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Image: Trump visits the Western Wall

With Trump’s announcement that people were crying at the jail, it is official…..The United States is up to its chin in a Religious Cult – and Jim Jordon knows it! This is why he is trying to stop Bragg. Does Trump have dirt on Jordon – and many Republicans? How about Ginni Thomas – who loves cults? Did her organization. the Council For National Policy get donations from Harlan Crow, who has a collection of Nazi shit? The CNP was co-founded by Tim LaHaye who wrote End Time fiction that millions believe contain real prophecy, such as the Antichrist building the third temple.

Trump is feeding evangelicals on temple dreams. Consider Jim Jones and The People’s Temple. Jones was crying as he told his cult followers to give poison to their children. Trump says he admires Kim Jong Un who is often filmed with his subjects crying. Is this the ideal for the ex-President who instigated a real Insurrection because he cried the election was stolen? Consider the Wailing Wall. Trump shed no tears for the people killed by AR15s. If a thousand Americans gathered at the jail and cried for him on Easter, he would wonder aloud why there were not more! Alas, we see his role model. Lil Rocket Man is the cat’s meow in Trump’s book.

John Presco

“I’ll tell you, people were crying,” Trump told Fox host Carlson on Tuesday. “People that worked there, professionally work there, that have no problems putting in murderers and they see everybody […] they were crying. They were actually crying. They said, ‘I’m sorry.’”

Following is a transcript of this portion of the interview:

Trump: “Top of the line. Top line. They’re all top of the line. Are our guys not top of the line? Never was. These are top of the line people at the top of their game. President Xi is a brilliant man. If you went all over Hollywood to look for somebody to play the role of President Xi, you couldn’t find, there’s nobody like that. The look, the brain, the whole thing. We had a great relationship. You know, when he first came to Mar-a-Lago, It was so organized by them and by us, but by them very pom, pom, pom. Everything’s like business. No games, you know. They don’t say, Gee, how did the Yankees do last night? Oh, that was a wonderful. They don’t care. They don’t care about anything. I said, You ever go to a Broadway play? I’ll take you to one. Do you ever have plays like do you ever go.. No, I don’t know. He’s all this is business. These aren’t game players, right? I like it, you know, in a way, I like it. You have no life. But that’s what he likes.”

Carlson: “Yeah.”

Trump: “Top of the line. Smart. Top of the line. When they came in, it was supposed to be a meeting that lasted exactly 15 minutes. . So we go to breakout sessions with all they had. Like 40 people. We had 40 people, you know, the comparables. Right? And we’re sitting across the table from each other in the ballroom of Mar a Lago. It was an amazing scene, but our meeting was supposed to take 15 minutes. It took 4 hours. We got along so well. People ask how smart is Kim Jong Un? Kim Jong Un is smart too. You know, when you come out and as a young man at 24, 23, even though he sort of inherits it, most people when they inherit, they lose it. And that’s easy stuff. He took over a country, a very smart people, very, very energetic people, very tough people at a very young age. And he has total dominate control. That’s not easy. These are these are very smart. Putin, very smart. Now, he’s had in and probably a bad year. If he took over all of Ukraine and what are we going to do because Biden is so committed to Ukraine. What happens if it’s a not winnable war? You know, there are people that say Ukraine cannot win. You can’t beat Russia. Russia right now, I’m not saying anything out of school. I read it in one of our newspapers. So, you know, it’s probably fake news, but maybe not. I don’t think it is. Russia right now is making massive amounts of ammunition. Sounds simple, right? But they’re making massive beyond anything they’ve ever made before. We don’t have any ammunition. We’ve given it to Ukraine. We’re not we’re not prepared to fight. I rebuilt our military, new planes, new tanks, new everything. They’ve taken, the military that I’ve rebuilt, and they’ve given it all to Ukraine. I mean, massive amounts.”

Yvonne Schulz Zinda, Professor of Korean Studies at the University of Hamburg, is not surprised by these displays. Emotionality is part of the cult of personality in North Korea started by Kim Jong-un’s grandfather, Kim Il-sung. “The Kim rulers are exaggerated, almost godlike perceived,” says Schulz Zinda to Business Insider.

Thomas, the Times found, “has at least twice headlined annual conferences at the Eagle Forum” and “headlined an event for the Council for National Policy in 2002,” and “in 2008 he attended one of its meetings and was photographed with a gavel behind a lectern bearing the group’s name.”

(DeSantis has apparently had some back-channel conservations with Thomas, according to emails obtained by American Oversight, which found that Ginni Thomas asked his office about getting in touch with the Florida governor, and noted, “My husband has been in contact with him too on various things of late.” Neither DeSantis nor either of the Thomases has explained what contact this refers to.)

Denis de Rougemont headed the Congress of Cultural Freedom that was funded by the CIA. Artist and Writers in the West were covertly employed to keep leftist intellectuals from adopting the hegemony of the Soviet Union, and use Communism as a weapon of empowerment. Putin was surely aware of it – eventually. Did he found his Troll Farms on the ideas of Rougemont, he employing a reverse move?

