Musical by Jeff Pasternak

Alas my old High School chum has his musical ready for market. I wrote him about my musical inspired by Belle Burch, and Jeff Holiday, who invented this yarn about the Whitaker Neighborhood Committee that the Pasternaks revived in 1987.

John Presco

Joe Pasternak – Wikipedia

(1) Max on the Tracks by Jeff Pasternak – YouTube

the rough streets of Hollywood are nothing compared to the music business

Twenty songs, written by Grammy nominated songwriter Jeff Pasternak, drive this tongue-in-cheek musical of a young, talented musician’s search for stardom. THE HOLLYWOOD SURVIVOR is a magical ride with a cast of eclectic characters, and full of twists and turns every step of the way.

A whimsical, supernatural tale of a young songwriter pursuing his dream, breaking away from his wealthy family only to learn the guarded secret tearing the family apart. The songs will keep you rocking, laughing, and crying on a beautiful, emotional ride. A unique happy ending with a twist allows the audience to draw their own conclusion for the future of THE HOLLYWOOD SURVIVOR

The Hollywood Survivor – a musical by Jeff and Shannon Pasternak

Big Box of Get Down | Rosamond Press

My Big Beautiful Blue Bicycle | Rosamond Press

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  1. Reblogged this on Rosamond Press and commented:

    I met Jeff Pasternak once. He approached Marilyn and I at University High School where we hung out by the art room. He met Bryan MacLean.

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