The Case of Helen Bond

I am so behind on things I want to write about. Barbara Broccoli and Michael G. Wilson, are concerned about the integrity of Bond novels and movies. I want to create a Literary Guild with members of the Getty family who are kin to Ian Fleming. Mr. Wilson can be linked to the detective story ‘The Case of Helen Bond’. I leave it to my reader to find the links.

Here is my copyrighted blog of 2012 posted two years before McCarthy published her history of Belmont. I just found a bevy of Brevoorts.

Awakening America’s Royal Muse | Rosamond Press

I may be kin to Wilson and Broccoli. There is a Bigelow line, too.

Jake Soda Pop

Gilbert Dench Wilson – Geneanet

Descendants of Anna (Gibbs) Dench (

John Wilson, Sr., of Woburn (1621 – 1687) – Genealogy (

Flora Sharon –

Flora Angeline “Flo” Shattuck Sedgwick (1869-1931) – Find A Grave Memorial

Isaac Brevoort (1785-1814) – Find A Grave Memorial

Henry Isaac Brevoort (1812-1885) – Find A Grave Memorial

Why Amazon Won’t Be in Total Control of James Bond After Buying MGM (

The company announced on Wednesday that it would buy the MGM film studio, whose assets include the James Bond movies, for $8.45 billion. But the rights to the long-running franchise are more complicated than they might initially appear. MGM only owns half of Bond.

The other major players in the background of the Bond franchise are the half-siblings Barbara Broccoli and Michael G. Wilson, who oversee the franchise’s creative direction and own Eon Productions and its parent company Danjaq LLC.

Danjaq and MGM, which distributes the Bond movies domestically, co-own the copyright to the films. But Broccoli and Wilson are the ones with final say on the direction of the franchise. They inherited the series from Broccoli’s father, Albert Broccoli, who cofounded Eon in 1962.

James Bond Writer Concerned Amazon-MGM Deal Will Hurt the Franchise (

While Eon Productions has creative control of the Bond films, Logan fears that will change in the future, asking “What happens if a bruising corporation like Amazon begins to demand a voice in the process? What happens to the comradeship and quality control if there’s an Amazonian overlord with analytics parsing every decision?” He went on to talk about what happens when corporations try to water down franchise films to give them broader appeal, stating “The movie becomes an inoffensive shadow of a thing, not the thing itself. There are no more rough edges or flights of cinematic madness”

Arthur B. Reeve – Wikipedia

Arthur Benjamin Reeve (October 15, 1880 – August 9, 1936) was an American mystery writer. He is best known for creating the series character Professor Craig Kennedy, sometimes called “The American Sherlock Holmes“, and Kennedy’s Dr. Watson-like sidekick Walter Jameson, a newspaper reporter, in 18 detective novels. The bulk of Reeve’s fame is based on the 82 Craig Kennedy stories, published in Cosmopolitan magazine between 1910 and 1918. These were collected in book form; with the third collection, the short stories were stitched together into pseudo-novels. The 12-volume Craig Kennedy Stories were released in 1918; it reissued Reeve’s books-to-date as a matched set.

Detective Story Magazine – Wikipedia

Lewis Wilson – Wikipedia

Craig Kennedy – Wikipedia

Kennedy is a scientist detective at Columbia University similar to Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Thorndyke. He uses his knowledge of chemistry and psychoanalysis to solve cases, and uses exotic (at the time) devices in his work such as lie detectorsgyroscopes, and portable seismographs.[1]

He first appeared in the December 1910 issue of Cosmopolitan, in “The Case of Helen Bond.” He ultimately made 82 appearances in Cosmopolitan, the last coming in the August 1918 issue. Twelve stories were reprinted in the first collection, and this continued, but soon the stories were fixed up into a novel, and some were adaptations of movie serials.

He returned for many short stories in magazines as various as The Popular MagazineDetective Story MagazineCountry GentlemanEverybody’s Magazine, and Flynn’s, as well as in 26 novels. Through the 1920s, he became more of a typical detective. Craig Kennedy appeared in a number of 1930s pulp magazines, Complete Detective Novel MagazineDime DetectivePopular DetectiveWeird Tales, and World Man Hunters, but many of these appear to be ghost-written as they lack the style and flavor of the teen-era Craig Kennedy stories. A series of six Craig Kennedy stories in early issues of Popular Detective are known to have been unsold novelettes rewritten by A. T. Locke.[2]

Zauberspiegel – Craig Kennedy – THE CASE OF HELEN BOND (

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