Denis Rougemont had Christianity in mind as making the difference. With Putin embracing the Russian Orthodox church against The U.S. and the European Union, a ‘Think Tank’ needs to be established that employs the philosophy of Rougemont who co-founded the European Union. I suspect Rougemont is kin to the Habsburgs.

The Trumpites are tying to establish a Evangelical Vatican in Jerusalem with the move of our Secular Embassy there. I am going to compose a letter to Congressman Peter DeFazio and ask him to stop this covert operation by the John Darby Cult. Trump’s evangelical handlers want what Putin has. What is that bird on the wall in back of Putin? It’s the cote of arms of the Russian Empire. This is why I declare myself ‘King of the Habsburg’ and Emperor of the revived Byzantine Empire.

The problem I have, is I have been trying to give a warning to secular peoples who shun everything with a religious message in it. This is a perfect holy smoke screen – for many tyrants – who hate the teaching of Jesus. Add to this the profits of the billionaires, and, it looks overwhelming for the little people, who tend to cave-in, forsake the courage they should be given in order to sustain fragile democracies.

Jon Presco

Harlan Crow, the Republican billionaire and megadonor to Supreme Court

Justice Clarence Thomas, allegedly has a collection of Adolf Hitler artifacts and Nazi memorabilia on display at his home, according to news reports.

Crow’s million-dollar estate in Dallas, Texas, houses Adolf Hitler artifacts, including two paintings by Hitler and a signed copy of his book “Mein Kampf,” along with a stockpile of other Nazi mementos such as a swastika medallion, statues of dictators of the 20th century in the backyard and more, according to the Washingtonian.

Inspired by his hatred for communism and fascism, the Washingtonian reports, Crow’s collection faced major backlash in 2015 after he hosted a fundraiser at his estate on the eve of Yom Kippur, a Jewish holiday. An anonymous source who attended the fundraiser told the Washingtonian that the house felt like a museum, describing it as “strange” given the assortment of family photos in one room, World War II artifacts in another and a backyard full of dictators.

Researcher Danah Boyd tweeted on Saturday that she was “deeply shaken” by the displayed Nazi memorabilia when she attended a meeting at Crow’s house a few years ago. 

“Years later, I still shudder thinking about the Nazi uniform decorations in Harlan Crow’s house. And the painting. And the book. And the statues. And the ‘antebellum’ (pro-slavery) artifacts. I’m glad others are questioning the acceptability of those materials,” Boyd said in a tweet, adding that she left the meeting after seeing the Nazi artifacts. 

In 2014, a Dallas Morning News reporter visited the home as part of a public tour of historic homes, where Crow sought to avoid questions about the statues and steer the tour toward his ornate library — along with paintings by Renoir and Monet and sculptures of former British Prime Minister Winston Churchill and Margaret Thatcher.

When the Morning News reporter finally saw the garden of dictator statues, Crow described it as an acknowledgment of the inhumanity that some men have shown to others.

As Passover, Ramadan, and Easter converged, Israel and the Waqf (the group that officially controls the Temple Mount/Al Aqsa) agreed on parameters for the compound to permit as many Muslim worshippers as possible to ascend. More than 100,000 did so; tens of thousands on the first day, according to Reuters. Al Arabiya agreed, with pictures.

Israel went further to ensure calm.

The rabbi of the Western Wall and Jerusalem holy sites announced there would be no Passover ritual sacrifice on the Temple Mount. Israeli government minister Itamar Ben-Gvir—often castigated as a rabble-rouser—made a public declaration calling for “calm.” “The Temple Mount is… the most important place in the State of Israel. We won’t give up on it,” however, “I’m not encouraging people to go there with a Passover sacrifice.” And, in fact, the director of the “Returning to the Mount” movement was detained by Israel “as a preventive measure,” and two Israelis were arrested after being seen with a goat in Jerusalem’s Old City—presumably trying to figure out how to get it up there and sacrifice it.,construction%20of%20a%20Third%20Temple%20in%20present%20times.

Many Evangelical Christians believe that New Testament prophecies associated with the Jewish Temple, such as Matthew 24–25 and 2 Thessalonians 2:1–12, were not completely fulfilled during the Roman destruction of Jerusalem in AD 70 (a belief of full preterism) and that these prophecies refer to a future temple. This view is a core part of dispensationalism, an interpretative framework of the Bible that stresses biblical literalism and asserts that the Jews remain God’s chosen people. According to dispensationalist theologians, such as Hal Lindsey and Tim LaHaye, the Third Temple will be rebuilt when the Antichrist, often identified as the political leader of a trans-national alliance similar to the European Union or the United Nations, secures a peace treaty between the modern nation of Israel and its neighbours following a global war. The Antichrist later uses the temple as a venue for proclaiming himself as God and the long-awaited Messiah, demanding worship from humanity.

