The Val Val Rose

Rosemary lived the last thirty-two years of her life in the San Fernando Valley. She was a ‘Valley Mother’ who bragged about her close encounters with Hollywood Stars. She also bragged about her two creative children, one, who became the very popular and successful artist who signed her work by her middle name ‘Rosamond’.  If you were ‘A Nobody’ in La La Land, then you flew below the radar in ‘Val Val Ville’.  I just coined this phrase. There should be a movie so titled. It will star………My Mother!

Yesterday, my good neighbor, called, and invited me to lunch at her Mother’s House. When is Mother’s Day? We had talked about getting together, because this mother grew up in Reseda, and had come in contact with Movie Stars. I will be looking at photographs. Last night I began to compile the ones I would be showing off. What I found was forgiveness for this narcissistic woman, who became an acute alcoholic. When I read Tom Snyder’s denigration of Rosemary. I wrote executor Sydney Morris an angry letter.

“You better prove Christine was a ‘Famous Artist’. To deny my mother simple bragging rights in a commercially inspired book that was written in order to snag a movie deal, is an outrage!”

Forty minutes ago, I got a call from Stefan Eins, who is a recognized artist of import. He is not a  commercial success. He invented Non-Commercial Success! Necessity may be the Mother of Invention – in his case! You would not choose an Eins to go with your new sofa and drapes.  He wanted me to resend this………..

I did as he asked. I bid him to acknowledge he got it, and inform me if he or anyone he knows, is writing his biography. I do not want to contribute to the efforts of another writer’s attempt to define Stefan – without my permission! I told him I am authoring a short story about three Candle Holders that I am going to try to get published in the New Yorker. I told Stefan’s Girlfund, the history of Keith and I before we came together at the house on 13th. Street. She was amazed. My character ‘Wade’ will be a vehicle for the crux of this history about the Lost Los Angeles Angel, that Jim Morrison made his muse, too.

When I brought my paintings over the ‘The Partlows’ and after Rick Partlow beheld ‘My Angel’ he said;

“This looks good. We can take over the Art World!”

I looked at Rick’s actor buddy, Bruce Fairbairn, and he seemed to be on board with this take-over. I had met Bruce at the wedding. My memory is being refreshed. Bruce played in the series ‘The Rookies’. Rick had a minor role in ‘The Gambler’ with James Caan. That photographs of Rick with famous Movie Stars, is not included in Snyder’s biography, disqualifies his book from being an Art Book. Why shouldn’t Rosemary be allowed to brag on her son-in-laws. Garth Benton was an actor who married an actress?

Going after the Art World was going to be fueled by a bottle of Seagram’s Seven and long lines of cocaine. Christine sat behind the Big Desk enjoying the limelight , and the false notion there exist ‘Super Star Artists’. This was, and is, an invention. ‘Caretaker’ Stacy Pierrot has failed to produce one Art Critic, or one article in a reputable Art Magazine that celebrates the world first Super Star, after Andy Warhol, who was close with my kindred, Elizabeth Rosemond Taylor, who encouraged Michael Jackson to become an Artist. Rick, Bruce, Stacey, and, Lillian and Rosemary, did not know they were kin to Liz. I found out when I was researching the Rosamond Genealogy. The outsider who denigrates my mother, did not capture Liz in their two books.

So, there I am in Micky Rooney’s first house (in Encino) giving these Actors and their Super Star a dramatic Art Lesson. It was classic Barrymore. Reinforced by drugs and booze, I let them know that in no shape or form are two two-bit out of work actors going to take over any Art World. Why do they feel entitled? What are they, going to do with it?

Vicki Presco told me that when I was done, they didn’t know who they were/are anymore! Which brings us back to Rosemary of Val Val Ville. For certain, she was the mother of four children. She gave birth to a popular artist whose work was purchased by fans all over the world. She gave birth to Rosamond’s Mentor, as my first brother-in-law, Larry Sidle, attests. How Rosemary dealt with her two gifted children that competed for the limelight she long enjoyed, is worthy a serious study, like the one I am authoring, for Christine captured Rosamond’s beautiful relationship with that infamous mirror, or, the lens on the movie camera that was always there. Rosemary was always – ON! Is this a crime?

