General Von Trump, ISIS, Gone With Wind

A Russian diplomat said Russia is rooting for The Return of Trump. Putin and Donald – are on the ropes! THEIR DREAMS are being dashed upon the rocks by THE SAME DEMOCRAT MAN. I read some folks want Clarence Thomas – DEAD! Does Putin want him – ALIVE?

Rosamond Press


I awoke, and heard that the leader of ISIS was going to be killed, soon. I was going to blog on this strange ‘Gone With the Wind’ connection’ and Trump’s appointment of Myron Ebell, that has created a Doomsday scenario. Then, I read an article on Mosul. Add to this the Trump transition that has been described as a “knife fight” and you see the similarities between ISIS and Caesar Von Trump. The Trumpites are not in office, and already they are omitting waves of anxiety and foreboding. There will be blood!

They are like the Enemy at the Gate. They have holy men, Mullahs, who can’t wait to get inside the great city and start converting the non-believers who dare slime the Greatest Story Ever Told. Saint Huckabee and Sarah Rouge Neck, will help restore Tara, rebuild the Mighty Plantation that Barack Obama burned down in his march to the…

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I am an artist, a writer, and a theologian.
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