The Bohemian Hubris

I believe American input will help define a new direction for the European Union. This completes my Arthurian Cycle I launched in my Grail Letter to Rosamond’s probate. Scroll down to see more castles. 

John Presco

President: Royal Rosamond Press

House of Schwarzenberg – Wikipedia

Richard Wagner – Lohengrin – Prelude – YouTube

Rosamond Press

This may be my kin. Karel Schwarzenberg saw the Nazis march into Bohemia, the Czech Republic, and then here come the Russians – who are poised to invade the Ukraine. Putin warns the United States to stay out of this fight – for it’s own good! We Bohemian, Peacenik, Hippies warned our government to stay out of Afghanistan – for our own good! Our President has announced the day of our – final defeat! Like the Russians – we lost there! Here is an article suggesting the U.S. lost its HUBRIS in Afghanistan. What I have been looking at, and blogging about, has the Bohemian Lifestyle lost its HUBRIS? This is why I made my Bond characters kind of Hippish. This is why I looked at Belmont as the location of another Bohemian Hotspot – after I looked at Crockett, where my Bohemian grandfather lived on a houseboat.

(16) Karel…

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