Catholic and Eastern Orthodox Christians believe that the Eucharist, which they hold to be one in substance with the one self-sacrifice of Christ on the Cross, is a far superior offering when compared with the merely preparatory temple sacrifices, as explained in the Epistle to the Hebrews. They also believe that Christ Himself is the New Temple, as spoken of in the Book of Revelation and that Revelation can best be understood as the Eucharistheaven on earth. Their church buildings are meant to model Solomon’s Temple, with the Tabernacle, containing the Eucharist, being considered the new “Holy of Holies.” Therefore, they do not attach any significance to a possible future rebuilding of the Jerusalem Temple.

The Tribulation hurtles to its midpoint as the four murders prophesied in scripture take place. Peter Matthews is murdered by the 10 sub-pontentates of the world. Carpathia personally kills the Two Witnesses with a gun similar to the one Rayford buys to kill him. The Witnesses later protagonize a dramatic resurrection as they are taken up into the clouds, which is dismissed by the media as a hoax. After they are resurrected, an earthquake breaks out, destroying one tenth of Israel and leaving seven thousand dead, as prophesied in Revelation 11:11-13

Two Nation Solution – Create Christian Country

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r/imaginarymaps - A map of the United States and Confederate States after the civil war

Is Melania Linked To Antichrist?

Posted on December 6, 2017 by Royal Rosamond Press

I was having a discussion in a Christian Prophecy FB group, when I posted this prophecy about the coming Antichrist. Paolo Zampolli resembles Nicolae Cartpathia, whose mother is named MARILENA which means ‘Star of the Sea’. Immediately I saw the name MELANIA! I put both names in a name scrambler – and they failed to find each other!

Zamp0lli is a good friend of our President and introduce Melania to Donald. Paolo founded a modeling agency and is married to a model! MODELMUNDI.  Is there a league of Beautiful Sea Stars who are married to powerful men in order to control them and the world? Melania looks like she has a hypnotic hold on our fearless leader. Is he afraid of her and her sponsor – from the Mother Ship? Is this why he doesn’t sleep at night, he keeping his one tweeting eye open? Think of the hold Trump’s secret sexual exploits has on him, it all on video tape.

The Mugwart, Steve Bannon, just finished speaking at a Roy Moore gathering in a barn. What thousands of Christians in Alabama are believing, is, that Lucifer is a Demoncrat, and is using She-Devils to attack Jesus-God, and the Good Men that follow the Son of God. Look at all the leaders who are being exposed – in both parties! Are we missing the big picture? The first question God puts to Adam and Eve in the Garden, is………………”Where art thou?” Why have they become invisible? Some folks believe they have been kidnapped and taken to the Dark Star, where they were given extra knowledge of good and evil.

The other possibility is, Adam and Eve were altered, and were no longer “made in His image”. In one year, America is no longer recognizable.

Jon Presco

Copyright 2017

WARNING! Don’t look at the watch for more than twenty seconds.

“And then the lawless one will be revealed, whom the Lord Jesus will destroy with the breath of his mouth, annihilating him by the manifestation of his coming. The coming of the lawless one is apparent in the working of Satan, who uses all power, signs, lying wonders, and every kind of wicked deception for those who are perishing, because they refused to love the truth and so be saved. For this reason God sends them a powerful delusion, leading them to believe what is false, so that all who have not believed the truth but took pleasure in unrighteousness will be condemned.[5]

His mother, Marilena, was unwittingly convinced by a group of Luciferians whose group she joins, to become the mother of a child who, they assured her, would change the face of the world.

In October 2013, The Prime Minister Roosevelt Skerrit appointed Zampolli as United Nation Ambassador and Ambassador For Oceans and Seas for the Commonwealth of Dominica

Derived from the Greek Melaina, which is from the root melas (black, dark). The name was made popular through its association with two 5th-century Roman saints, a grandmother and granddaughter remembered for their piety and good works for the poor.,_Star_of_the_Sea

Hitler, Uiberreither und Bormann auf der Draubrücke

Slovenia was the only present-day European nation that was trisected and completely annexed into both Nazi Germany and Fascist Italy during World War II.[67] In addition, the Prekmurje region in the east was annexed to Hungary, and some villages in the Lower Sava Valley were incorporated in the newly created Nazi puppet Independent State of Croatia

Melania Trump (/məˈlɑːniə/; born Melanija Knavs[mɛˈlaːnija ˈknaːu̯s], Germanized to Melania Knauss; April 26, 1970) is the current First Lady of the United States and third wife of the 45th President of the United StatesDonald Trump.[1]

She was born in Novo MestoSlovenia and grew up in SevnicaLower Sava Valley.[2] She worked as a fashion model for agencies in Milan and Paris, later moving to New York City in 1996.[3] She initially worked in the United States prior to receiving a legal work visa.[4][5] Her modeling career was associated with Irene Marie Models and Trump Model Management.[6]

Ginni Thomas and The LaHayes

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The spiritual battle I have been having with Tim and Beverly LaHayes has reached epic proportions with the revelation their compatriot, Gini Thoams, advocated the negation and reversal of a FAIR ELECTION! We are looking at Religious-Political Propaganda built upon the Fan Base of the Left Behind series, that is Christianized Terrorism. Imagine if Dan Brown had form a think tank in Washington aimed at gathering a flock-block of loyal voters – then selling them to the highest bidder!

