The Stark Family

Here are the Starks. I have traced them to Hanns Starkh.

John Presco

Hanns Starkh

Gender: Male
Birth: 1550
Gramschatz, Rimpar, Lower Franconia, Bavaria, Germany
Death: 1621 (70)
Gramschatz, Rimpar, Lower Franconia, Bavaria, Germany
Immediate Family: Father of Lorenz Stark

Contributed by, GARY & BRENDA DAHLIN <>
First Generation

Georg (1) STARK

Georg married Maria Katharina SCHNABEL.

They had the following children:

i. Eva. Born on 19 Oct 1796.

ii. Stephan. Born on 29 Jan 1798.

iii. M. Eva Josepha. Born on 19 Mar 1799.

iv. Melchior. Born on 27 Apr 1800.

v. Maria Barbara. Born on 10 Sep 1801.

vi. M. Margarethe. Born on 17 Jan 1803.

* vii. Matthias (Matthaus, Matthew) (1804-1874)

viii. Maria Barbara. Born on 17 Oct 1805.

ix. Anna Maria. Born on 30 Mar 1807.

x. Anna Maria. Born on 9 Mar 1813.

xi. Joseph. Born on 20 Feb 1815 in Gramschatz.

This info came directly from the Bischofliches ordinariat Wurzburg, Germany, obtained by Ted and Carrol Stark.

Second Generation

Matthias (2) STARK — GEORG(1)

Matthias (also spelled Matthaus, Matthew) was born on 10 Apr 1804 in Gramschatz, Germany. Matthias died on 1 Dec 1874, he was 70. It is not known where Matthias is buried because he went on to Nebraska later in life with some friends.  He became ill and died and had to be buried along side the road.  When his family was told, they set out for his body but by then the road was being rebuilt and no body was ever found.
Occupation: A Master Tailor and farmer in Gramschatz, Germany and he farmed in Cedar Rapids, Linn Co., Iowa.

On 15 May 1832 when Matthias was 28, he married Anna Maria BAUER, daughter of Tochter von Valentin BAUER & Maria Katharina DULCH, in Gramschatz, Germany. Anna Maria Bauer was born on 25 Aug 1805.  Anna Maria (also called Mary) is buried in the Stark Cemetery, Cedar Rapids, Iowa.

Matthias and his wife, Anna Maria left Gramschatz, Germany, May 21, 1848 and departed from Bremen, Germany aboard the Bremen Bark Vater Gruner with B. Kehrmann as Master of the ship.  Matthias was 43, Anna 42, Andreas 14, Simon 11, Ann Maria 1, Nicholas 4, Else 2, Dorthea 1, Laurence 16 (Laurence is a nephew to Matthias and is a shoemaker).  They arrived in New York City in May of that year, and after a short stay there came West, via Chicago to Naperville, DuPage Co., Illinois, where they lived for seven years farming.  The Stark’s are listed in the town of Naperville in the County of DuPage in the State of Illinois August 28, 1850 Census.  Matthias filed for Naturalization papers December 8, 1850 in DuPage County, Illinois and was admitted as a Citizen of the United States on April 10, 1851.  The Stark’s left Illinois and arrived in Clinton Township, Linn County, Cedar Rapids, Iowa approximately 1855.

The children of Matthias and Anna Maria:

* i. Andreas (Andrew) (1834-1900)

ii. Simon. Born in 1836 in Gramschatz.

iii. Elizabeth. Born in 1840 in Gramschatz.

iv. Nichlos (Nickolaus). Born in 1843 in Gramschatz.

v. Marie (Maria Therese). Born in 1843 in Gramschatz.

vi. Dorothea (Dorothy). Born in 1847 in Gramschatz.

This info obtained by Ted and Carrol Stark.

Third Generation

Andreas (Andrew) (3) STARK – MATTHIAS(2), GEORG(1)

Andreas was born on 6 May 1834 in Gramschatz, Germany. Andreas (Andrew) died in Cedar Rapids, Iowa on 30 Nov 1900, he was 66 and is buried in the Stark Cemetery, Cedar Rapids, Iowa. Occupation: Farmer.  Andrew was 14 when he left Gramschatz, Germany with his parents and siblings.

