The Vicious United Victim Union



scan0044After investigating how Christine died, I came to call my alleged father ‘Captain Victim’ because he was the biggest VIC-tim of them all. VIC-I came in second. Stacey and the Female Gallery Gargoyles came in third. My daughter and her mother were in a league of their own.

I can not forget the look they gave me when I told them to stay away from the gallery people and Christine’s fame, altogether, because there was a vicious fight going on over it. When I told them the two named executors in Christine’s Will, Jacci Belford, and Vicki Presco, filed a false police report and had the adult Heir thrown in jail, this Mother & Daughter team gave me a blank, cold, stare as they sat side by side. They had no empathy for my niece, their kindred they never met.

I believe they already heard from Vicki ‘The Cold Keeper of Family Secrets’ that Shannon got locked out in the cold, and was no longer a Player in the Art World. It was obvious to me they thought they were – regardless of me! I did not know they went to the gallery opening and met Stacey Pierrot, and Jacci Belford.

Two weeks after my sister was dead – somehow – Belford calls me on the phone and says;

“Shannon will destroy the estate. I’ve made an offer to pay off the creditors and purchase everything.”

Jacci is playing The BIG VIC-tim card, laying it all down. The adult Heir is now a destructive perpetrator.

“I’m glad VIC is not going to get his prints back. You know, that is what Christine and I had in common – we both were sexually abused by our fathers?”

I tried to keep my mouth shut, but couldn’t.

“Excuse me. I don’t know you. You are bad mouthing two members of my family – and this is being done for your benefit? You can not tell me Vic is not going to get his prints back. That is a crime. We were all abused by Vic. Just because you father abused you in your family does not give you the right to abuse my niece in my family – and come away with the entire estate that was left to her!”

When Belford hung up the phone, I was blackballed, put out in the cold. The Vicious United Victim Union had snuffed out my candle. I knew then I was dealing with a Abused and Victimized Woman’s Cult.

“We’eve been VIC-timized by Captain VIC-tim! Thus we deserve Cash & Prizes!”

The probate had not even begun. Vicki kept me from that meeting held the day after Christine was dead. Belford and Pierrot were there. When I asked Victim Vickoria why I couldn’t be at this fundraiser to pay for our sister’s funeral, she said;

“You won’t get along with Christine’s friends. You know how you are!”
“But, I’m family!”
Not according to Captain Victim. And, bedside, I was responsible for tiny Tina the poor flashlight girl being beaten with a clothes hanger by Mommy Dearest, because she wanted only me to be world famous when I four. At five I recall doing a finger-paint of a clown at my friends house, and when he wanted to wash it off so he could reuse the paper, I ran home crying to my Mommy who intervened – and save my colorful clown.

When the sheriff lay it on me yesterday, that Rena Easton made a case I was VIC-timizing her, he told me Rena was not going to send me anymore information about her, and, she wants my blog shut down. The first thing that came to my mind is that one of my blog readers – made her an offer to write her autobiography, but, I’ve done most of the work. Rena is a Inside Player for the All the Roses.

I have made it clear in this blog that I can not ethically make any money for divulging family abuse. I could not use sexually abused children like whores. Many prostitutes were sexually abused children. I reasoned that Rena was worthy of monies made from the sale of my book. But, as I looked at that, I did not find that my motives were pure in regards to her sexual relationship with her husband. When you read Rena’s letter, it begins with a alarming report of their dire situation. There is no real “hello, how are you?”

“How to begin. Facts are always helpful.”

The use of the word “facts” suggest she is giving me a report for my blog. It is utterly unrealistic to believe I would not care, would not be moved to help – because Rena has been reading my bog for nine months, and thus she has read how I helped my friend, Hollis. I adopted him and paid for his funeral.

I backed the sheriff off, who was intimidating me about my blog, he telling me, he, and perhaps a lawyer Rena has consulted, will be scrutinizing me and my words. I told him I own a registered newspaper in my county, and I will be seeing my attorney about being harassed, and my freedom of speech being attacked. I am the sole REPORTER for my paper. I get to go out in the world and get my story for my paper – without being accused of being a criminal stalker.

When I read on the Rosamond Gallery webpage that Tom Snyder’s biography of Christine was being given away for free with the purchase of a Rosamond print, I sent a letter to the court appointed executor.

