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I am sitting in many Catbird-seats. The Literary Circle I sit in the middle of encompasses ALL MY OFFSPRING AND LATE FAMILY MEMBERS. Their rejection of me – has failed! I can do no wrong! I am in theory going furniture shopping with James Bond, and my beloved muse, Rena Easton. No one can stop me. I will have Rena say; “I never dreamed I would be driven to the Amish furniture store by James Bond – in a Bentley!” Who gives a rat’s ass what literary critics have to say. I paid my dues. I got here – all by myself! I came up – the hardboiled way! I am going to connect James Bond with the Rose Arthur and Rose Sword. Did Fleming ever see Bond as a Knight in Shining Armor – of the Round Table?

King Arthur and The Sword of Roses | Rosamond Press

Rosamond Press

On this day I found ‘Spy Island Authors’ . We are a school for authors of Spy Novels, and New Cold War Thrillers. The spirit of my grandfather, Royal Rosamond, will wage a historic battle against those who have done his family wrong, and intend to erase Democracy from the face of the earth. The American family will be just a memory unless the spirit of these men, arise.

The family of Elizabeth Rosemond Taylor came back to America in 1939. Liz and her brother, Howard, were British subjects who had contact with Victor Cazalet who may have been an operative for The New World Order. Victor has a vision of uniting the the two most powerful navies in the world. Royal Rosamond in camping on the Anacapa Islands with Dashiell Hammet, and other Black Mask authors. I doubt Liz and Royal ever met. This Rose Star knew very little…

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I am an artist, a writer, and a theologian.
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