My Rose Line In Court

After betraying her father so she could be in the rival biography of Christine that was the worst bio ever written and did not sell, my daughter and her boyfriend for two months called me a “parasite”. She refuses to be my Trustee unless I sing an agreement, and get help for my “paranoia” that Vicki and her lying son convinced my minor child I suffer from. They dirtied my daughter, and thus she can not face the truth she betrayed me. “E-mail from Heather Hanson:
I will agree to that if you agree to the following.
a. You will sign a notarized letter stating you will not defame me or anyone I am close to on the Internet or any other form of media. This includes me, Bill, Linda, Flip, my mom, Matt and Katie and Tyler (Internet defamation is illegal and I will not tolerate it)
b. You will remove anything you have published in which you have negated me and others in my life.
c. You apologize for all the horrible things you have said.
d. You get help for what ever condition you have that causes you to be so paranoid, irrational, and abusive.
I trusted you to be in my life. Let you know everything about me and those I am close to and some how, when you get angry, you find a way to twist information and make everyone out to be sick, evil, and abusive. That is not my reality and never has been.”

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scan0068Above is the painting of Godfrey de Bouillon by Claude Vigon that appeared in the book ‘Holy Blood, Holy Grail’. The authors of this book sued Dan Brown for copyright infringement, and lost.

Above is a letter I sent Judge Richard M. Silver who presided over the divorce of the world-famous artist, Christine Rosamond Benton, and her probate. I point out an exact copy of this painting hung in the Benton home. I am a bit cryptic in this letter because I fear the parasites lurking in the wing would take what they want from my efforts, use it in their book – and their movie! Consider how many words they contributed, and how many I have produced before March 5, 1998 – four years before Dan Brown employed a world-famous artist to drop clues there exist a “rose line” that represents a lineage from Mary Magdalene.

Before anyone heard…

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