The Scallop Eel Wars – Begin!

How I come up with my visions, is simple. I awake and make my way to my stove and put on hot water for coffee. I sit before my computer. Ideas pop into my head. I google, then go to google news. I am in MEDITATION in the Lotus Position of the Mind. I see pictures. Six months ago, Sea Leprechauns kept popping in. Of course I wonder if I have alas – gone insane! I usually pick my canary in the mine. Kim was useful this way – until she turned on me! So did my Muse, Lara Roozemond, who was irate when I posted about Annie and her eels. Look at her tug boat, and the battling scallop boats. My vision has come true! This Sea Battle might spell doom for the European Union. Will there be – war?

This imagery is so Japanese.  These fish and shell wars are so ancient! I suggest a giant tug-of-war across the channel to settle the matter! This is why you need me, a Cultural Bohemian Genius, to put this war – into words – and make peace! Think, tradition, and hire the Rose City Planners!

Below is my post of April 29th. where Victoria gets a letter from Pope Francis congratulating her on bin crowned the Eel Queen of the Nile. 

John Presco 007

“Of course I want several walk-ons as the Wise Fisherman. My talking part is in a fancy London bar chatting up a fine looking babe with a net draped on me. Serena does a double take and keeps on talking. I will also be the Boat House Warden who keeps the Royal Speed Boats in tip-top shape. There will be a contest to spot me. When Serena stops for petrol, I saunter out wearing my net and cork floats.

“Filler er up, or, will you be drifting home on the tide?”

The first time she sees him (me) is late at night. Serena has stopped at a red light in her Jaguar, with the top down. At this hour they are usually flashing. She hears this rushing sound. Looking to her right, she sees a man in rain gear coming her way, leaning into the wind, with sheets of rain rolling off of him. Putting his hands to his mouth, he shouts

“Don’t panic Missy. I’ll go get my tugboat and pull you off rocks!”

Serena watches him walk away leaving a good sized puddle behind. She looks up, holds up the palms of her hand, and doesn’t feel a drop! She reaches for something in the ashtray and throws it into the puddle, where it glows for a little while, then, fizzles out. Serena peels rubber down the street.

Finally, I am The Merlin, who keeps lurking about.

“Look out for that one. He carries a crystal ball!”

It was ruled Sea Leprechauns were the Last Cape Horners, whose powerful will to live kept them alive after death, for a little while. And then, they fade away. This is why they are an endangered species prized by Evangelicals that believe in the Rapture.

CAEN, France — Stone-throwing, insults and dangerous manoeuvres on the high seas: French and British fishermen clashed in the English Channel over a hoard of scallops Tuesday, the latest flare-up in a years-long war over the prized shellfish. The British were heavily outnumbered at five boats to around 35 French vessels, according to maritime official Ingrid Parot, and were eventually chased from the scallop-rich waters of the Baie de Seine area of Normandy.

The skirmish took place more than 12 nautical miles out to sea where the British are legally allowed to fish all year round.

But their French counterparts, restricted to fishing for scallops between October 1 and May 15, have accused the British of depleting stocks and want them to face the same rules.

“The French went to contact the British to stop them working and they clashed with each other. Apparently there was stone-throwing, but no injuries,” said Normandy fishing chief Dimitri Rogoff.

Rogoff said “around 40” French boats had gathered overnight in protest at British “pillaging” of the scallop supply.

Some of the boats rammed others — leaving holes in three vessels, footage from local channel France 3 Normandie showed — as the angry French fishermen threw smoke-bombs and hurled insults at British rivals.

Parot told CBS News partner network BBC News that the situation early Wednesday morning in the channel had become “extremely tense,” and both sides had hurled objects at each other. But she defended sending only one boat to respond to the confrontation, saying “the aim was to stop the tensions from increasing,” but adding that more law enforcement vessels would be sent “if it’s necessary” in any future clashes.

Mike Park, chief executive of the Scottish White Fish Producers Association, said the incident was “high seas piracy” but said the French had agreed to a request for talks.

“We need to decrease tensions in the whole area,” he told the BBC’s Victoria Derbyshire programme.

“We are advising all parties to be calm as from the video clips some vessels are manoeuvring very dangerously,” Barrie Deas, chief executive of Britain’s National Federation of Fishermen’s Organisations, told AFP.

“We have raised the matter with the British government and asked for protection for our vessels which are fishing legitimately,” he added. “The deeper issues behind the clashes should be settled by talking around the table, not on the high seas where people could be hurt.”

Tensions have been high between British and French fishermen for some 15 years over the issue, leading to angry disputes that have been dubbed “Scallop Wars”.

The two sides have reached annual agreements over the past five years but the French blocked a deal this year, according to Rogoff, who said they had had enough.

“For the Brits, it’s an open bar — they fish when they want, where they want, and as much as they want,” he complained.

The problem has grown worse over the past 15 years as English, Scottish and Irish boats have upped their catches considerably, he added.

“We don’t want to stop them from fishing, but they could at least wait until October 1 so that we can share,” he said.

Norman fishermen also complain that the British use much bigger trawlers — 398 feet or more — around double the size of their own, which use more artisan techniques.

The biggest British vessels can freeze the scallops directly on board.

“Scallops are a flagship product for Normandy, a primary resource and a highly sensitive issue,” said Rogoff.


The Eel Queen

The Royal Janitor


Jon Presco

Chapter One

The Eel Queen

After Victoria Bond was crowned Britain’s ‘Eel Queen of the Nile’ she didn’t know what direction her life had taken. The congratulations letter she got from the Pope, confused and alarmed her. As she took in the words of one of the most powerful men on earth, the hair on her arms stood up – and vibrated! This never happened before.

Dear Ms. Bond

I was just as surprised as you to learn there was a secret society called ‘The Sacred Order of the Eel’. It appears that many of the world’s religious mysteries are now being solved. Why no one considered it was an eel that adorned Cleopatra’s crown, is a dereliction of duty. That Alexander the Great was trying to corner the river eel market, makes perfect sense. Who knows how powerful you will become. But, let me remind you what the Roman slave said to the Triumphetor;

“All glory……is fleeting.”

Yours Truly


It was right after this, that the Sea Leprechauns began to appear. They gave Victoria very cryptic messages that she assumed were warnings. Most of them were quite pedestrian. She suspected they were practicing on her, perhaps preparing her for some unseen event. While putting petrol in Greycloud, one of them ( he was wearing a fishing net) gave her some good advice.

“Et twood de ya a wood of goot to attend the Basel Guild parade!”

The next day, she went to see her travel agent, and one of these, things, was sweeping the walkway outside.

“What ever yet dood, dood not goat te Basel Infuct – RUN! Run lassie, as fast as you can!”


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