Disrespecting The Last Wishes of Rosamond

Capturing Beauty


John Presco

Copyright 2021

Chapter 10 The Ten of Swords

“The Ten of Swords shows a man lying face down, apparently dead, with ten swords in his back. A red cape drapes over the lower half of his body as a sign of dignity as he leaves this world. While the dark sky is ominous, the sun is rising on the horizon, bringing a renewed sense of hope and opportunity. The calm sea in the background also brings solace, suggesting that even in times of darkness, there is a sense of peace and calm to be found.”

Let us take a look at the events that occurred – after the wave. My sister is dead. Perhaps in death there is rest and salvation. Then, from another place, she reads this in her bio..

“We were almost there when an ambulance passed us going the other way. We both realized it was carrying Christine. My mind flashed back over the last few months and years, and all the anguish FOR Nina and Drew and me, even for Christine. I was crying, and I turned to Nina – this is what I am ashamed of- and said, “We’re free! And Drew is saved!”

This is Garth Benton flushing the toilet, not with tears, but with glee. He owns tears of joy. He is laughing out loud. He is getting in touch with his true feelings. He takes my sister’s ashes out to Rocky Point with my niece Drew, called up my niece Shannon – and laughs at her as he scatters Christine’s ashes into the sea. Garth did not show up at my sister’s funeral, nor did Drew Benton, or, we would have met for the first time. Garth knew I was being put out in the cold by Vicki and Mark who were now Secret Partners. Dead Rosamond would go on living and make the evil people that surrounded her – gobs of Dead Artist Bucks! However, they all were threatened by the IRS audit, because they were taking a illegal right-off on all the lithographs that did not sell. I suspect they found Christine’s autobiography that had HER ESCAPE PLAN in it. She was going to take Drew to New York where they would live. She had filed Bankruptcy. She is leaving creditors in the lurch. I count ten of them.

I have seven years sobriety. when I came to Christine’s funeral to say goodbye. I had very little to do with my insane family. Mark, Vicki, and Garth hated AA and Christine’s sobriety. The covert was being made overt. The Silent Ones wanted Christine, Shannon, and I – out of the picture! We three – were the family artists! The evil Benton divorce may not have been over. Garth’s divorce attorney worked with Vicki every day. She got Vicki and Jacci Belford to sign affidavits that hopefully would put Shannon in prison.

They then nominated Garth to be the special executor! Say what? Didn’t Judge Silver consider this was the last thing the deceased would want. after all, he presided over the divorce. This does not compute, unless he knew it was a suicide, and is doing this for the sake of the child. Don’t want her to be stigmatized by her peers knowing the truth. How about Buck&Morris? Did they know it was a suicide, too? Grandma Rosemary knew the truth. Shannon got Garth out of there – then his buddy Chazen wanted to be executor. The judge didn’t allow this – because he is the No.1 creditor for $100,000. Would Christine be happy with Larry? Why did Vicki Presco drop out as No.1 named executor? She wanted to be a Secret Partner, like her big brother, Mark Presco. They believe there is going to be a blockbuster movie made. Would Garth take Drew to the premiere just to see if the child actress who plays her, has it. Sure, bring all your school friends along for – THE BIG LIE!

I want Drew on a witness stand!

The real Big Question I had, is, how was this Evil ART Book going to INCREASE the interest in the Art of Rosamond? Old fans and new – knew what was going down. They asked how come the ex-husband is trashing the mother of his daughter – IN PUBLIC! This is why I want to get the law firm of Robert Buck in court – where they belong. Sydney Morris blessed – PURE ART EVIL! He made a huge rent in the World of Art. He pretends this is a case of me owning sour grapes. But, the proof is in the pudding. The Rosamond Creative Legacy – DIED! Why? Because all the surviving artists and writers – were done away with – in a LIVING MURDER CASE! Garth gets to kill off Christine – twice! How did they expect a producer to make a movie from – PURE ART EVIL? Mu brother is a neo-Nazi racist, who celebrated his victory over Christine and I – while hiding behind the Legal Shield Robert Buck made for him.

