characteristics, working the Almighty’s will on Earth, albeit usually as scourges bringing devastation to a sinning people. But let us take this one at face value: Is Trump plausibly understood as a latter-day King David?

The differences are striking. David volunteered to do unequal battle with Goliath, and went on to a spectacular military career, greeted on his return from the front by women dancing with timbrels and lutes, crying, “Saul has struck down his thousands and David his tens of thousands!” Trump, by contrast, is most emphatically not a war hero. David spared the mad King Saul, who sought his life. When Saul and his son, David’s friend Jonathan, perished in battle with the Philistines, he keened over their loss in a haunting lament. It is difficult to imagine Trump having the same instincts, let alone eloquence, in an analogous case.

Peter Wehner: Are Trump’s critics demonically possessed?

But much more profoundly and seriously, the equation of David and Trump betrays a terrible misreading of the Bible. The Book of Samuel and the Book of Psalms attributed to David reveal him to be an exceptionally complex figure, and not just a (forgivably) bad guy who does good things at divine direction, or at least by divine intent. He is, after all, the sweet singer of Israel, whose religious poems even now echo several times a day in the ears and hearts of the devout. And those psalms show a man as utterly different from the American president as a person can be.

David often portrays himself as wracked with guilt and fear:

Have mercy on me, Lord, for I am wretched.

Heal me, for my limbs are stricken …

I weary in my sighing.

I make my bed swim every night, with my tears I water my couch.

The psalms attributed to David appeal to the Rock of Ages, portraying their author as bereft, vulnerable, outcast, and in mortal peril. Contrast this with a man who always describes himself as the greatest, the smartest, and the most capable, who preens about his wealth and his health, and who despises tears in himself and in others.

Nor does God (or man, for that matter) simply disregard David’s sins or dismiss them as peccadilloes that might perhaps merit private punishment but no public reaction. David lusted after Bathsheba, the wife of one of his soldiers, the Book of Samuel relates. He arranged to have her husband, Uriah the Hittite, placed in the front of a desperate attack. He died, and the king carried off the widow. Not quite murder, perhaps, but a foul and tricky deed.

In the next chapter, Nathan the prophet stormed into the royal palace, and told the startled David a story about a rich man who has stolen a poor man’s ewe. When David expressed indignation at the villain of the tale, Nathan thundered at him, “You are the man!” And then followed David’s doom, intoned in the name of the God of Israel:

“And so now, the sword shall not swerve from your house evermore, seeing as you have despised Me and have taken the wife of Uriah the Hittite to be your wife.” Thus says the Lord, “I am about to raise up evil against you from your own house, and I will take your wives before your eyes and give them to your fellow man, and he shall lie with your wives in the sight of this sun. For you did it in secret but I will do this thing before all Israel and before the sun.”

David confessed and repented, but the doom came nonetheless. His son Absalom revolted against him, he was chased from his throne (which he recovered after much hardship); he was humiliated by his inferiors; and he ends his days in the midst of another son’s revolt, decrepit and apparently impotent. David’s sin was not only a private sin, and it did not receive a merely private punishment. Nor did he alone suffer: His humiliation included a revolt that turned his kingdom upside down, and led to waves of political murders even after his death. Apparently, the Ancient of Days was not willing to let bygones be bygones.

Those who invoke scripture to bolster the 45th president would do well to contemplate Nathan, the outraged herald of a piercing truth, rather than the sinner David. In the Hebrew Bible—and that, after all, is the text being invoked—the role of religious leaders is not to disregard sin but to denounce it. Take pervasive falsehood, for example:

And each man tricks his fellow, and truth they do not speak.

They have taught their tongue to speak lies, they are worn out from wrongdoing.

Your dwelling is in the midst of deceit.

And so, Jeremiah says, “For these shall I not reckon with them, said the Lord, from a nation like this shall I not be avenged?”

It is upon the powerful who oppress the defenseless—the widow, the orphan, and above all the stranger—that the Hebrew prophets pour out their rage. Their proper focus is on the misdeeds of kings and priests, not on making excuses for them, and they tell the elites of Jerusalem that it is their callousness toward the weak and defenseless, their lust for wealth, and their lies that will lead to the destruction of their city. And formal piety of the kind displayed by the president’s religious apologists cannot redeem such offenses, for God declares: “I hate, I spurn your festivals, and smell no fragrance in your convocations.”


