The Wold Is Mine

Everything points to the truth – I am John Clayton who is a grandfather of James Bond, created by my kin, Ian Fleming, via Elizabeth Rosemond Taylor. Liz is a cousin of my adoptive mother, June Rosamond Rice, who married, Vincent Rice, a cousin of Edgar Rice Burroughs. I found Phillip Farmer after I made my Muse, Rena Easton, Rosamond Greystoke. Rena is the inspiration for my Bond book ‘The Royal Janitor’. She is my model for my painting of ‘Rosamond Clifford, who mother was a Toney. This Wold Crossover became manifest when I made Vincent my adoptive father – I having no idea of the existence of Farmer.

What we have here, is proof there was, and is, a LITERARY DESTINY that was mine to fulfill, and, this destiny was stolen from me – along with my offspring! I am kin to the Clifford Family. My Grail Letter To A Judge – is part of the Wold Construct. I will be contacting Win Scott Eckert, who I am sure would like to examine – my entire blog, Royal Rosamond Press – because there is something going on here that I first noticed when I belonged to groups that studied Bargeant and Leigh.

Vincent Rosamond Rice

Win Scott Eckert – Wikipedia

Wold Newton family – Wikipedia

Setting The Clock of God | Rosamond Press

About the Book

Through the tales of Edgar Rice Burroughs, generations of readers have thrilled to the adventures of Lord Greystoke (aka John Clayton, but better known as Tarzan of the Apes). In this biography Philip José Farmer pieces together the life of this fantastic man, correcting Burroughs’s errors and deliberate deceptions and tracing Tarzan’s family tree back to other extraordinary figures, including Sherlock and Mycroft Holmes, the Scarlet Pimpernel, Doc Savage, Nero Wolfe, and Bulldog Drummond.Tarzan Alive offers the first chronological account of Tarzan’s life, narrated in careful detail garnered from Burroughs’s stories and other sources. From the ill-fated voyage that led to Greystoke’s birth on the isolated African coast to his final adventures as a group captain in the RAF during World War II, Farmer constructs a comprehensive and authoritative account. Farmer’s assertion that Tarzan was a real person has led him to craft a biography as well researched and compelling as that of any character from conventional history. This definitive Bison Books edition also includes Farmer’s “Exclusive Interview with Lord Greystoke” as well as “Extracts from the Memoirs of ‘Lord Greystoke’” first anthologized in Mother Was a Lovely Beast.

Tarzan Alive: A Definitive Biography of Lord Greystoke – Wikipedia

The Wold Newton Universe – Family Trees (

bondfamily.gif (825×1041) (

The James Bond Chronology and Genealogy (

Holy Grail Authors | Rosamond Press

Geni – Ralph de Greystoke (1353-1418)- Ravensworth

Ralph de Greystoke, 3rd Lord Greystoke was born on 18 October 1353 at Kirkby Ravensworth, Yorkshire, England.
He was the son of William de Greystoke, 2nd Lord Greystoke.

1 He married Katherine de Clifford, daughter of Roger de Clifford, 5th Lord Clifford and Maud de Beauchamp.

Sir William de GREYSTOKE Lord Greystoke [Parents] 1, 2, 3, 4 was born 6 Jan 1321 in Grimsthorpe, Lincolnshire, England. He died 10 Jul 1359 in Brancepeth, Durham, England. William married Joan FITZ HENRY on Oct 1351 in Kirkby Ravensworth, North Riding, Yorkshire, England.

Other marriages:
LUCY, Lucy de

Joan FITZ HENRY [Parents] 1, 2, 3 was born 1333 in Ravensworth, North Riding, Yorkshire, England. She died 1 Sep 1403 in Clerkenwell, Middlesex, England. Joan married Sir William de GREYSTOKE Lord Greystoke on Oct 1351 in Kirkby Ravensworth, North Riding, Yorkshire, England.

Other marriages:
LUCY, Anthony de Lord Lucy
REDMAN, Matthew Knight

They had the following children:

M i Sir Ralph de GREYSTOKE Lord Greystoke was born 18 Oct 1353 and died 6 Apr 1418.
M ii William de GREYSTOKE 1 was born 1355 in Greystoke, Cumberland, England.
F iii Alice de GREYSTOKE was born 1357 and died 1380.
M iv Robert de GREYSTOKE 1 was born 1359 in Greystoke, Cumberland, England.

