Identifying Starfish

The Royal Janitor

After their prolonged meeting with Zachary, he not wanting them to go, Starfish hovered over Victoria gazing deep into her blue-grey eyes. They were supposed to be sleeping, but, they hated their hotel by the airport. There was so much sound and activity. The vibrations of millions of people trying to leave their bodies and go astro-traveling, was….confusing! There was a heavy pall in the air, a thick fog that hindered take-off.

“I am going to teach you Yiddish. This is the only way your third-eye can be opened. You need to see – more clearly. I suspect you are a Kohen, like Zach. His DNA is full of Yiddish words. The Jews used to control the trade on the Silk Road by inventing a Trader Talk. That whole speal was expanding lawyer trade-speak. You may be of Scythian descent like me. I can see my Tocharian ancestors in caves studying Sanskrit and worshiping Buddha in the way of the Indians. You are so Celtic. I love your cherub mouth. I can teach you remote-viewing.”

“It’s 1:32 A.M. We need to sleep. We got a big day ahead of us!”

Starfish took Victoria’s lips between her index finger and thumb, and pinched them as she made the basic vowel sounds of Yiddish.

“You can do precious little baby!”

Most of the day yesterday I wondered why I turned James Bond into a woman, and, then created a angelic bodyguard for her. Later one, while discussing remote viewing on a psychedelic facebook group. I googled the Scythians who I knew smoked cannabis. I found myself, and, my guardian angel. I am Enaree, men who acted like transvestites in order to be in balance with both halves of our sexual nature. Why would they want to do that. I believe they were Doves, a class of priests who could meditate, leave their body, and hover over the great steppes and wilderness along the Silk Trail. They could spot friends and foes, They knew what was being carried in the caravans. This gave them an advantage in TRADING.

I just spent the last two hours of my morning studying the Tocharian, the Khazars, and Ashkenazi. Here is an excellent article that will allow me to identify who the LEVITES were.

Localizing Ashkenazic Jews to Primeval Villages in the Ancient Iranian Lands of Ashkenaz (

Getting on my computer, after deciding I will livestream my revelations about the Kidron Valley, I read this. The Gideon Computer is NOW CURRENT. We are on the brink of war. I took over Herbert Armstrong’s church and radio station KORE that was torn down – after I tried to save it. There was a DOVE under the call letters.

U.S. Imposes Stiff Sanctions on Russia, Blaming It for Major Hacking Operation (

“The Biden administration on Thursday announced tough new sanctions on Russia and formally blamed the country’s premier intelligence agency for the sophisticated hacking operation that breached American government agencies and the nation’s largest companies.”

I own a special copyright that protects my letters and sermons that I will broadcast. This is Cyber Warfare. I have three warriors ready to go – counting myself. I am asking Rena to join us. She owned the most beautiful arms. She is a remote viewer who spends much time out of her body due to her extreme abuse. This abuse goes hand in hand. We activate the dark side of many who come in contact with us. I will explain as I go.

The Enaree may be the result of riding in a saddle for prolonged periods, which might have caused prostate cancer.

(16) I Ching Yarrow Stalk Tutorial – YouTube

I Ching divination – Wikipedia

Scythians & Cannabis | Herb Museum

Enaree – Wikipedia

According to Herodotus, the Scythians who pillaged the temple of Aphrodite (see Venus Castina) at Ascelon, and all their descendants after them, were afflicted by the goddess with the “female” sickness: and so the Scythians say that they are afflicted as a consequence of this and also that those who visit Scythian territory see among them the condition of those whom the Scythians call Enarees.[1] Herodotus associates their patron goddess, Argimpasa, with Aphrodite Urania via interpretatio graeca.[citation needed]

Herodotus also mentions some of their religious practices:

There are many diviners among the Scythians, who divine by means of many willow wands as I will show. They bring great bundles of wands, which they lay on the ground and unfasten, and utter their divinations as they lay the rods down one by one; and while still speaking, they gather up the rods once more and place them together again; this manner of divination is hereditary among them. The Enarees, who are hermaphrodites, say that Aphrodite gave them the art of divination, which they practise by means of lime-tree bark. They cut this bark into three portions, and prophesy while they braid and unbraid these in their fingers.[2]

The Greek physician Hippocrates, who speaks about the Enarees in his work On Airs, Waters, Places, theorized that although the inhabitants of Scythia believe the cause of their effeminacy is divine, he believed the cause of their impotency was a result of continuous horseback riding, and it was for this reason they have adopted feminine roles.[3]

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