Surrender The National Endowment For The Arts

I did not post on Martin Luther King’s Birthday – because I was not inspired to do so. I was inspired to respond to a post a sculptor put on Facebook. He was giving a brutal – but honest critique – that inspired me to do a sculpture of Eirene that was first done – before Jesus was born? It is a beautiful work of art that worships a Pagan Deity. This was allowed before Christianity came along and destroyed the Pagan World. They replaced Pagan Art with a thousand Virgin Mothers and her murdered son, who is God. In my theological novel ‘Where Art Thou?” I will alter this image with the truth Jesus was doing King David making atonement for him counting the Jews. He was not killed. The Tribe of Judah worshipped Chemosh. Jesus wanted better treatment of the Moabites.

I learned a art lesson about a statue’s gaze. The adoration of Eirene by Pluto, the God of Plenty, who carries a cornucopia, is a rendition of The Son of Peace. There is no more war. No more death. No more sacrifice of sons – unto the god of war. The Jews did not murder Jesus – and I can prove it!

Peace – Brother!

I watched a video of Martin Luther King, talking about the Vietnam War, and, the truth freed Black Slaves – who worked for no wages – were not offered any Homestead Land in the West. On August 24, 2022 I suggested Black Americans be given Alaska – along with their own navy. What I suggest is American Artists SURRENDER the National Endowment of the Arts, under the condition the monies go to buy homes for black families in Alaska. The NEA gets 200 million dollars a year. Hold a lottery where black families’ are given a piece of land in Alaska. At $65,000 a pop, that’s around 2,220 properties a year – that will be tax free! No more funded Jazz Bands, and bad art like the new sculpture of King. – that needs to be blown up – along with Gutzon’s Confederate monument. This will have to be agreed to by the King family – who hate that statue! It can be placed at the base of the Gutzon’s monstrosity. This would be a trade-off.

The Republican party has taken our National Budge – hostage! They want something for raising the Debt Ceiling. They have been after the NEA for a long time. The Artists of my time can establish a lasting legacy that makes a dent in Our National Wrong! Free Land for Blacks – now!

I believe King was saying black folks will not be seen as equals until they are seen as substantial land owners, because, the American Promised Land, brought Europeans here with the promise they will be sovereigns of their domain. There are enough black murals under freeways. Time for – the real thing!

There have been more death threats and gunfire in the Cultural Warfare our Democracy is experiencing. Now is the time – to try everything – to to keep the Peace.

John Presco

President: Royal Rosamond Press

“Speaking at the National Action Network’s Martin Luther King Jr. Day breakfast in Washington, D.C., Biden referred to Republicans as “fiscally demented” and pledged to veto their tax legislation, which is all but certain to fail in the Democratic-controlled Senate.”

1981 attempts to abolish[edit]

Upon entering office in 1981, the incoming Ronald Reagan administration intended to push Congress to abolish the NEA completely over a three-year period. Reagan’s first director of the Office of Management and Budget, David A. Stockman, thought the NEA and the National Endowment for the Humanities were “good [departments] to simply bring to a halt because they went too far, and they would be easy to defeat.” Another proposal would have halved the arts endowment budget. However, these plans were abandoned when the President’s special task force on the arts and humanities, which included close Reagan allies such as conservatives Charlton Heston and Joseph Coors, discovered “the needs involved and benefits of past assistance,” concluding that continued federal support was important. Frank Hodsoll became the chairman of the NEA in 1981, and while the department’s budget decreased from $158.8 million in 1981 to $143.5 million, by 1989 it was $169.1 million, the highest it had ever been.[13][14][15]

Washington, DC--Today, President Biden submitted his Fiscal Year (FY) 2022 budget, which includes $201 million for the National Endowment for the Arts (NEA). As the administration continues to make progress in combatting the pandemic and getting the economy back on track, the budget makes historic investments that will help the country rebuild and lay the foundation for shared growth and prosperity for decades to come.

I did not post on Martin Luther King’s Birthday – because I was not inspired to do so.

BOSTON,  MA - January 13:  Unveiling of Embrace Memorial Honoring Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. and Coretta Scott King at the Boston Common on January 13, 2023 in Boston, Massachusetts. (Staff Photo By Matt Stone/MediaNews Group/Boston Herald)

BOSTON, MA – January 13: Unveiling of Embrace Memorial Honoring Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. and Coretta Scott King at the Boston Common on January 13, 2023 in Boston, Massachusetts. (Staff Photo By Matt Stone/MediaNews Group/Boston Herald)

It’s a matter of perspective.