Justice Clarence Thomas claims he did not know what his wife was up to. Bullshit! He knew she hung with Paul Weyrich who invented pro-life to counter the Civil Rights Movement, that Clarabell The Black Right-wing Clown – does not champion. He has seen the errors in his ways? Ginni has her dummy on her lap, projecting her thoughts into his brain. This is a evil thing that looks like a man in drag. She is showing who wears the pants in ITS family, by pretending to honor – OUR JUSTICE!

John Presco

Virginia Thomas – Wikipedia

The Heritage Foundation – Wikipedia

Groundswell group – Wikipedia

The membership list of the Council for National Policy is supposed to be a prized secret. A 2016 internal CNP policy obtained by Documented threatens expulsion for anyone that breaks the rules and names names. So anytime a list like this comes out, it’s a big deal for those trying to follow what is happening in right-wing circles.

CNP members range from the leaders of the Heritage Foundation and the Federalist Society, to the Southern Poverty Law Center designated anti-LGBTQ hate groups Family Research Council and Alliance Defending Freedom. The heads of major foundations on the right, including those of Donors Trust and the Bradley Foundation, are also members.

Justice Clarence Thomas has spoken at CNP. His wife, the right-wing activist Ginni Thomas, is a leader within the group and a board member of CNP Action, the organization’s 501(c)(4) arm. Much has been written recently about Ginni Thomas’ role in CNP, including by Jane Mayer of the New Yorker, and by Danny Hakim and Jo Becker for the New York Times Magazine.

The group was founded in 1981 by leaders in the so-called “new-right,” including Paul Weyrich (who also founded the Heritage Foundation and ALEC), and Rev. Tim LaHaye of the Moral Majority. For decades, the Council for National Policy managed successfully to keep the names of its members secret, as well as details of what went on at their closed-door meetings. Those meetings are almost always held at luxurious 5-star Ritz-Carlton resorts, because culture-war doesn’t come cheap.

In recent years, the veil of secrecy has been falling.

In 2016, the Southern Poverty Law Center published a leaked copy of CNP’s 2014 membership directory. Then Max Blumenthal published a 2018 CNP meeting packet, which included a membership list. Both of these were significant breakthroughs.

On November 1, 2020 Documented published a total of 14 membership directories spanning three years, which outlined hundreds of members, including some overlap from the 2014 and 2018 directories as well as many new members. This new list is now the most recent publicly available list of CNP memberships.

Documented has also published many other internal CNP documents, along with dozens of recordings from the private CNP meetings. These materials have resulted in significant increased press coverage of CNP in recent years. In October 2021, Robert O’Harrow published a major investigation of CNP, based on many of the internal materials obtained by Documented, for the Washington Post Magazine.


Documented Research on the Council for National Policy Featured in Major Washington Post Investigation

OCTOBER 25, 2021


The most recent CNP membership list includes dozens of new members since Documented published the September 2020 CNP membership directory, including former Vice President Mike Pence (his CNP membership was previously reported By Robert O’Harrow in the Washington Post Magazine in October 2021), former Trump lawyer Jenna Ellis who wrote two memos outlining how then-Vice President Mike Pence could overturn the results of the 2020 election, and Florida Congressional Candidate Cory Mills.

A searchable list of names in the directory is below. The original directory (an excel spreadsheet) can be made available to reporters upon request.

A fixation on Russia

Hal Lindsey and Tim LaHaye have been two of the most celebrated of the end-times writers. The doomsday preachers always salivate at the apocalyptic scenarios that include Russia — the “bear from the North” (Daniel 7). They locate Russia in the esoteric prophecies of Ezekiel as Gog and Magog. The preachers breathlessly quote Ezekiel 38 and Daniel 7.

Putin is no Antichrist; he’s worse than that – Baptist News Global

Satan LaHaye Endorses Gingrich

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Tim LaHaye has anointed Newt Gingrich as his Go Bot to do battle with Obama the Anti-Christ – knowing Newt is a great sinner and agnostic! But, when evil men resort to producing fake enemies of Jesus in order to win votes – verses employing spiritual attraction – then anything goes! If the evangelical have to employ a legion of whores to sleep with the enemy and make them dirty – then so be it! However, if one of them is caught giving money to a prostitute, then are whisked away to REFRESH SIN CITY where their sins will be washed in the blood of the lamb, and be sent back into the Good Fray!

LaHaye’s Left Behind series is now a video game, as is Ghost Busters.