“You can’t give away accounts of members of my family being sexually abused – for free – if they buy a Rosamond. You said you approved of a biography being written in order to generate a waning interest in Christine’s art, and thus generated monies for the Heirs – my nieces! Giving away sex-filled accounts of the sexual molestation of children – by a total stranger – IS CHILD ABUSE! This is an INTICEMENT!”

Abused Children are being tied to a rope and thrown in a alligator pit!

Pierrot got money for being VICTIMIZED. Her and Belford were good friends. Jacci was the ex-gallery manager – and Christine’s best friend. Vicki later told me the executor combed carefully through my letters looking for a threat from me to him. He didn’t find one. It took this guy two years to resolve the tax evasion problem. Vicki laughed, because he failed to break the gender barrier, and become a card carrying member of the VUVU…..The VooVoo who do dat VooDoo so well!

Do you see the guy holding the black balloons at the ‘Dead Artist Sale’. That’s Lawrence Chazen who was investigated by Andrew Cuomo for loan sharking. Larry fought Shannon in court in a bid to become the exector and controller of all the art, all the information, and the Rosamond public podium, just in case anyone wants to cry “Rape!” or “Wolf” How about;

“Here come the Revenuers! Run for the hills!”

Larry also failed to break into VUVU, because he was the Number One Creditor, who had already hauled off Christine’s antique furniture. Then she filed Bankruptcy. Attorney Larry already had his hands full, he paid good money to find tax loopholes for the Getty family and Nobel Oil. He was Christine’s partner is their first gallery. Vic did not know this, that Larry and Christine became partners – a month after he formed a family partnership with his daughters – using monies intended for Mark and I.

The BIG QUESTION here, is, did Chazen fear an audit by the IRS? Does Chazen know the executor, Sydney Morris, whose firm handles the billion dollar Buck Oil Trust? Garth was a friend of Chazen. Garth’s father was convicted of making False Deeds of Trust and spent time in the Fed lockup. I told my mother about Chazen, and told her I thought he was the head of a huge California Loan Scam involving DEFAULTS. This is 1992. My mother who worked for Coldwell Banking said;

“These are very bad men. Stay away from them, They will kill you.”

I will be making a report to the IRS!

Vic dies without getting his partnership prints back worth $3,000,000 dollars. When I exchanged e-mails with Pierrot about giving her ghost writer my story, I asked her if she was selling any of the family partnership prints. She said Rosamond Publishing had nothing to do with those prints. Well, she lied. Because she is a member of VooVoo, she gets to lie about art.

To the right of Larry, on the wall, is ‘Lena and Her Sisters’ a painting honoring our black maid who took care of the abused Presco children. Vic owned a share in these prints. He was never given any proceeds from sales – after he raped his granddaughter! I was the only one who called the police, who told me they could not take a report from me. If the VICTIM wants to make a report, they they will step in. I called Christine and told her what the police said, and she said;

“Stay out of it!”

I told Pierrot I would not sign that contract that would forbid me to put my memories in words about my sister. He ghost writer said this to me when he heard the bad news.

“I and a group of attorneys discussed your writing, and they wanted to play hardball with you. I suggest we try some honey instead. If you do not sign that exclsive rights contract, there will be legal reprocussions.”

Is Pierrot threatened by the IRS?

I told Tom he is just like a pedophile with his bag of candy trying to lure his victim into his car.

“Stay away from my daughter!”

Rena Easton was the only innocent person in this whole story. She was clean. She was going to be the heroine of my book! Then she applied for membership in VUVU.

Just about every Redneck, Hillbilly Tea Party Patriot, feels they are being VICTIMIZED by the IRS, and thus, Big Government.

Jon Presco

In 1994, just months before he died, my father was convicted of Loan Sharking. My cousin, Bill Broderick, gave Vic legal advice, and then he was disbarred after he lost the home of his client. Bill and aunt Lillian heard Vic’s claim I was not his son. Vic anointed Vicki as his only loyal child even though she was disloyal to him all the time. Why is that?

When I was seven and twelve, my mother highly suggested Vic had gotten to Vicki, had incested her, and it is the job of her brothers to protect our younger sister. A year ago Vicki told me Christine suspected all fathers incested their daughters and was accusing Garth of sexually violating Drew. There was a terrible divorce and custody battle over Drew. Vic suggested Vicki had taken Garth’s side. Vicki told me that Shannon should have known better than to drink with Vic, and the same thing happened to her and Christine in their twenties. We are talking about Vic admitting he had sexual intercourse with his granddaughter. But, they were drunk, and thus it can’t be called rape. She was out of control, and wanted it.