“The Embrace” Martin Luther King Jr. monument downtown is taking flak both for the purportedly pornographic appearance some angles give it and some of the aesthetic choices that went into its creation.

People gather on the lawn in front of the 90-foot tall carving of Stonewall Jackson, Robert E. Lee and Jefferson Davis at Stone Mountain State Park during the Sons of Confederate Veterans rally Saturday, April 30, 2022. (Photo: Steve Schaefer /

Irene Victoria

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Irene means “peace”. Victoria is the Roman Nike, and means “victory”.


Eirene, or Irene (/aɪˈriːni/; Ancient Greek: Εἰρήνη [eːrɛ́ːnɛː]; Greek for “peace”; the Roman equivalent was Pax), one of the Horae, was the personification of peace, and was depicted in art as a beautiful young woman carrying a cornucopia, sceptre and a torch or rhyton. She is said sometimes to be the daughter of Zeus and Themis.

She was particularly well regarded by the citizens of Athens. After a naval victory over Sparta in 375 BC, the Athenians established a cult for Eirene, erecting altars to her. They held an annual state sacrifice to her after 371 BC to commemorate the Common Peace of that year and set up a votive statue in her honour in the Agora of Athens. The statue was executed in bronze by Cephisodotus the Elder, likely the father or uncle[1] of the famous sculptor Praxiteles. It was acclaimed by the Athenians, who depicted it on vases and coins.[2]

Although the statue is now lost, it was copied in marble by the Romans; one of the best surviving copies (right) is in the Munich Glyptothek. It depicts the goddess carrying a child with her left arm – Ploutos, the god of plenty and son of Demeter, the goddess of agriculture. Eirene’s missing right hand once held a sceptre. She is shown gazing maternally at Ploutos, who is looking back at her trustingly. The statue is an allegory for Plenty (Ploutos) prospering under the protection of Peace (Eirene); it constituted a public appeal to good sense.[2] The copy in the Glyptothek was originally in the collection of the Villa Albani in Rome but was looted and taken to France by Napoleon I. Following Napoleon’s fall, the statue was bought by Ludwig I of Bavaria.[3]

The normally routine reauthorization of federal money to the National Endowment for the Arts (NEA) has turned into a volatile political controversy, fueled by charges of obscenity and blasphemy by some, and of censorship by others.

Congress is currently re-examining the NEA, whose mandate to provide federal funds for the arts is renewed every five years. This year a coalition of profamily and conservative groups called Taxpayers for Accountability in Government (TAG) is calling for a cutoff of money to the NEA, citing irresponsible financing of “obscene and sacrilegious” artwork.

“With the plight of the homeless, the AIDS epidemic, and the numerous other social problems we confront, it is ludicrous that valuable tax dollars have been spent on homoerotic, sadomasochistic, and blasphemous works, which can only be characterized as garbage,” said Beverly LaHaye, president of Concerned Women for America, one of the coalition members.

Other TAG groups in the 17-member coalition include the American Family Association, the Eagle Forum, the Christian Legal Defense and Education Foundation, and the Traditional Values Coalition.

At a hearing on Capitol Hill last month, NEA chairman John Frohnmayer defended his agency’s policies and asked Congress to reauthorize the agency with no structural changes. “After much careful thought and discussion, it is our conclusion that the legislation proposed here which contains no content restrictions … will best serve the American people,” he testified. A contingent of artists and film stars also urged Congress not to “censor” the arts by saying what may or may not receive funds.

President Bush has attempted to stake out a moderate position. “I am deeply offended by some of the filth that I see into which federal money has gone, and some of the sacrilegious, blasphemous depictions,” he said at a White House press conference. “But I prefer to have this matter handled by a very sensible, knowledgeable man of the arts, John Frohnmayer, rather than risk censorship or getting the federal government involved in telling every artist what he or she can or cannot paint.”

Give Black Americans Alaska – and Old Navy

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When I AWOKE, God bid me to give Alaska to Black Americans – and the 39 Navy ships – including the Enterprise. Forty is a blessed Jewish number. I had no choice to take on this impossible task after reading articles about changing the name OF PLACES that offend black people – and Native Americans? I’ve been down this road before. Thanks to Black Folks, Donald Trump is not the President of the United States….and in gratitude We the People should rename Coon Lake?!!! That’s it? Wow! What a deal!