I just took a breakfast break and may alas own a picture of how my sister died. I googled people killing themselves due to an IRS AUDIT. How many people close to Christine considered taking their own life – if the IRS investigation came close to them? Rosemary said her daughter took her life. Who realized this would ALERT THE IRS who would be wondering why she killed herself, and, who are her business partners. Rosamond has to be UN-SUICIDED and a story invented that made her death a real tragedy – that almost took the life if her eight year old daughter!!!! Really? The IRS would not want more deaths – due to the child – who would become an orphan. Besides – IT’S ALL CHRISTINES FAULT! She made everyone do it with her ‘Fuck you’ attitude. Fuck you…..IRS! Do you think Mark would like me to kill myself, too? Was this why my newfound daughter was – lured away from me? It’s like that old mountain climbing movie where everyone is tied together – and the bottom man slips!

“Younger sister Vicki recalls that Christine was still very frugal at the time – a throw back to life on San Sebastian Avenue, when even food was a luxery. “This is before she really learned to spend money.” Vicki recalls, “and in a very short time, Christine had saved up $100,000 to buy her first home on White Oak Avenue in Enciono. After that she went straight to ‘Fuck you’ and got very much into that.

Do you see it, you Grifters out there. Did Vicki know Christine was not paying taxes on that $100,000 dollars she bought a house with? Does she, and the Ten Greedy Needy Ones , believe the IRS is reading Snyder’s book – that reads like a business report?

“No need to complete our investigation, Frank. It’s been done for us!”

Vicki and her ex-husband got caught high in trading silver on the commodities market and were making more money then they could hide. They bought three homes in Redmond Oregon and cheated the IRS. This is where my sister got money to invest in our sister’s art. Vic Presco turned Christine into the IRS because he believed the Benton’s turned him in. When my sixteen year old daughter came into my life, they had gone to the reopening of the Rosamond gallery – with Secret Family Partners is place – before they contacted me. It was like a crab-trap that had broken lose. The suckers kept pouring into a feeding frenzy without end. . I begged Sydney Morris&Buck to shut this NIGHTMARE down. Here is the Secret Hidden Player in the Art World – that cares – and would want to crush IT with a big rock!

Blogger: User Profile: Mark Presco

There had to be a plan to DEFLECT THE IRS. I believe it was presented to Christine at Rocky Point. I believe Mark was chosen to do the presentation that suggested Christine commit herself to a mental hospital after relinquishing guardianship of Drew. Poor little Drew. Her mommy is in the nut house. Let’s not traumatize her father when any more auditing. God knows what he may do! He may take his daughter out to Rocky Point – and jump in! If Christine got to New York with Drew, then she could block everyone who wanted to do her harm. She could even hide. Was there money in a safe deposit box?

As a writer, there is nothing like this real story. Every crime you can think of is committed – but murder – as if they are saying…

“We didn’t go – that far – so we are completely innocent of any wrong doing!”

I call this….The Shamus Dundon Denial Defense! Did my nephew know Mark was having a incestuous relationship with his mother, and together they plotted on how best to keep and control the family – and our secrets! Wasn’t Vicki – Vic’s evil control freak? There! It’s out. Christine and I were figuring it out.

I forgot to tell you, Garth acted in movies, thus he has memorized scripts. His divorce attorney was already hot and bothered about being a player in the art world, and now she is in with the Hollywood Art Movie Crowd. I think Robin Beare should be disbarred for be a fucking drama queen with a ‘Fuck you’ flare! Has she ever been to dinner with Robert Buck and Sydney?

(2) A clip from the 1964 film “RAIDERS FROM BENEATH THE SEA” (HD) – YouTube

I will now be sending this post to NETFLIX. HBO. Showtime, and others. I want to leave my two grandchildren a legacy and start a Art Program for hungry poor children. Hungry children will be able to earn food for themselves by selling their art work. Helplessness is not a feeling any child should own.

John Presco

President: Royal Rosamond Press

Fear Of IRS Audit Leads To Suicide – The Advocates for Self-Government

According to family members, the man was “acting funny” hours before taking his own life. He had reportedly talked about the debt to the IRS with family members and was afraid of what this would mean to him and his company.

Garth Benton and ‘The Unhappy Victor’

Posted on June 24, 2017 by Royal Rosamond Press

The Story of Rosamond


Jon Presco

Copyright 2017

Snyder, Stacey, Shannon, Jacci, Lynch, Vicki, and Garth – PUT ROSEMARY ON ME – thanks to Sydney Morris selling the Artistic Family Legacy to what looks like the Fresno Mafia that tried to take over Carmel. The Benton clan, from Thousand Oaks, wanted in on the action. This aint no B Movie.