“LaHaye called Gingrich “a proven conservative who has the best chance of replacing the present occupant of the White House.” LaHaye, who is taking a post as national co-chair of Gingrich’s Faith Leaders Coalition, also said that Gingrich would “return this country to the constitutional principles that God has chosen to bless for over two hundred years.”
The most interesting portion of LaHaye’s endorsement, however, came when the Los Angeles resident claimed that the late Rev. Jerry Falwell, one of the best-known evangelical leaders for most of the past few decades, said before his death in 2007 that he thought Gingrich should be president.”

Tim looks like Satan, while I looked just like Jesus when I was younger. What does that tell you?

Jon the Nazarite

WASHINGTON — South Carolina presidential primaries are always interesting, and on Friday, Newt Gingrich’s campaign touted a new endorsement that certainly fit that bill.
The former House speaker was endorsed by evangelical author and pastor Tim LaHaye, who is best-known for writing a series of books called the “Left Behind” series, an apocalyptic vision of what some Christians believe will happen when true believers in Jesus Christ experience the “rapture” to heaven and nonbelievers are left behind for a period of “tribulation.”
The 16 “Left Behind” books have reportedly sold 65 million copies and have been turned into three movies and three video games.
The Gingrich campaign released a letter that it said LaHaye had written to South Carolina pastors ahead of the state’s Jan. 21 primary, asking them to “prayerfully consider” supporting Gingrich.
“As my friend, the late Dr. Jerry Falwell told me personally, ‘Speaker Newt Gingrich is the most qualified man in America to run as president of the United States,’” LaHaye wrote.
Gingrich said he was “honored” to have LaHaye’s endorsement.
“His work as both a minister and author is truly unmatched,” Gingrich said.
UPDATE: 2:52 p.m. — The Huffington Post reached out to Jerry Falwell Jr., Falwell’s son, for comment about the use of his father’s name by LaHaye. Falwell Jr. is chancellor at Liberty University, the college founded in 1971 by his father, which now has 12,000 students on campus in Lynchburg, Va.
Falwell Jr.’s spokesman, Johnnie Moore, sent along the following statement: “Chancellor Falwell’s position is simply that his father was a public figure, and there’s no law against quoting him.”

In the futurist view of Christian eschatology, the Tribulation is a relatively short period of time where anyone who chose not to follow God before the Rapture and was left behind (according to Pre-Tribulation doctrine, not Mid- or Post-Tribulation teaching) will experience worldwide hardships, disasters, famine, war, pain, and suffering, which will wipe out more than 75% of all life on the earth before the Second Coming takes place.
According to Dispensationalists who hold the futurist view, the Tribulation is thought to occur before the Second Coming of Jesus and during the End Times. Another version holds that it will last seven years in all, being the last of Daniel’s prophecy of seventy weeks. This viewpoint was first made popular by John Nelson Darby in the 19th century and was recently popularized by Hal Lindsey in The Late Great Planet Earth. It is theorized that each week represents seven years, with the timetable beginning from Artaxerxes’ order to rebuild the Temple in Jerusalem (the Second Temple). After seven plus 62 weeks, the prophecy says that the messiah will be “cut off”, which is taken to correspond to the death of Christ. This is seen as creating a break of indeterminate length in the timeline, with one week remaining to be fulfilled.
This seven-year week may be further divided into two periods of 3.5 years each, from the two 3.5-year periods in Daniel’s prophecy where the last seven years are divided into two 3.5-year periods, (Daniel 9:27) The time period for these beliefs is also based on other passages: in the book of Daniel, “time, times, and half a time”, interpreted as “a year, two years, and half a year,” and the Book of Revelation, “a thousand two hundred and threescore days” and “forty and two months” (the prophetic month averaging 30 days, hence 1260/30 = 42 months or 3.5 years). The 1290 days of Daniel 12:11, (rather than the 1260 days of Revelation 11:3), is thought to be the result of either a simple intercalary leap month adjustment, or due to further calculations related to the prophecy, or due to an intermediate stage of time that is to prepare the world for the beginning of the millennial reign.[3]