In theory, all those top secret document Crazy Donald stole – belong to Black Voters, who I already suggested should have their own navy. Now is the time! Our Navy is about to scrap forty ships! The New Cold War Map is being REDRAWN. I and God – want a hand in this project!


Several years ago, I stood before the Mayor of Springfield, and gave the City Council my plan to rename Franklin Street – HARRY LANE. The deadline to get in the race for Springfield Mayor, ended on the 22nd. I am setting my sights for the White House!

I have not read this article about Coon Lake. Was it named after a – RACOON?

Once Black Folks own Alaska, they can rebel, leave the Union, and rename Alaska. My point is – WHITE RACIST PROPAGANDA WORKS! How PETTY can you be? The Republican Party grabbed State Secrets and threatened to start a Civil War – even if President Biden – asks for his secrets, back!

If I had become Governor of Oregon, I would bid Congressman Peter DeFazio to make Portland the Naval Scrapper of America. The homeless would be employed and the monies used to build low cost housing for Black People in Oregon, Alaska – and elsewhere. This is REPERATIONS made easy!

John Presco

Captain of The USS Enterprise | Rosamond Press

From Squaw Tit
to Whorehouse Meadow

How Maps Name, Claim, and Inflame

Mark Monmonier

Offensive toponyms fall into two categories. One type, examined earlier, denigrates racial and ethnic groups. The other variety, dealt with here, offends folks bothered by rude or otherwise impolite references to body parts, sex, excrement, and other no-no’s. A form of geographic cussing, rowdy feature names are markedly less controversial than their ethnically derogatory counterparts, partly because the irreverent miners and ranchers responsible for most of them avoided the F-word and similar shockers, and partly because questionable toponyms occur mostly in remote, sparsely inhabited areas with few eyebrows to raise. Indeed, an outsider who objects to a locally acceptable “naughty name” is quickly branded a stuffed shirt or prude.

Renaming Coon Lake would right a historical wrong | The Seattle Times

The U.S. Board on Geographic Names has reversed itself and agreed to change the controversial names of two geographic features in the Cascades—Coon Lake and Coon Creek—to Howard Lake and Howard Creek, after a pioneering prospector who lived there in the 1890s. The reversal was confirmed by the board’s executive secretary, You Lost.

From Squaw Tit to Whorehouse Meadow: How Maps Name, Claim, and Inflame by Mark Monmonier, an excerpt (

Finland PM Sanna Marin apologizes for ‘inappropriate’ party photo (

We cannot change the past, but it’s time to change Coon Lake’s name

Originally published October 28, 2015 at 3:25 pm Updated October 29, 2015 at 11:59 am

Coon Lake in the Stehekin River valley. (Courtesy of Mike Annee).
Coon Lake in the Stehekin River valley. (Courtesy of Mike Annee).

Somewhere there is a threshold of blatancy we should not pass; Coon Lake should be renamed.

Harry Lane – Is Our Man!

Art Justice

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Art Justice

A Series


John Presco

Copyright 2020

The Getty family, and other powerful families who have stock in PlumpJack, join forces to take on Robert Brevoort Buck, and the mysterious Mr. Green. The Gettys hire a Private Detective who claims he is the great grandson of Vincent Van Gough. Vincent begins to investigate the drowning at Rocky Point of the world famous artist known as Rosamond.

Return to the Getty Villa

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I have taken steps to be awarded several grants. A year from now, I hope to have my own room at the Getty Villa where I am allowed to roam freely admiring the art of my ex-brother-in-law, Garth Benton, and working on my paper and historic masterpiece………..

‘The Doomsday Prophecies of Wealthy Men’

I will be wearing the best headset money can buy with a endless soundtrack from the DaVinci Code, the Phantom of the Opera, and the best of Leonard Cohen. Young scholars will turn their heads as I pass them in halls.

“May the force be with you Professor Obi-Wan Kenobi!”

“Have you saved our planet yet, Obi-Wan?”

“He can’t hear you. He lives in his own world.”

I have also taken steps to receive a grant from the Paul Mellon foundation. Paul is in my rosy family tree via Elizabeth Rosemond Taylor, and Warner.  I introduced the Pre-Raphaelites to Christine Rosamond Benton. We are ‘The Last Pre-Raphaelites’.

I just made an offer to be Drew Benton’s Mentor. I can show her how to be a scholar in a year. Above is her mother at the Getty Mansion in New York.