On 4 Jul 1855 when Andreas (Andrew) was 21, he married Mary Anna WIENEKE, daughter of Heinrich WIENEKE (1798-7 Mar 1890) & Maria K. (9 Sep 1804-18 Feb 1884). Andrew and Mary were married by Rev. Fr. Kapp at St. Michael’s Church in Chicago, Illinois.  Mary was born on 23 Jan 1832 in Verl, Prussia. Mary Anna died in Cedar Rapids, Iowa on 27 Apr 1922, she was 90.

Mary Ann Wieneke parents, Heinrich Wieneke, he was born in Germany 1798 and died in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, March 7, 1890; and Maria K. was born in Germany, September 9, 1804 and died in  Cedar Rapids, Iowa, February 18, 1884.

They had the following children:

i. Mary Anna. Born on 3 Mar 1856 in Linn Co., Iowa. Mary Anna died in Linn Co., Iowa on 22 Nov 1859, she was 3.

ii. John Henry. Born on 13 Sep 1857 in Linn  Co., Iowa. John Henry died in Linn  Co., Iowa on 31 Oct 1953, he was 96. He married Lena Zieser Michael. Occupation: Farmer.

iii. Ida Catherine. Born on 30 Apr 1859 in Linn  Co., Iowa. Ida Catherine died on 14 May 1935, she was 76. Ida married Adam Friedrich.

iv. George Matthew. Born on 6 Feb 1860 in Linn  Co., Iowa. George Matthew died on 22 Aug 1930, he was 70.  George married Amelia Schrimper.

v. Mary Jane. Born on 24 Apr 1863 in Linn  Co., Iowa. Mary Jane died on 13 Nov 1950, she was 87.

Third Generation

Children of Andreas and Mary Anna continued:

vi. Emma Theresa. Born on 1 Feb 1865 in Linn  Co., Iowa. Emma Theresa died on 20 Feb 1905, she was 40.  Emma married Gottlieb Mueller.

* vii. Frances (Franciska) (1866-1951)(her section to

viii. Elizabeth Mary. Born on 6 Nov 1868 in Linn  Co., Iowa. Elizabeth Mary died on 27 Jan 1959, she was 90.

ix. Charles Henry. Born on 1 Jun 1870 in Linn  Co., Iowa. Charles Henry died on 3 Jul 1954, he was 84. Henry married Edna Gensicke.

x. Philomena. Born on 18 Jun 1872 in Linn  Co., Iowa. Philomena died on 21 Jan 1951, she was 78.
Philomena married Norman Miller.

xi. Matilda Anna. Born on 20 Sep 1874 in Linn  Co., Iowa. Matilda Anna died on 15 Oct 1937, she was 63.

xii. Ralph Allen. Born on 4 Jun 1885 in Linn  Co., Iowa. Ralph Allen died on 15 Nov 1969, he was 84.

This info was received by Ted and Carrol Stark.

Fourth Generation

Frances (Franciska)(4) STARK. Andrew (3), Matthias (2),
Georg (1)

Frances was born on 9 Oct 1866 in Linn Co., Iowa. Frances (Franciska) died in Vermillion, South Dakota on 15 Aug 1951, she was 84. Frances is buried at the Bluff View Cemetery in Vermillion, Clay County, South Dakota, in the Rabusch plot.

Frances (Franciska) first married Charles Karl MORITZ. Charles is buried in Stark Cemetery, Cedar Rapids, IA.

Frances and Charles had the following children:

i. Andrew. Born in 1889 in Vermillion, South
Dakota. Andrew died in Sioux City, IA on 29 Oct 1927, he was 38. Buried in Bluff View Cemetery, Vermillion, SD. Occupation: Farmer.

ii. Henry. Henry was born 11 Jun 1887 in Vermillion, Clay County, South Dakota.   Henry died 23 May 1946 at the age of 58.

iii. Matilda. Born on 10 Aug 1891 in Vermillion, South Dakota. Matilda died in Sioux City, IA on 11 Jun 1960, she was 68.

Frances (Franciska) second married Johannes (John) Nicolaus RABUSCH. On 2 Jan 1900 when Johannes Nicolaus was 32, he married Frances STARK MORITZ, daughter of Andreas(Andrew)STARK 6 May 1834-30 Nov 1900) & Mary Anna WIENEKE(23 Jan 1832-27 Apr 1922), in Vermillion, Clay County, South Dakota.