At its core, the David comparison is, in fact, sacrilegious. “Cursed be the man who trusts in humans, and makes mortal flesh his strong arm,” Jeremiah declares in the name of the Lord. The worship of power or of wealth is an affront, in the eyes of the Bible, to the Master of the Universe. It is a perversion of scripture to use it to celebrate a king, or indeed, a president, and particularly one whose character is flawed beyond repair.

What the David analogizers are unintentionally showing us is how swiftly religion used to serve the ends of politics becomes twisted and corrupted. We see this corruption of religion in its more monstrous forms in places like the Islamic Republic of Iran, but in a small way, it is felt in the United States today by preachers who celebrate unrepentant sinners.

It was part of the genius of the Founders of the United States that they understood that by acknowledging religion yet prohibiting its establishment, they were enhancing its moral power. When the faithful draw on their belief to help us see evil for what it is, to mobilize our consciences and steel our hearts to fight against it, they make their country stronger. When they use it to excuse or, worse, glorify their political patrons, they are, as it were, building altars on the high places to baal, and bringing the souls of their followers that much closer to the fires of Moloch.

Eliot Cohen is a contributing writer at The Atlantic. He is the Robert E. Osgood Professor at Johns Hopkins University’s School of Advanced International Studies and the Arleigh Burke Chair in Strategy at the Center for Strategic and International Studies.

Evangelicals love to compare Trump to King David — but just how similar are they?

David slept with Batsheva, Trump slept with Stormy Daniels — and the similarities end there

King David looked to God, while Trump looks to…Trump. Graphic by Mira Fox/Getty Images

By Mira FoxMarch 31, 2023

Evangelical support for Trump has been strong since he was elected in 2016; despite the former president’s multiple divorces, adultery and profanity, many have stood behind him, justifying their support through comparisons to biblical figures — particularly King David.

In 2016, Jerry Falwell Jr. said that “God called King David a man after God’s own heart even though he was an adulterer and a murderer.” 

With the indictment of the former president on Thursday, the comparison seems all the more apt; after all, the charges hang on Trump’s hush money payment to Stormy Daniels, a porn star who alleges that the two had sex while his wife was home taking care of their newborn son, Barron. 

It’s not quite the same as the David and Batsheva story, but there are certainly echoes. Both tried to, in some way, possess and manipulate an attractive woman, and both tried to cover it up. After impregnating Batsheva, David tried to get her husband to sleep with her so that the pregnancy would appear to be legitimate, and then arranged for her husband to be killed. Trump, meanwhile, allegedly ordered his fixer and lawyer, Michael Cohen, to pay Daniels to stay mum.


For both men, the fallout from their actions has been extremely public. In II Samuel 12, the prophet Nathan, telling David of God’s displeasure, warns him of God’s impending punishment. “You acted in secret, but I will make this happen in the sight of all Israel and in broad daylight,” he says. Trump’s sins, too, will be aired in public, in court; he may even do a perp walk in front of a bevy of press.

But David, upon Nathan’s castigation, instantly admitted guilt and became penitent, saying, “I stand guilty before Hashem.” Trump, on the other hand, has tried to whip his followers into a frenzy over what he is calling a “witch hunt,” and disparaged prosecutors investigating him.

Of course, David was punished for his various sins: the death of his first child with Batsheva, the betrayal of his son Absalom, the rape of his daughter Tamar by his other son Amnon — who Absalom then killed in retribution — and a pestilence from God.

Yet God also blessed him and his lineage; his second son with Batsheva was Solomon, who built the Temple in Jerusalem and became another great king of Israel. Even almost immediately after the incident with Batsheva, David won a great battle and expanded his kingdom.

As sinful as David was, he took responsibility for his actions, and was greatly rewarded as a direct result. God ends the pestilence when David tells God to take him instead of his people, because they are innocent and he is not. After God’s anger with David for his actions with Batsheva, Nathan says the punishment will be lighter because of David’s admission of guilt.

When people compare Trump to David, they imply that, just as with David, God smiles upon Trump despite his sins. They mean that Trump is God’s choice for leader, and that, like David, Trump is ultimately righteous. Both Trump and David may be fallible, but the implication of the comparison is that they are both the chosen messengers of God regardless of their sins. 

Trump has missed an important part of the story, though: the apology. Over and over, Trump has denied any wrongdoing and accused his critics of illegitimacy, calling himself a “completely innocent person” and touting his successes. (In 2020, when accused of incitement to violence after the Jan. 6 attack, he said he was “perhaps the most innocent man anywhere in the history of the United States.”)

