I Own Brevoort History

Christine Wandel celebrated her birthday on July 27th. by going with her daughter, Julie, to DiMaggio’s where she went to pay tribute to her friend, Joseph Marra, who saw himself as Julie’s Godfather. Last night I told the woman – who deflowered me in 1967 – that I was going to announce today, she is the Queen of the Village, that Last Village Survivor. I told her that when Anthony Guest kissed her hand, and recognized she was a Boston Bramham, a Lady of Good Breeding, that she was in line for The Throne that Henry Brevoort, Washington Irving, and Sir Walter Scott planted in New Amsterdam – and then knighted the Knickerbockers – who snubbed Jenny Churchill, a relative of Mr. Guest.

Ms. Wandel is my model for Monica in my unfished novel ‘The Gideon Computer’ . Berkeley Bill wanders around the the house on Hancock Street, and finds a book in the library that changes the course of his life. My friend, Nancy Hamren, suggested I author the history of the Hippies. She is a good friend of the Kesey family who named a yogurt after her. I chose to write about the Last Bohemian Standing – in the future! Bill is a Rip Van Winkle – who has woken up this very day! Joe Marra owned The Night Owl Cafe.

The Wendish Roots of Christine Wandel | Rosamond Press

Knickerbockers (clothing) – Wikipedia

“After Irving’s History, by 1831, “Knickerbocker” had become a local byword for an imagined old Dutch-descended New York aristocracy, their old-fashioned ways, their long-stemmed pipes, and knee-breeches long after the fashion had turned to slacks. (Such cultural heritage sprang almost entirely from Irving’s imagination and became a well-known example of an invented tradition.) “Knickerbocker” became a byword for a New York patrician, comparable to a “Boston Brahmin

With the discovery of the Lady Euphemia, who owned one of the largest libraries in the world, and who put together three Arthurian Romances that I connect to John Steinbeck, then a Grail Literary Theme and Quest, has come to New York City. Add to this Herbert Norbert camping on Saint Croix Island with my grandparents – and other Black Mask authors – then I got Raymond Chandler and Ian Fleming on my side as I complete a SUCCESSFUL LITERARY COUP.

The Gold Digger and ‘The Toy’ | Rosamond Press

Surely Attorney, Tom Comstock, saw a successful coup when Stacey Pierrot was sold MY family literary legacy, along with all the art of ROSAMOND. Tom understood that the mission of my sixteen year old daughter was to grab all she could for the sake of Tom’s family. My grandson would be TAKEN HOSTAGE. With the Rose King and Rose Sword on my side, I vanquish all my enemies, and claim the title….KING OF THE KNICKERBOCKERS. 

King Arthur and The Sword of Roses | Rosamond Press

For the first time in the history of the Anglo-Saxon Race, the Grail and The Sword will be used to do battle with the enemies of the United States of America. I am going to seek funding from Congress, to establish Radio Free America on the foundation that Herbert Armstrong, and Ben Toney established. 

My coup d’etat is complete with the fact Mark Twain lived across the street from Henry Brevoort and was at the salon Jessie Benton Fremont held at Black Point. Christine Rosamond Benton is kin to John Fremont a co-founder of the Republican Party that lie in ruin. Christine told me she does not go to Washington square anymore, because the Demons have taken it over. They can not be driven out at night, and thus they keep all the owners of the property that surrounds the Square – up all night – with their shrieks and acts of violence. Meanwhile, the Buck Institute is searching for a cure for old age. Consider Rip Van Winkle. 

A coup d’état (/ˌkuːdeɪˈtɑː/ (About this soundlisten); French for “blow of state”), usually shortened to coup,[1] is the seizure and removal of a government and its powers. Typically, it is an illegal, unconstitutional seizure of power by a political faction, the military, or a dictator.[2] Many scholars consider a coup successful when the usurpers seize and hold power for at least seven days.[2]

I have found a Royal Rose Line! I am liberated from the madness that has surrounded my life, and all but consumed me. I own……The Rose Sword!

How did I find the Rose Sword. In talking about Renne’s Le Hoax with an old friend and member of that vanished egroup, he mentioned that John Steinbeck had written about King Arthur, and there is a display at his little museum. I google Arthur and Steinbeck and read the Tortilla Flat was a Grail book, where the characters are Arthurian. I am blown away. Here are the three Romances of Euphemia, titled ‘The Eugemiavisorna’. John went to England and styed in a cottage near REDLYNCH. This name caught my eye. Euphemia died here. She lie here waiting for her knight to come. John – came near! Then, the other John – arrived! Percival!

Twain’s life on Fifth Avenue (twainquotes.com)

Mark Twain was a conspicuous figure in the Washington Square neighborhood. He was a man whose personality naturally dominated the crowd about him. The white suit he always wore and his bushy crown of silver hair would have attracted attention even if he were not famous for other things.

At times he went out for a stroll with General Dan Sickles, then in his eighties and handicapped by a wooden leg, who lived in a mansion across the street. He bought his cigars from Joe Isaacs, who died in New York this Summer. Isaacs kept his store in a corner of Alexander McClelland’s roadhouse at the southeast corner of Sixth Avenue and Eleventh Street, torn down in 1912. Here the braw Scot served fine old musty ale and mutton pies that won him a steady reputation for forty-two years.

Rosamond Press

Capturing Beauty

In 2000, I heard the Rosamond Probate finally had a valid and real Executor – after Shannon and her attorney got rid of Garth Benton – and Larry Chazen! Sydney Morris returned my call.

“I heard you sister was a real piece of work!” said the law partner of of Robert Brevoort Buck who put together the Buck Foundation. I was shocked! Why did he say this? Was he testing to see WHO’S SIDE I was on in the Posthumous Benton Divorce, where everyone that bankrupted Rosamond – is given a second chance! Why??????

When you read Tom Snyder’s ‘When You Close You Eyes’ you get an explanation. You see, several men really tried to help my sister be – more successful than she already was! But, she fought them all the way. She is described as not being able to function because she was a crazed and…

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