‘No Flies on Garth’ knew his mark. He hung in the background, did not got to Christine’s funeral, but, came out BIG TIME for the book & movie! There is talk about a HBO series. Did I tell you Donald stiffed the famous artist, Andy Warhol?

Of course THE MOTHER was proud she gave birth to two creative children, thus, THE ROSY TRINITY had to be slimed because Jacci Belford was rolling in dough from her divorce settlement. Christine threw her out on her ear after not paying her and the other Fresno Brat.  Jacci and her new husband owned a Inn that catered to Fresno Folks who wanted to get away from the oily heat, and see the sea!

My friend Paul Drake played in the T.V. series that made fun of Fresno. He also play Mick in Eastwood’s ‘Sudden Impact’.  Clint would not like to have Rosemary put on him. Why is that?

Meet Elmer ‘Big Bones’ Remmer! I did, when I was fifteen. My mother Rosemary
brought him over to the house with his wife, who may be in this photo, too.


Rosemary would later ask me if I recalled meeting this couple.

“These people were members of the Mafia who I made porno movies for.”

Rick Partlow played in the movie ‘The Gambler’. He was a bartender at the Reseda Lounge. Rosemary and Lillian hooked him up with Christine.

Innocent Baby Faced Benton knew the crowd he was running with. Down in the basement was a printing machine that cranked out money, and tax right-offs! The Mob flew in to get Victor’s trade secret on how to work Defaults.

“Those guys scare me. They carried guns! Let me show you where I keep my pump shot-gun!”

Snyder writes about ‘The Dark Advantage Rosemary had over Christine, she moving in on all her action. Snyder and the Fresno Slimebuckets, missed the mark. Art History has been looking for a Mother Like Rosemary – forever! Here is a mother who would do anything for her kids. Bones wanted to send two guys to shakedown Vic for child support. He never paid a dime as ordered by the court. Yet, he demands loyalty. Jacci wanted Vic’s prints, and so did her High School chum, Stacey Pierrot.

The Rosemont family owned windmills in Holland. Garth Benton married into The Moulin Rouge! However, Vic told me Paul Garfield Benton 1 served time in prison for making False Deeds of Trust. Here are the two Pauls with their mark. I wrote letters. I was ignored. Snyder’s book is about how to GET ME and DESTROY ME. They lured my seventeen year old daughter into their camp. When I got her back, she said;

“You don’t know all Drew went through with her mother!”

Vicki, who Vic groomed to take over his loan business when he died, did a masterful job of lying to my child. She hear ‘Unhappy Victor’ lying to old ladies on the phone. In 1994, he was convicted of Loan Sharking. Bill Broderick was his attorney. There was a new California Gold Rush that corrupted many. Here are the roots of the Mortgage Meltdown.

Garth and Robin Beare Destroyed Estate

Posted on November 9, 2018 by Royal Rosamond Press

Vicki Presco was named by Christine Presco to be the Executor of her estate. Vicki declined to serve, and nominated our ex-brother-in-law, Garth Benton. He served for about a month, and was dismissed. The No.1 creditor, Lawrence Chance made an appeal to the court to be the Executor, and failed. Vicki spent much time on the phone with Robin Beare who represented Garth in the vicious divorce. I have documents containing Christine’s words, accusing Garth of harassing her. Robin Beare went after the adult heir, Shannon Rosamond. At Beare’s encouragement, Garth and Vicki made an affidavit accusing Shannon from looting the estate where she was living. The day of the funeral Vicki changed the locks and gave our niece the key. Vicki asked me to move in and prevent Shannon from stealing. I refused and bid my dark sister to video tape the contents. In Snyder and Faulkner’s biography, Vicki claims she and gallery people tried to stop members of OUR family from looting the estate. Shannon was there. There was no looting. So was Garth’s best friend, lurking in the background. Vicki took hundreds of partnership prints from the house and out them in the trunk of her Rambler.