We no longer live in biblical times, and misdeeds are judged by courts, not God; that means Trump may well be found not guilty of the specific legal charges prosecutors are levying. But even if that turns out to be the case, he’s missing the leadership quality that defined David: humbleness, and a willingness to admit moral, if not legal, wrongdoing.

Still, given Trump’s two impeachments and the many attempts to indict him on a variety of crimes including tax fraud and inciting followers to raid the Capitol, he seems to repeatedly come away unscathed and emboldened, all the more poised to return to leadership. So perhaps the comparisons to David will continue.

Rick Perry Insulted My Southern Kin

Posted on July 26, 2018 by Royal Rosamond Press

My kindred, Anthony Hodges, fought the takeover of the Sons of Confederate Veterans by Sweeney who Rick Perry blessed. My great grandmother was kidnapped by Cherokee chief and born him a son. Some of my genetic material is kin to the first landowners.  I got a whole bunch of cousins who might be on the Rolls, and due Southern Land.

John Presco

According to the Washington Times (via Nexis), in March 2000 Perry fired off a letter to Denne Sweeney, Texas commander of the Sons of Confederate Veterans: “Although this is an emotional issue,” he wrote, “I want you to know that I oppose efforts to remove Confederate monuments, plaques, and memorials from public property. I also believe that communities should decide whether statues or other memorials are appropriate for their community.”

(Sweeney, for his part, later ascended to the position of commander in chief of the national Sons of Confederate Veterans, where, the Southern Poverty Law Center reported, he presided over “a purge of some 300 members, accused of disloyalty for criticizing racism in the SCV.”)

The Rev. Eric Dean, an American Southerner living in Europe, had been hearing the rumors for months. Finally, he decided to pay a visit to a former high-ranking leader of the Sons of Confederate Veterans (SCV), the Southern heritage group of which Dean had long been a proud member. Was it true, Dean asked last November, that the SCV was being taken over by racial extremists? Were the decent colleagues Dean remembered really being swamped by white supremacists?

Within days of his visit to Tennessee to see Anthony Hodges, the former No. 2 leader in the SCV who had earlier been purged by his enemies, Dean had reached a conclusion. Hodges, E-mailed comrades in the SCV, had told him the group was moving “towards a more politically active, secessionist and racist agenda.” “Racial groups,” Hodges added, controlled “key leadership positions.” As a result, there was an ongoing “exodus” of lifelong SCV members, including U.S. senators.

According to the indictment, Hostetter founded a group in 2020 called the American Phoenix Project that protested restrictions on public gatherings imposed as a public health measure during the COVID-19 pandemic. That group became a platform to advocate violence against government leaders, according to the indictment.

Hostetter and Taylor had appeared with Roger Stone, a long-time friend and adviser of Trump, outside the U.S. Supreme Court at a protest against the outcome of the 2020 presidential election the day before the Capitol riot.

Trump granted a pardon to Stone in December, wiping away his conviction arising from a federal investigation that documented Russian interference in the 2016 U.S. election.


Republican lawmakers in Oregon have reportedly fled the state to protest a proposed climate bill ― and just as law enforcement received a green light to pursue and retrieve them, a paramilitary group has vowed to step in and block officers from intervening.

Members of the Three Percenters ― a group sometimes styled as “III%” that the Southern Poverty Law Center describes as part of a pro-gun, anti-government extremist movement with chapters all over the country ― wrote on Facebook Thursday they would do “whatever it takes to keep these Senators safe.”


Malheur National Wildlife Refuge

ZARDOZ and The Anti-Christ

Posted on October 5, 2022 by Royal Rosamond Press

Jacob Chansley

Jacob Chansley during the Capitol riot in Washington, Jan. 6, 2021. Chansley

Members of the Oath Keepers on the East Front of the U.S. Capitol
Members of the Oath Keepers on the East Front of the U.S. Capitol on Jan. 6, 2021, in Washington. (AP Photo/Manuel Balce Ceneta)

The Oath Keeper’s trial has begun. A year before the elections I attended a rally put on by The One Percenters. They were to speak after a Gay Pride event. There was – violence! This was a very prophetic AND DRAMATIC event. Religious schisms and strife – have always been dramatic because a Vortex of Righteousness must be built. That the leader of the Oregon Shakespeare Festival established a perimeter into the community, and polices that area – IS ALWAYS THREATENING – especially if there is…


I came armed with Luke’s Light Lazer in a quiver that got the attention of a Percenter armed with a assault rifle. This is…..High Drama! It’s all about Ratings, The Draw, Ticket Sales, Tithing – and Trump know it. Millions of Christians got – BORED SILLY – listening to the same old promises fifty two times a year. THEY WANTED ACTION! This is why they forgive Hershal Walker and the Oath Keepers. They don’t want anything to do with Civil Justice and Civic……REST! They are the Children of Unrest. They grow hungrier every day. They did not wear masks in church. They….died!

