The Case of Helen Bond

The trouble I had when I contacted the Belmont Historic Society looms large now that James Bond is in town. What was James Bond’s mission in the Bay Area? Why did Britain send 007 there?

John Presco

Fermor, Bond, and Fleming

Belmont will be the home of Victoria Rosemond Bond and her bodyguard, Miriam Starfish Christling.

Rosamond Press

The Real Royal Janitor

Last night I came upon an article about the love letters written between Ian Fleming and his wife, and was reminded of the fiery relationship I and Rena Easton nee’ Christensen, had. I lamented that we had not continued our LETTER EXCHANGE so that there would be such history available to me, the only living human being authoring a James Bond book – because I am related to Ian Flaming, and his tragic son, who was name after his uncle, who is the son of the artist Augustus John, who allowed Elizabeth Rosemond Taylor’s uncle, Howard Young, to sell his artwork in America. Around 9:00 A.M. on April 16th. 2021, I discovered that Fleming and his family were friendly with the Fermor family, who married into the Hesketh family, who married into the Sharon family of Belmont. This gives me the credentials – I deserve!

Rosamond Press

I am so behind on things I want to write about. Barbara Broccoli and Michael G. Wilson, are concerned about the integrity of Bond novels and movies. I want to create a Literary Guild with members of the Getty family who are kin to Ian Fleming. Mr. Wilson can be linked to the detective story ‘The Case of Helen Bond’. I leave it to my reader to find the links.

Here is my copyrighted blog of 2012 posted two years before McCarthy published her history of Belmont. I just found a bevy of Brevoorts.

Awakening America’s Royal Muse | Rosamond Press

I may be kin to Wilson and Broccoli. There is a Bigelow line, too.

Jake Soda Pop

Gilbert Dench Wilson – Geneanet

Descendants of Anna (Gibbs) Dench (

John Wilson, Sr., of Woburn (1621 – 1687) – Genealogy (

Flora Sharon –

Flora Angeline “Flo” Shattuck Sedgwick (1869-1931)…

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