If there had been looting as Vicki and gallery people claimed, why did they let Shannon stay in Christine’s home for several months? The house should have been sealed – by Vicki Presco. Two of her best friends stayed the night after the funeral; Pip Burns, and, Cindy Blake. Raphael was there and came outside to talk to me when I left with my Private Detective friend.

“What’s wrong?” she asked.

I am going to work hard to get Robin Beare disbarred. Did she know Lawrence Chazen, a top financial advisor for J. Paul Getty, along with William Newsom?

John Presco

“Before the service, Vicki had taken the trouble to go through Christine’s
bedroom, putting her jewelry and intimate belongings out of sight. As matters
turned out, it did little good, for the funeral was not long over before family
members and others were ravaging Christine’s house, taking whatever could be carted away. The artist’s closet, a veritable mother lode – took the worst
beating. World-class spender that Christine had been, much of the clothing had
never been worn. So whatever still bore price tags was hauled off to be
exchanged for money. Jewelry disappeared, as well as other personal belongings.
Gallery employees and close friends of the family, along with Vicki, were doing
their best to staunch the flow – the estate had not yet been inventoried – but
to no avail.”

The Vicious United Victim Union

Posted on January 28, 2014by Royal Rosamond Press


After investigating how Christine died, I came to call my alleged father ‘Captain Victim’ because he was the biggest VIC-tim of them all. VIC-I came in second. Stacey and the Female Gallery Gargoyles came in third. My daughter and her mother were in a league of their own.

I can not forget the look they gave me when I told them to stay away from the gallery people and Christine’s fame, altogether, because there was a vicious fight going on over it. When I told them the two named executors in Christine’s Will, Jacci Belford, and Vicki Presco, filed a false police report and had the adult Heir thrown in jail, this Mother & Daughter team gave me a blank, cold, stare as they sat side by side. They had no empathy for my niece, their kindred they never met.

I believe they already heard from Vicki ‘The Cold Keeper of Family Secrets’ that Shannon got locked out in the cold, and was no longer a Player in the Art World. It was obvious to me they thought they were – regardless of me! I did not know they went to the gallery opening and met Stacey Pierrot, and Jacci Belford.

Two weeks after my sister was dead – somehow – Belford calls me on the phone and says;

“Shannon will destroy the estate. I’ve made an offer to pay off the creditors and purchase everything.”

Jacci is playing The BIG VIC-tim card, laying it all down. The adult Heir is now a destructive perpetrator.

“I’m glad VIC is not going to get his prints back. You know, that is what Christine and I had in common – we both were sexually abused by our fathers?”

I tried to keep my mouth shut, but couldn’t.

“Excuse me. I don’t know you. You are bad mouthing two members of my family – and this is being done for your benefit? You can not tell me Vic is not going to get his prints back. That is a crime. We were all abused by Vic. Just because you father abused you in your family does not give you the right to abuse my niece in my family – and come away with the entire estate that was left to her!”

When Belford hung up the phone, I was blackballed, put out in the cold. The Vicious United Victim Union had snuffed out my candle. I knew then I was dealing with a Abused and Victimized Woman’s Cult.

“We’eve been VIC-timized by Captain VIC-tim! Thus we deserve Cash & Prizes!”

The probate had not even begun. Vicki kept me from that meeting held the day after Christine was dead. Belford and Pierrot were there. When I asked Victim Vickoria why I couldn’t be at this fundraiser to pay for our sister’s funeral, she said;

“You won’t get along with Christine’s friends. You know how you are!”
“But, I’m family!”
Not according to Captain Victim. And, bedside, I was responsible for tiny Tina the poor flashlight girl being beaten with a clothes hanger by Mommy Dearest, because she wanted only me to be world famous when I four. At five I recall doing a finger-paint of a clown at my friends house, and when he wanted to wash it off so he could reuse the paper, I ran home crying to my Mommy who intervened – and save my colorful clown.

When the sheriff lay it on me yesterday, that Rena Easton made a case I was VIC-timizing her, he told me Rena was not going to send me anymore information about her, and, she wants my blog shut down. The first thing that came to my mind is that one of my blog readers – made her an offer to write her autobiography, but, I’ve done most of the work. Rena is a Inside Player for the All the Roses.

