Putin Attacks Satanic Liberal Bohemians?

FBI investigators are seen outside the home of Nancy and Paul Pelosi where Paul was the victim of a violent home invasion, Friday October 28, 2022. Flightrisk for Fox News Digital

FBI investigators are seen outside the home of Nancy and Paul Pelosi where Paul was the victim of a violent home invasion, Friday October 28, 2022. Flightrisk for Fox News Digital

FLASH!!! Ten minutes after I posted this I turn on the news to hear that Paul Pelosi was attacked by a intruder who was asking where Nancy was. I was going to post next on the idea Putin could be sending signals to radical Christians who support him – to attack Liberals! Putin is saying, because we do not share a border with Russia, like Ukraine does – does not mean HE can not hurt us – and his religious guru – Killer Kirill.


“Putin attacked the West’s liberalism, saying that, unlike Russia, it had turned away from “traditional” and “religious” values.

At one point in the speech, in which Putin announced Russia was annexing four regions of Ukraine, he asked the assembled dignitaries if they wanted “children to be offered sex-change operations”, a practice he implied was widespread in the West.

In his two decades in power, Putin has routinely promoted what he says are “traditional values” and suppressed LGBTQ rights through a number of laws and by backing ultra-conservative movements and initiatives. (Reporting by Reuters; Editing by Kevin Liffey)


“I want women, doctors, local political leaders,”

Posted on October 26, 2022 by Royal Rosamond Press

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Who saw this coming? I turned on my T.V. this morning and beheld a minister talking about Gog, Magog, and Revelations. He says Russia is not going to play a part in the war against a vast army. How does he know? When Revelations was written, the Atomic Bomb did not exist? Why didn’t God – see Hiroshima coming? Putin is threatening to use Atom Bombs on Americans. Will he Nuke Portland, a world capitol of Satanic Liberalism? Will the hoards of homeless folks – be put out of their misery? Where is Earthly Moralism in all this? A billion people will die – if God gets His way! Does Putin back God’s Way? What does Putin mean by Neo-Liberalism? It’s hard to tell. Shouldn’t a hundred Republican Lawmakers running for office – get on this – be the Worldly Interpreters of Armageddon come true?


Yesterday, I went to hear Democrats on the UofO campus. Bernie Sanders and Tina Kotek spoke. I studied the innocent faces of the five hundred students that waited an hour to hear politicians who are supposed to have the answers for our problems. They did not grow up in the Cold War like Bernie and I did. .Do they have a clue why their lives can be snuffed out in half an hour – if Putin launches missiles? Perhaps the three women running for Governor of Oregon can hold a debate, and discuss why they deserve to be burned all’ve? Christian Drazan lauds her Christianity in her campaign. How many students who are on the Phil Knight Team – whether they want to be – know millions of Christians WANT Armageddon to happen because they believe their names are written in The Book of Life?

Hey! I found that preacher! Does Doug and Putin believe there is NO WAY to prevent the War of Armageddon that will result in – THE DEATH OF A MILLION FETUSES IN THE WOMB? How many Christian Swing Voters decided to vote the Republican Ticket – TO SHORE UP the odds of their name – remaining in the Book of Life? With Putin, the Devout Christian, making threats to nuke the enemies of God, the Republican Party just might Fear-Harvest enough votes to win in key States. What does Tina Kotek, Betsey Johnson, Christine Drazan – THINK? Shouldn’t they address the Future of our Young People? There might not be a solution for the Homeless, unless, they get their name in….


Is it possible that many Republican see the Democrats as Satan’s Vast Hoard that will do battle in America? Are we looking at REAL RELIGIOUS TERRORISM?

John ‘The Nazarite’

Putin Plays Nuclear Mind Games

Posted on October 28, 2022 by Royal Rosamond Press

For over a year I’ve wondered if Putin is reading my blog – and reacting! What other news media – GOT IT RIGHT – that there is a Mind Game to be played? Biden has joined in.

John Presco

‘I did that on purpose’: Putin’s bizarre joke about nuclear armageddon




This content was produced in Russia where the law restricts coverage of Russian military operations in Ukraine.

MOSCOW, Sept 30 (Reuters) – Russian President Vladimir Putin said the West was “satanic” and rejected “moral norms” in a combative speech delivered from the Kremlin on Friday.

Putin attacked the West’s liberalism, saying that, unlike Russia, it had turned away from “traditional” and “religious” values.