Christine was going through what I went through after I got sober. She attended AA and had a sponsor. She was seeing three therapists and no doubt talked about Family Incest. She was no longer privately discussing these parental betrayals with Vicki, the Loyal Keeper of Family Secrets. Christine was bringing Criminal Family Matters into the light. Vicki on the other hand, thrived on Family Secrets. Vicki disparered our sister’s autobiography, a Tell-All story that would hopefully make my famous sister famous again. Her popularity was on the decline. Vic didn’t give Vicki anything worthwhile for her loyalty to him – but big promises! Santa Vic put a big bag of candy at the end of Vicki’s rainbow.

The body language of my little sister is very telling in the photo of Santa. Vicki is not making eye-contact with the Authority Figure who knows who has been naughty and nice. Vicki’s lips are sealed on this family matter. A lock has been put on her lips, shutting them good and tight – till this very day! Vicki has been assured by both parents, that even though Vic sexually violated this dear child, her soul is in tact, her innocence up there with the angels. Santa will still bring her nice things.

When Vicki talks about her childhood memories, they are isolated, set apart from her siblings, and wrapped and secured in veil of Catholic innocence. No matter what has happened in the dark, Vicki has, and will remain – completely innocent!

On the other hand, her brother, the know-all tell-all Family Scapegoat, is never innocent, never sane, and is a very bad boy and man. This is why Victor had to expose me, tell the truth, that I am the product of evil Rosemary’s betrayals. Indeed, Vic openly declared to his friends that I was ‘Rosemary’s Baby’ because I pulled a big knife on him when he came to our house drunk. He was going to take Vicki on a long drive to Grandma’s. I was twelve!

“Whatever you do, do not let Vic take Vicki anywhere!” says my mother, who according to Vic put that knife in my hand because all sons want to kill their father so they can fuck their mothers.

All this dark incest, un-born me, while Vicki thrived. Vicki had to get my sixteen year old daughter in her camp to replace Christine – and me! Heather let it slip that she was talking to Vicki behind my back when she took Drew’s side, saying;

“You don’t know all what Drew went through with Christine.”

Vicki had filled her in, brought her in the Vortex of Complete Innocence, where it is ordained to Lie, be a Liar, so the truly innocent can be protected. Vic and Rosemary were never arrested for the horrific abuse they inflicted on ALL of their innocent children.

By divulging Family Secrets Christine had betrayed Vic & Vic, her partners in Rosamond Publishing. This was a family partnership formed partly by money that Vic’s mother intended for all the Prescos. Vic & Vic told lies after our grandmother died, and she disinherited Vic’s disloyal sons. Vicki was all for this. Her brothers were suspecting something was terribly wrong.

Jon Presco

Objection to Outcome of the Probate of Christine Rosamond Benton, the readjustmenty of my Claim and the establishment of a Foundation in order to Protect a historic Artistic Legacy

1. The Coverup of vital facts in order to thwart a Coroners Inquest

In Item No.1 ‘Death of Decedent, of Executor Sydney Morris’s report of administration, it states my late was swept away by a rogue wave while walking on the beach with daughter and sister. Decedent died testate.

This is the first item addressed in Sydney Morris’s document calling for closure of the probate of my late sister, Christine Rosamond Benton, and the distribution of her estate. There is strong evidence this sentence may not be true.

On May 4, 2005 I had some very disturbing news from Mrs. Barbara Layne who resided next door to the home at Rocky Point where Christine Benton was a guest at when she drowned. Barbara talked to Vicki Presco just after our sister was taken away in a ambulance. Ms. Presco told her Christine and her husband, Garth Benton, were invited to stay the weekend at this seaside home, by their friend, Alan Fox, in order to bring about a reconciliation of their marriage. Ms. Presco told Ms. Layne Mr.Fox wanted them to spend the weekend in his home, and perhaps in a romantic setting they could repair the terrible riff in their relationship that had become very volatile, they both filing restraining orders against each other. Ms, Layne was shocked to learn I had not heard of this attempt.
So was I.

