Hiding Our Hippies in the Art Closet

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The AC….what a great title for another blog. The Art Closet was made famous by Julie Lynch the biographer of Christine Rosamond Benton, who did not mention Elizabeth Rosemond Taylor is our kin, and thus all those stoned-out Getty Kids. This oversight is due to Sydney Morris blessing ‘Caretaker’ Stacey Pierrot, the outside Undertaker of the Rosamond Legacy – who did not know Liz was in our family tree! Her son, Christopher Wilding, married Aileen Getty. The Getty kids were serious about taking drugs, as were the Presco Children. Being kin to Agustus John may have been an inspritation. If John had LSD at his disposal, he would have tripped, often, and hanged it out to his muses, his wives, his children, and their lovers. He would have been the Timothy Leary of his times.

Now. add to this the Benton artists, and you have a Artistic Dynasty that was slimed by Sydney Morris, who said this to me on the phone in our only conversation;

“I heard your sister was a real pain in the ass!”

Rosamond was shoved in the Art Closet for the sake of Mark and Vicki Presco, whom Christine owed money. Flip was Linda Comstock’s lover, who was looking out for the interests of my daughter, Heather Hanson, the real pain in the ass, who is kin to the Gettys. She, and her family did not know about Liz when they went after me and titled me and ‘Insane Parasite’ which is applicable to practicing drug addicts. I have been clean and sober for twenty-eight years, and achievement several Getty’s could not purchase. They want what I got, and will for generations to come!

All a mother can hope for is their children avoid real trouble. Christine Rosamond Benton would be thrilled I have put her in this Illustrious Art Closet. How about my muse? Rena was a Closeted Muse. My favorite blog is ‘Too Beautiful to go to High School’.

I am going to propose marriage to Rena Easton, here and now! She needs to be in this family tree, born of the Art Closet!

Jon Presco

Grand Master of the IAC

Copyright 2015



Christine 1976 Reading Christine 1977 1 Christine 1977 Shannon 2

Aileen Getty was born on 14 July 1957.1 She is the daughter of Sir John Paul Getty II and Gail Harris.1 She married, firstly, Christopher Edward Wilding, son of Michael Wilding and Elizabeth Rosemond Taylor.1 She married, secondly, Bertolomeo dei Principi Ruspoli, son of Alessandro Ruspoli, 9th Principe di Cerveteri and Debra Berger, in November 2004.   Her married name became Wilding.1 From November 2004, her married name became Ruspoli.

Alessandro “Dado”, Principe Ruspoli (Rome, 9 December 1924 – Rome, 11 January 2005) was an occasional actor and a playboy and eccentric aristocrat, the 9th Principe di Cerveteri, 9th Marchese di Riano and 14th Conte di Vignanello, who is said to have inspired Federico Fellini into making his famous movie La Dolce Vita. He was the first cousin once removed of Brazilian director Jayme Monjardim. His paternal grandmother’s mother, wife of Don Antonio Duca Lante Montefeltro della Rovere, was Mathilda (Tilly) Davis, daughter of wealthy New York real estate developer Thomas E. Davis.[1] Dado’s great-great-great-great-great-uncle was Bartolomeo Ruspoli. He was also the former father-in-law of actress Olivia Wilde, father-in-law of Aileen Getty (former daughter-in-law of Elizabeth Taylor), and a fifth cousin of actor Bart Ruspoli.

Dado was born in Rome in 1924. His mother and father’s first wife Claudia dei Conti Matarazzo, who died when he was 9, was heiress to one of the largest fortunes in Brazil. His father Francesco Ruspoli, 8th Prince of Cerveteri, later a poet, fought in both world wars. Dado became known for his extravagant lifestyle in the 1950s and 60s. He was friends with Brigitte Bardot, Salvador Dalí, Truman Capote, Roger Vadim, Roman Polanski, Emmanuelle Arsan and many others.

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Unique Name: Tara Gabriel Galaxy Gramophone Getty

Most of us have heard of J. Paul Getty, who was one of the wealthiest people in America during his lifetime. But most of us have probably not heard that one of his grandchildren was named “Gramophone.”

This particular grandchild was the son of Eugene Paul Getty, who later went by John Paul Getty II, and his second wife, Dutch model Talitha Pol.

The couple were the toast of Europe’s glamour-hippie set, jetting to exotic spots with the likes of Mick Jagger. “J. P. II’s whole young-adult life,” says Evey, “was Marrakech and the Rolling Stones.”

Here’s how French fashion designer Yves Saint Laurent described the scene:

Like F. Scott Fitzgerald, I love a dying frenzy. […] In my own life, I’ve seen the last afterglow of the sumptuous Paris of before the war. The balls of the fifties and the splendor of the vigorous haute couture. And then I knew the youthfulness of the sixties: Talitha and Paul Getty lying on a starlit terrace in Marrakesh, beautiful and damned, and a whole generation assembled as if for eternity where the curtain of the past seemed to life before an extraordinary future.

In 1968, Paul and Talitha couple welcomed their only child, a son.

They named him Tara Gabriel Gramophone Galaxy Getty.

