A New York Wolf In Shepherd’s Clothes


Stormy Daniels reacted to former President Donald Trump's arraignment with an X-rated tweet.

Stormy Daniels reacted to former President Donald Trump’s arraignment with an X-rated tweet. (Phillip Faraone/Getty Images/Photo by Seth Wenig-Pool/Getty Images)

Moral Majority Founder Jerry Falwell Dead at 73
The Rev. Jerry Falwell dies at age 73 in Lynchburg - The Virginian-Pilot

A half hour after Trump’s jet took off to go back to Florida, Jerry Farwell came to mind. Jerry was involved in legal battles with Hustler and Penthouse magazines. America was divided like it is today. Farwell was on a mission to save Christianity from Secular Society. In his moral mission, and legal battles, did Jerry employ deception or fraud? He was what he said he was. He and Flynt became friends. Does Donald have any friends? Is he a Christian? Is he the enemy of secular society – including the Justice System?

What I understand, so far, is the DA of New York is accussing Trump of DECEPTION in that he committed felonies to make himself LOOK GOOD – as a pollical candidate! He knew he was not the kind of candidate Christians would vote for – especially if they found out about his affairs with a Playboy Bunny and a Porn Star – Larry Flynt’s kind of women. Did Trump know Flynt, personally?

As the Second Coming of Saint Francis I will be looking at the real possibility Christian Leaders and their think tanks, chose Trump to run for President because he was a SECULAR TV STAR. Farwell was a Christian TV Star and did not own the charisma Donald does. If ture, then they knew about his JADED PAST – and jaded behavior! Did they CONSPIRE to hide these truths from Republican Voters – especially Christian Women Voters? The NY DA is alleging Trump illegally changed the packaging on his product, and, his BRAND was a “wolf in sheep’s clothing”. To keep all businessses honest in the Big Apple, it is required FRAUDS&DECIVERS be prosecuted.

Let me jump to the chase…..As Franciscan Inquisitor, I highly suggest Trump’s Supreme Court appointees be dismissed, and their input – DISCARDED! Trump appointed Jeff Sessions to be his Attorney General, and had to know he said he was going after Pornographers at his confirmation. Did Jeff know about Stormy Daniels? If so, this is a typical Mob Boss Need, to get the Top Cop in your back pocket. Sessions fired McCabe. To hid all this EVIL, the Trump Supreme Court demonized women who want abortions. Men who want to looks at naked women performing sex acts – went scott free!

In his confirmation hearing yesterday, Jeff Sessions said he’d “vigorously prosecute” obscenity laws and consider reviving the Department of Justice’s Obscenity Prosecution Task Force.

Christianity has had three perilous stages in its existence. At the beginning they were a minority. In 1200 AD. most people in the West were required to be Christians – and not just pretend they were. In the last thirty five years Christianity has been employing lies and fraud to defeat our Secular Democracy – and has DESTROYED OUR DEMOCRACY. Jerry Farwell – would agree! He was a Honest Man! Jerry created the myth of Moral Majority. After seeing the Acces Hollywood tape, – more Republicans wanted to vote for a degenerate.

Christian Leaders created A Monster! They made a Great Deceiver – a New York Satan. Christianity is dead. Will it be – reborn in the spirit intended? Will it be able to cast off the coat of a ravenous wolf? It is alleged Saint Francis was born to deal with this very crisis. I am Saint Francis!

John ‘Franciscan Inquisitor’


Falwell versus Penthouse[edit]

Falwell filed a $10 million lawsuit against Penthouse for publishing an article based upon interviews he gave to freelance reporters, after failing to convince a federal court to place an injunction upon the publication of that article. The suit was dismissed in Federal district court in 1981 on the grounds that the article was not defamatory or an invasion of Falwell’s privacy (the Virginia courts had not recognized this privacy tort, which is recognized in other states).[81][82][83]

Hustler Magazine v. Falwell[edit]

Main article: Hustler Magazine v. Falwell

In 1983, Larry Flynt‘s pornographic magazine Hustler carried a parody of a Campari ad, featuring a mock “interview” with Falwell in which he admits that his “first time” was incest with his mother in an outhouse while drunk. Falwell sued for $45 million, alleging invasion of privacy, libel, and intentional infliction of emotional distress.[84] A jury rejected the invasion of privacy and libel claims, holding that the parody could not have reasonably been taken to describe true events, but ruled in favor of Falwell on the emotional distress claim and awarded damages of $200,000. This was upheld on appeal. Flynt then appealed to the US Supreme Court, which unanimously held that the First Amendment prevents public figures from recovering damages for emotional distress caused by parodies.

After Falwell’s death, Larry Flynt released a comment regarding his friendship over the years with Falwell.

My mother always told me that no matter how much you dislike a person, when you meet them face to face you will find characteristics about them that you like. Jerry Falwell was a perfect example of that. I hated everything he stood for, but after meeting him in person, years after the trial, Jerry Falwell and I became good friends. He would visit me in California and we would debate together on college campuses. I always appreciated his sincerity even though I knew what he was selling and he knew what I was selling.[85]

Larry Flynt Lashes Out at Trump “Hypocrites,” “Redneck” Voters and a Brewing War on Obscenity

The Hustler magazine publisher predicts spillover into Hollywood: “It does have a chilling effect on filmmakers and the First Amendment in general. You can lose free expression and free press as easily as you gained it.”