Mrs. Layne then told me Alan Fox was in a awful hurry to sell his Rocky Point home, and did so within a month of Christine’s death. The new owners told Ms. Layne they were amazed at what a good deal they had gotten. This is important as my sister refused to tell me who the owner was when I asked a month after our sisters death. She asked me why I wanted to know. I told her I was going out to Rocky Point and wanted to talk to them while I was there. Vicki said it did not matter, as they were only there temporarily and had moved out. This is when I had a falling out with my surviving sister.. Mrs. Jacci Belford, Ms. Pierrot, also stopped talking to me.

After this conversation with Vicki, Ms. Layne left the part of the home where Vicki, he son, Shamus Dundon, and Drew were staying, and encountered Garth Benton who had just drove up and got out of the car. Mrs. Layne asked him is he was the “reconciling husband” and Garth said he was.

I asked Mrs. Layne if anyone else got out of the car, or was sitting in the car. Ms. Layne was; “No”. This contradicts the testimony that Mr. Benton gave Tom Snyder in Pierrots commissioned biography where we read how sorry Mr. Benton was when he made this comment to his girlfriend sitting next to him, just after the ambulance carrying Christine passed them going the other way into town; “Were’ free, and Drew is saved”

“It was Christine’s weekend to have Drew, Garth says. “And we drove over on Friday, I think it was. Drew got in the car, I said goodbye, and off they went. Next day, the phone rang sometime before noon. It was Drew. ‘Dad, Dad’ she said, ‘you’ve got to come and get me. Mommy went into the ocean and they’re fishing her out now. And Daddy…she looks very ill and she’s cold’. I told Drew to get Vicki, who was by then nearly hysterical, and we’d be there. “I called a beauty shop where Nina was having her hair done, and said, ‘Christine has drowned. She’s dead’. No one had told me that, I just knew.”
A few minutes later, on the way down toward Rocky Point, I had a reaction in the car with Nina that I feel so terrible about, and I’ll tell you. We were almost there, when an ambulance passed us, going the other way. We both realized it was carrying Christine. My mind flashed back over the last last few months and years, and all the anguish for Nina and Drew and me, even for Christine. I was crying, and I turned to Nian – this is what I am ashamed of – and I said, ‘We’re free. And drew is saved.”

Surely Alan Fox knew about the restraining order. Did Vicki tell him I wanted to talk to him? If someone died in my home, and a surviving family member wanted to speak to me, I would not avoid this person – unless I had something to hide. Vicki has something to hide and had not respect for my grief. She had no respect for this restraining order that was more then a family matter, but the concern of the people of Monterey County. who did have the right to know if the terms of restraining order was not be observed.

“OFPs and HROs are court documents against your abuser, rapist, stalker, or assailant. The documents order the perpetrator to stay away from you and spell out penalties if they violate the order. OFPs and HROs give you some powerful friends. Both are an order from a judge (representing The People) to your perpetrator. If the perp violates the order, then it is not just your problem any more. The entire power structure of the county rises up to enforce the order and protect you.

The restraining order is between the judge and your perp. Even if you invite the perp to come back, he will be arrested unless you officially cancel the order.

Garth knew he was breaking the terms of the HRO when he agreed to meet with Christine at Rocky Point,.as he attempted to obtain one against Christine. Judge Richard M. Silver, who resided over their divorce and Christine’s probate, refused to grant it as one already existed, thus he expected both parties to obey it.

Did Jacci Belford and Stacey Pierrot know about this restraining order and the rendezvous at Rocky Point? These two women claimed they are Custodians of my families Artistic Legacy, and Christine’s best friends, but will later blame dead members of my family for destroying the estate and running Christine’s life. They do not blame Garth Benton. Belford will drop out as second named executor and nominate Garth in writing. Pierrort, will follow Benton’s instructions and send out a Dead Artist Sale brochure to those who had bought Rosamond’s artwork in the past.- before Judge Silver approved Benton. as executor. This would not have happened if Judge Silver had known he had disobeyed his court order. This is not the only attempt Benton will make to deceive this Superior Court Judge.

“Over the specific argument of Ms. Beare, Judge Silver refused to appoint Mr. Chazen. Neither Ms. Beare nor Mr. Chazen disclosed to the court the very critical fact that Mr. Chazen has the largest single creditor’s claim against the estate and is a former business partner and business associate of Garth Benton who the court had removed as Special Administer just moments before.”

