I Covered The Waterfront

I developed BIG PLANS for the Dogpatch Waterfront that Meg Whitman purchased, then, she lost a bundle on QUIBI as I augured. https://rosamondpress.com/2019/02/17/augur-town/

The California Barrel Company Apparel – Fashion Show | Rosamond Press

CBC Worksheet | Rosamond Press

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It’s a known fact the Greys parked their saucers atop the Potrero Power-stack and recharged their engines. Children who grew up by the bay, saw them all the time! The night guards didn’t want to mess with them, nor, be called “crazy”.


I just got a response from a historian who pretended she did not know what I am talking about. She sent me to the library, as faraway from Site 9 as they could.

Above is the same old trick they use to render us worker-slaves. I went to another of their civic “brainstorming” sessions, and they took everyone in the room, but two. Folks that go to see ‘The Planners’ are lonely and unemployed. They are not missed. They are plum tuckered out after a month of hard labor they have no memory of.

When I took a pic at this Gathering Place, the woman at the…

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