Knives Out On Hancock Street

Capturing Beauty and The Diary of God


John Presco

Copyright 2021

“And they will be known by their dead bunny feet.”

Five hours ago I saw the movie ‘Knives Out’ on Amazon Prime. I got the plot right away.

A traditional Protestant Publisher has carved out a worthy fortune – the old fashioned Protestant Way. However, all his family members and offspring have become Christian Lunatics, believers in Qanon, Prosperity and Dominion Gospel – and what have you! Several take off their MEGA hats when they drive up to the grand house. The grand old man knows he is surrounded by Insurrections, so he plots on how to leave it to the Traditional Catholic Maid of humble roots. There is a Puritan element here. Shades of the Stewart family and the War of the Roses. In my Dead Family, the Rosamond Legacy never quite got sold to Pierrot by Robert Brevoort Buck – because the legal team never got Rosamond’s mother’s approval. in my post ‘The Val Val Rose…….SHE LIVES! Who is that foreshortened figure lying by Mighty Mo’s pool – as if dead?

Four days ago Christine Wandel gave me permission to write the story of her growing up on Hancock and the outrageous fight over her father’s legacy. He was an inventor. She also gave me permission to author the story of her and Stefan Eins who is in a coma of some kind. Stefan asked me to send him my post on the cement slab in Springfield, which makes me Hier to Fashion Moda, and the New York Art Scene. Christine attended Joe Marra’s memorial fifteen days ago. So, I got it all in………The Diary of God!

What I was made aware of in this movie, is……I’m a damn good detective! If I had not googled the name of Belle’s lover, and, noticed the dogeared pages of my sister’s bio I lent Kim, I would not have been ganged up on by She-Demons. I talked about going to Kim’s mothers houe for lunch – which I did!

I’m so glad I found the pic of Rosemary’s drinking club ‘The Awesomes’ I drank with them at the infamous Balboa Lounge.

“Kingdom Now theology states that although Satan has been in control of the world since the Fall, God is looking for people who will help him take back dominion. Those who yield themselves to the authority of God’s apostles and prophets will take control of the kingdoms of this world, being defined as all social institutions, the “kingdom” of education, the “kingdom” of science, the “kingdom” of the arts, etc.[27]

Dominion theology – Wikipedia

Knives Out – Wikipedia

The Val Val Rose

Posted on May 14, 2017 by Royal Rosamond Press

Rosemary lived the last thirty-two years of her life in the San Fernando Valley. She was a ‘Valley Mother’ who bragged about her close encounters with Hollywood Stars. She also bragged about her two creative children, one, who became the very popular and successful artist who signed her work by her middle name ‘Rosamond’.  If you were ‘A Nobody’ in La La Land, then you flew below the radar in ‘Val Val Ville’.  I just coined this phrase. There should be a movie so titled. It will star………My Mother!

Yesterday, my good neighbor, called, and invited me to lunch at her Mother’s House. When is Mother’s Day? We had talked about getting together, because this mother grew up in Reseda, and had come in contact with Movie Stars. I will be looking at photographs. Last night I began to compile the ones I would be showing off. What I found was forgiveness for this narcissistic woman, who became an acute alcoholic. When I read Tom Snyder’s denigration of Rosemary. I wrote executor Sydney Morris an angry letter.

“You better prove Christine was a ‘Famous Artist’. To deny my mother simple bragging rights in a commercially inspired book that was written in order to snag a movie deal, is an outrage!”

Forty minutes ago, I got a call from Stefan Eins, who is a recognized artist of import. He is not a  commercial success. He invented Non-Commercial Success! Necessity may be the Mother of Invention – in his case! You would not choose an Eins to go with your new sofa and drapes.  He wanted me to resend this………..