Today is the morning of the Day of Atonement. We are in The High Holidays!


John ‘The Nazarite’

Oath Keepers Texts Provide Window Into Conspiracy Mind-set – The New York Times (nytimes.com)

Oregon’s Own Antichrist vs. MADA

Posted on January 14, 2021 by Royal Rosamond Press

When I went to Wayne Morse Square dressed as The Antichrist, I did so trying to get my courage back after being threatened by the Alleybellites and Kimites. In looking at the video I took, talking to a Three-Percenter, I wondered why he made no comment about me saying – I am The Antichrist. After the Storm The Dome Day, I realized there’s eight or ten guys (and a woman?) who claim to be the Antichrist – at every event! I thought I was original! My Light Sabre did get some attention.

In the God Gun Liberty video, it appears I might get in a fight with a young man wearing a MADA cap. He got punched in the nose when the T-Mob pushed people around to get to the podium and mic – that the Gay Pride Day folks refused to hand over. A Lesbian socked him in the nose – and drew blood.

It is now being reported Lawmakers helped the T-Mob in Oregon, and at the Dome, that looks like a scene out of Gone With The Wind. As I talk to an armed man, Belle’s old boyfriend (who changed his name to Marla) danced half-naked in the background. The Crazy are legion at Trump rallies. This is what he meant by “wild time”. Consider the source. Trump is not sorry – at all! His office is just another disguise for the real Antichrist – who might start a nuclear war.

Johnny Antichrist Presco

Trump is isolated and angry at aides for failing to defend him as he is impeached again (msn.com)

“With less than seven days remaining in his presidency, Trump’s inner circle is shrinking, offices in his White House are emptying, and the president is lashing out at some of those who remain. He is angry that his allies have not mounted a more forceful defense of his incitement of the mob that stormed the Capitol last week, advisers and associates said.”

(1) Video shows mobs attacking Capitol police as investigators ramp up search for rioters l GMA – YouTube

Gone With The Wind (1939) Battle of Atlanta Injuries – YouTube

(6) Facebook

(1) Return of Merlin – Antichrist – YouTube

God Gun Liberty – YouTube

God is Truth – YouTube

(1) Praise Be To Zardoz – YouTube

ICE acting director resigns weeks after assuming post (msn.com)

Video Shows Ore. Lawmaker Letting Rioters Inside State Capitol | PEOPLE.com

Ed Ray Speaks To You – His Chosen Ones! | Rosamond Press

(1) Must-See New Video Shows Capitol Riot Was Way Worse Than We Thought | All In | MSNBC – YouTube

“Ed Ray has opened the proverbial Can of Worms. Our lawmakers go hide in Idaho. Here come the Three Percenters! How do they feel about Robert E. Lee and his statues – that are works of art?

The Art Gods have been awoken! Below is a hand-carved grave marker for the son of a Patriot. This is my Badge. Royal Rosamond Press is named after this family that were too poor to buy tombstones. Being kin to Robert E. Lee is a Pass. Freedom of the Press should matter to the Three Percenters. If not – get out of Dodge!

These Militias are all for Family Values and Family Traditions. They don’t got my family tree. How much more permission do I own……………for going bad? If I became one of them, then I would not be alone. I would have an extended family – and legal representation?

“Republican state representative Mike Nearman has been billed for damages to the Oregon Capitol caused by a group of anti-mask and armed demonstrators in December, after security footage showed that the lawmaker opened the door to allow the group inside.

Nearman, who has since been removed from his legislative committees and had his own access to the state Capitol restricted, has now been asked to resign by the state’s top House lawmaker.

The incident occurred during a Dec. 21 special legislative session at the state Capitol in Salem, when a group gathered to protest the state’s coronavirus restrictions.

Though the state’s Capitol building was locked, deterring the group from entering, security footage from that day shows Nearman walking to an exit and opening the door, allowing a large number of rioters to begin streaming inside.”

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