[edit] Events
Among futurists there are differing views about what will happen to Christians during the Tribulation:
Pretribulationists believe that all Christians (dead and alive) will be taken bodily up to Heaven (called the Rapture) before the Tribulation begins.[4][5][6] According to this belief, every true Christian that has ever existed throughout the course of the entire Christian era will be instantaneously transformed into a perfect resurrected body, and will thus escape the trials of the Tribulation. Those who become Christians after the rapture will live through (or perish during) the Tribulation. After the Tribulation, Christ will return to establish His Millennial Kingdom.
Prewrath Tribulationists believe the Rapture will occur during the tribulation, halfway through or after, but before the seven bowls of the wrath of God.
Seventh Trumpet Tribulationists believe the rapture will occur during the tribulation, halfway through or after, but before the seven bowls of the wrath of God. Specifically, at the sound of the Seventh Trumpet (Rev. 11:15, 1 Cori. 15:52).[citation needed]
Midtribulationists believe that the Rapture will occur halfway through the Tribulation, but before the worst part of it occurs. The seven year period is divided into halves – the “beginning of sorrows” and the “great tribulation”.
Posttribulationists believe that Christians will not be taken up into Heaven, but will be received or gathered by Christ into the Kingdom of God on earth at the end of the Tribulation. “Immediately after the tribulation … then shall appear the sign of the Son of Man [Jesus] … and he shall gather his elect” (Matthew 24:29–31; Mark 13:24-27; Luke 21:25-27). Posttribulationists argue that the seventh trumpet mentioned in Revelation is also the last trumpet mentioned in 1 Corinthians 15:52, and that there is a strong correlation between the events mentioned in Isaiah 27:13, Matthew 24:29-31, and 1 Thessalonians 4:16- thus creating a strong parallel, proving that the rapture occurs after the tribulation. Therefore, Posttribulationists see the rapture happening during the seventh trumpet, which would only mean that the rapture can never happen before the tribulation- according to this view. The idea of a post-tribulation rapture can also be read into 2 Peter 3:10-13 where Christ’s return is equated with the “elements being melted” and “the earth also and the works therein shall be burned up.”[improper synthesis?]
In pretribulationism and midtribulationism, the Rapture and the Second Coming (or Greek, par[a]ousia) of Christ are separate events, while in post-tribulationism the two events are identical or simultaneous. Another feature of the pre- and mid-tribulation beliefs is the idea that after the Rapture, Christ will return for a third time (when also counting the first coming) to set up his kingdom on the earth.[citation needed]
Some, including many Roman Catholic theologians,[citation needed] do not believe in a “time of trouble” period as usually described by tribulationists, but rather that there will be a near utopian period led by the Antichrist.
Many other groups, such as Jehovah’s Witnesses, do not believe in a Rapture at any point.[7] According to Jehovah’s Witnesses, the Great Tribulation is soon to arrive. This period will see the fall of Babylon the Great, the Great Harlot, as spoken of in Revelation. After Babylon the Great has been removed, they say, the world powers shall move against God’s chosen people for a short while. This will then usher in the ending of this “world” (not the earth, but the removal of all those who do not wish to follow God by standards) according to their understanding of Proverbs 2:21-22. The Great Tribulation ends with the battle of Armageddon.[8][9]
[edit] Preterist view
In the Preterist view, the Tribulation took place in the past when Roman legions destroyed Jerusalem and its temple in AD 70 during the end stages of the First Jewish–Roman War, and it only affected the Jewish people rather than all mankind.
Christian preterists believe that the Tribulation was a divine judgment visited upon the Jews for their sins, including rejection of Jesus as the promised Messiah. It occurred entirely in the past, around 70 AD when the armed forces of the Roman Empire destroyed Jerusalem and its temple.
A preterist discussion of the Tribulation has its focus on the Gospels, in particular the prophetic passages in Matthew 24, Mark 13 and Luke 21, rather than on the Apocalypse or Book of Revelation. (Preterists apply much of the symbolism in the Revelation to Rome, the Cæsars, and their persecution of Christians, rather than to the Tribulation upon the Jews.)
Jesus’ warning in Matthew 24:34 that “this generation shall not pass, till all these things be fulfilled” is tied back to his similar warning to the Scribes and the Pharisees that their judgment would “come upon this generation” (Matthew 23:36), that is, during the first century rather than at a future time long after the Scribes and Pharisees had passed from the scene. The destruction in 70 AD occurred within a 40-year generation from the time when Jesus gave that discourse.
The judgment on the Jewish nation was executed by the Roman legions, “the abomination of desolation, spoken of by Daniel the prophet” (Matthew 24:15), which Luke presented to his Gentile audience, unfamiliar with Daniel, as “armies” surrounding Jerusalem to cause its “desolation.” (Luke 21:20)
Since Matthew 24 begins with Jesus visiting the Jerusalem Temple and pronouncing that “there shall not be left here one stone upon another, that shall not be thrown down” (vs. 3), preterists see nothing in Scripture to indicate that another Jewish temple will ever be built. The prophecies were all fulfilled on the then-existing temple that Jesus spoke about and that was subsequently destroyed within that generation.
[edit] Historicist view
The Historicist view applies Tribulation to the period known as “persecution of the saints” (Daniel 7, Revelation 13). This is believed to have been a period after the “falling away” when papal Rome came to power for 1260 years from 538 to 1798 (using the Day-year principle). They believe that the tribulation is not a future event.[10][11] Matthew’s reference to “great tribulation” (Matthew 24:29) as parallel to Revelation 6:12-13, having ended when the signs and wonders began in the late 18th century.[12]
Historicists are prone to see prophecy fulfilled down through the centuries and even in today’s world. Thus, instead of expecting a single Antichrist to rule the earth during a future Tribulation period, Martin Luther, John Calvin and the other Protestant Reformers saw the Antichrist as a present feature in the world of their time, fulfilled in the papacy.

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In 1980 I took my friend down to LA to get baptized at Pastor Glen’s Topanga church, then go see Doctor Gene Scott who I had come to admire. I can pick up the gauntlet from Scott and Armstrong.

