No Eulogy For Rosemary

The Diary of God


John Gregory

You will find nothing that resembles a eulogy for my mother in this blog, this…..Diary of God! This is because Robert Buck sold the story of Rosemary’s family to outsiders – and they buried her alive in their rush to get The Movie Money!

I never saw my mother’s grave. Just this photograph. I was not told she was dying, lest I feel I have something to write home about. I can read the expression on Rosemary’s face -like a book! She conceals the greatest sin a mother can commit – or two! I believe that is Christine lying there on the hot slab of cement. In 1970, her life is over. What to do? What to do?

I may be on the white sandy beach of Rio Nido, watching Rena walk into the Russian River. Rosemary’s daughter was there on Venice Pier, and saw our muse approach me. I wish Rosemary could have seen her. She died not knowing she was kin to Elizabeth Rosemond Taylor who did her own riding in National Velvet.

Today, I accepted the truth….. that meeting my daughter my mother did not know, was just an illusion. She was no way near – half mine! She was another Patrice, another enemy who attacked me and my mother, Rosemary, who would have defended me, and the Rosy legacy.

Three Seers said I diad, and asked if we were in heaven. There is no death scene for Rosamond, I told the probate court in Monterey. God being born and a resurrections, somehow the Dominionists get to own all that was Satan’s. And only an artist theologian dare ask all the right questions?

“Get behind me!”

Heather took my grandchild from me in a public display to prove I have no human qualities that qualify me to be a father and grandfather. But she is Rosemary’s granddaughter, and Rosemary never dreamed she would have grandchildren that come from me.

You see, that’s half the worry on her face. What is going to become of her son Gregory. And, Jesus had a mother who saw her son born from her womb, crowned – with thorns! Did this crown – ever take bloom?

No sin in Mary. So pure – she did not have to carry – a cross! Can you see the cross Rosemary carries? Lying there as if dead. The one she named – Christine! Gone is the one who led her way. Off to see the world – three years after he was raised from the dead. What to do?

Where is God – that day? Ask the total strangers who bought our souls – for a bag of money.

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I am an artist, a writer, and a theologian.
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  1. Reblogged this on Rosamond Press and commented:

    Rosemary died not knowing she was a cousin of Elizabeth Rosemond Taylor, and thus kin to Ian Fleming, who character is shown his daughter just before he dies.

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