The Reluctant Messiah

CBS News did a report on Christian Nationalism. They can not see the forest thru the tress because this religions nation was created as a tool of political deception – they never believing – IT WAS TRUE!

Dhul-Nun al-Misri – Wikipedia

Christian Nationalism in the United States – YouTube

Rosamond Press


People have titled me ‘The Reluctant Messiah’. This morning I learned this was a title Jonah owned. Jonah is Dhun-Nun ‘Son of the Fish’. Nun is the letter N in the Hebrew alphabet. ISIS has been marking the doors of Christians in Iraq with a N so they may know death. But, they shall know Jonah, who some say dies in the belly of a fish, and on the third day, he arose. I am Jonah. I have come to save the Christians of Iraq, and no other Christians for they have not repented of the sin of Slavery as I bid them to do throughout this blog. I will save the Christian Children who have been taken slaves by ISIS. I have opened the tombs of the dead who have arrived to Judge the living Beasts of Hell, and cast them down into a fire – after they have…

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