Jon Presco

Copyright 2017

My Art Dynasty

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John Paul Getty III with his mother at Rome’s Police Headquarters. Eldest of the four children of John Paul Getty, Jr. and Abigail Harris (L), and grandson of oil tycoon Jean Paul Getty, he was kidnapped in Rome on 10 July 1973 and released on 15 December 1973, shortly after a ransom was paid by his grandfather, after his abductors had cut off one of his ear. (Photo by Vittoriano Rastelli/Corbis via Getty Images)

John Paul Getty (1892 – 1976) American oil executive, multi-millionaire and art collector, with Zsa Zsa Gabor, exotic international Hungarian leading lady. May 16, 1972. Photo Getty Images.

Capturing Beauty


Jon Presco

Yesterday, when I awoke, my inner voice – who works thru the night while I sleep – told me to title my blog on the movie ‘All The Money In The World’………..’My Art Dynasty’. I was also further instructed to declare…….”I am the reincarnation of Hadrian, and not Jean Paul!”

None of this cost me a dime! It was all done for free! If you know the rules for reincarnation, then my claim is not that outrageous! I know way more about art then J.Paul ever did. I know way more about politics and the Republican Party then Donald Trump who was almost reborn as a coo-coo High School football coach who tells bawdy jokes to his team in the locker room.

“Here’s how you get to third base! You skip first and second base and go for the Gusto!”

Trump does not own one original work of art, and stiffed Andy Warhol who he commissioned to paint his Tower. There are murals on his ceilings of Greek gods after a ceiling at Versailles. I believe that is a replica of ‘The Fall of Icarus’ by Blondel, who I compare Garth Benton to, who did the murals at the Getty Villa, of which we see a model of being unveiled in The Art Movie I just saw – that could be a Greek Tragedy! Garth allowed Snyder to publish a hideous biography of his ex-wife who roams about her book like a psychotic She-demon, destroying people’s lives like Modena. Trump roams about our Democracy destroying everything that moves in the name of the End Time Loons – that have much to do with Emperor Hadrian, but, they don’t know it yet!

All day yesterday I fretted. If I, a poor man, declare I am the rightful embodiment of Hadrian, thus wiping out the iffy claim of ‘The Richest Man In The World’, then I will be labeled “MAD” and given shock treatment like his granddaughter, Aileen Getty, who married Christopher Wilding, thus she, and all the Getty’s, are in my rosy family tree!

This morning, I read Von Double Trouble allowed his administration to fire the rest of the advisory council on AIDS. AIDS awareness was pioneered by Aileen and Liz.

Last week I saw a therapist before I saw my primary caregiver, and showed her a copy of ‘When You Close Your Eyes’ by Tom Snyder that I had been reading in the waiting room. I told her I was in a rage over the selling of my families Art Legacy to Stacey Pierrot, by Sydney Morris, a partner of Robert Brevoort Buck, who set up the Buck Foundation with moneys gotten from Frank Buck who helped found Associated Oil Companies that Getty came to own………..SOMEHOW! I had forgotten this after blogging about it.

So, there I am, sitting next to my new friend in the movie theatre, and on the silver screen looms a giant tanker with the Flying A on its prow. If I had known my companion a little longer, I would have grasped her hand tightly, and cried out;

“Will it never end, this nightmare? Make it go away!”

After we left the theatre, I told my friend I was kin to the Gettys via Elizabeth Rosemond Taylor. I could not tell if she believed me – like all the rest! My therapist acted like she didn’t believe me. I told her outsiders came to own Christine and my Sober Story, she drowning on her first sober birthday in AA.  I told her I began our biography two years earlier. ‘Bonds With Angels’ was going to be my Twefth Step, aimed at helping other alcholics get into Recovery. With the news that a program aimed at saving the lives of many, is now dissolved by the President of the United States, the last pieces of the puzzle fall into place.

There appears to be a consortium of very wealthy souls who are determined to destroy their opposition – once and for all. When I saw Christopher Plummer talking about how J.P. Getty bought up much of the world’s art in order to keep from paying his Income Tax, and after complaining his Boheman offspring were unwilling to be members of his “Dynasty”, and when I saw and read how stingy he was, and, really did not want to see any of his children succeed, I understood J.Paul was………ADDICTED TO TAX EVASION!

No sooner did he become the richest man on earth, then they came unto him, and showed him The Ropes. They scoffed at him, made him feel puny and impotent because he was wiling to pay his taxes. They told him his money will end up in the hands of ‘The Scume of the Earth’. This is why the Getty Family hires the like of Lawrence Chazen a CEO of Nobel Oil, who set up this company in Rougemont Switzerland, so it will not be an American Company. The A flew the coup like so many have.

