I Own Brevoort History

Capturing Beauty

In 2000, I heard the Rosamond Probate finally had a valid and real Executor – after Shannon and her attorney got rid of Garth Benton – and Larry Chazen! Sydney Morris returned my call.

“I heard you sister was a real piece of work!” said the law partner of of Robert Brevoort Buck who put together the Buck Foundation. I was shocked! Why did he say this? Was he testing to see WHO’S SIDE I was on in the Posthumous Benton Divorce, where everyone that bankrupted Rosamond – is given a second chance! Why??????

When you read Tom Snyder’s ‘When You Close You Eyes’ you get an explanation. You see, several men really tried to help my sister be – more successful than she already was! But, she fought them all the way. She is described as not being able to function because she was a crazed and violent drunk out to hurt people. Did Robin Beare, Garth’s divorce attorney offer evidence of this – before Rosamond was “killed” by a fake rogue wave?

So, I assumed Robin and Sydney had spoken and compared notes. Then Morris mentions this book he just read, about a man who murders his wife by the sea, and says it was a suicide.

“Have you read ‘Murder By Suicide?” Buck’s partner asks! And I get it. He is suggesting my only interest in Rosamond death – was to expolit her and get money! This can not be Garth’s motive, because………? I still can’t find that book! Did Morris – invent it?

I began to wonder if this had something to do with Christine’s autobiography that Vicki showed me. The famous artist’s version of events – has been disappeared. Why? Did Christine say evil things about Garth – who she was divorcing? Did Robin show her story to a judge and say Drew Benton must be spared the accusation Rosamond made – that all father’s incest their daughters – starting with Garth? That make’s some sense, until you read Snyder said this accusation was made -and Drew Benton is reading it -along with her friends – who got to be shocked to know Drew had such a crazy and violent mother – who might have hurt Drew!

The title of my autobiography should be ‘Deadly Divorce Warmed Over’. If Morris&Buck got my motives – right – don’t you think I could have published at least one Exploitation Bio? How many have Team Garth put on the market? Thanks to me their evil movie was not made!

I wish I had money to go to the memorial for Joe Marra being held in the Village on July 14. My friend Christine Wandel is going to be there. Both are/were pillars of Village History – as was Henry Brevoort! Above are the paintings of James Brevoort.

Brevoort of the Village | Rosamond Press

John Van Trump Brevoort | Rosamond Press

James Renwick Brevoort – Wikipedia

Brevoort of the Village

Posted on July 27, 2017 by Royal Rosamond Press

Today is Chris’s birthday. She is all that is left of Greenwich Village that Henry Brevoort founded. She has lived in New York’s Village for forty years. Broadway All is the Godfather of her daughter, Julie. She dated Joe Marra who owned the Night Owl, and accompanied her friend, Bill Graham, to see the Tower of Power. There are America’s first libraries. Here we are my fine reading and writing friends. We cared so much! We built this city!

Happy Birthday, Chris!

Jon Gregory

In 1834,Henry Brevoort built a mansion at 24 5thAvenue, at the northwest corner of 9th Street. Mr. Brevoort was descended from Dutch settlers and since 1701, his earlier ancestors had retained their farm, stretching from 5th Avenue to the Bowery and extending north of 14th Street. He was a lifelong friend of Washington Irving, with whom he corresponded by letters for over 50 years. His son, James Carson Brevoort, was a world famous collector of rare books and coins and was very involved with the Astor Library.J. Carson Brevoort also studied with his uncle, James Renwick. Mr. Renwick built the house at 21 5th Avenue, which would become the home of Mark Twain. According to Nathan Silver’s book Lost New York, the Brevoort House was probably designed by the firm of Ithiel Town and A.J. Davis. Its classic Greek Revivalelements made it a model for later homes in the City.

I Own Robert Breevort Buck’s History

Posted on June 14, 2019 by Royal Rosamond Press

Heisinger, Buck & Morris, Attorneys at Law

I own Robert Breevort Buck’s family history! I took it! I am using it. I copyrighted it! I told Sydney Morris that I began my biography of Christine and I in 1992. He, his law firm, Stacey Pierrot, Tom Snyder, and Julie Lynch did not honor my copyright. These people tried to weaken and destroy me by luring my SEVENETEEN year old CHILD out of my life. Add the history of John Wilson,  Henry Breevort, and Washington Irving, then you have half the history of America!

