Judgement Day Is Here

Donald Trump-Stormy Daniels saga: From sordid affair to hush-money deal ...
Chandler Pappas, center, speaks at a Proud Boys rally in Portland on Sept. 26, 2020. Pappas faces criminal charges for his role in a Dec. 21, 2020, attack on the Oregon state Capitol.

Chandler Pappas, center, speaks at a Proud Boys rally in Portland on Sept. 26, 2020. Pappas faces criminal charges for his role in a Dec. 21, 2020, attack on the Oregon state Capitol.Sergio Olmos

 The Franciscans were involved in the torture and trials of heretics and witches[47] throughout the Middle Ages and wrote their own manuals to guide Inquisitors, such as the 14th century Codex Casanatensis for use by Inquisitors in Tuscany.[48]

The Ninth Commandment is surely applicable to all the lying – elected Republicans have been doing – in the name of Jesus? Does our Constitution allow for Special Liars and Lying? Show me!

Thou shalt not bear false witness against thy neighbour. ( Exodus 20:16)

There is no doubt my cat Classy loves me – even worships me! I have noticed her worship from the day we met. She stares at me – in awe! She drapes herself all over me and purrs for an hour straight.. Lately, she is rejecting me, because we play a game of Chase. because I chased her when she was bad. Being Bad is now a big part our our life. She is no longer worthy to worship me. She sneaks up on me, and gives me a light swat of her paw – with claws. I chase her. She arches her back – and hisses! At night she sleeps at my feet. When we awake, she gets on my night stand and knocks our things down. She messes with my things. She is a Bad Cat. Classy forces my hand. I can no longer deny I am The Second Coming of Saint Francis. Animals love me – a lot! Especially cats!

Did you know the Franciscans were chosen to be Inquisitors for the catholic Church by Pope Gregory IX? When I went to the rally held by the Three Percenters, I brought a cup so I could replicate the Judging of the Adulteress by Jesus. I had figured out what he was doing.

Today, the testimony of a Porn Star, Stormy Daniels takes center stage. Stormy accuses the former President of the United States of a covering-up of THE SIN OF ADULTERY. As the embodiment of Saint Francis, I alone will put Donald Trump on religious trial for breaking one of God’s Commandments. I call upon Pope Francis to bid Republican to stop lying about the election results – for the sake of Democracy. I highly suggest he deliver a personal message to elected Republicans – to leave Medicaid alone – for the sake of Christianity!

Where did the Proud Boys get that giant American flag?

It is 7:02 A.M. April 4, 2023. The world is awaiting the arraignment of Donald Trump. I suggest Republican Christians repent of their heresy, and stop breaking of the Ninth Commandment. I guarantee you – there is a God. I have seen Him. Has Trump seen God? Has he even – looked for Him? How can any Christian love A LIAR?

Does any Trump own a pet? Has Donald – ever had a pet?

John ‘The Franciscan Inquisitor’

Click here to see John and Classy..


The Ninth Commandment; “You shall not bear false witness.”  Have you ever just one time told a lie?  If so.  You are a liar!  Liars cannot enter God’s Kingdom. The sentence of transgression of the Ninth Commandment is death!


Franciscans and the Inquisition[edit]

Main articles: Inquisition and Medieval Inquisition

About 1236, Pope Gregory IX appointed the Franciscans, along with the Dominicans, as Inquisitors.[45] The Franciscans had been involved in anti-heretical activities from the beginning simply by preaching and acting as living examples of the Gospel life.[46] As official Inquisitors, they were authorized to use torture to extract confessions, as approved by Pope Innocent IV in 1252.[45] The Franciscans were involved in the torture and trials of heretics and witches[47] throughout the Middle Ages and wrote their own manuals to guide Inquisitors, such as the 14th century Codex Casanatensis for use by Inquisitors in Tuscany.[48]

The Franciscan third order, known as the Third Order of Saint Francis, has many men and women members, separated into two main branches:

Custody of the Holy Land[edit]

