General Von Trump, ISIS, Gone With Wind

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I awoke, and heard that the leader of ISIS was going to be killed, soon. I was going to blog on this strange ‘Gone With the Wind’ connection’ and Trump’s appointment of Myron Ebell, that has created a Doomsday scenario. Then, I read an article on Mosul. Add to this the Trump transition that has been described as a “knife fight” and you see the similarities between ISIS and Caesar Von Trump. The Trumpites are not in office, and already they are omitting waves of anxiety and foreboding. There will be blood!

They are like the Enemy at the Gate. They have holy men, Mullahs, who can’t wait to get inside the great city and start converting the non-believers who dare slime the Greatest Story Ever Told. Saint Huckabee and Sarah Rouge Neck, will help restore Tara, rebuild the Mighty Plantation that Barack Obama burned down in his march to the sea. You better believe he has his false prophets by his side, those Chicken Littles that cried;

“The planet is warming! The icecaps are melting!”

Here are the Holy Scriptwriters of Breitbart laying down their Doomsday scenario. We are reading War Propaganda. When Trump marches down Pennsylvania Avenue, he will be doing General Patton – THE SAVIOR OF AMERICA. He will be Caesar surrounded by his children, the only ones he can trust. There can only be one Savior.

It is rumored Ivanka talked her father out of carrying one of Patton’s pistols he bought at auction with him when he went to the 21 Club to eat a bloody steak. He was hoping some thug would come in and try to rob the place, take money from the rich and give it to the poor – bastards!

“The object is to disinherit and eradicate the historical memory and distinctive culture of millions of Americans. It is a second scorched-earth devastation of the South, cultural this time rather than material. This is Obama’s March to the Sea.”

Tara means earth, and is a mythical place. Rouge Tara means “red earth” which is the name of Adam. As I have pointed out, over and over again, Myths and Legends rule our lives, and motivates ISIS. Consider Sleeping Southern Belle and the promise ‘The South will rise again!” O.K…………rise already! Who’s stopping you from being great again?

“When it comes to the Left, it is always only a matter of time before they show their fascist colors. We’re seeing it all over the place in a media frenzy that began with a cause I agree with (removing Confederate Flags from state capitols) into what is now a full-blown mob waging a bullying witch hunt to completely memory-hole the flag.

Wednesday, the thing that you believe could never happen, did happen: a New York film critic has called for the banning of The Greatest Movie Ever Made.

In just three days, the left’s mob mentality took us from removing the Rebel Flag from a state capitol to banning “Gone with the Wind.”

Breibart says Lincoln and King George III if Britain acted in the same manner. And thus, if the Flag of Glory is ripped down, should not patriotic men be allowed to smash the Lincoln Monument to smitherines with sledge hammers?

Von Trump said he would get rid of all the Generals. Why? Because he is a Military Genius just itchen to prove this is ‘The God’s Truth’. We are just pawns in his game. There will be no gods before him.

Jon Presco

“Why did the South, then, not have the right to secede in turn from a Union grown intolerable to it, with Abraham Lincoln assuming the role of George III?”

“Former House Speaker Newt Gingrich is calling for the creation of a new House Committee on Un-American Activities, invoking the infamous “Red Scare”-era congressional body as a blueprint for weeding out American ISIS adherents and sympathizers.”

Trump has vowed to withhold millions of dollars in taxpayer money if cities don’t cooperate with his plans to deport illegal immigrants.

Portland is among about 18 US cities that are designated “sanctuary cities,” meaning they follow certain procedures to shelter illegal immigrants in some way. There’s no legal definition of sanctuary city.

“Google blocked digital ads that showed the flag and manufacturers pledged to stop producing it. But Nazi and Communist flags continue to be marketed on many American websites. At the outer fringe of irrationality, film critic Lou Lumenick, in the Washington Post, made a scathing attack on Gone With the Wind, the most iconic American film of the first half of the 20th century.”

If ISIS’ oppressive rule had been unbearable when the group was at its most powerful, it became even worse under its decline as U.S.-backed Iraqi military forces drew closer, according to former Mosul residents. The jittery militants turned harshly on the civilians they had once tried to recruit.To be sure, life in Mosul had been as difficult as ISIS had been severe. The militants forced male residents to wear their beards long and their trousers short — an indication of piety among very conservative Muslims. Women were made to cover their faces entirely, said Mahren Jassimi Abdullah, 60, who arrived at the Khazer Camp for displaced people from eastern Mosul on Friday.

“We expected that they would cancel them,” said Qusay Mohammed, 30, a local police officer who escaped slaughter by hiding in abandoned homes until he could make a break for it. “They’re the kind that would stab you in the back.”

Qusay Mohammed and other former residents said that ISIS was suspicious that the soldiers and police would join the invading Iraqi military once they closed in on the city.

But the jihadis’ mounting paranoia didn’t end with ex-officers. As the Iraqi military drew closer, the group became increasingly suspicious of ordinary residents.

“They were afraid to let people get close to them,” Qusay Mohammed said. “They would keep people at a distance scared that [the civilians] would kill them.”

It was around then that city residents noticed an even more profound change: Suddenly, the wizened older ISIS members, many of them foreigners, disappeared from the city streets. In their wake, they left teenage locals whom they recruited into their ranks.

“The elders escaped. They took their families and their money and left,” said Jebril Shehada Abdullah, 28, a former police officer, who speculated that the older fighters had left for Syria or Turkey. “They left only the young guys. They were all locals who were deceived.”

Flags, statues, church windows, street names, films, novels, even an elementary school in California named after Robert E Lee – all are threatened with being swept into oblivion by a tsunami of destructive liberal triumphalism. The object is to disinherit and eradicate the historical memory and distinctive culture of millions of Americans. It is a second scorched-earth devastation of the South, cultural this time rather than material. This is Obama’s March to the Sea.

While your supporters are trashing the monuments and reputations of the forefathers of so many Americans, Barack, you might just want to remind us again which state of the Union, north or south, your ancestors resided in during the traumatic years 1861- 1865? Or did Kenya not have a dog in that fight? The Confederacy was not a callous conspiracy to enforce slavery, but a patriotic and idealistic cause for which 490,000 men were killed, wounded or taken captive. The Civil War was not fought over slavery, but in defence of states’ rights. As for secession, the very existence of the United States derived from its secession from the British Crown. Why did the South, then, not have the right to secede in turn from a Union grown intolerable to it, with Abraham Lincoln assuming the role of George III?

If the Confederate flag is finally going to be consigned to museums as an ugly symbol of racism, what about the beloved film offering the most iconic glimpse of that flag in American culture?

I’m talking, of course, about “Gone with the Wind,’’ which won a then-record eight Academy Awards, including Best Picture of 1939, and still ranks as the all-time North American box-office champ with $1.6 billion worth of tickets sold here when adjusted for inflation.

President-elect Donald Trump has made no secret of his disdain for the Environmental Protection Agency, saying the regulations it has put out under President Obama are “a disgrace.” He has vowed to roll back Obama’s signature effort to reduce greenhouse-gas emissions, known as the Clean Power Plan, and to scrap a litany of other “unnecessary” rules, especially those imposed on the oil, gas and coal sectors.

The man planning how a Trump administration can obliterate Obama’s environmental legacy is Myron Ebell, a Washington fixture who has long been a cheerful warrior against what he sees as an alarmist, overzealous environmental movement that has used global warming as a pretext for expanding government. Ebell has argued for opening up more federal lands for logging, oil and gas exploration and coal mining, and for turning over more permitting authority to the states. And he has urged the Senate to vote to reject an international climate accord signed last year in Paris.

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