11. BARON WILLIAM11 DE GREYSTOKE (Ralph10, Robert FITZ RALPH9, Ralph FITZ WILLIAM8, William FITZ RALPH7, Ralph FITZ WILLIAM6, William FITZ RALPH5, Ralph4, Ralph FITZ WILLIAM3, William FITZ ULF2, Ulf1), son of (10) Baron Ralph10 and (CC-6) Alice (de AUDLEY), was born on 6 Jan. 1320/1 in Grimthorpe[12], died on 20 July 1359 in Brancepeth, Durham, England[12] and was buried in Aug. 1359 in Greystoke[12]. He married circa 9 Oct. 1351, (OE-4) JOAN FITZ HENRY[12], daughter of (OE-3) Sir Henry and Joan (de FOURNEUX), who died on 1 Sept. 1403 in Clerkenwell, Middlesex, England[12]. [15, 33]

Child: + 12 i. RALPH12, 3RD LORD GREYSTOKE, bp. on 18 Oct. 1353 in Kirkby, Ravensworth, Yorkshire, d. on 6 April 1418; m. (P-85) KATHERINE DE CLIFFORD.


Generation Twelve

12. RALPH12 DE GREYSTOKE, 3RD LORD GREYSTOKE (William11, Ralph10, Robert FITZ RALPH9, Ralph FITZ WILLIAM8, William FITZ RALPH7, Ralph FITZ WILLIAM6, William FITZ RALPH5, Ralph4, Ralph FITZ WILLIAM3, William FITZ ULF2, Ulf1), son of (11) Baron William11 and (OE-4) Joan (FITZ HENRY), was christened on 18 Oct. 1353 in Kirkby[12], and died on 6 April 1418[12]. He married of Brough Castle, Westmorland, England, (P-85) KATHERINE DE CLIFFORD of Ravensworth, daughter of (P-80) Roger of Westmorland, 5th Lord Clifford and (DO-18) Maud (de BEAUCHAMP), who was born circa 1369, and died on 23 April 1413[5]. [13, 34, 8, 7]

Children: + 13 i. MAUD13, b. circa 1340; m. (AC-11) EUDO DE WELLES.

+ 14 ii. BARON JOHN, b. before 1390, d. on 8 Aug. 1436; m. (NV-32) ELIZABETH DE FERRERS.

Sir William FitzRalph DE GREYSTOKE 2nd Baron de Greystoke

Born: 6 Jan 1320-1321, Grimthorpe, Lincolnshire, England Christened: 6 Jan 1320-1321, Grimthorpe, Lincolnshire, England Married: Abt Oct 1351, Bracepeth, Northumberland, England Died: 10 Jul 1359, Brancepeth Castle, Durham, England Buried: Aug 1359, Greystoke Church, Durham, England

Ancestral File Number: 9HS4-VT.