At one point in the speech, in which Putin announced Russia was annexing four regions of Ukraine, he asked the assembled dignitaries if they wanted “children to be offered sex-change operations”, a practice he implied was widespread in the West.

In his two decades in power, Putin has routinely promoted what he says are “traditional values” and suppressed LGBTQ rights through a number of laws and by backing ultra-conservative movements and initiatives. (Reporting by Reuters; Editing by Kevin Liffey)

Former Vice President Mike Pence warned Republicans on Wednesday about a growing movement of “unprincipled populism” in the GOP and conservative “apologists” to Putin who have defended Russian President Vladimir Putin or dismissed the war he’s waged against Ukraine.

During a speech at the Heritage Foundation, a Washington DC-based conservative think tank, Pence spoke on the current state of the Republican Party as it enters “a new era,” appearing to make a reference to the party’s transformation, largely led by Donald Trump, The Associated Press reported.

“Our movement cannot forsake the foundational commitment that we have to security, to limited government, to liberty, and to life. But nor can we allow our movement to be led astray by the siren song of unprincipled populism that’s unmoored from our oldest traditions and most cherished values,” he said, according to The AP. “Let me say: This movement and the party that it animates must remain the movement of a strong national defense, limited government, and traditional moral values and life.”

Pence also criticized the group of Republicans who have defended Russia’s war in Ukraine or dismissed it by arguing the US should stay out of foreign affairs.

“As Russia continues its unconscionable war of aggression to Ukraine, I believe that conservatives must make it clear that Putin must stop and Putin will pay,” he added. “There can be no room in the conservative movement for apologists to Putin. There is only room in this movement for champions of freedom.”

Though Pence did not name specific Republicans, several members of the GOP, including Trump, have at least once expressed hesitance over US involvement in Ukraine or complimented Putin for his approach in Ukraine.

“So, Putin is now saying, ‘It’s independent,’ a large section of Ukraine. I said, ‘How smart is that?’ And he’s gonna go in and be a peacekeeper. That’s (the) strongest peace force,” Trump told The Clay Travis & Buck Sexton Show, a conservative podcast, just days before Russia invaded Ukraine.

Earlier this week, House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy told Punchbowl News that lawmakers may not sign off on more aid to Ukraine if Republicans take back the House in the upcoming midterm elections.




Amajority of American voters believe seeking to remove Russian President Vladimir Putin from power is a “reasonable objective,” according to a new survey conducted exclusively for Newsweek.

If Vladimir Putin really does have no intention of deploying nuclear weapons in Ukraine, President Joe Biden asked Thursday, then “why does he keep talking about it?”

After weeks of threats from Moscow and fears of escalation in the conflict, the Russian leader had earlier in the day played down the idea of the Kremlin taking such a drastic step.

But Biden expressed skepticism and criticized Putin for what he called “dangerous” brinkmanship.

“I think if he has no intention, why does he keep talking about it? Why does he talk about the ability to use a tactical nuclear weapon?” Biden told NewsNation in an interview late Thursday in Syracuse, New York.

“He’s been very dangerous with how he’s approached this, and he should just get out — he could end this all, get out of Ukraine,” Biden added.

The president was responding to comments made by the Russian leader in a typically grandiose speech Thursday that lasted more than three hours and covered topics ranging from culture wars to the Kremlin’s invasion of its neighbor.


Russian fighters serving in the Ukrainian armed forces are vowing to use a future victory in Ukraine as a springboard to collapse President Vladimir Putin‘s regime in Russia, a spokesperson for one unit has told Newsweek.

AP Photo/Susan Walsh

Here in Thailand, I can watch Tucker Carlson (and others) on YouTube about an hour after their shows finish. I usually watch Tucker, and recently, he expressed his viewthat Joe Biden’s disastrous Ukraine policy might be driving Vladimir Putin to the use of nuclear weapons.  Carlson isn’t the only one who has suggested this possibility.  If it’s true, it should be truly frightening to all of us.

Nuclear war talk is neither fun nor funny.  Some commentators are even suggesting we are closer to a nuclear holocaust than at any time since the Cuban missile crisis of 1962.  This is…horrifying to contemplate.  Let us hope it is not so.

Will there really be a nuclear war?

What most concerns me is, are there, any longer, anylimits to what Joe Biden and the Left will do to accomplish whatever nefarious goals they have?  Do they have anymoral boundaries whatsoever besides the ones they draw?