To look at these photographs of  ‘The Val Val Rose’ is to behold the Great Human Plight and Fight, to stay forever young, and in Public View. Rosemary saw Christine and I as the competition, her usurpers. How could we not suffer from narcissism? Sure she was jealous! But, is the permission to wipe her slate clean?

Rosemary feared dying an obscure death…….in The Valley. Over the Santa Monica Mountain range, is Camarillo Vally. Here’s where my mother’s bragging rights remain unscathed, and unrecognized, because she was good friends of the Lewis Family. That her history was snubbed by the President of  the University of the Pacific, will be highlighted in my book. What a snob! He wants all this history to be owned by his university. He is Lord of the Valley and Eggheads, who conspire to keep the truth they experimented with LSD under wraps. The Cop-outs are everywhere, they rushing home to claim their birthright, and be King and Queen of the Valley Blocks of Attainment. Being a Square was in again. Rosemary knew all this. She saw us forsake our Bohemian Values.

I just made a call to Tyler Blake, whose poem ‘The Dreams of Rosemary’ borders on being a masterpiece. I called to say…….

“Bravo Mr. Blake!”

I was going to inform him he has a literary place in the literature inspired by Fair Rosamond. I wanted to tell Tyler his poem is the equal of ‘The Complaint of Rosamond’ whom I am sure he knew nothing about. This makes this poem very interesting, and prophetic because it fits nicely with the theme of this blog.

‘The Dreams of Rosemary’ by Tyler Blake

Of searing heat which ripples of boiling sun

and flashes, dies in the restless ash

Of vomit stained desolation

Of hollowed myths of thwarted splendor

and monstrous tales of Satanic pettiness

Whores of unimpeachable constitution.

The Complaint of Rosamond

Ovt from the horror of infernall deepes,
My poore afflicted ghost comes here to plain it,
Attended with my shame that neuer sleepes,
The spot wherewith my kind, and youth did staine it.
My body found a graue where to containe it:
A sheete could hide my face, but not my sin,
For Fame findes neuer Tombe t’inclose it in.

And which is worse, my soule is now denied,
Her transport to the sweet Elisian rest,
The ioyfull blisse for Ghosts repurified,
The euer-springing Gardens of the blest:
Caron denies me waftage with the rest.
And saies my soule can neuer passe the Riuer,
Till Louers sighs on earth shall it deliuer.

The Blake children owned I.Q’s that were off the chart. I infected these Children of the Hot Valley Ripple, with whopping cough when I was sent down there for a visit. I was seven. I almost died. Tyler and Rand would play outside my sickroom window, and throw rocks at the Hunchback of Van Nuys.  Tyler never forget that my disease caused him and my cousin, Randy Molnar, to get vaccinated. How about Baby Cindy whom I beheld at three months of age? The Molnars and Blakes were neighbors who beheld each other commit suburban sins. Not having any children to play with, I tried on Lillian’s bra, and beheld myself in her bedroom mirror. This is how real artists are born. Rea the autobiography of Salvador Dali.

Tyler and my cousin, Randy Molnar, were best friends. Rand appeared on a UFO show as an photographic expert, thus he will be linked to Stefan Eins, as will my brother who is a modern day Nazi. Stefan’s father was a Nazi. With the election of Trump by the White Achievers of the World, we are looking at the end of Western Civilization, proving you should not debase Artists and their mothers.

All four of us dropped acid. Mark, Tyler, and Rand were wanting to disassociate with their dysfunctional roots, and label me the Designated Failure. They wanted to Put Rosemary On Me. Mighty Mo was surrounded by good looking and competent men who wanted to make a name for themselves. When Christine took up art, being inspired by her older brother ‘The Loser’……….. the Invisible Three went into a nose dive, their identity crisis moving them further and further away until they each found their own safe orbit.

Tom Snyder missed all this. I suspect he was hired by my brother as his personal ghost writer, he bent on proving a good businessman can make or a break an artist. The Three Amegos shared a Superior Air.