Until this happened, it looked like things were going Mr. Benton’s way, much more then they would have if he and my sister would have had a reconciliation. Being the father of the child heir gave Garth allot of clout, especially since Belford made an offer to buy the entire estate. – before the probate got underway. Once Mr. Benton was executor, a quick sale to Belford was planned so as to avoid any trouble with Shannon Rosamond, who might ask too many good questions, too. Best she not be able to use the Rosamond Gallery as a forum, lest she own any credibility,. and her cries for help are taken seriously.

“In the seasonal moment, an artist known worldwide as Rosamond is considering a guest-house invitation. Patrons had frequently made such offers, and they had always been graciously, yet uniformly refused. But, on a brisk March day in 1994, Christine Rosamond uncharacteristically accepts one such offer. She is feeling more buoyant and happy then she has in years. As chilling winter fogs disperse, it seems a grand time for an outing..”

One would think Alan Fox would want the reconciling couple to stay in the main part of the house where there was a romantic fireplace, and of course, they would have some privacy. But Vicki and her son Shamus swear that part of the house was never opened.
Mr. Snyder tells his readers that Christine had no acceptance of her husbands relationship with this woman. I was under the impression the divorce had just became finalized. If so, what was the nature of the reconciliation? Surely if this girlfriend was in the car with Mr. Benton on the way to his ex-wife’s death scene, then he had no intention of reconciling his marriage. Did he plan to tell Christine this – after he came to Rocky Point to spend the weekend?

This is when I approached my father and told him something was not right. He told me he had cancer and had a year to live. This was true, he dying November 4, 1994 ten months later. When he called Robin Beare she expressed shock that he existed as well as the 8,000 American Express Prints that belonged to the family partnership he made with his tow daughter, Christine and Vicki. Robin Beare told my father that Vicki and Garth had failed to include them in the inventory they made of the Estate. Vicki had dropped out as first named executor and nominated in writing Garth Benton, as did the second named Executor, Jacci Belford, who was a good friend of Christine’s – and of Stacey Pierrot. Ms. Belford told me she ha made an offer the purchase the estate and pay off the creditors. Did Mrs. Belford and Pierrot know about this attempt at a reconciliation? In Snyder’s biography Pierrot says she was going to attend a beach party on the day her friend drowned, where Christine would be present. Was Mr., Benton going to be there?
How about Alan Fox.

If I or Shannon had been told Mr. Garth Benton was near, or planned to be in the same room with Christine, then we would have become alarmed as would the coroner who might then convene a Coroners Inquest. Interested persons are allowed to asked questions at a Coroners Inquest. Surely Shannon would have had good questions – if she was told the truth.

After I asked for and got the Coroners report I was shocked to see “Highway One” as the place of death. When I called the Coroner about this, he told me Vicki told him they were hikers. She did not mention they were staying in a residence. The Coroner changed his report., but did not conduct a Inquest as I requested giving him a ten page report of my investigation woch included an account of the meeting held in Christine’s home on March 27, allegedly to raise funeral costs amongst Christine’s friends. I was told by Vicki to not come on that day, as I would not get among with these friends. As it turns out, these friends were also business partners, backers, or employed of Christine who may have had a vested interest in seeing there was a reconciliation between Christine and Garth, as their financial history was in utter chaos, and they owed money to the Internal Revenue Serve for non-payment of taxes. Vicki said to me when I came to Christine’s home; “You don’t know how much trouble Garth is in.” Were friend and backers in trouble too? There is a history of people taking illegal tax-breaks on artists lithographs that do not sell.

As in most marriages that fail badly, bad things become public knowledge, they no longer able to be contained in their union. Quite often married couple turn on each other in a divorce, and sometime they own a desire to desotyr each other, especially in a financial way. There was talked about Christine cling her gallery and going back with Circle Gallery . she had filed Bankruptcy and may have been laving silent backers in the lurch. Did these backers attempt to make a reconciliation with Christine, who was sinking like a ship? How much trouble was Christine in with the IRS?