JANUARY 11, 2017 2:01PM

Larry Flynt Lashes Out Trump "Hypocrites," "Redneck" Voters and Brewing War on Obscenity
Larry Flint – Getty – H 2017DAVID LIVINGSTON/GETTY

In Tuesday’s Senate Judiciary Committee confirmation hearing for Jeff Sessions — Donald Trump’s pick for attorney general — Sen. Orrin Hatch, 82, asked the 70-year-old Alabama senator if he’d pursue obscenity laws targeting pornography. He also asked if Sessions would reestablish the Justice Department’s Obscenity Prosecution Task Force, a department shuttered by the Obama administration. Sessions said that he would, noting in his response that those laws “are clear … and should be effectively and vigorously prosecuted in the cases that are appropriate.”




Someone who knows a little bit about those laws is Larry Flynt. The 74-year-old Hustler magazine publisher has been publicly battling them since the 1970s. In 1981, the Supreme Court heard one of his high-profile cases, Flynt v. Ohio, which was later dramatized in the 1996 movie The People vs. Larry Flynt. (Woody Harrelson played him; Flynt played the judge who sentences him to seven-to-25 years. He was freed after six days over a technicality.)

The Hollywood Reporter spoke to Flynt just as a scandalous leaked memo — which alleges that Trump colluded with Russian officials, who allegedly possess lurid incriminating video of him — was making headlines.

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Larry Flynt Lashes Out Trump "Hypocrites," "Redneck" Voters and Brewing War on Obscenity


President-Elect Trump’s First Presser: Russian Hacking, “Fake News” Narratives Dominate

Did the leaked unverified memo alleging ties between Donald Trump and Russia surprise you at all?

I’ve known all that. We were investigating many of the same activities, but we couldn’t nail it down. We knew it had to be something really, really big to get him because nothing was really sticking to him. He’s going to say it’s all a lie. He’s the biggest liar I know. Every time he opens his mouth he tells a lie. That’s why I’ve been so outspoken on this and critical of the press because they let him get away with it — all for the sake of ratings. He just ran right over them.

In his confirmation hearing yesterday, Jeff Sessions said he’d “vigorously prosecute” obscenity laws and consider reviving the Department of Justice’s Obscenity Prosecution Task Force.

Trump is appointing a guy for attorney general that’s going to make us relive all that Reagan-and-me stuff from the ‘80s. I thought we’ve moved beyond that. The Supreme Court ruled in 1973 that pornography in itself does not constitute obscenity. Obscenity laws are antiquated. Sessions can talk all he wants, but it’s very, very difficult to get 12 people on a jury to vote to convict someone on pornography. Pornography is the purest form of art there is. And so if you want it out of magazines, if you want it out of movies, fine — but how about the thousands of art galleries around the country that display pornographic art?

With the glut of pornography so instantly available to us online in 2017, what could possibly constitute obscenity at this point?

They go looking for movies involving defecation and urination and stuff like that. The fringe aspects, scatological behavior and stuff like that. But I don’t know of anybody in our business that’s producing stuff like that. It comes from Europe and other parts of the world. That’s probably something they could go after — and probably get an obscenity conviction.

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Larry Flynt Lashes Out Trump "Hypocrites," "Redneck" Voters and Brewing War on Obscenity


Critic’s Notebook: Donald Trump Goes Scorched Earth on Media in First Presser as President-Elect

Could it bleed over into mainstream filmmaking? Could the MPAA make it harder to avoid an NC-17?

All of this has a chilling effect because nobody wants to produce a film they can’t get distributed because of the rating. It does have a chilling effect on filmmakers and the First Amendment in general. You can lose free expression and free press as easily as you gained it. A lot of people are intelligent enough to know that. Reagan was kind of bone-headed, but he had [former Attorney General] Ed Meese going after pornography, even after [researcher William H.] Johnson had done a sex study and couldn’t find any correlation between exposure to it and [psychological harm]. It created a lot of havoc around the country: Meese presented victims’ testimony more than offering any kind of actual trial litigation.


Was Nancy Reagan a factor in the obscenity crackdown during her husband’s administration?

She was outspoken on drug use. I don’t know what her position was on pornography. This dates back all the way to [19th century U.S. Postal Inspector] Anthony Comstock, who was the father of the whole antiobscenity movement. He used to prosecute people over sending erotic postcards. This has gone on for 100 years. I thought that the do-gooders had had their say, but apparently they’re still at it.

What do you make of Trump, who has appeared in Playboy videos, surrounding himself with social conservatives like Mike Pence and Jeff Sessions?

They’re all hypocrites. Pence is dying to get into the White House. Pence is worse than him. Pence got a law passed in Indiana legislature that if a woman has an abortion, he forced her to have a funeral service for the fetus. Those people are nuts. As for Trump, his whole game is intimidation. That’s what he does with his tweeting. That’s how he controls people, by intimidating them and making them afraid of him. He does the same thing with women.

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