As the Getty Movie came to an end, I had an epiphemy. In theory, that tax money belongs to me – and All the American People! I am the Acme Scum of the Earth. I am a poor Bohemian Artist and founder of The Bohemian Bank. In theory, I OWN ALL THE ART that J.Paul amassed in his madness. The suggestion he was the reincarnation of a Roman Emperor, is just a ruse, a somecreen. However, one should choose THEIR MASK wisely.

You see, Emperor Hadrian built a famous wall, like the one Donald Trump wants to build. Donald has been compared to Emperor Caligula. What does Caligula and Hadrian have in common?…………..They defiled the House of God in Jerusalem, and waged war against Jewish Saints, and the Nazarites. Hadrian waged war against the Army of the Last Messiah – and won! HE DEFEATED GOD! His Victory caused much Earth History to be altered. This is why Emperor Constantine backed Saint Paul’s version of Christianity. The Revolt  of the Morning Star was still alive in the British Isles! I am talking about a Holy World War! Stay tuned, folks. This is BIG – really BIG!

Several days ago was the anniversary of the death of my kindred, Carrie Fischer, and her mother, Debbie Reynolds. The new Star Wars came out on Christmas Day – too! The Getty Movie is about the real attempt to Save the Earth. I am ‘The Force’. My enemies did not know I was kin to Liz and Aileen. This is ‘The Creative and Healing Dynasty’ that Emperor-Trump is trying to destroy from his Dark Tower.

Wake up! Here is THE DEED! Like most despots, their want and need to be immortal, bites them in the ass. They die. Their work is left unfinished, thus the need for like-minded Heirs to carry on. The curtain is parted, there is a stairway to a world, a place………. that defies reality. Rich people do not have to live in reality. Only they get to say they are liken to the gods, and get away with it. Jesus was a poor man.

Jon Presco

‘The Nazarite’

P.S. Zsa Zsa Gabor and I are in the same Rosy Family Tree, she the second wife of Conrad Hilton. Liz is the first. I am a Poor Man! I came in the window, like a thief in the night.

“The meek shall inherit the earth!”

She had me cornered. I was trying to reason with her and get away before things got out of hand. She kept coming at me, and the bed was right there, so I finally whapped her. And it was like Bozo the clown. She bounced off the bed as if nothing had happened, and just kept right on coming. I was finally able to get around and out of the room, and years later I asked her if she remembered me slapping her during that episode. She had no memory of it whatever.”

Betraying and Killing ‘The Dream’

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Van Gogh – Art Detective

1:48 P.M. Yesterday I went looking for lost papers in my damaged drawer that broke apart years ago when I tried to open it. I ended up pulling up a chair and placing my waste bascket next to me. An hour later I have found the lost Stimic letter. I am saved!

A month after it was alleged Christine was “killed by a rogue wave, her ex-gallery manager called me and said she made an offer to buy Rosamond’s estate and pay off the creditors. The No.1 Creditor was Lawrence Chazen. The probate had not begun. She and Vicki Presco dropped out as named Executors and nominated Garth Benton – who is approved! This caused Shammon Rosamond to get an attorney. Phil Stimic – is appalled.

When Belford told me she was glad Vic Presco was not going to get his prints back, I knew it was time to speak up – or I would be guilty of Conspiracy to Defraud. I told my father about his prints, and how Vicki was talking to Robin Beare – Garth’s Divorce Attorney – every day, and suggested he call her. I was there. She said she was shocked to learn Rosamond had a father – and there was a big pile of Rosamond Prints that he owned a share in.

“I told Garth and Vicki to inventory everything!”

I knew Michael Harkins since he was fifteen. His mother was my surrogate mother. He was a Private Detective that trained under ‘Wild Bill’ Lindhart, who was hired by Karl Chessman. I did the math. A month after a world famous artist was dead, four males knew something fraudulent was going on. A month later, I submitted our sixty page report – that the law firm of Buck, Rose, Morris and Hiesinger, had to have seen – along with Stimic’s letter. Robert Brevoort Buck – should have been leery of dealing with these people. He signs off on selling the entire Rosamond estate to Stacey Pierrot, Jacci Belford’s best friend since High School. The results were the worst disaster to strike the World of Art – ever! Here is a video of reading the letter.