When it was legal, I dropped LSD with Cindy, and her brother, who asked me to be their guide. His sister ‘The Super Hippie’ who lived in a geodesic home in Mendocino, had sent her younger brother a couple of sugar cubes. The Blakes were major players in the LSD world, if the truth be known. They were willing guinea pigs, in a very cerebral way. Tyler read books on Leary. Cindy was fourteen when we talked on her bed at the cabin while tripping. I could have deflowered then, and there, and when we were romantically involved two years later. But, then what? What would become of the Here&Now. I had no future. I was unemployable, and in another Time Zone. Harry was Johnny Carson’s make-up man. He too was in another Time Zone, wrapped in a cocoon, that I now poke at. I am breaking the Blake Egg, to get to the yoke ‘The Valley Yoke’.

We were the Valley Renaissance, such as it was. We were a Cultural Event, such as it is. The times I spent with Cindy in my mother’s pool on Jamieson Avenue, was a part of the Great Northern Mythos and Nirvana. To go bake by ones valley pool was right out of Lawrence of Arabia. Rosemary Christine and Vicki would acquire a dark-brown tan. They looked like Negros. Tyler hid from them until it was all over.

In the iconic photo below, is an image of my sister-in-law, Patty Presco, who was a good friend of the actress, Sue Lyon. Mark Presco drove Sue to Santa Monica City College where they both took classes. I didn’t understand how important it was to Cindy to have our genetic material come together in Rosemary’s Pool, and spawn Rosemary’s Grandbaby. I think I am twenty-three. Her parents would allow me to do anything I wish. I was like Tarzan, King of the low I.Q. Apes. They worshipped me.

When I was eighteen, Patty asked me if I wanted to be an Irish Farmer. She inherited the farm in Ireland, and if wasn’t worked, the government would take it – which they did. Patty told me it would take years for them to accept me. I would be a lonely outsider. However, my English friend said I would not be that lonely, after I made my choice, of the dozen or more sixteen year old wenches, because, I am a Land Owner.

“Just don’t go walking near edge of the sea with your wife, whose belly is full of your Heir!”

So, it was all set up for me in the states. If I knew my brother-in-law-to be was going to be such a fine poet, I would have built a Tiki house in Rosemary’s back yard, and, our newborn will slip from Cindy’s belly into ‘The Pool of High Valley Culture’ within minutes of being born. Harry would fund our Bohemian Shangri-La after checking to see if there were any other artist-poet combos around. We would make him exotic drinks when he came to visit us by, Rosemary’s Pool of Heavenly Delights.


So what did Stefan Eins want from me. He yammered in his Austrian accent about the photography where he spotted his profile in the shadow. I told him I compared it to the mural of Ken Kesey who gave everyone LSD. Eins has never been out west. He needs to launch an expedition to find things in Hollywood sidewalk cracks.

Above is a photograph of Rosemary with her Girl Gang ‘The Awesomes’. They met at the Balboa lounge every Wednesday at noon to have lunch. My mother introduced me. She bragged on me. Rosemary was famous. Lillian drank here too. They were the Lily and Rose of the Valley. They are agued in front of the other Valley Women about who Errol Flynn liked the most.

The truth is, I knew how to take over the Art World, and could have told Rick and Bruce, how. But, just when I got going, The Rose Behind The Big Desk, felt threatened.

“You never let me speak. You always interrupt me!”

I understood Christine was doing her father, and, her message was aimed at Rosemary. We had a falling out that evening. I would not see her for fifteen years, and, she was dead in her coffin, with all ‘The Pretty Liars’ standing round.

I wanted to inform Stefan of the infamous John Barrymore profile, but, Stefan owns deaf ears. He tries too hard to make everything about him. He has help, he has helpers. I encourage him, because I had tripped in the Valley of Illusion, where one had to see things, because they was truly nothing there………but ‘The Fading Rose’.

Below is Rosemary’s home movie without soundtrack. Play Jim’s song at same time. My mother owned two Mustangs. She bought the first model that came out, and the red one you see in this photo. Rosemary started telling her children she had a scholarship to Camarillo State Mental Hospital around 1960. She went with her Lewis lover to visit the new facility where Marilyn Monroe was housed. They talked to the head doctor who saw something in Rosemary that Tyler beheld – before he closed down his experimental lab, that we just got a glimpse of for the first time.