Here is my niece, Christine Rosamond Benton’s adult named Heir in her Will. Drew Benton is the other named Heir. She was eight when her mother died. Patrice and Heather Hanson, never knew Christine, or, talked to her. My sister did not know they existed. The Hansons have done massive damage to Rosamond’s estate, and our Creative Family Legacy. Executor, Sydney Morris sold our legacy to Stacey Pierrot so that she could write a book, and produce a movie, inorder to generate a waning interest in Rosamond’s Art. She failed to do this. This opens a Legal Door for me to produce a movie, book, or T.V. series to generate MONIES for my nieces who are in a state of emergency! I get to use the Buck family History to this end! Here is Shannon;

“Bosco & Pepper is my cat . Vicki’s in assisted care she had been contacting me ,never left a message for six months . Then when she did , it sounded as if she had a stroke!! Long story short . I left messages to Shamus that if without a response , see you in24! So I arrived true to my word as always. Drew answered the door . That was September of last year. And I was blessed to have her for Christmas. Tried to spoil her on her birthday. I can barely continue texting cause tears of joy are streaming cause my heart has ached so long . Im here with her now. I wanted to explain to you before , that I was always aware of your support and fight for the innocent. I apologize if you had perceived it for something other than gratitude. Remember you were my hero and cool uncle ! At six you introduced me to George Carlin and at 30+ I was privileged enough to , on my bday his last performed show. You should always know I saw your love and support in written word , and I want to thank you . I believe petty things are the only thing keeping Rosamond’s from embracing life. We may be crazy but how many people can trace their family back to 540 approx. Where Royal would go from Ventura or Oxnard open first general store Then TO F”””ing Oklahoma. And proof census Showing all woman keep picking men who are half of what they deserve , medical transcriber husband part time construction. Right

She isn’t present , I mean I had a vision back in 95 about her being in a purgatory . I wasn’t even aware of what that word actually really meant. But that’s what it’s like , she acknowledges you BUT YOU DO NOT FEEL HER PRESENCE . It’s very strange and a bit unsettling .”

John Presco

Copyright 2019

Heisinger Buck & Morris

John Van Trump Brevoort

Posted on August 13, 2017by Royal Rosamond Press

  There is something very strange about this name; John van Trump Brevoort who was born in Paris and is listed as a “real estate agent” There is a John Brevoort connected to the Brady family and much property in Harlem. Did the Brevoort family attempt to elude paying taxes on the sale of property they owned? This may be a family tradition. Note that the names of the parents is not recorded. Is John illegitimate? Do the Brevoort’s alas recognize the Trumps who come to America and become famous New York realtors?

Jon Presco


Bonds With The Blue Angel

Posted on April 25, 2019by Royal Rosamond Press

In 1988 I had a Rose Reading. The woman reader saw me sitting on a hill looking down on these children on a playground.

“You were trying to heal them all.”

When I met my neighbor, Sandra, and when she told me she lived in the orphanage I would go by when I took a walk in the Oakland Hills, I saw what the Seer saw. I used to take a rest at the orphanage, and meditate on their, and my fate. There was always talk about the four Presco children being put in a orphanage.

I almost died of Whooping cough when I was eleven. I was sent to LA to visit my relative and came down with this rare illness. My aunt Lillian told me about the time I came outside looking for her and Uncle Dick. I was blue, and my finger contorted. Dick put me upside down on his knee and pounded on my back to get the flem out. This is when I began to see white auras around my kindred.

Above I am placing an angel coin in the tomb of my ancestor. It was given to me by a sister in recovery to honor my sister Christine. I wanted her sobriety to be out of reach of the parasites who were sold our Family Recovery.

John ‘The Seer’

Bonding With A Blue Angel

Bohemian Nation of Washington Woodstock

Posted on September 5, 2017by Royal Rosamond Press

Henry Brevoort, and Sir Walter Scott, corresponded. They discussed the writing of Washington Irving. Scott wrote about Woodstock and Fair Rosamond who is the subject of the castle Singer built on an island. Churchill grew up in Blenheim Palace were Rosamond’s Labyrinth was located. A lake was named after her. Here is The Fair Lady of the Rose and Lake.