I just found out Gene Scott was a prolific artist who made thousands of lithographs and cashed in on this craze that sucked in my family. I sent a Grail letter to Judge Richard M. Silver who presided over the Benton divorce and Christine’s Probate, in 1996. I filed a Judicial complaint against him when I heard he and Morris combed my letters for death threats. I had to be Mad! Doctor Gene would have read my letter on his show because we had the same interests I found out later. I copyright my ‘Rose Line’.

On my T.V. show I’m going to go into a religious trance and do large Biblical works to music. This will be the highlight of my show. People will be converted. My friend, Denny Dent did such shows.

John Presco

Ballad of Mean Gene Scott – YouTube

Denny Dent – Painting Billy Joel – YouTube

The Grail Filing | Rosamond Press

Court of the Holy Grail Line | Rosamond Press

My Rose Grail Line | Rosamond Press

Dr. Gene Scott – Art (


My mentally ill friend gave Doctor Gene Scott a large sum of money and wanted me to take him to LA to get Gene to baptize him. He wanted something for his money. Gene don’t do that. I took him to get baptized by the minister who married me.

Scott was giving lectures out of the new book ‘Holy Blood Holy Grail. I became a Biblical scholar in order to fight the Christian-right that got the idea to take over this Democracy from Gene, who put his money in an offshore bank account in order to not pay taxes to Uncle Samaclaus. Gene worked for Oral Roberts who fought Sammy for his tax exemption after he refused to allow mixed race couples on the campus of his Bible college.
From these battles the Christian-right concluded it best they put the government out of business – and become Big Church State!

These loons invented the Tea Party Traitors who are hooked on religion. They have spent too much on tything to turn back now.

After he got baptized in the Pacific Ocean, I took my friend to Faith Center and saw Gene in person filming a show.

Jon Presco

Believe it or not, back in the early 80’s, he actually taught alot. I loved his analysis of “Holy Blood Holy Grail”. BTW, it is the book that the “The Da Vinci Code” used much of its data from.

Since I liked the old guy and it was entertaining, I sent some money to keep him on the air and actually became a “Kings House Member.

However, as time went on, he shifted to less talk and more money. I lost interest then.

I was unaware of the copyright issue regarding Dr. Scott reading books on the air and then teaching about and through them.  I get that, but I would really like to know how many rebuffed your entreaty regarding licensing the book readings that Dr. Scott did.  Whenever Dr. Scott did that, it helped many authors drive book sales. I met Ed and Loraine Warren when they came to my university to give a talk, the demonologists that Dr. Scott taught about in the book “Devil in Connecticut”.  They were big fans of Dr. Scott and asked me to convey their regards to him, which I did.  I can’t imagine that Michael Baigent, Richard Leigh, and Henry Lincoln would not have given their permission for the teaching that Dr. Scott did on “Holy Blood Holy Grail” as it helped really drive sales. After the lawsuit by the authors of “Holy Blood Holy Grail” fame that was unsuccessful against Dan Brown,  I am truly baffled that every single book that Dr. Scott read from that no one would have given permission. 

Gene Scott – Wikipedia

The Moral Argument to Release the Gene Scott Video Archive – Pauline Institute (

Radio London, The CIA, and Herbert Armstrong

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In the video below, Herbert Armstrong, challenges his listeners to find reference to anyone going to heaven in the Bible. Did my late friend, Ben Toney hear Herbert’s word, but, he was not really listening? Herbert Armstrong gave London Radio $50,000 dollars a year to air his half hour show. It appears Radio London, and other Pirate Radio Stations, received money from the CIA. The co-founder of the European Union, Denis de Rougemont, was President of the Congress for Cultural Freedom, that was funded by the CIA who was in Cold War with the Soviety Union, the N0.1 enemy of Armstrong. President Trump and Boris Johnson see the European Union as their enemy.

I am going to go before the Springfield City Council and ask for funding. I may own the only images of KORE. If it was still standing, I would hold classes insider about The Church owning World Ambitions. It is very suspect that Tim LaHaye came up with Nicolae Carpathian. I suspect he followed Armstrong.

Was Mueller questioned about the CIA?

John Presco

The overseas broadcasts seemed to follow the strange establishment of CIA client stations such as “Radio Swan” (later called “Radio Americas”) which played a key role in the Bay of Pigs invasion. This station has a well documented history tied to the CIA. The same is true of stations like “Radio Tangier International” in Africa, and his Russian language broadcasts from “Radio Monte Carlo”.