I did as he asked. I bid him to acknowledge he got it, and inform me if he or anyone he knows, is writing his biography. I do not want to contribute to the efforts of another writer’s attempt to define Stefan – without my permission! I told him I am authoring a short story about three Candle Holders that I am going to try to get published in the New Yorker. I told Stefan’s Girlfund, the history of Keith and I before we came together at the house on 13th. Street. She was amazed. My character ‘Wade’ will be a vehicle for the crux of this history about the Lost Los Angeles Angel, that Jim Morrison made his muse, too.

When I brought my paintings over the ‘The Partlows’ and after Rick Partlow beheld ‘My Angel’ he said;

“This looks good. We can take over the Art World!”

I looked at Rick’s actor buddy, Bruce Fairbairn, and he seemed to be on board with this take-over. I had met Bruce at the wedding. My memory is being refreshed. Bruce played in the series ‘The Rookies’. Rick had a minor role in ‘The Gambler’ with James Caan. That photographs of Rick with famous Movie Stars, is not included in Snyder’s biography, disqualifies his book from being an Art Book. Why shouldn’t Rosemary be allowed to brag on her son-in-laws. Garth Benton was an actor who married an actress?

Stefan and I in Einstime

Posted on November 2, 2016 by Royal Rosamond Press


Stefan and I just conversed for an hour on the phone. He wanted me to send him the syncretistic photographs I took of cracks in Springfield. We talked about the Day of the Dead and All Saints Day – The Other Realm and Dimension. When I came upon pink lines put on the cement for the coming chalk festival, I saw they had framed Mr. Ein’s work, teleported them. These lines merge in the edge of the two dimensional canvas representing TIME and the birth of the universe – as well as the ability of the limited mind to concieve of such things. Everything is NOW permitted. Everything is taking place at the same time, and, is not limited by our perceptions.

After the festival I came back to find rain puddles reflecting and framing random clouds. I caught a AIRLINER in one of them. I was in EINSTIME! Stefan’s show had been transported across State Lines for a private viewing, that I enjoyed like no other art show. I was allowed to be a co-creator. Ownership is about LIMITATION. There are KEEP OUT SIGNS on all BORDERS and PROPERTY LINES. Artists love to be FREE.

I see a cave painting depicting ancient hunters guided by Shamans. The first language is being born………….ART.

The hunter and shaman are alarmed that the herd of bison have not returned for two seasons. They long to see them on the plane. They summon a man, who depicts them in the tall grass inside the sacred cave. The bison appear two days later. BRANDING is born!

Jon Presco


Stefan Eins has remarked he employs “science” in his work. Other artists have scoffed. I can not prove this is the case, because there is no such animal as Scientific Proof. One can only attempt to, Disprove, because there may be Proof that has not yet arrived.” I believe Stefan has opened a new door, entered into a new field, made a runway for the arrival of  New Proof. We must learn to look. Who would suspect a slab of concrete was the center of so much action.

Click on images to enlarge.

While the phrase “scientific proof” is often used in the popular media,[13] many scientists have argued that there is really no such thing. For example, Karl Popper once wrote that “In the empirical sciences, which alone can furnish us with information about the world we live in, proofs do not occur, if we mean by ‘proof’ an argument which establishes once and for ever the truth of a theory,”

Haunting Tales From The Bleaker Street Benches

Posted on November 1, 2016 by Royal Rosamond Press


On Halloween Eve, Christine’s ancestor was with Martin Luther when he nailed his edict to the door of a church. Thus began the greatest heresy the Roman Catholic World ever knew. My ancestors fought against the Papal Armies bent on destroying them. Are we looking at her kindred, Johan Windt-Wandel, who has a hand on his shoulder?

Last night Christine called me from her favorite Bleaker Street bench and gave me a report. She has attended the Village Halloween parade where she lost the Austrian native, Stefan Eins, in the crowd. She is wearing the boots I bought her at Ross at the Gateway Mall, for the first time. She tells me they fit perfectly, as if she stood on pieces of paper and had her feet traced. Consider the Glass Slipper.