Main article: Custodian of the Holy Land

After an intense apostolic activity in Italy, in 1219 Francis went to Egypt with the Fifth Crusade to announce the Gospel to the Saracens. He met with the Sultan Malik al-Kamil, initiating a spirit of dialogue and understanding between Christianity and Islam. The Franciscan presence in the Holy Land started in 1217, when the province of Syria was established, with Brother Elias as Minister. By 1229 the friars had a small house near the fifth station of the Via Dolorosa. In 1272 sultan Baibars allowed the Franciscans to settle in the Cenacle on Mount Zion. Later on, in 1309, they also settled in the Holy Sepulchre and in Bethlehem. In 1335 the king of Naples Robert of Anjou (ItalianRoberto d’Angiò) and his wife Sancha of Majorca (ItalianSancia di Maiorca) bought the Cenacle and gave it to the Franciscans. Pope Clement VI by the Bulls Gratias agimus and Nuper charissimae (1342) declared the Franciscans as the official custodians of the Holy Places in the name of the Catholic Church.

The Franciscan Custody of the Holy Land is still in force today.[23]


The Ninth Commandment reads:

Thou shalt not bear false witness against thy neighbour. ( Exodus 20:16)

This commandment is somewhat unusual among those supposedly given out by to the Hebrews: whereas other commandments probably had shorter versions that were later added to, this one has a slightly longer format that tends to be shortened by the majority of Christians today. Most of the time when people cite it or list it, they use only the first six words: Thou shalt not bear false witness.

Leaving off the ending, “against thy neighbor,” isnt necessarily a problem, but it does avoid difficult questions about just who qualifies as ones neighbor and who doesn’t. One might, for example, plausibly argue that only ones kinsmen, co-religionists, or fellow countrymen qualify as neighbors, thus justifying bearing false witness against non-relatives, people of a different religion, people of a different nation, or people of a different ethnicity.

Then there is the question of just what bearing false witness is supposed to entail.

What Is False Witness?

It seems as though the concept of “false witness” might have been originally intended to prohibit nothing more than lying in a court of law. For the ancient Hebrews, anyone caught lying during their testimony could be forced to submit to whatever punishment would have been imposed upon the accused – even including death. It must be remembered that the legal system of the time didn’t include a position of official state prosecutor. In effect, anyone coming forward to accuse someone of a crime and bear witness against them served as prosecutor for the people.

Such an understanding is definitely accepted today, but only in the context of a much broader reading that sees the as prohibiting all forms of lying. This is not entirely unreasonable, and most people will agree that lying is wrong, but at the same time most people will also agree that there can be circumstances in which lying is the appropriate or even necessary thing to do. That, however, would not be allowed by the Ninth Commandment because it is phrased in an absolute manner that does not permit exceptions, no matter what the circumstances or consequences.

At the same time, though, it would be much more difficult to come up with situations in which it is not only acceptable, but perhaps even preferable, to lie while in a court of law, and this would make the absolute wording of the commandment less of a problem. Thus, it would seem as though a restricted reading of the Ninth Commandment could be more justified than a broader reading because it would be impossible and perhaps unwise to actually try to follow a broader one.

Some Christians have tried to expand the scope of this commandment to include even more than the broad reading above. They have, for example, argued that behavior like gossiping and boasting qualify as bearing false witness against their neighbor. Prohibitions against such acts might be fair, but it is difficult to see how they can reasonably fall under this commandment. Gossip may be against ones neighbor, but if it’s true then it can hardly be false. Boasting might be false, but in most circumstances it wouldn’t be against ones neighbor.

Such attempts to broaden the definition of “false witness” look like attempts to impose absolute bans on undesirable behavior without having to make the effort to truly justify such bans. The Ten Commandments have a “stamp of approval” from God, after all, so expanding what a commandment covers may seem like a more attractive and effective approach than banning behavior with mere “man made” laws and rules.

Judging The Sotah

Posted on August 12, 2019 by Royal Rosamond Press

Jesus said;

“Judge not, lest thee be judged!”

This has everything to do with the judging of the woman accused of adultery that I ALONE solved the riddle of. I announced that I know the answer surrounded by men and women carrying guns. One said;

“No one knows the answer!”

“I do!” says I.

