Stefan and I in Einstime


Stefan and I just conversed for an hour on the phone. He wanted me to send him the syncretistic photographs I took of cracks in Springfield. We talked about the Day of the Dead and All Saints Day – The Other Realm and Dimension. When I came upon pink lines put on the cement for the coming chalk festival, I saw they had framed Mr. Ein’s work, teleported them. These lines merge in the edge of the two dimensional canvas representing TIME and the birth of the universe – as well as the ability of the limited mind to concieve of such things. Everything is NOW permitted. Everything is taking place at the same time, and, is not limited by our perceptions.

After the festival I came back to find rain puddles reflecting and framing random clouds. I caught a AIRLINER in one of them. I was in EINSTIME! Stefan’s show had been transported across State Lines for a private viewing, that I enjoyed like no other art show. I was allowed to be a co-creator. Ownership is about LIMITATION. There are KEEP OUT SIGNS on all BORDERS and PROPERTY LINES. Artists love to be FREE.

I see a cave painting depicting ancient hunters guided by Shamans. The first language is being born………….ART.

The hunter and shaman are alarmed that the herd of bison have not returned for two seasons. They long to see them on the plane. They summon a man, who depicts them in the tall grass inside the sacred cave. The bison appear two days later. BRANDING is born!

Jon Presco


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Stefan Eins has remarked he employs “science” in his work. Other artists have scoffed. I can not prove this is the case, because there is no such animal as Scientific Proof. One can only attempt to, Disprove, because there may be Proof that has not yet arrived.” I believe Stefan has opened a new door, entered into a new field, made a runway for the arrival of  New Proof. We must learn to look. Who would suspect a slab of concrete was the center of so much action.

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While the phrase “scientific proof” is often used in the popular media,[13] many scientists have argued that there is really no such thing. For example, Karl Popper once wrote that “In the empirical sciences, which alone can furnish us with information about the world we live in, proofs do not occur, if we mean by ‘proof’ an argument which establishes once and for ever the truth of a theory,”

Today I went to the Springfield Library to return books I had renewed twice. I have been recovering from an operation and saw a window of opportunity, open, and I went for it. I parked my truck next to the huge slab of concrete where upon was held a chalk festival. I started to walk on, when I stopped in my tracks, and turned.

“Are those rain puddles?”

“The physics of liquid formation are the physics of biology,” he said

For some reason, I brought my camera. A voice told me to. I walked on to the concrete surface – and gasped! I was surrounded by Land Clouds. They were grazing – like sheep. I began to snaps photos. The TIMING had to be right. The rain came in the night. The sun rises in the morning and dries most of the concrete surface. The sun is coming in and out of the right amount of clouds in the sky. The artist, arrives. The observer, is here. The awareness I received from my friend, is…….working? What is working? I considered the science in Mirrors. Then I saw the church steeple. Is this God, Mother Nature, or, Pure Science – at work. Are these God’s random canvases that he lay down so he can execute his Skyscapes – with upside down Trees? To the Creator-Artist, they are right side up!

I had suggested in other blogs, Stefan had somehow shown up at the chalk fest, and did his thing. In an e-mail he said her might show up.

“Who knows?”

Philosophers, such as Karl R. Popper, have provided influential theories of the scientific method within which scientific evidence plays a central role.[6] In summary, Popper provides that a scientist creatively develops a theory which may be falsified by testing the theory against evidence or known facts. Popper’s theory presents an asymmetry in that evidence can prove a theory wrong, by establishing facts that are inconsistent with the theory. In contrast, evidence cannot prove a theory correct because other evidence, yet to be discovered, may exist that is inconsistent with the theory

“This is the ‘Monkey Donkey’ thing,” he said. “It’s monkey rides donkey. Totally random. That in itself is totally amazing. I did this and this happened. This is miraculous to me.”

Is Stefan, God, or Baal? Like the movie ‘The Field of Dreams’ Mr.Eins loves this slab of concrete – and is able to get to it by means of “Another Dimension”‘ But, is this science?

I was totally emersed in thought. If I was deep in the woods, I could not be more alone. I took three photographs of the same pool, and noticed something. Is that a comet? A Jet? A UFO?