General Notes: BARONY OF GREYSTOKE (II) 1323 WILLIAM (DE GREYSTOKE), LORD GREYSTOKE, and LORD FITZWILLIAM, son and heir, born and baptized at Grimthorpe, 6 January 1320/1. On 1 May 1342 the King took his homage and he had livery of his father’s lands. He was about to go to Brittany with William de Bohun, Earl of Northampton, in 1342. In 1344/5 he entailed all, or nearly all, his manors. In 1345 he was about to go to Gascony with Ralph, Baron Stafford. On 24 Jan. 1346/7 the King, took his fealty and he had livery of the lands which Elizabeth late the wife of Robert fitz Ralph, his grandfather, had held in dower of his inheritance, his homage being respited; the King took his homage, 20 August 1347. He was at the siege of Calais in 1347. He was summoned to a great Council, 15 July 1353, and to Parliament from 20 November 1348 to 15 December 1357, by writs directed Willelmo de Creystok’ or (on and after 25 November 1350, Willelmo Baroni de Greystok’. In October 1351 he was going beyond seas in the company of Henry, Duke of Lancaster. On 5 October 1353 he had licence to crenellate his dwelling-house of Greystoke. He was appointed a commissioner to treat concerning the release of the King of Scots, 15 October 1353, and again 18 June 1354. On 28 September 1354 he was appointed Captain of Berwick-on-Tweed, as from Michaelmas following, till Michaelmas 1355. On 16 February 1357/8 he was pardoned for having, when Captain, withdrawn from the town, without the King’s orders, in consequence of which the town was captured by the Scots: because he had left the town only in order to accompany the King in his expedition to France and had served throughout that expedition. He married, 1stly, Lucy, daughter of Sir Anthony de Lucy, of Cockermouth, Cumberland [LORD Lucy]. She died s.p.m., and was buried in Neasham Priory. He married, 2ndly, about October 1351, Joan, daughter of Sir Henry FITZ HENRY “of Ravensworth,” by Joan, sister and coheir of William DE FOURNEUX, of Carlton in Lindrick, Kingston, and Botharnsall, Notts, and Beighton, co. Derby, and younger daughter of Sir Richard DE FOURNEUX, of the same. He died 10 July 1359, at Brancepeth, aged 38 years, and was buried in Greystoke Church. M.I. His widow’s dower was ordered to be assigned, 8 Octtober 1359, and on 13 November 1363 she had livery of the knights’ fees and advowsons of her dower, which were assigned to her by the King. She married, 2ndly (pardon for marrying without royal licence, 29 April 1366), Sir Anthony de Lucy knight, of Cockermouth, Cumberland [LORD Lucy], who died 19 August or 16 September 1368, in the Holy Land. She married, 3rdly, before 6 May 1378, Sir Matthew REDMAN knight, of Levens, Westmorland, who died about 1390. She died at Clerkenwell, 1 September 1403, and was buried there. [Complete Peerage VI:192-4, (transcribed by Dave Utzinger)] Note: My count of the Baronage 4th vs. 2nd is different than CP. William de Greystock, 4th baron, b. 1321, summoned to parliament from 20 November, 1348, to 15 December, 1357. This nobleman served in France under the Black Prince. He obtained permission to make a castle of his manor house at Greystock, and was constituted governor of Berwick; but during his governorship, being commanded to attend, personally, King Edward into France, Berwick fell into the possession of the Scots, whereupon the king was much offended; it being clearly proved, however, that Lord Greystock was absent on no other occasion, he obtained his pardon at the request of Queen Philippa. His lordship m. 1st, Lucy de Lucie, dau. of Lord Lucie, from whom he was divorced, without issue. He m. 2ndly, Joane, dau. of Lord Fitz-Hugh, by whom (who m. after his decease, Anthony de Lucie, and Sir Matthew Redman, Knt.), he had issue, Ralph, his successor, William and Robert, and a dau. Alice, m. Sir Robert de Harrington, and d. s. p. He d. 10 July, 1359, and was s. by his eldest son, Ralph de Greystock, 5th baron. [Sir Bernard Burke, Dormant and Extinct Peerages, Burke’s Peerage, Ltd, London, 1883, p. 254, Greystock, Barons Greystock]

Marriage Information: William married Joan FITZ HENRY, daughter of Henry FITZ HENRY of Ravensworth, Sir and Joan DE FOURNEUX, about Oct 1351 in , Bracepeth, Northumberland, England (Joan FITZ HENRY was born about 1335 in Ravensworth, Yorkshire, England and died on 1 Sep 1403 in Clerkenwell, London, Middlesex, England.)…read moreView All

Immediate Family

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Rosamond Clifford Dew

Posted on October 31, 2019 by Royal Rosamond Press

What are the odd that I would find the name Rosamond in the genealogy of Robert Dew who is the father of my unborn granddaughter that I wanted to be named after My mother, Rosemary Rosamond, and aunt, Lillian Rosamond. This is pure prophecy! What more could a father-writer ask for! I m positive the Dews did not know they were kin to royalty.

John Presco

Copyright 2019

Dew-Hatfield Benham-O’Sullivan Tree
Public Member Tree
5 attached records, 5 sources  
Rosamond Clifford Tomkyns Dew
Birth:  dd mm 1887 – city, London, England
Death:  date – Shropshire, EnglandF:Tomkyns DewM:Ada Isab

Tomkyns Dew

M, #648334Last Edited=14 Oct 2018     Tomkyns Dew is the son of Tomkyns Dew and Anne Styleman. He married Margaret Beatrice Napleton, daughter of Reverend Timothy Napleton and Decima Green.

Children of Tomkyns Dew and Margaret Beatrice Napleton

Setting The Clock of God | Rosamond Press

Augustus John, Ian Fleming, and Ben Toney

Posted on December 30, 2020 by Royal Rosamond Press

Here is The Crux of my stories. My idea for a Netfix series is based upon Herbert Armstrong who helped fund Radio London, that was managed by my late friend, Ben Toney. Koreville Radio will look like a scene straight from ‘The Horses Mouth. There will be sheep and Gypsy wagons around a reconstructed KORE set. There will be clothes drying on the barbed wire. When talking with Michael Powell about the Ken Kesey cottage, I brought up the movie ‘The Horse’s Mouth’ with Alec Guinness. This story is based upon my kin (via Liz Taylor) the artist Augustus John. Kesey was how old? Liz grew up in his home and her uncle sold his art.

They found him floating down the Thames.”