Why does Jesus pretend he does not hear the accusation? Because, one becomes sinful by just hearing this sin. It is suggested those wh heard the sin, take the Oath of Nazarite to purify themselves. John’s mother was named Elizabeth, which means ‘Daughter of the Oath’. Hannah drank the cup in which THE NAME of God, had been poured, because The Law of God and Moses declares that if a BARREN WOMAN take the judgement be judged, then she will be able to conceive. I was named after John the Baptist.

King John

Judging the Adulteress

Posted on March 2, 2019by Royal Rosamond Press

Noah’s sons are WITNESS to the sin of adultery due to their father drinking too much wine. This is similar to the Samson story. Samson was born a Nazarite, but, break his vow. Those who witness the sin of adultery must take the Nazarite vow. The story of Ham is another attempt at reform. Adultery was destroying the tribal system and the covenant of God, the very reason He caused the flood. Jesus deals with the CURSE of adultery in what I believe was another reform – that failed due the murder of John the Baptist, the Nazarite while in his mother’s womb.


‘The Nazarite’

“Based on this explanation, we can now proceed to our original
question. When one witnesses the humiliation of the Sotah, he
realizes that the averah he once thought to be unimaginable is now a
distinct possibility. In order to protect himself, the witness must
therefore become a Nazir and thereby elevate himself to his former

Book of Jubilees[edit]

In the Book of Jubilees, the seriousness of Ham’s curse is compounded by the significance of God’s covenant to “never again bring a flood on the earth”.[20] In response to this covenant, Noah builds a sacrificial altar “to atone for the land”.[Jub. 6:1–3] Noah’s practice and ceremonial functions parallel the festival of Shavuot as if it were a prototype to the celebration of the giving of the Torah.[20] His “priestly” functions also emulate being “first priest” in accordance with halakhah as taught in the Qumranic works.[21][22] By turning the drinking of the wine into a religious ceremony, Jubilees alleviates any misgivings that may be provoked by the episode of Noah’s drunkenness. Thus, Ham’s offense would constitute an act of disrespect not only to his father, but also to the festival ordinances.[23]

Rosamond Press

Everything is accelerating at a fast clip. Why has no priest, minister, rabbi, or T.V. evangelical prophet solved the riddle of what Jesus wrote in the dust. Why me? Why did I discover the truth and not one else. Rabbi Irons knows very little about Christianity, and does know John was a Nazarite – for life! Jesus knew this. I had no problem reading Judaic teaching.

Judging the Adulteress

Posted onAugust 10, 2015byRoyal Rosamond Press


Jesus is judging the woman accused of adultery employing an ancient custom that was done away with before he was born. Being a candidate for the Messiah, Jesus must be WITHOUT SIN….without error. Sin means ‘missing the mark’. This is why Jesus pretends not to hear the accusations against the woman accused of adultery. When I read this lesson by Rabbi Eliezer Irons eight years ago, I got it, the answer to…

Spiritual Work With Saint Francis

Posted on June 17, 2019 by Royal Rosamond Press


Saint Francis and The Perfect Master

Posted on December 24, 2014by Royal Rosamond Press


The Key is the book written by Mother Superior Dominic Wieneke wherein is describes the Order’s visit to Assisi where something happened that Stark describes as “ridiculous”.  the idea that I may be the embodiment of Saint Francis is not far-fetched considering the spiritual work I have done with Meher Baba since 1967. My book on ‘The Arrest of Jesus’ will change the foundation of Christianity.

There is a huge movement to allow Fathers to get married – and have children! I was destined for the church. I died a virgin, and was reborn a virgin. My daughter is THE TEST!  I became enlightened at twenty years of age! I was on my way to India to live as a Sadhguru.

John Presco

Copyright 2019



bstark1990 Hello, I have access to it; the book is my father’s and was gifted to my grandfather by his aunt, Mother Dominica. The information related to the early family history of the Wieneke family in Iowa was added to my record for Phillipine Wieneke.


There’s a family story that says three of John Wieneke daughters married Starks and three entered the convent– from the ridiculuous to the sublime! I have a document saying that there were two Stark families near Cedar Rapids, Iowa, related only through the Wieneke’s. Heinrich and Anna Catharina (sp) Kleinschlau Wieneke’s son John (Johan, in our family lore, 12-9-1834) had a sister, Anna Maria (7-23-1832), who married Andrew Stark.

NewRe: Andrew Stark

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