“One by one the drones are swept by waves

Of vindictive impotence

Held; suspended in dynamic revelution,

Swaddled in sheets of impudence, bleeding in

the grasp of synthetic passion

Parasites breeds parasites; drenched in the

Fluid of prostate wisdom and tinged with

the ache of anxious color.”

Before Ken Kesey took a job at the nut house, Rosemary was already making her escape, designing her cloak of invisibility that Tyler removed with the help of the Orange Sunshine my friends maketh, and gave out in a test that induced “anxious colors” in many. Tyler was one of the first. His poem might be the only serious poem written in the Valley. When I found it in Rosemary’s Box, I asked Vicki if I could have it. What a jewel – I now own!

When you read Mr. Blake’s full poem, it is clear the Professor and my mother had their dance, even if it was the Dance Macabre. La La Land is fiction. Val Val Rosemary, is real. I suggested Tyler’s vocation, stating I would go into this field if I could get my act together, which we understood would be equivalent to a snowball lasting a minute in hell.

Bravo – Mr. Blade! Bravo!

Everyone concluded Tyler was destined to marry Christine. What I left out of the Erotic Mating of Cindy and Greg, were tiki torches, which I found after I thought I had ended my homage to Rosemary Rosamond, whose kin were ousted by these tiki torch bearing brutes who are determined to make sure Dumb White People write racist history for all white people. I did not leave the Wall Of Our Creative Collective Legacy unmanned! Professor Blake shreds Rosemary’s love of the past, that looms before Tyler like a A Giant Last Wave, that will wipe so many slates, clean. I am the last Heir – that cares! But, this poem lives on. it cares. It was written – for the future!

“Enter now those twilight years equipped only with

The shriveled shadow of youth

Seek not the things which glorify and enhance age:

Wisdom, compassion, truth

Anesthetize your brain, indulge your pain

Of all sexual bastards be wary

Let not a human voice disturb the slumbering, sonorous

Dreams of Rosemary”

In the end, the bush was too high, the thorns too sharp, and the roses…..too red. They all turned back, the prince who came just to blow their horn/

Jon Presco

Copyright 2017

Tyler Blake

Tyler Blake



  • Ph.D. 1977, North Carolina State University
  • M.A. 1975, California State University, Northridge
  • B.A. 1972, California State University, Northridge

Courses Taught

  • Psy 321/L – Experimental Psychology & Lab
  • Psy 356 – Industrial and Organizational Psychology
  • Psy 382 – Principles of Human Factors
  • Psy 482 – Human Factors in Systems Design
  • Psy 656 – Seminar in Human Factors Principles and Applications
  • Psy 682 – Subsystem Integration in Human Factors Design

Research and Interests

1. Evolution of human factors/user experience models and techniques for design and evaluation of mobile devices and innovative technologies that provide optimal user experiences in multi-tasking, mixed performance scenarios.

2. FDA-compliant testing of consumer-based medical devices to improve safety and usability and promote patient adoption of user-centered health care Apps.  Improvement of government standards to reflect valid methodological approaches integrating quantitative and qualitative data in human factors.

3. Interactive interfaces for behaviorally-based Infographic displays and information visualization to enhance real time decision making in organizations.

4.  Adaptation of work processes to reconcile conflicts arising as a function of technology competence and generational disparities. Use of “creative destruction” methods that     form cross-disciplinary teams across generational lines to address issues of disabilities and chronic   lack of workforce retraining.


Partlow-Rosamond ENCINO A garden ceremony at the home of Mrs. Christine Rosamond united her and Richard Partlow. a television personality. Mrs. Rosamond is the daughter of Mrs. Rosemary Miles, also of Encino, and Vic Presco of San Francisco. The bridgegroom’s parents are Mr. and Mrs. Ron Kalina of North Hollywood. The bride was attended by her sister. Mrs. Vicki Prather. and Miss Shannon Sidle was also a member of the wedding parly for which Bruce Fairbairn served as best man. A reception followed the ceremony.

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How in the hell
am I supposed to take
anything seriously when
I’m living in a town
named after Tarzan?


