Evangelical President – Flees NATO Meeting – In Tears!

Too many evangelicals and Republicans are backing Putin who is guilty of war crimes and terrorism.

Rosamond Press

Not able to govern at home or abroad, the Evangelical Messiah threw a sissy-fit, and fled for home so he can get in a Holy Huddle Cuddle – and stroked! This evil crud who works for Putin, called Trudeau “two-faced”. Look at the company he keeps! How many of Trump’s buddies have ended up in jail. Were they hand-picked by Jesus, too?

What we saw yesterday in the testimony of Constitutional scholars, is the Evangelical Presidency is above all laws – including the Ten Commandments. Billy Bush says he was “taken out” by Democrats. Getting caught, is now a forgivable sin.

Another Fat Slob has joined in on the Hate&Slander Fest instigated by the Fat Blob, Kim Hafner.

John Presco







Trump Trashes Sir Ian Easton’s Work

Defense Secretary Robert M. Gates, United Kingdom’s Secretary of State…

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