“How do you do this? How do you know?”

“I am your psychic shopper! Even though we have not lay eyes on each other since 1986, I see you. I hear you. I touch you! I am the Phantom of the Mall.

Three weeks ago Christine was concerned she had no formal clothes. I bought her a beautiful scarf, also. We had no idea where she was destined to go.

Christine grew up in a four story home on Hancock Street on Beacon Hill. Her father was a doctor that had his office on the first floor, and treated the Blue Bloods of Boston. Chris went to the finest schools, and attended Mills College in Oakland California where she majored in Theology. Religion is in her blood.

In looking for Christine Wandel’s ancestors, I found Marie-Louis Wandel who at the time was the Permanent Ambassador to the United Nations from Denmark. I had Christine give her a call. Marie-Louise told Christine all the Wandels lived in a city in Denmark and are kin to a Bishop. I found this Bishop, and the city. It is the oldest in Denmark. Johan Wendt-Wandal-Vandel-Wandel was appointed the Bishop of Ribe by King Christian 111 because Wandel was a disciple of Martin Luther, and was with him when he nailed his theses on the church door in Wittenberg.

Christine was upset because Stefan is considering taking his Austrian friend to the airport. She is going back home after a three month visit. Last week Christine and Stefan attended an event at the Austrian Consulate on 69th. Street.

“I wish you had told me! I have been trying to get Stefan to tell the Austrian Government about the huge painting at the Jordan Schnitzer Museum of Art at the University of Oregon. It needs to go home. The Austrian people need to see their Empress. Zita’s ghost wanders about in the state of New York where she lived after she fled from Hitler. She can not rest until she sees her beloved homeland again!”

I just got off the phone with Jeff. He is a guard at the Austrian Cultural Forum. He tells me it is a Austrian holiday, and no one is there. I tell Jeff he is going to be in my blog because he is the first human contact in what will be a Grande International Cultural Event.  I got a recording at the Consulate, most of it in German. I see the Last Audience in the gallery of the ACF, or, in the entrance of the Consulate, where Christine talked to a representative of  the UN, a Colonel who was in full dress.

“Christine! You talked to a person who is in the Habsburg family tree! Have Stefan show you the funeral procession video of Otto Von Habsburg. and see if you recognize him. Did you tell him about the lineage of Wandel Diplomats?”

What! It’s All Saints Day in Austria! What?

“Yes I did.”

Leofdag of Ribe was supposed to have been made a Saint! Did Colonel von………. suspect Christine may be kin to him? Did he put on a monocle to examine her more closely? Did he take Stefan aside and bid him to make sure she attend the All Saints Day event? Did Stefan fear if he brought Christine, her Catholic divinity would be more inflamed? Christine is carrying on the mission of all the Old Italian Crones of the Village that passed away. She is a walking votive candle. Stefan broke his vows and fled from a monastery. He could not look her in the eye. His hands were shaking. Christine believes he ditched her at the Halloween parade.

If this was the case, then I suspect Stefan made his way to the Consulate, and was let in the side door in order to be part of the secret ceremony at the strike of midnight. Christine called me because she felt she was being bewitched by Stefan’s female countryman. But, the energy directed at her was too powerful to be coming from one person.

“There’s more going on then meets the eye. Stefan’s female friend may have been on a mission. The Austrians might want Stefan to come home.”

It looks like Leofdag was somehow de-Sainted, brought down from heaven, when his kindred, Johan Wandel-Wendt became a disciple of Martin Luther, and was with him when he nailed his theses on the church door in Wittenberg. Luther was considered to be the Devil. The Habsburgs are the King of Romans, the most faithful protectors of the Roman Catholic Church. Can the dead, and the un- born, be cursed – forever?

“Is it possible, the Monastary wants him back?”

All of a sudden;

“I hear bells. Who would be ringing bells? My hands! They’re very cold. I must rush home. I’m freezing!”

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