I have made it clear in this blog that I can not ethically make any money for divulging family abuse. I could not use sexually abused children like whores. Many prostitutes were sexually abused children. I reasoned that Rena was worthy of monies made from the sale of my book. But, as I looked at that, I did not find that my motives were pure in regards to her sexual relationship with her husband. When you read Rena’s letter, it begins with a alarming report of their dire situation. There is no real “hello, how are you?”

“How to begin. Facts are always helpful.”

The use of the word “facts” suggest she is giving me a report for my blog. It is utterly unrealistic to believe I would not care, would not be moved to help – because Rena has been reading my bog for nine months, and thus she has read how I helped my friend, Hollis. I adopted him and paid for his funeral.

I backed the sheriff off, who was intimidating me about my blog, he telling me, he, and perhaps a lawyer Rena has consulted, will be scrutinizing me and my words. I told him I own a registered newspaper in my county, and I will be seeing my attorney about being harassed, and my freedom of speech being attacked. I am the sole REPORTER for my paper. I get to go out in the world and get my story for my paper – without being accused of being a criminal stalker.

When I read on the Rosamond Gallery webpage that Tom Snyder’s biography of Christine was being given away for free with the purchase of a Rosamond print, I sent a letter to the court appointed executor.

“You can’t give away accounts of members of my family being sexually abused – for free – if they buy a Rosamond. You said you approved of a biography being written in order to generate a waning interest in Christine’s art, and thus generated monies for the Heirs – my nieces! Giving away sex-filled accounts of the sexual molestation of children – by a total stranger – IS CHILD ABUSE! This is an INTICEMENT!”

Abused Children are being tied to a rope and thrown in a alligator pit!

Pierrot got money for being VICTIMIZED. Her and Belford were good friends. Jacci was the ex-gallery manager – and Christine’s best friend. Vicki later told me the executor combed carefully through my letters looking for a threat from me to him. He didn’t find one. It took this guy two years to resolve the tax evasion problem. Vicki laughed, because he failed to break the gender barrier, and become a card carrying member of the VUVU…..The VooVoo who do dat VooDoo so well!

Do you see the guy holding the black balloons at the ‘Dead Artist Sale’. That’s Lawrence Chazen who was investigated by Andrew Cuomo for loan sharking. Larry fought Shannon in court in a bid to become the exector and controller of all the art, all the information, and the Rosamond public podium, just in case anyone wants to cry “Rape!” or “Wolf” How about;

“Here come the Revenuers! Run for the hills!”

Larry also failed to break into VUVU, because he was the Number One Creditor, who had already hauled off Christine’s antique furniture. Then she filed Bankruptcy. Attorney Larry already had his hands full, he paid good money to find tax loopholes for the Getty family and Nobel Oil. He was Christine’s partner is their first gallery. Vic did not know this, that Larry and Christine became partners – a month after he formed a family partnership with his daughters – using monies intended for Mark and I.

The BIG QUESTION here, is, did Chazen fear an audit by the IRS? Does Chazen know the executor, Sydney Morris, whose firm handles the billion dollar Buck Oil Trust? Garth was a friend of Chazen. Garth’s father was convicted of making False Deeds of Trust and spent time in the Fed lockup. I told my mother about Chazen, and told her I thought he was the head of a huge California Loan Scam involving DEFAULTS. This is 1992. My mother who worked for Coldwell Banking said;

“These are very bad men. Stay away from them, They will kill you.”

I will be making a report to the IRS!

Vic dies without getting his partnership prints back worth $3,000,000 dollars. When I exchanged e-mails with Pierrot about giving her ghost writer my story, I asked her if she was selling any of the family partnership prints. She said Rosamond Publishing had nothing to do with those prints. Well, she lied. Because she is a member of VooVoo, she gets to lie about art.

To the right of Larry, on the wall, is ‘Lena and Her Sisters’ a painting honoring our black maid who took care of the abused Presco children. Vic owned a share in these prints. He was never given any proceeds from sales – after he raped his granddaughter! I was the only one who called the police, who told me they could not take a report from me. If the VICTIM wants to make a report, they they will step in. I called Christine and told her what the police said, and she said;

“Stay out of it!”

I told Pierrot I would not sign that contract that would forbid me to put my memories in words about my sister. He ghost writer said this to me when he heard the bad news.

“I and a group of attorneys discussed your writing, and they wanted to play hardball with you. I suggest we try some honey instead. If you do not sign that exclsive rights contract, there will be legal repercussions.”