(43) Larry Chazen – YouTube

I just noticed that Buck handles Welles Fargo, whose ex-Ceo is on the board of the Buck Foundation that includes Alcohol Justice that went after PlumpJack that Chazen and all the Gettys have stock in – including the Pelosi’s. This may be a huge conflict of interest. How many breweries and wineries have financial ties to The Stage Coach?

John Presco

President: Royal Rosamond Press

My Letter To Andrew Cuomo | Rosamond Press

The Buck Foundation Tribunal | Rosamond Press

The Bucks of Oakland and Marin | Rosamond Press

Lawrence Chazen Was Friend of Gordon Getty

Posted on July 19, 2017 by Royal Rosamond Press

Here is an amazing account of the fight Gordon Getty had over his family legacy. I am sure Garth and Christine Rosamond Benton had inside information. I believe assets were hidden from the IRS. I suspect monies were covertly invested in California real-estate. Chazen was a partner in the first Rosamond gallery. They suspected I had become a close confident of my late sister again. This is why they posthumously destroyed both of us. Look at all the Oil Company lawyers! Did Robert Brevoort Buck know what was going on?

My father described his private lender as the “Right-hand man of Gordon Getty”. Garth Benton was described as a “friend of Chazen and Gordon Getty”.  In the book, ‘The Taking of Getty Oil’  by Steve Coll, Laurence Chazen is described as a “friend and financial advisor in San Francisco”. Here he is at the reopening of the Rosamond Gallery, an event I was not invited to. Chazen is a partners in PlumbJack, and was my father’s private lender. Chazen and Vic, suggested they hook they hook Christine and Garth up. A date was arranged. Here is my letter from the office of Andrew Cuomo;

Check this out:

Gordon Getty, his family trust, Harold Williams, the Getty Museum, Sid Petersen and the directors of Getty Oil have all been named in derivative lawsuits filed by Texaco shareholders since the Pennzoil verdict. Because of the mind-boggling size of Pennzoil’s judgment, which forced Texaco into bankruptcy proceedings, the entire Getty fortune is at risk in the lawsuits. The suit filed by Seth Hufstedler challenging Gordon Getty’s trusteeship continues in Los Angeles probate court. Settlement talks have broken down because of the Pennzoil case. A trial may begin later this year.”

Richard Rosenberg and Huey Newton 1

Posted on August 31, 2020 by Royal Rosamond Press

Two years ago Ed Howard put me in touch with his brother who offered to take me to the Naval Cemetery in the Presidio where my parents are buried. I was not told my father was dead, or, my mother was dying. My brutal father told all my family I was not his son, but, was the product of my mother’s betrayal. Just before he died, Victor Presco admitted he used Wolf Larsen from Jack London’s book ‘The Sea Wolf’ as a model to raise his two sons. I did not go due to three murders. I feared I was walking into a trap, and going against the adage;

“You can’t go home again.”

Three days ago I went home in a Black Panther facebook group Ed and I belong to when I talked about my abusive father who graduated from the San Francisco Midshipman School and served in the Merchant Marines. My mother served in the WAVES. That is Vic on the far right in the pic above. I posted a parody about Captain Victim’s College of Hard Knocks. To see the Naval Research site that Richard helped fund, blows my mind. Here is the gentle approach from a gentle and giving man who had something to do with the placement of a life-size statue of The Lone Sailor’. There is some goo in all men, and I have come home to stand next to this sailor…with my father.

When I beheld a photo of Richard Rosenberg, I exclaimed to myself;

“That’s Rosenberg from Men In Black! Alas, I found you! I am at the core!”

Two of the greatest trademarks in the San Francisco Bay Area, was the Black Panther heraldry, and the Welles Fargo Stage Coach. Then comes the Golden Gate Bridge, and Huey Newton sitting in a baton chair with a shotgun in one hand, and a African spear in the other. Was there a tiny little alien behind Newton’s façade? These two men have had a great affect on Bay Area life. Only Newton is known, and his BRAND is overcoming the world. Did you know the Chicago Black Panthers formed an alliance with the Chicago Hillbillys?

I know for sure Richard wants to talk to me about my kin, Ian Fleming and his uncle, Sea Lord, Caspar John. He also wants to talk to me about how Victoria Bond, and Miriam Starfish, led me to him and his Naval organizations. In my last post where they are heading to the Naval Post Graduate College where Miriam spots her families hero, who is kin to Robert E. Lee.

I suggested many time my Bond book is a Psychic Novel where I receive tips and leads while I take my old man nap. I have arrived at Rose Mountain, and I can see for miles and miles.