Johannes (John) Nicolaus RABUSCH. John was born on 4 Sep 1867 in Ahrenholz, Schleswig Holstein, Germany. Johannes Nicolaus died in Vermillion, Clay County, South Dakota in Feb 1918, he was 50. He is buried in Bluff View Cemetery, Vermillion, Clay County, South Dakota in the Rabusch plot. Occupation: Farmer.

John apparently dropped the ‘h’ from his last name.

Below is what I have found on John’s Ancestors:

Hans Joachim RADEBUSCH (RAHBUSCH) Occupation: Farmer.

1Information received from Per Jessen, Researcher.  As recorded at the Archive of Schleswig from the records of Sct. Michaelis Parish, Schleswig.

Hans Joachim married Margaretha REIMER.

They had one child:
i. Juergen Hinrich (1830-1891)

Juergen Hinrich RAHBUSCH.(Hans 1)
1 Born on 11 Jul 1830 in Rade, Germany. Juergen Hinrich died in Ahrenholz, Germany on 15 Jan 1891, he was 60. He was buried on 21 Jan 1891 in Ahrenholz, Germany. Occupation: Farmer, living in Ahrenholz.

This information was received by Per Jessen, Researcher.  The following information was recorded at the Archive in Schleswig.  The marriage record of Juergen Hinrich Radebusch (this spelling was on his birth and marriage record) as recorded at the Sct. Michaelis Parish, Schleswig.

On 25 Jun 1858 when Juergen Hinrich was 27, he married Anna Katharina THIESSEN1, daughter of Jes THIESSEN & Margaretha JESSEN, in Ahrenholz, Germany. Anna was born on 12 Feb 1836 in Ahrenholz, Germany. Anna Katharina died in Ahrenholz, Germany on 3 Jun 1891, she was 55. Anna is buried on 8 Jun 1891 in Ahrenholz, Germany.

Sct. Michaelis Parish, Schleswig – Death record indicates the following:  Widow, living in Ahrenholz.  She was married to pensioner Juergen Hinrich Rahbusch who died 15 Jan 1891.  She is leaving 10 children and died 55 years old.

Juergen and Anna had the following children:
i. Hans Jochim1. Born on 12 Mar 1859.
Never married.

ii. Margaretha Louise. Born on 26 Jan 1861.
Margaretha Louise married CLAUSEN.

iii. Christina. Born on 16 Jan 1863.
Christina married LANGE.

iv. Magdalena. Born on 18 Mar 1864.
Magdalena married PETERS.

v. Anna Maria. Born on 14 Aug 1865. Anna Maria died in 1947, she was 81. Anna Maria married Otto KLINGER. Born in 1864. Otto died in 1943, he was 79.

* vi. Johannes Nicolaus (1867-1918)

vii. Peter Heinrich. Born on 3 Mar 1871.

viii. Juergen Wilhelm. Born on 23 Jan 1873.

ix. Bertha Dorothea. Born on 6 Jul 1875. Bertha Dorothea died in 1947, she was 71.

x. Hermann. Born on 2 Aug 1878. Never married.

xi. Catharine Johanna. Born on 27 Nov 1880. Catharine Johanna died on 9 Apr 1890, she was 9.

All birth records were recorded at the Sct. Michaelis Parish, Schleswig.  Found at the Archive of Schleswig by Per Jessen, Researcher.

John Rabusch and Frances had the following children:

i. Mary A. Born on 30 Nov 1900 in Vermillion, South Dakota.  Mary A. died in Cedar Rapids, Iowa on 10 Jul 1922, she was 21. Buried in Bluff View Cemetery, Vermillion, SD.

ii. Ida Frances. Born 12 March 1903 in Vermillion, South Dakota and died 2 October 1976.  Ida married Albert Girard.

iii. John. Born on 13 April 1907 in Vermillion, South Dakota.  Died 22 January 1957. John married Mildred Doohen.

iv.   Thomas Ryan. Born on 21 Mar 1916 in New York
City, NY. Thomas Ryan died on 28 May 1995.
Tom married Irene Brown.

Wieneke Born In Verl and Detmold Germany

The Wieneke family has it roots in Verl and Detmold Germany. Members of the Wieneke family are buried here, and still live here. There is a riding club here. Lara Roozemond live 130 miles away. I had a dream about DNA. Will another Roozemond marry a Wieneke? Look at all the cousins I have in Detmold!

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