Musical by Jeff Pasternak

I met Jeff Pasternak once. He approached Marilyn and I at University High School where we hung out by the art room. He met Bryan MacLean. Jeff and Shannon lived across the street from my gallery in the Whitaker.

Return of The Sweet Ride

Posted on March 26, 2018 by Royal Rosamond Press

I have an idea about a movie that will exploit the series Trust. My friend, Jeff Pasternak’s father produced ‘The Sweet Ride’ co-starring Bob Denver from Gilligan’s Island. Michael Wilding plays Mr. Cartwright. His son married Aileen Getty. He is in my family tree because he married Elizabeth Rosemond Taylor.

Jeff tried to get The Doors in his Dad’s Hippie Flic, which describes ‘Trust’ – for me! Of course I am on the side of the Hippie Son, even though I am clean and sober. There is a whole generation that doesn’t have a clue what is going on in ‘Trust’. Why is the dude with stars on his shirt treated like shit? What did he do? Well, look at this trailer.

There is a Woodie in this film. I am going to base a character on Tom Snyder. Tomas von Franz will be a amateur psychiatrist from Berlin who drives a Winnebago up and down the coast giving Hippie and Surfer chics, rides. He offers to fix them – for free. He has a purple velvet antique couch in his trailer. Every episode ends with Tomas hurriedly unplugging his sewer and electric, and peeling rubber, leaving another irate babe standing with her tribe, holding baseball bats. This is liken to The Rockford Files.

“Hey! Come back here! You didn’t fix me. You said you can fix me. Now I’m more fucked up than ever.”

Toby Getrich is constantly having a biker gang kidnap him. But, his billionaire father never pays the full ransom. Instead, Enabler, Gooby Getrich, rents a Bohemian Hot Spot on the Coast, and tells his son;

“I rented the Tiki God Shack. Why don’t you take your loser friends there – and get good and fucked up. It’s on me!”

Rena reminded me of Jaqueline Bisset, who I had a crush on. Rena had a much better body. It was ‘The Death’. I think Jeff would love to play Gooby Getrich. Snyder is going to be taken on the Joy Ride of his life! How can he refuse!

This would make a great Reality Show, shot down in Santa Monica during the summer. Tourism will soar. Spotting (the fake) Thomas Pynchon, will be part of the show.

“Hey, look! Isn’t that Thomas Pynchon?”

“Who the fucks Pynchon?”

Check out the cursing trailer salesman. I want him to play Snyder – the Krazy out of Kontrol Kraut!

Jon Presco

Copyright 2018

Rosamond Press

Alas my old High School chum has his musical ready for market. I wrote him about my musical inspired by Belle Burch, and Jeff Holiday, who invented this yarn about the Whitaker Neighborhood Committee that the Pasternaks revived in 1987.

John Presco

Joe Pasternak – Wikipedia

(1) Max on the Tracks by Jeff Pasternak – YouTube

the rough streets of Hollywood are nothing compared to the music business

Twenty songs, written by Grammy nominated songwriter Jeff Pasternak, drive this tongue-in-cheek musical of a young, talented musician’s search for stardom. THE HOLLYWOOD SURVIVOR is a magical ride with a cast of eclectic characters, and full of twists and turns every step of the way.

A whimsical, supernatural tale of a young songwriter pursuing his dream, breaking away from his wealthy family only to learn the guarded secret tearing the family apart. The songs will keep you rocking, laughing, and crying on…

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