Adventures of Saint Nick and Barabara

I was awoken at 4:00 A.M. by the idea that Thomas Pynchon wants to be in on the Wold Action. A book, and series came to me….

The Misadventures of Saint Nick and Barabara In The New World

by Thomas Pynchon and Vincent Rosamond Rice

Being abandoned by the Church, and all but excommunicated by the Pope, Nicholas and Barbara find each other in Holland with the Puritan refugees. In a tavern they hear the drunken ranting and raving of ex-Puritan, Solomon Kane, who dare interpret Revelations – when he was sober! Teaming up with the strange and prophetic artist, Hieronymus Bosh, they are warning anyone that will listen a giant asteroid is going to hit Antwerp resulting in a horrific explosion that will take out half of Europe! They call Solomon ‘The Reluctant Messiah’ because when he is not totally smashed, his visions are holy and divine. However, Solomon has taken a cure offered by Bosch that is made from the ergot of rye. Together they speak of a New World beyond the discoveries of Columbus.

Enter Saint Nick, the Sound One of the lot who suggests a Exodus to the Land of California that Juan Cabrillo found – on his first voyage. The Intrepid Four begin to covertly choose those they believe are worthy of being saved. Barbara wants to take her father, even though he is extremely abusive to her and others. She has bonded with her abuser, and believes in a Relocation Cure.

“All he needs – is a second chance. I am certain he will change his evil ways in the new world!”

The Swan Brethren secretly bankroll their adventure and hold a last supper where they dine on swan – and all the wine you can drink! Solomon has one too many – and does his….

“I’m the embodiment of the Arch Angel Michael!”

“Pardon me. I’m just going to remove your goblet!”

Though old in years, no one missed the amorous look Old Nick gave Barbara across the table.

“How long has this been going on?” whispers Bosch in the ear of Gottschalk Rosemond, the Master of Louvain and Falcon Art College.

“The City of Santa Barbara got its name from the early Spanish navigator Juan Cabrillo. On December fourth, the great explorer stopped at a particularly lovely place on the California coast. He chose to name the spot after the patron of that day, Saint Barbara. The island and channel of the same name also got their designations on this occasion. It is fitting that a body of ocean bears her name, as Saint Barbara is also the patron saint of mariners.”

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I am an artist, a writer, and a theologian.
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