The artist, Marcel Duchamp, climbed atop the arch in Washington Square, and declared Washington Square a sovereign nation. On this day I found the New Bohemian Nation of Washington Woodstock, named after Washington Irving, and a generation known as The Woodstock Nation of Flower Children who will be forever known as….


Washington Woodstock will be a Sanctuary for all children who have demonstrated Literary and Artistic Gifts, and find themselves being bullied and harassed. I suggest a Art and Poetry event take place in Washington Woodstock Square for The Dreamers’.

Consuelo Vanderbuilt, and Jennie Jerome, were the daughters of American Millionairs who married into the royal family that lived at Blenheim, and had to be familiar with the Legends of Rosamond. These are the Beautiful American Daughters of Wall Street. Let there be a sanctuary and new understanding of how sane business people conduct business, and themselves in The Bohemian Renaissance.

“In 1817, Washington Irving spent several days with his literary idol, Sir Walter Scott, at Abbotsford, Scott’s stately home near Melrose, Scotland. At the time, Scott was known more for his romantic poetry than his novels, though at the time of Irving’s visit, Scott was reviewing the proofs of his historical novel Rob Roy, part of his popular Waverley series.”

On this day, let the Knight Templars of Rougemont pour out of the Arch of Washington Woodstock, and form a Rouge Line along 14th. Street, from river to river.

Haters of Democracy……………You will not pass! We will crush the fake reports of Breitbart with real history. We will make America and England great again!

Jon Presco

Copyright 2017

Woodstock Manor was destroyed in the English Civil War (1642-51). But a description of it came into the hands of Sir Walter Scott, the great Scottish novelist, and he included it in his 1826 novel Woodstock or The Cavalier.


The original hunting lodge at Woodstock in Henry I’s day became Rosamund’s Bower, or Rosamund’s Labyrinth, in Henry II’s day, as legend would have it (this legend was completely debunked very much later in history, along with the idea that Eleanor of Aquitaine killed the fair Rosamund, though Henry II did have a deep and long-lasting affair with Rosamund Clifford); Henry II did make the original hunting lodge into a very elaborate country estate for his fair Rosamund; then…

Blenheim Palace was built on the site of the original hunting lodge and Rosamund’s Labyrinth, and was completed in 1724. It’s now a World Heritage Site, and one remarkable building.

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    Christine Wandel celebrated her birthday on July 27th. by going with her daughter, Julie, to DeMaggios where she went to pay tribute to her friend, Joseph Marra, who saw himself as Julie’s Godfather. Last night I told the woman – who deflowered me in 1967 – that I was going to announce today, she is the Queen of the Village, that Last Village Survivor. I told her that when Anthony Guest kissed her hand, and recognized she was a Boston Bramham, a Lady if Class, that she was in line for The Throne that Henry Brevoort, Washington Irving, and Sir Walter Scott planted in New Amsterdam – and then knighted the Knickerbockers – who snubbed Jenny Churchill, a relative on Mr. Guest. With the discovery of the Lady who owned one of the largest libraries in the world, and who put together three Arthurian Romances that I connect to John Steinbeck, then a Grail Literary Theme and Quest, has come to New York City. Add to this Herbert Norbert camping on Saint Croix Island with my grandparents – and other Black Mask authors – then I got Raymond Chandler and Ian Fleming on my side as I complete a SUCCESSFUL LITERARY COUP. Surely Attorney Tom Comstock saw a successful coup when Stacey Piettot was sold MY family literary legacy to a non-family member, along with all the art of ROSAMOND. Tom understood that the mission of my sixteen year old daughter was to grab all she could for the sake of Tom’s family. My grandson would be TAKEN HOSTAGE. With the Rose King and Rose Sword on my side, I vanquish all my enemies, and claim the title….KING OF THE KNICKERBOCKERS. The Rose Arthur of Steinbeck Country | Rosamond Press

    A coup d’état (/ˌkuːdeɪˈtɑː/ (About this soundlisten); French for “blow of state”), usually shortened to coup,[1] is the seizure and removal of a government and its powers. Typically, it is an illegal, unconstitutional seizure of power by a political faction, the military, or a dictator.[2] Many scholars consider a coup successful when the usurpers seize and hold power for at least seven days.[2]

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