The President said he is happy for the riots because they will get him reelected. He has not ill words for the shooter of demonstrators. He said the neo-Confederates in Charlottesville are good people. To see the Black Panthers of Chicago MAKING PEACE with ne0-Cofederate Rednecks, is money in the bank. I am going to try to get a hold of Richard Rosenberg to see if he will help put together a task force that will find the middle ground – and make peace!

John Presco

President: Royal Rosamond Press

When Victoria and Miriam approached the Del Monte Hotel, they both exclaimed at the same exact time….”Osborne House!”

Victoria was like a school girl off to boarding school. She was thrilled they would be staying in the Dali Room that was reserved for special guest of the Navy. On the way to see Dali’s strange creations, Miriam came up short, and stood in front of a glass case.

“Oh look! Here’s my and my parents hero!”

Victoria glanced back, and felt faint as the name LEE flashed at her like a neon sign. Creeping towards the display honoring Real Admiral Willis Augustus Lee, she almost fainted – again!

“My parents learned to target shoot from Willey. He holds the record for Olympic gold medals. I’ going to shoot at the 2020 Olympics. I got a silver medal four years ago. I want the gold.”

Victoria wandered in a circle around Starfish, in a daze. She had experienced this when she went to Le Rosey, this getting of second hand information from her best friend who was always in the know long before she was.

Rosenberg is a Germanic-language family name and toponym. Its principal meaning is “mountain of roses”, from Rose + Berg. However, as a toponym, in some locations it may have originally meant “red mountain” or simply “red hill”, from rot + Berg. The terminal consonant of the /rot/-/roθ/-/roð/-/ros/ syllable has varied across regions and centuries; there are many variations of the name, including Rosenberg, RotenbergRottenbergRothenbergRodenberg, and Rozenberg. It is a common name among Ashkenazi Jews

Born in Fall River, MA, Richard M. Rosenberg is a former Chairman and CEO of Bank of America who has also held senior positions with Seattle-First National Bank, Seafirst Corporation, and Wells Fargo Bank. He received his B.S. in journalism from Suffolk University in 1952, and his masters and law degrees from Golden Gate University in San Francisco. Barbara Rosenberg, also a Fall River native, is a 1954 graduate of Brandeis University and has earned an M.A. from Harvard University and a Ph. D. from the University of San Francisco.

In lending their vision and financial support to the creation of the Rosenberg Institute for East Asian Studies, the Rosenbergs have offered Suffolk University an opportunity to better understand a region of great strategic and economic importance.

“The reason we did it is that too many people on the East Coast, ranging from Washington all the way up to Boston, are so Eurocentric and do not understand that the 21st century belongs to Asia- not that we’re perfect on the West Coast,” Richard Rosenberg says. “So to the extent that Barbara and I can help Suffolk get a better focus on what I believe is the most important aspect of the 21st century, we think we’re doing a good thing.”

“There is no doubt in my mind that the world economy in the 21st century has shifted more to China and India than ever before,” Barbara Rosenberg adds. “We need to learn more about the customs, languages and mindsets of the Asian population.  We hope the Institute offers a more globally balanced presentation of the world.”

A $1 million gift to San Francisco State University from retired Bank of America Corp. Chairman and CEO Richard Rosenberg and his wife Barbara will fund a new marine biology institute at the school’s Romberg Tiburon Center.

The Barbara and Richard Rosenberg Institute for Marine Biology and Environmental Science will support an endowment for a spring and fall academic lecture series for the center’s graduate students and the public. It also will fund a biannual public forum on marine biology and related topics.

The center, a Navy base during World War II, houses scientists and students studying San Francisco Bay and its surrounding wetlands as well as the open ocean along California’s coastline and other locales.

“The Romberg Tiburon Center may be one of the better-kept secrets of the Bay Area, but we think it’s the perfect platform to attract great students and great faculty to work on issues in marine biology and the marine environment,” Rosenberg said in a press release.

The Rosenbergs also have funded scholarships for Romberg Tiburon Center students.

“Their generous support will ensure that many generations of researchers, students and citizens have excellent opportunities to understand and protect one of our region’s most exceptional assets — the San Francisco Bay,” San Francisco State President Leslie Wong said.

On October 9, 1873, 15 naval officers gathered at the U.S. Naval Academy’s Department of Physics and Chemistry building in Annapolis to discuss the implications of a smaller, post-Civil War Navy and other matters of professional interest. The U.S. Naval Institute was established as a forum for the exchange of ideas, to disseminate and advance the knowledge of sea power, and to preserve U.S. naval and maritime heritage. Rear Admiral John L. Worden (former commander of the USS Monitor) served as the first president.