Is Pierrot threatened by the IRS?

I told Tom he is just like a pedophile with his bag of candy trying to lure his victim into his car.

“Stay away from my daughter!”

Rena Easton was the only innocent person in this whole story. She was clean. She was going to be the heroine of my book! Then she applied for membership in VUVU.

Just about every Redneck, Hillbilly Tea Party Patriot, feels they are being VICTIMIZED by the IRS, and thus, Big Government.

Jon Presco


Christine’s Ashes Ended Up In Whore House

Posted on November 9, 2018 by Royal Rosamond Press

After Garth had the police put my niece in handcuffs, Shannon Rosamond asked for her mother’s cremated ashes. Garth put them out on the stoop, and slammed the door. The Abusive Husband was – home alone!

The legal history of the world famous woman artist consists of moving Dead Christine all over the place, along with the Living Cristine. These confounding placements are equaled by the movements of my nephew, Shamus Dundon, who get’s moved all over the place, to make sure he is NEVER next to Christine, lest he be bid to give an eyewitness report, and, be guilty of Life Insurance Fraud.

The biggest mystery is, who wrote ‘When You Close Your Eyes’ and, what became of Christine’s autobiography?  There was a tag-team of writers to go with the team of executors and lawyers. If John Steinbeck and Truman Capote were alive today, I would send them samples of this blog – just to make them jealous! I suspect Thomas Pynchon is jealous, he reading this blog just to see how our ex-wife is doing.

Above are six beautiful women who were at my wedding reception. Mark’s lover has her eyes lowered. That is the actor, Rick Partlow, in Christine’s lap. Rick is trying to get Rosamond to produce a tragic life tale he owns while they consumer large quantities of cocaine. The Presco Children used to called Rosemary ‘Ma Barker’. In our teens she told us she made porno movies for Big Bone’s Remmer.

It’s all here, Grapes of Wrath, East of Eden, Cannery Row, Tobacco Row, Inherent Vice. Christine’s favorite movie was ‘Chinatown’. I lost my first version of ‘An Untidy Death’ where I employ the family who get ‘The Drift’ of the Big Players in the Carmel art scene, and, pull up stakes. Grandpappy Rosamond’s Ozarkian brood are headen back up to Vacaville to pick onions and peaches for Henry Buck.

“We’ve had enough. You got too many water problems in this town, if your get my drift. We know when we are licked!”

This is a Black Mask revival.

Five miles out of town, Springfield Johnny slams on the breaks and make a U-turn on Highway 101.

“To hell with this! Who’s in for taking over Art Town and bringing them high and mighty folks – to their knees!”

“It was a full moon weekend with lots of tidal action. A friend told
me that five other people were swept out to sea ( from California’s
north coast) over the same period. We went to look for shells and
tide pool creatures. Christine was sure the tide was going out. Did
she know what lay a head?”

“Tidal action? We”ll give them some “tidal action”.  Boys, break out the Tommy guns!”


I condemn the use of weapons and violence. Vicki Presco disappeared the truth it was high tide when Christine allegedly took her eight year old daughter into the yaw of extreme danger. Vicki invented a Fake Death Scene. Outrageous! Vicki is a famous Judas. She criminalized members of her family for money. She needs to be put behind bars. Vicki knew there was a scam going on. Christine formed seven partnerships. How many policies were taken out?

There was a money printing machine down in the basement of the Rosamond gallery. There was a shitload of prints in the Benton garage. We’re talking about highly commercial art here. This story is the mate to ‘Big Eyes’. When Rosamond showed folks the counterfeit art operation the Benton’s were running, their eyes got – REAL BIG! They wanted in on the tidal action, the……………Rosy Wave!

John Presco

Copyright 2018

“Yeah, you’re right. We Prescos are washed up in this here town. Now, if you can hand over Rosy’s cremated remains, we will be on our way. What do you mean you put them down in the whore house? Are you trying to add insult to injury.

You know, I was going to pick up my cousin Wolf at the train station. But, we’ll be leaving him with you – friendo. He was in love with Rosy – a whole bunch! ”

“You can’t miss him. He’ll be carrying a cardboard suitcase with Confederate flags all over it. And, he’s got really big hands!”

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