Judging The Sotah

Jesus said;

“Judge not, lest thee be judged!”

This has everything to do with the judging of the woman accused of adultery that I ALONE solved the riddle of. I announced that I know the answer surrounded by men and women carrying guns. One said;

“No one knows the answer!”

“I do!” says I.

Why does Jesus pretend he does not hear the accusation? Because, one becomes sinful by just hearing this sin. It is suggested those wh heard the sin, take the Oath of Nazarite to purify themselves. John’s mother was named Elizabeth, which means ‘Daughter of the Oath’. Hannah drank the cup in which THE NAME of God, had been poured, because The Law of God and Moses declares that if a BARREN WOMAN take the judgement be judged, then she will be able to conceive. I was named after John the Baptist.

King John

Judging the Adulteress

Noah’s sons are WITNESS to the sin of adultery due to their father drinking too much wine. This is similar to the Samson story. Samson was born a Nazarite, but, break his vow. Those who witness the sin of adultery must take the Nazarite vow. The story of Ham is another attempt at reform. Adultery was destroying the tribal system and the covenant of God, the very reason He caused the flood. Jesus deals with the CURSE of adultery in what I believe was another reform – that failed due the murder of John the Baptist, the Nazarite while in his mother’s womb.


‘The Nazarite’

“Based on this explanation, we can now proceed to our original
question. When one witnesses the humiliation of the Sotah, he
realizes that the averah he once thought to be unimaginable is now a
distinct possibility. In order to protect himself, the witness must
therefore become a Nazir and thereby elevate himself to his former

Book of Jubilees[edit]

In the Book of Jubilees, the seriousness of Ham’s curse is compounded by the significance of God’s covenant to “never again bring a flood on the earth”.[20] In response to this covenant, Noah builds a sacrificial altar “to atone for the land”.[Jub. 6:1–3] Noah’s practice and ceremonial functions parallel the festival of Shavuot as if it were a prototype to the celebration of the giving of the Torah.[20] His “priestly” functions also emulate being “first priest” in accordance with halakhah as taught in the Qumranic works.[21][22] By turning the drinking of the wine into a religious ceremony, Jubilees alleviates any misgivings that may be provoked by the episode of Noah’s drunkenness. Thus, Ham’s offense would constitute an act of disrespect not only to his father, but also to the festival ordinances.[23]

Rosamond Press

Everything is accelerating at a fast clip. Why has no priest, minister, rabbi, or T.V. evangelical prophet solved the riddle of what Jesus wrote in the dust. Why me? Why did I discover the truth and not one else. Rabbi Irons knows very little about Christianity, and does know John was a Nazarite – for life! Jesus knew this. I had no problem reading Judaic teaching.

Judging the Adulteress


Jesus is judging the woman accused of adultery employing an ancient custom that was done away with before he was born. Being a candidate for the Messiah, Jesus must be WITHOUT SIN….without error. Sin means ‘missing the mark’. This is why Jesus pretends not to hear the accusations against the woman accused of adultery. When I read this lesson by Rabbi Eliezer Irons eight years ago, I got it, the answer to…

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