In 1874, the Naval Institute began to accept papers and publish the “proceedings” of its discussions which were distributed to the organization’s members, a practice that continues. Two decades later, the Naval Institute Press was created to publish basic naval guides; it eventually expanded to publish more general-interest titles in history, biography and current affairs.

In 1992, the Naval Institute Foundation, Inc., was established to stabilize the organization’s funding.

Having outgrown its offices at Preble Hall, the Naval Institute gave the building to the Naval Academy and, in 1999, renovated a derelict Navy hospital to serve as its new headquarters. The building was named Beach Hall to honor the contributions of Captain Edward L. Beach Jr. (author of over a dozen books including Run Silent, Run Deep) and his father and namesake, Captain Edward L. Beach Sr., who had served as the Institute’s secretary-treasurer.

The Barbara and Richard Rosenberg Institute for Marine Biology and Environmental Science will support an endowment for a spring and fall academic lecture series for the center’s graduate students and the public. It also will fund a biannual public forum on marine biology and related topics.

The center, a Navy base during World War II, houses scientists and students studying San Francisco Bay and its surrounding wetlands as well as the open ocean along California’s coastline and other locales.

“The Romberg Tiburon Center may be one of the better-kept secrets of the Bay Area, but we think it’s the perfect platform to attract great students and great faculty to work on issues in marine biology and the marine environment,” Rosenberg said in a press release.

The Rosenbergs also have funded scholarships for Romberg Tiburon Center students.

“Their generous support will ensure that many generations of researchers, students and citizens have excellent opportunities to understand and protect one of our region’s most exceptional assets — the San Francisco Bay,” San Francisco State President Leslie Wong said.

One was the Young Patriot Organization (YPO), which was based in Hillbilly Harlem, an uptown neighborhood of Chicago populated by displaced white southerners. Many YPO members were racist, and they flaunted controversial symbols associated with southern pride, such as the Confederate flag. But like blacks and Latinos, the white Young Patriots and their families experienced discrimination in Chicago. In their case, it was because they were poor and from the South.

In his short time as a Black Panther leader, Fred Hampton wanted to advance the group’s goals by forming a “Rainbow Coalition” of working class and poor people of all races.

Assumed to be natural enemies, these groups united in their calls for economic justice. In the Aug. 9, 1969 issue of The Black Panther newspaper, the party’s chief of staff, David Hilliard, admiringly called the Young Patriots “the only revolutionaries we respect that ever came out of the mother country.” Recalling his work with the YPO, former Black Panther Bobby Lee explained that “The Rainbow Coalition was just a code word for class struggle.”

In the end, the Illinois Panthers brought together various elements of the black community, Confederate flag-waving southern white migrants (Young Patriots), Puerto Ricans (Young Lords), poor white ethnic groups (Rising Up Angry, JOIN Community Union, and the Intercommunal Survival Committee), students and the women’s movement. The disparate groups under the coalition’s umbrella pooled resources and shared strategies for providing community services and aid that the government and private sector would not. Initiatives included health clinics, feeding homeless and hungry people, and legal advice for those dealing with unethical landlords and police brutality.

A $1 million gift to San Francisco State University from retired Bank of America Corp. Chairman and CEO Richard Rosenberg and his wife Barbara will fund a new marine biology institute at the school’s Romberg Tiburon Center.

The Romberg Tiburon Campus has supported maritime commerce, naval defense and training, and marine science and education for over a century, and is especially well suited to support the interdisciplinary mission of the EOS Center. The changes to the campus landscape and uses over time reflect the rich pre-historic, historic and contemporary environmental legacies of the SF Bay region. Historic artifacts remaining on the Romberg Tiburon Campus are our link to the past, and in telling the stories of those artifacts the EOS Center will document the concomitant changes in society and the environment in a meaningful way, cultivating public interest in our current activities and the campus. Place-based research, interpretation and educational outreach are core practices for marine laboratories and field stations. The Romberg Tiburon Campus is an ideal location for local and regional community engagement on coastal and maritime environmental science, history, and policy. The EOS Center values and appreciates the many different ways that people communicate about these important topics, including through artistic expression, and will invite collaborative proposals and opportunities to support projects with artists, writers and storytellers interested in community engagement on themes related to our place-based legacies or current research projects.

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