Then, they came, these beautiful people. They dispersed onto the concrete canvas. Some had pieces of paper.

“What the hell?”

On walls and window sills, and tucked into neat stacks, are pieces that deal with “the physics of liquid formation,” as he calls some of his earlier work. The pieces were influenced by his long association with leading graffiti artists at Fashion Moda.

He realized that the spots left by quick spray bursts looked lifelike. One resembles a group of tiny, fluorescent pink horseshoe crabs. In another piece, he let green paint flow into white, resulting in a latticework resembling moss.

“The physics of liquid formation are the physics of biology,” he said. “This is a liquid formation. But it is also moss. Same thing. That is why I became an artist, to investigate and find new bounds of knowledge.”

He goes to the narrow hallway and hauls out a slab of plywood onto which he had let brown paint flow.

“This is the ‘Monkey Donkey’ thing,” he said. “It’s monkey rides donkey. Totally random. That in itself is totally amazing. I did this and this happened. This is miraculous to me.”


In this video we have a The New Genesis and prophecy of what is yet to be. What I call amebas, are puddles of water that contains the Life Forms of the Mind. From the remains of a chalk drawing a new dimension is overlayed on a reflecting pond.

What is truly extraordinary, is this series of photos. While taking the third shot, I notice a white streak. I lift my camera skyward and take a clear shot. What is that? Is it a bird? A plane? Or a………Super Moda!

I go to see what these students are placing on the ground. They are clear domes that look like flying saucers. They have landed on my private world. They are taking MEASUREMENTS which key to Scientific Experiments. Tonight there’s going to be a meteor shower. One usually looks up to spot a UFO. But, thanks to Stefan, I learned to see things in a different and new way. For the first time in thirty years, I consider myself an artist. I am going to enter the images I captured in a show. I asked Stefan to enter this blog in his show.

“Houston, the Eagle has landed!”


Our Mars Machines had a close encounter with a comet that is seen at 5:00 o clock in a green glow.

“Comet Siding Spring (C/2013 A1) is seen near Mars (the bright object) as a bluish-green orb at the center in this view of the comet’s extremely close flyby of the Red Planet on Oct. 19, 2014. This image was captured by astronomer Nick Howes and colleagues using telescopes at the Siding Spring Observatory.”

What are the odds that it all came together? These students take a measurement once a month, weather permitting. Humans have a sense of TIME which is a science. The timing is impeccable. Ein’s profile is a annual event.

To behold a moving manmade object crossing a pond high in the sky, is a transcendence. That technology put a man on the moon, and a robot on Mars. These puddles are living paintings, even kinetic sculptures when a slight breeze stirs the surface. Remember, there used to be a store on this site, were humans entered and left with merchandise after exchanging currency, a way of counting and measuring.  Two years ago the store was torn down, and artists and astronomers have led the way to return this site to nature and science. But more than that this concrete is a Landing Pad for the Muses. These Muses will take us to other solar systems and we will be identified as UFOs and Aliens. But, when the dust of confusion, settles, they will see us for what we are……………Artists!

“Where are you from?”

“The Museum.”

“Where is that?”

“It is the place we store Other Dimensions and our Time Machine. We can create something from nothing. We can see things others can’t see.”

“Can you teach us how to do these things?”



FLASH: Los Angeles residents better start making their earthquake-preparedness kits — scientists say there’s a 99 percent chance that a quake will rock the city sometime before 2018. 

Using radar and GPS to measure the likelihood of an earthquake, experts from NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL) in Pasadena predict a 5.0-magnitude shaker — or bigger — for the L.A. area.”

When I saw the video of me following the crack, and coming to a mound of cracks and rubble, I wondered if this was a sign of things to come.

These are the Children of the Future. They have come to Springfield’s Stonehenge to calculate when the next Solstice and Equinox is going to be. Stonehenge is humankinds oldest, and most beautiful monument to Science.

In 1969 I declared myself a ‘New Pre-Raphaelite’.  On this day, I found  ‘The New Proof Brother and Sisterhood’. Don’t you think it is time to massively fund the Arts and Artists, so they may build a Starship? This is how my novel ‘The Gideon Computer’ ends.

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