Am I The Embodiment of St. Francis?

Working Title/Artist: Gerard David: Saint John the Baptist; Saint Francis Receiving the Stigmata
Department: European Paintings
HB/TOA Date Code:
Working Date:
photography by mma 1998, transparency 5c 8×10
scanned and retouched by film and media (jnc) 6_5_09

Last night I had a dream about Meher Baba and I. We were studying each other’s faces. He agrees we have found each other again. I am grooming him with tweezers, pulling out unwanted eyebrow. He frowns and lets me know that one hurt.

When I read The God Man and the description about Baba’s visitation to Francis’s cave, I was now inside the cave, hearing his footsteps. Then I saw his sandals. He peered in and smiled. With the revelation Francis was the New John, along with Baba’s declaration that he is the embodiment of Jesus, we can own the picture of John and Jesus united – alas!

Seeing photos of Baba’s Oak on Meher Mount, I am seeing the entrance to a cave. There was electrical energy when Baba went into the cave at Assisi. There is a electrical current around me.

Jon Giovanni ‘The Nazarite’

“The sun rose higher, but we were well shaded from the heat by the trees. An intense calm was everywhere, but the woods were alive with birds whose song was deafening. As if in memory of St. Francis, they seemed to throng around us. Butterflies were often near; several lit on our hands and bodies.

“Gradually it grew warmer, and even in the deep shade, one felt the heat of midsummer.
“Towards midday I heard sounds from inside the cave. Forgetting Baba’s instructions about not looking at him, I saw him stand up with his eyes shut and face the sun. He made strange noises. Not daring to look again, I lay quiet.
“At one o’clock he clapped his hands. We pulled away the branches from the entrance. Taking the board he spelt out directions, telling Kaka to go to Assisi and ask Herbert and Chanji to be with him at 4:30, but that I was to call him there.
“Baba came out of the cave but told us not to come near him or touch him. He walked about alone in the woods for half-an-hour and then went into the cave again.

Rosamond Press

Sister Mary Dominca is my grandmother’s cousin. Many people in these images, and in the video, are my kindred.

The Third Order of Saint Francis, historically known as the Order of Penance of Saint Francis,[1][2][3] is a third order within the Franciscan movement of the Catholic Church. It includes both congregations of vowed men and women and fraternities of men and women living standard lives in the world, often married.

It has been believed that the Third Order of Saint Francis was the oldest of all third orders, but historical evidence does not support this. Similar institutions are found in documentation of some monastic orders in the 12th century. In addition, a third order has been found among the Humiliati, confirmed together with its rule by Pope Innocent III in 1201.[4]

In 1978, the Third Order of Saint Francis was re-organised…

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