Marriage: Abt. 1895

John Presco

Copyright 2020

Chair For Telemusing | Rosamond Press

Wanton Destruction of Civic Magic | Rosamond Press

The Royal Plantagenets by Ben Toney | Rosamond Press

Rosamond Press

I posted this weeks before Ben Toney died. I wanted him to get a glimpse of how he was going to be remembered. I had come to realize I was involved in a real James Bond assignment which is to save the alliance between and the United States. I threw Holland into the mix, to only learn two days ago the Dutch had their pirate ship.

The making of Bond 25 is – cursed! The muses hate this movie. Violence and murder is not the message God wants to give in regards to solving world problems. In the name of kindred, Ian Flaming – I take over this production and legacy! I pirate it. I board this wreck and raise a United Flag that contains a musical note and a harp!


Ben Toney and Augustus John

Posted onAugust 20, 2018

The Hammer

Posted on March 16, 2021 by Royal Rosamond Press

I told you. I’m like a one man band. I got to do it all. I am the mad prophet of the airwaves, a reporter, and writer of a Bond book. You get your monies worth with me.

Is it possible that God makes earth men that can deflect comets, and drive out a plague, even keep one at bay….and if you attack and harm this guy, he loses his divine power and we all die?

Disguised as a reporter for a small town newspaper, it’s………..?

John ‘King of Bohemians’

Watch Live As Asteroid Has Close Encounter With Earth Days After Discovery (

During its close approach at 12:41a.m. EDT on March 16, 2021 EQ3 is going to pass Earth at a distance of around 0.72 lunar distances, or 172,000 miles.

The Italy-based Virtual Telescope Project is going to be showing the close pass live, starting at 6 p.m. EDT tonight.

Could Putin Launch Another Invasion? (

The Hammer

Posted on October 25, 2020 by Royal Rosamond Press

Chapter One

‘The Hammer and the Hand’


John Presco

Copyright 2020

John Ambrose could not believe his good fortune. On his way to Safeway in his vintage 1972 Ford Truck, he noticed the gate to the grounds of KORE radio was open. Pulling over, he entered what he considered hallowed ground. It was his dream to own this radio station that had been for sale over a year. His heart began to pound when he saw workman hauling boxes out of Armstrong’s old radio station that was just sold. To John’s dismay, it was being torn down. Taking shaky steps towards the dumpster, John knew he must act. He could not stop himself from climbing the built-in ladder. Looking inside, his eyes instantly spotted the handle of an old suitcase. Before he grabbed it, he knew what this suitcase looked like. Getting a firm grip, John gave a mighty tug, and, there was debris and papers flying about him, when he heard a voice!

“Hey! What are you doing! Get out of there!”

John pretended he did not hear the command. With shaking hands, he clicked the clasps, and lifted the lid of the suitcase.

“Holy shit! John said, as he beheld the title of the manuscript………

“The Last Russian Prophecy of Herbert Armstrong.”

Cometh – The Hand of God!

Posted on June 29, 2017by Royal Rosamond Press

Cometh – The Hand of God

The Prophecy of John Ambrose

Copyright 2017

My name is John Ambrose, and this is the prophecy from God that was given unto me in Springfield Oregon. Because the Core Soul of America is being ripped out by False Christian Haters, my hand, and my mouth – is  being forced! Because I love people and animals so much, it grieves me to say the Day of God’s Wrath, is at hand.

In the photograph above, you see me standing in front of KORE radio station that was founded by Herbert Armstrong. Note the atenae coming out the top of my head, and, the dish next to my ear. I am hearing God’s Vocie – directly at times! I am bid to broadcast to you…………..The Truth!

When I was in Saint Vincent de Paul’s on Q Street, I beheld the hat I am wearing. I stared at it for the longest time. Then, I heard the voice of an angel.

“Don the Humble Hat of God, and speak to the People of the Red, White, and Blue!”

Because my Rosamond ancestors were True Patriots, and because the Lord de Rougemont funded Vincent’s mission, I am forced to admit I am a Prophet of God. The first thing God wants you to know, He and Armstrong missed the mark in not foreseeing the fall of the Soviet Empire. God has always admitted His mistakes, so He can make corrections.

Because I am a genealogist of renown, I discovered Donald Trump descends from Catherine the Great, who was a Prussian Princess descended from the oligarchs of Babylon. The Empress of Russia, owned TEN CROWNS. I also descend from Catherine. The question is, does Putin know the hidden pedigree of the President the United States? Is Putin a Svengali, a puppet master, moving Trump towards the Prussian Crown?

I, John Ambrose, suspect President Trump, serves TWO EAGLES. And, in his pocket is one of Catherine the Great’s coins. Other’s are carrying this coin. Mitch McConnell is one coin carrier. I am bid to discover the identity of THE THIRTEEN.

His will, will be done!

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I am an artist, a writer, and a theologian.
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