Pioneer rancher Lewis’ grandson dies at 86

By Daniel Wolowicz

Searles Tally

Searles Tally Searles Francis Tally, grandson of rancher Joseph Lewis, died in his Los Angeles home on Tues., Oct. 31 at the age of 86.

Tally was born May 21, 1920 to Terrence Francis Tally and Lula Lewis. His grandfather Joseph Lewis owned an 8,200-acre farm on land where California State University at Channel Islands is now located.

The Lewis family was known for helping introduce the lima bean to Southern California agriculture. Around 1900, Joseph Lewis moved to Pleasant Valley from Carpinteria and bought what would quickly become one of the largest ranches in Ventura County. In addition to the lima bean crops, Lewis’ holdings included vast hayfields and extensive walnut groves.

In 1916, the Lewis family finished construction on a series of buildings along Ventura Boulevard in what is now Old Town Camarillo. The J.F. Lewis and Sons building has housed a long list of businesses, including the Stein and Tally department store co-owned by Tally’s father and Fred Stein.

Although the Lewis family had amassed a small fortune in farming and real estate, much of their holdings were lost during the Great Depression. The reversal of fortune had a devastating effect on the Tally family, said Terrence Tally, Searles Tally’s son.

COMPETITOR-Searles Tally easily clears the crossbar while competing in the high jump as an athlete at the University of Southern California in the early 1930s. Tally, a Camarillo native and grandson of Joseph Lewis, died last month at the age of 86. Services were held in Hollywood Hills.

COMPETITOR-Searles Tally easily clears the crossbar while competing in the high jump as an athlete at the University of Southern California in the early 1930s. Tally, a Camarillo native and grandson of Joseph Lewis, died last month at the age of 86. Services were held in Hollywood Hills. In 1933, Tally, his brother Bob and their parents moved into a small back room of the family’s building on Ventura Boulevard.

“They would still go out in the evenings because they were known as the upper-crust of Camarillo in those days,” Terrence Tally said. “My grandmother still would dress up, and they’d go to a movie . . . even though they had lost everything, they had to hold their heads high and pretend they were still doing okay

Soon after, the Tally family moved to Los Angeles. Tally graduated from Los Angeles High School, where he excelled at the high jump.

He earned a full scholarship to the University of Southern California in track and field.

While at USC, Tally met JoNell Rogers. The two were married in 1943 and were together for 42 years until JoNell’s death in 1985.

Toward the end of World War II, Tally enlisted in the Navy and was stationed in the South Pacific. He helped supply Navy boats, ending his military career in 1945 as a lieutenant.

Following the war, Tally earned a business degree from USC and went to work in the paint and manufacturing industry in the Los Angeles area. He owned a painting contracting company, retiring in 1985.

Private services were held at Forest Lawn Memorial-Park, Hollywood Hills.

Tally was preceded in death by his brother Robert.

He is survived by his daughter of Reno, Nev.; son, Terrence Tally of Tujunga; grandsons Ryan Miller and Jason Miller of Reno; granddaughter Lindsey Tally of Tujunga, and greatgrandchild Davis Miller of Reno.


To an edition of Delia and Rosamond, in 1594, was added the tragedy of Cleopatra, written in classical style, in alternately rhyming heroic verse, with choral interludes. The First Four Books of the Civil Wars, a historical poem on the subject of the Wars of the Roses, in ottava rima, appeared in 1595.[2]

As far as is known, it was not until 1599 that there was published a volume entitled Poetical Essays, which contained, besides the “Civil Wars,” “Musophilus” and “A letter from Octavia to Marcus Antonius,” poems in Daniel’s finest and most mature manner. About this time he became tutor to Lady Anne Clifford, daughter of the Margaret Clifford, Countess of Cumberland. On the death of Edmund Spenser, in the same year, Daniel received the somewhat vague office of Poet Laureate, which he seems, however to have shortly resigned in favour of Ben Jonson. At about this time, and at the recommendation of his brother-in-law, Giovanni Florio, he was taken into favour at court and wrote a Panegyricke Congratulatorie in ottava rima[2] which he offered to King James I of England at Burleigh Harrington in Rutland during James’ initial progression from Edinburgh to claim the throne in London.

Bruce Fairbairn


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