The Corruption of a Minor and Stealing of my Grandson

After my newfound sixteen year old daughter disappeared, I began to suspect she was in contact with Vicki and her son Shamus whom she had never met. I was not married to Heather’s mother, who lived with fro two months before she went back to her husband.
I began to see a therapist as I beside myself as what to do In an e-mail exchange with Shamus, I demand he and Vicki tell me who lived in that house at Rocky Point. Again, this information is withheld from me. I feared for the wellbeing of my daughter,

“”You said in a e-mail you made the 911 call, but the 911 operator told me a woman made the call, she listening to it when she told me this! I asked her to send a copy of it to the coroner. I sent off my report to the coroner – who changed his report, because he was
told you four were hikers on Highway 1. That is the address on the autopsy report – Highway One! Outrageous! Christine was a guest in a million dollar home, and you and Vicki still refuse to tell me who invited MY sister there. You go get that information from Vicki – Now! Now – you little lying creep! I want that persons testimony.
I want to know why they/she/it invited Christine out to stay in that/their home – by herself, without their presence.” What is incredible, is there is no account of a world famous artists last 24 hours on earth. Alas we hear she played Acquire. What did she talk about? What was her hopes and fears?”

As often happens during and after a terrible divorce, children are taken hostage and attempts to turn them against the opposing parent, made. This is what happened in the Presco family, Vic and Rosemary fought over their four children till the day they died. Vicki was a real victim of this as her father told her she was his only true child, her sibling nothing but the product of Rosemary’s infidelities. I grew distant from Vicki when she chose to believe this in order to own power over her siblings, and to enrich herself. Vic was making allot of money in his loan business, and Vicki was his general manager. Then came the American Express Partnership which made Vic & Vicki big players in the Art World, she almost on equal footing with her famous sister, whose shadow she had lived in for many years.

After Christine’s death, Vicki did not see her father for three months. She had turned over her undying family loyalty to Garth, who was trying to become Special Executor, and thus IN CONTROL of it all. When Jacci Belford, the second named executor after Vicki, told me how glad she was Vic was not going to get his prints back, I knew Vicki had become an ally of Garth. Garth was the most important family member in Vicki’s eyes.

When I was twelve, I pulled a knife on my father when he came into our home, drunk, he weaving into the furniture. There was a restraining order against him because he used to beat our mother black and blue in front of our children. He ordered Vicki to pack a suitcase as he was taking her to grandma’s. When I told him Rosemary gave me strict orders to not let him take Vicky anywhere, he came at me. I ran into the kitchen and got a big butcher knife and held it towards him, then ordered him out of the house. He took one step towards me, and I held my ground. I saw murder in my father’s eyes. He left in a rage, to continue his drunken driving without Vicki in the car.

To learn that people close to my sister encouraged her to drop her guard and allow Mr. Garth Benton an opportunity to make amends, is alarming, as this attempt has been carefully concealed. This concealment highly suggests something went terribly wrong. That Drew has been silenced about this reconciliation, is also very alarming for several reasons. Was she taken hostage, there a fight over her, and if so, is her innocence being used to hide grave family secrets, there so many more terrible things having to be done in order to protect her from the trauma of witnessing her mother’s death? Did she see her father do something insane?

This may be the case, but, does this protection extend to the necessity of divulging other family secrets in a biography, and later broadcasting them on the silver screen, so that the Executor can pay off the Creditors, and have something left over to give Drew – and Shannon – who did not get to know about the attempt at a reconciliation, like drew did. If you recall, Vicki and Drew were sitting side by side when Vicky told Mrs. Layne about Alan Foxes invitation.

One can suggest that once the movie had been made form the biography then John Q. Public will accept the version of the truth that is making a millions o bucks. This could be seen as a cover-up.

Most psychologist know how destructive Family Secrets are. I will talk about that later. Here is evidence of how the secret meeting between Garth and Christine, has all but destroyed my family, corrupted my daughter, and taken my grandson hostage. I was Christine’s Big Brother, the one who came to protect her, and her reputation. When some guy was spreading the rumor she was a slut in Junior high School, it was I who came and sought him out, and knocked him to the ground. Shamus claims he did not read Tom Snyder’s biography that vilifies Christine, makes her out to be a raving and violent lunatic. Snyder told me he had spoken to three lawyers about the biography I had in the works, and said they wanted to make things difficult for me if I did not sing the Exclusive Rights contract he sent me, so I could not tell my story. My family had blessed my bigorpah6y until in a e-mail to Vicki Presco, I began to ask more questions about what happened at Rocky Point.

This constitutes a cover-up by Vicki, Shamus, Garth and Stacey Pierrot
who hired Tom Snyder as a Ghost Writer. How dare she be permitted to use the title ‘Custodian’ of my families artistic legacy. If I was present at Rocky Point, no way would my sister have ended up in the ocean – nor my niece Drew!