C.I.A. threat assessment file

Yet it is the “Radio Luxembourg” and “Radio Caroline North”, “Radio 270”, “Radio Scotland”, “Radio 390” and “Wonderful Radio London” broadcasts that are most interesting because they represented the US interests in developing Europe as a single entity. The French under de Gaulle advanced the idea of a United States of Europe” having similar powers to the United States of America, while the USA and the UK advanced the idea of a United Europe as a single trading block that would be tied to the USA. Armstrong’s broadcasts and supporting literature had a history dating back to pre-WWII in which he warned that a United States of Europe would eventually defeat both the UK and USA with a person similar to Adolph Hitler as its leader. This is thoroughly documented in both the recordings of his broadcasts and his literature. In fact before WWII ended Armstrong thought that the USA would lose and when it actually won, he immediately began predicting that a USE would arise from the ashes and try again. His dire warnings predate even the earliest of the Benelux agreements for trade in iron, steel and coal.
-From Wiki Talk on “Herbert W. Armstrong”

In April 1966, The New York Times ran a series of five articles on the purposes and methods of the CIA.[15][16][17][18][19]

The third of these 1966 articles began to detail false-front organizations and the secret transfer of CIA funds to, for example, the US State Department or to the United States Information Agency (USIA) which “may help finance a scholarly inquiry and publication, or the agency may channel research money through foundations – legitimate ones or dummy fronts.”[20] The New York Times cited, amongst others, the CIA’s funding of the Congress for Cultural Freedom, Encounter magazine, ‘several American book publishers’, the Massachusetts Institute of Technology‘s Center for International Studies,[21] and a foreign-aid project in South Vietnam run by Michigan State University.[22]

In 1967, the US magazines Ramparts and The Saturday Evening Post reported on the CIA’s funding of a number of anti-communist cultural organizations aimed at winning the support of supposedly Soviet-sympathizing liberals worldwide.[23] These reports were lent credence by a statement made by a former CIA covert operations director admitting to CIA financing and operation of the CCF.[24] The CIA website states that “the Congress for Cultural Freedom is widely considered one of the CIA’s more daring and effective Cold War covert operations.”[6]

That same year in May, Thomas Braden, head of the CCF’s parent body the International Organizations Division, responded to the Ramparts report in an article entitled “I’m Glad the CIA is ‘Immoral’”, in the Saturday Evening Post, defending the activities of his unit within the CIA. For more than ten years, Braden admitted, the CIA had subsidized Encounter through the CCF, which it also funded; one of the magazine’s staff, he added, was a CIA agent.[25]

Worldwide Church of God settles, will allow Armstrong books to be published
In another book-related lawsuit, the Worldwide Church of God has settled its legal battle with the Philadelphia Church of God over works written by the group’s founder, Herbert W. Armstrong.

The Worldwide Church of God (WCG) has repudiated Armstrong’s teachings and has joined the National Association of Evangelicals, but splinter groups like the Philadelphia Church of God, which broke away when the WCG began becoming more orthodoxfought to keep the WCG from suppressing the works.

Joseph Tkach Jr., pastor general of the WCG, had said it was the church’s “Christian duty [to keep the book out of …

Restoring the Congress of Cultural Freedom

Posted on February 24, 2018by Royal Rosamond Press

Denis de Rougemont headed the Congress of Cultural Freedom that was funded by the CIA. Artist and Writers in the West were covertly employed to keep leftist intellectuals from adopting the hegemony of the Soviet Union, and use Communism as a weapon of empowerment. Putin was surely aware of it – eventually. Did he found his Troll Farms on the ideas of Rougemont, he employing a reverse move?

Denis Rougemont had Christianity in mind as making the difference. With Putin embracing the Russian Orthodox church against The U.S. and the European Union, a ‘Think Tank’ needs to be established that employs the philosophy of Rougemont who co-founded the European Union. I suspect Rougemont is kin to the Habsburgs.

The Trumpites are tying to establish a Evangelical Vatican in Jerusalem with the move of our Secular Embassy there. I am going to compose a letter to Congressman Peter DeFazio and ask him to stop this covert operation by the John Darby Cult. Trump’s evangelical handlers want what Putin has. What is that bird on the wall in back of Putin? It’s the cote of arms of the Russian Empire. This is why I declare myself ‘King of the Habsburg’ and Emperor of the revived Byzantine Empire.

The problem I have, is I have been trying to give a warning to secular peoples who shun everything with a religious message in it. This is a perfect holy smoke screen – for many tyrants – who hate the teaching of Jesus. Add to this the profits of the billionaires, and, it looks overwhelming for the little people, who tend to cave-in, forsake the courage they should be given in order to sustain fragile democracies.

Jon Presco

Russia should reinstate the monarchy, the regional head of Russia’s internationally unrecognized government in Crimea declared in a television interview on Tuesday night.

Sergey Aksyonov, who was appointed head of the Crimea region after Russia annexed it from Ukraine in 2014, shared his thoughts on Russian Crimean channel Perviy Krimsky.

“We do not need the democracy in the form in which it is presented by the Western media,” Aksyonov said. “We have our own traditional Orthodox spiritual values​​… Today, in my opinion, Russia needs the monarchy,” said Aksenov.

Armstrong of Springfield

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“I can’t understand the Government’s attitude over the pirates,” Beatle George Harrison declaimed in an interview. ”Why don’t they make the BBC illegal as well. It doesn’t give the public the service it wants, otherwise the pirates wouldn’t be here to fill the gap.”4

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