Talitha and Tara

Talitha and Tara

In 1971, Talitha died of a heroin overdose. Her death occurred “in the 12-month period that also saw the deaths of Edie Sedgwick, Jimi Hendrix, Jim Morrison, and Janis Joplin.”

(Tragedy struck John Paul II’s family again in 1973 when his eldest son, John Paul III, was kidnapped by the Calabrian mafia.)

Tara Gabriel Galaxy Gramophone Getty has long since dropped both “Gramophone” and “Galaxy” from his full name.

Today, he and his wife Jessica live in South Africa on the Phinda Game Reserve. They have three kids named Orlando, Caspar, and Talitha.

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Sharon Stone will present the honor to Taylor’s former daughter-in-law

Long live Elizabeth Taylor‘s legacy.

Emmy award-winning actress Sharon Stone will present the inaugural Elizabeth Taylor Leadership Award to philanthropist Aileen Getty at the 2014 Angel Awards, The Hollywood Reporter has learned exclusively.

Getty, Taylor’s former daughter-in-law, founded both the Aileen Getty Foundation and Gettlove, which helps the homeless in Hollywood find permanent housing. Together, Getty’s organizations work toward improving the community as a whole, including the fight against HIV/AIDS and mental illnesses.

Taylor was a supporter for Project Angel Food for more than 20 years. Her dedication to finding a cure for HIV/AIDS expanded into The Elizabeth Taylor AIDS Foundation and The American Foundation for AIDS Research (amFar). The six different amFar Inspiration Galas, each in different cities across the globe, draw support from A-listers including Marc Jacobs, Katy Perry and Jennifer Lopez. Stone is a advocate against HIV/AIDS herself, serving as amFar’s global fundraising chairman.

The award in Taylor’s name emerges as Project Angel Food celebrates its 25th anniversary. The Los Angeles-based nonprofit agency has delivered over 9 million free healthy meals and provided counseling to those with devastating illnesses.

The 2014 Angel Awards will take place on Sept. 6 at the Project Angel Food headquarters in Los Angeles. The ceremony will feature eats by Govind Armstrong of Post and Beam, Willie Jane and 8 Oz Burger Bar.


Talitha Dina Pol was born in Java, then part of the Dutch East Indies (now Indonesia), daughter of a painter Willem Jilts Pol (1905–88) and Arnoldine Adriana (née Mees).

Her father subsequently married Poppet John (1912–97), daughter of the painter Augustus John (1878–1961), a pivotal figure in the world of “Bohemian” culture and fashion. She was thus the step-granddaughter of both Augustus John and his muse and second wife, Dorothy “Dorelia” McNeil (1881–1969), who was a fashion icon in the early years of the 20th century. By Ian Fleming‘s widowed mother, Evelyn Ste Croix Fleming née Rose, Augustus John had a daughter and Talitha’s aunt, Amaryllis Fleming (1925–1999), who became a noted cellist.


His second marriage was to the Dutch actress, model and style icon Talitha Pol (stepdaughter of Augustus John‘s daughter Poppet) on 10 December 1966. The two posed for an iconic photograph on a roof-top in Marrakesh, Morocco in January 1969. The photo, taken by Patrick Lichfield, shows Talitha Getty crouched down leaning on a wall and her husband in the background in hood and sunglasses. The photo appeared in American Vogue and again in the September 1999 issue of American Vogue and is part of the collection of the National Portrait Gallery in London. Two and a half years after the photo was taken, Talitha died of a heroin overdose on 14 July 1971. She was survived by her son with Getty: Tara Gabriel Gramophone Galaxy Getty (born June 1968), an ecological conservationist in Africa.[5]

His personal fortune was estimated as about £1.6 billion. He donated significant support for the National Gallery, the British Museum, the British Film Institute, Hereford Cathedral, St Paul’s Cathedral, the Imperial War Museum, and St. James Catholic Church.[1] Some of his donations, especially contributions towards the purchases of Canova‘s The Three Graces by The National Galleries of Scotland[7] and the Madonna of the Pinks by Raphael, foiled acquisition efforts by the J. Paul Getty Museum endowed by his father. In June 2001, he gave £5 million to the Conservative Party. He endowed a charitable trust which supports the arts, conservation and social welfare.

Tara Gabriel Gramophone Galaxy Getty


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A family source said: ‘They are an amazingly tough family. John Paul has been on the brink before but — like his father and his grandfather — he is tough as old boots.’

The Getty family — ­including his younger siblings, Aileen, Mark, Ariadne and Tara — have been informed, as has his son Balthazar from his marriage to film-maker Martine Zacher.

Friends say that death would be a release for John Paul, who has been confined to a wheelchair for years.

He has suffered scores of health scares when it was thought he wouldn’t pull through. He has to be spoon-fed, has difficulty communicating and has only peripheral vision.

John Paul achieved worldwide attention when he was kidnapped in 1973, when he was just 16. 

He had previously been expelled from St George’s British International School in Rome and his father moved the family to England.

After five months his notoriously tight-fisted grandfather, John Paul Getty Snr, agreed to pay the gang £2.1million which he ordered his grandson to repay with 4 per cent interest a year.


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