Most people have a moral stopping point, a line they will not cross.  The problem is, to the Left, it’s totally subjective for each individual.  Every one decides for themselves.  Once you dismiss an absolute moral standard, this is where you end up.  And some people will continue to push the line farther and farther away from any standard.  I believe in God and absolutes.  I stand EXACTLY where I did 50 years ago because truth does not change, is not subject to the whims of time or the diktats of human-fashioned ethics. 100 years ago, abortion was baby-killing, and it’s baby-killing today.  But again, when you leave an absolute boundary, where do you stop?

Why not nuclear war?

Once you abandon absolute morality for ethical subjectivism, then “every man does that which is right in his own eyes.”  Everybody has their own moral code and limitations, or lack thereof.  One person stops at G, another person stops at L, the next person stops at P, another at Y, another at FF, another at MMM, ad infinitum.  Who determines who is right and who is wrong?  It becomes totally relative and arbitrary.  


As Elon Musk Purges Twitter, One Big Name Says He’s Coming BackSpencer Brown

Now, the question is, where does Joe Biden stop?  DOES he stop at any point?  He certainly has given no indication yet that he has any moral limitations.  Will he halt before nuclear war?  We won’t know unless and until he does because we have no clue what his boundaries are.

Biden apparently wants to topple Putin.  That appears to be his objective; he has even said as much.  Is there any point beyond which Biden will not go to accomplish his purpose, or will he do anything, including risk destroying America, to remove Putin from power?

My concern is, since the Left has rejected absolute morality, there is nothing, short of force, that will hinder them from trying to achieve whatever they wish.  Theycreate their own moral system as they go along, based upon their own vision of what they think is best for themselves and humanity.  And since they are in power now, nothing can stop them from pushing the boundaries well beyond any absolute.

Look at how they refuse to stop.  Abortion has gone from being a crime, to being “safe and rare,” to being allowable now for any reason, up to and even beyond birth.  Ten years ago, FIVE years ago, pedophilia was heinous, and we never would have tolerated, or even dreamed of, the child mutilation that the Democrats now assiduously defend.  Drag queens in front of children, totally open borders, pregnant men, climate change rhetoric and demands becoming more and more severe (electric cars by 2035, eating bugs)…where are these people going to stop?  Will nuclear war deter them?  I don’t know.  That’s what scares me.  NOBODY knows.

The Left keeps pushing the limits of morality farther and farther away from decency and normality.  Relativists Mao and Stalin can kill 50+ million of their own people.  Relativist Xi Jinping can turn a virus loose on humanitythat kills millions and destroys countless lives, and yet he will (probably) soon become dictator for life of the most populous country in the world.  So, if relativist Biden wants to push Putin into a nuclear war….

Why not?  

Biden is a liberal who believes in ethical subjectivism,and that means the only line he will draw morally is where he wants to draw it.  Morality has become what Joe Biden and the Left says it is.  And it changes frequently because they have no God other than themselves.  Biden has proven such by his rejection of his Church’s teaching on abortion.  He will go along with the Catholic Church when the CHURCH agrees with HIM.  “Hey, God, you need get in linehere, listen to US, do what WE say.”  

But unlike your common, every day, run-of-the-millamoral liberal, Joe Biden is President of the most powerful country in the world, controlling perhaps the most powerful military.  

And lots of nukes.

Could there actually be a nuclear war today?  As terrifying as that thought is, the answer is “yes,” it is possible because there are no limitations on today’s liberal morality, no boundary they will not cross, absolutely nothing they think is “wrong” if it will usher in whatever socialist utopia they have in mind (never forget Stalin and Mao, et al).  The only “evil” that exists is whatever they say is evil, and they will often lie and make something up (white supremacy, climate change) if they think it will help them obtain and keep power.  And once they have it, they are showing, very clearly, they have no scruples, no conscience, no moral stopping point.

A man who believes in murdering babies and mutilating children…where will a man like that draw the line?  Only where he wants to.  Or is forced to.  Maybe not even at nuclear war.

Is the American Left finally catching up with Stalin and Mao?

Mark Lewis is a native Texan currently living in Thailand.  His first book, Whitewater, a western novel, was recently published, and is available at Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and Eliva.com.  His second book, River Bend, will be out soon.  And check out his new blog at thailandlewis.blogspot.com.

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