God’s Gate – Is Now Closed!

I have the right to own and pursue my religious beliefs. Three years ago my neighbors acted in a violent and threatening manner. They wanted to punish me for things they read on this blog, that on this day I co-title…….

The Dairy of God

No one who dies….is going to heaven! Heaven has been severely molested and damaged by the Domionists.

Dominion theology – Wikipedia

When I reposted ‘God’s Gate – Is Closing’ I saw the Treacherous Ex-President standing in front of a boarded up church holding a Bible. Trump then built several walls around our White House. He wanted the U.S. Army involved.

John ‘The Nazarite’


Radio Church – Gone!

Posted on September 30, 2016 by Royal Rosamond Press


God’s Gate – Is Closing

Posted on March 7, 2018 by Royal Rosamond Press

Whatever gate you Christians are lined up before, it is the wrong gate. God is closing all THE WRONG GATES TO HEAVEN. About time!

If you are not a member of the Presbyterian Church, then, hurry there! They have disobeyed ‘Emperor Evangelical’ and left their doors wide open – for everyone!

Atheists will not hear the Big Gate being slammed in their face! How dare the Christian Nightcrawlers use God as their personal key – with Emperor Evangelical’s lucky rabbit foot – attached!

“And they will be known by their dead bunny feet!”

Sorry, Charlie! You’re plum out of Luck!

Jon ‘The Nazarite’

Scotch-Irish…..Refuse Presidential Protection!

Posted on January 29, 2017by Royal Rosamond Press


I am putting together a petition that will refuse the unconstitutional protection of President Trump. We the People respect our roots as immigrants, who were at the mercy of people in the foreign lands we hail. Let us  honor the Merciful God-Allah that brought us safely to these shores where we could practice Freedom of Religion. It was this freedom we sought above all others, for it was our refusal to give up our religious beliefs that made life difficult in our nation of origin. This is evident in the ‘Cahan Exodus’.

The Rosamond and Witherspoon families came from Ireland, and were Ulster-Scot. John Witherspoon was a Signer of the Constitution. Write Lindsey Graham and bid him to refuse the religious discrimination and persecution that Trump deals out, for it revokes the Higher Law that good men and women are bid to follow.

Demand President Trump, and the Republican Party, draw up a list of people they believe they are protecting with these unjust bans, so those who have no need for that brand of protection, can cross their names off the list! Contact the Irish Senator and have him help establish sister cities in Ireland. We will take back America, one State at a time! We will pay our debt to a Merciful God, who saved us from tyranny.

Let us form ‘The Cahan Covenant’ in America, modeled after the Orange Lodge. With Liberty For All!

The term of a American President, is eight years. The terms for admittance into Eternal Life, must be established by the Peace we make, and the Providence we wish on all. For Jesus said; “I will not leave you as orphans in the world.”

To see those poor souls made orphans in the world while in transit, is America’s ‘Night of  Broken Glass’ for the exception, good Americans came to their rescue. The broken windows in this church is a sign of bad things yet to come, for the shards say, that which binds us all, has been forsaken.

Where are the alleged Men of God, the evangelical ministers, who have to know what they are seeing when members of a family grasps one another in airports across America – so they will not get lost! Herod was a great builder. His edict drove the First Family of Christianity into the wilderness. Out of this wilderness, a great religion was born. What else can be the cornerstone of what many claim is our National Religion, then to always keep our door open, and a light burning, for those who have lost their way, after being driven out of Paradise.

Once again, we are at the mercy of ignorant and unruly, brats, who believe throwing stones at those they believe are lesser than you, is admittance into an Order of Men, that is forever dedicated to making men out of boys, so they will not run with the savages.

Trump is not a man. There is no sense of right and wrong in him. Six were killed in a Mosque in Quebec, this day. What, and who, do they protect? Look to the ruins of Berlin after the war, to know, these murders have come to destroy everyone, and everything. For the longest time the First Church was an orphan in the world. Roman rulers did not greet Christians with open arms. Nero used them as human torches.

“In their very deaths they were made the subjects of sport: for they were covered with the hides of wild beasts, and worried to death by dogs, or nailed to crosses, or set fire to, and when the day waned, burned to serve for the evening lights.”

That the President of the United States was not the first to stop this persecution, but the first to propose it, is the outrage of outrages! Trump only backs off when MEN argued with him, and convinced him this was not a great idea! This is not the Leader – anyone wants! He is unfit for office. He is not a builder, but a thrower of rocks! Everything, and everyone, is his target! The Kennedy brothers ended Mafia extortion in our major cities. McCain and Graham paid their dues when they served their country.

Trump attacks religion itself by saying this ban is not about religion. The Red Chinese say the same thing about the wanton destruction of the Tibetan religion that has made the Dali Lama a refugee for the rest of his life. We are not a cold calculating, pragmatic nation that lives for the protection of its borders, only.

“President Donald Trump strongly defended his move to impose a restrictive travel ban on key countries, saying that while America was “a proud nation” of immigrants, his order was strictly about national security and not religion.

Even American atheists understand it is about religion, and a morality that bids us be better people who forever root for the underdog. Jesus was born in a manger, and not a palace. He was poor, and not rich. He ministered to those that were forsaken and disenfranchised. He was sympathetic towards all, but one……..

“I tell you the truth, it is hard for a rich man to enter the kingdom of heaven. Again I tell you, it is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle than for a rich man to enter the kingdom of God.”

Trump needs to divest, donate his fortune and high towers to the building of refugee camps. He needs……….to repent! He needs to go inside a church and hear the sermon about the Good Samaritan. He has to be stopped from being the king of the bad boys, the Lord of the Flies, knocking out the panes of glass of where we go to worship.

Waiting for a man to become a man – after he has been elected President – is a futile as waiting for a boy to be a king, just because there is a crown on his head. The men who founded this Democracy, were done with that waiting game, two hundred and forty-one years ago!

The Thug just said this, about a man born of Jewish immigrants.

“I noticed Chuck Schumer yesterday with fake tears,” Trump said after meeting with small business leaders at the White House. “I’m going to ask him who is his acting coach.”

This vile utterance would have gotten praise from Hitler who was loathed by his neighbors, so, he sent his goon squad in, and burned down their homes.

This church. That pile of stones. Those words. The light! God’s Providence!.

Jon Presco

‘The Nazarite’


The parable of the Good Samaritan is a didactic story told by Jesus in Luke 10:25–37. It is about a traveler who is stripped of clothing, beaten, and left half dead alongside the road. First a priest and then a Levite comes by, but both avoid the man. Finally, a Samaritan comes by. Samaritans and Jews generally despised each other, but the Samaritan helps the injured man. Jesus is described as telling the parable in response to the question from a lawyer, “And who is my neighbor ?” whom Leviticus Lev 19:18 says should be loved. In response, Jesus tells the parable, the conclusion of which is that the neighbour figure in the parable is the man who shows mercy to the injured man– that is, the Samaritan. He then tells the lawyer to “go and do likewise.”[1] His answer corresponds to his words in the Gospel of Matthew 5:43-48, to love one’s enemy.

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