Shamus Dundon is Vicki’s son who told lies about what he was doing when the rogue wave struck. In e-mails we exchanged, he knows I am trying to find out who owned that house, yet he never goes and asks his mother. Why? Because he knew why they were
there, and knew Alan Fox was the owner.

Here is Shamus withholding information from me as to the whereabouts of my daughter, and the fact she is pregnant, he saying I deserved to lose contact with Heather for two years because I am so accusatory and negative in regards to asking questions about Shamus’s actions and whereabouts at Rocky Point..

If Shamus really wanted me to makes amends with him, and maybe his Mom, then all he had to do was come clean, and tell me the truth. Why didn’t he tell me he and his mother were wrong for withholding the truth from me, and then apologize to me – and my daughter? Was keeping this a secret really worth losing me as a family member? This makes me wonder if there was more at stake. Why deny Heather an opportunity to have a father, and her son a grandfather? Would it be such an inconvenience to Alan Fox if I knew he invited Christine and Garth to Rocky Point to reconcile their bond?

Shamus didn’t even want me to know I was going to be a grandfather, yet he kept on protecting an outsider, a total stranger to me – and MY family. I wonder if Alan Fox feels bad about the terrible riff he helped make in my family? Why doesn’t he come forward and put an end to it? Where was he when the infamous rogue wave struck? Was he helping Shamus run down lizards?


Mom called me last night after getting an email from Heather. Heather was very upset about the things you said to her. Mom was ticked off at me, accusing me of stirring things up by having Heather contact you, so she wanted me to write Heather to advise her
what to do about it. Mom also said she would call Heather in a day or two to add her 2 cents. I’ve already advised Heather in an email last night. I suggested she may want to wait until after the baby is born to contact you, considering she doesn’t need the extra
stress while she’s present. At that time, I hadn’t read all your rubbish yet about you thinking I was posing as her. I will write her another email suggesting she call you only if you write her an apology. (by the way, write an apology as you would to her, not one you think is going to me as a fraud) long story short, yes mom does have her phone number, yes I could get it from her. No I won’t give it to you without Heathers
consent. You have her REAL email address convince her of your intent and maybe
not all is lost.

In, “Jon Presco”


Shamus, do you or Vicki – or any member of my family – have Heather’s phone number? Lillian told me she heard from Vicki that Heather was going to have a child. How did Vicki find that out, by phone, or e-mail? Heather was going to name the baby Lillian-Rose, thus she hoped it was a girl? She tells me she I am going to have a “grandson” thus she had a test – hence!

Shamus says he only had two contacts with Heather, but, takes charge of her and her unborn baby, he taking delight in our falling out. He then sets up a reconciliation between us. How interesting. These keepers of the Big Family Secret have empowered and enriched themselves, and like child-molesters they feel like gods because they never get caught, because THE PROOF is sealed in the silence of the lambs. Shamus and Vicki have taken my daughter and unborn grandson hostage, and are using them to get me to stop seeking the truth – stop asking questions – and stop doubting family members
love you. “The Lord giveth, and the Lord taketh away.”

“I have a clean conscience. I am quite willing to hash out whatever it is you feel I’ve wronged you in. Please provide proof , and not conspiracy theories.


From: “John Presco”
Date: Thu Apr 15, 2004 8:24 pm
Subject: Re: John
Do you recall exactly when you talked to Heather? Do you think she was sincere about learning more about you, or, she wanted to learn more about me?


Maybe you should elaborate more on Heather. I’ve only had 2 phone conversations with her, and they were both about us learning about each other as family members. The only thing I mentioned about you, when she brought you up, was that she should be careful not to feel to hurt IF you said some mean things out of the blue.(perhaps you can understand why I might say that.) I never said anything to discourage her from
associating with you. I have no idea the current status of your relationship. I haven’t talked to her in quite sometime. What did you mean by “outsider” going after her? Maybe you should tell me what happened….

Did Shamus come to the rescue of his cousin Shannon when she was arrested? His MEAN mother filed a police report in order to keep her there. Shamus claims he does not know about all the mean things said about OUR family in Tom Snyder’s biography. My father suggested Vicki had taken Garth’s side in the divorce. Did Garth invited Vicki out to Rocky Point to help him bring Christine to her séances?

I have the second Coroner’s report that says Mrs. Presco made the 911 call. After promising to come clean, in regards to my daughter, Shamus still creating a smokescreen, and embroiling my innocent daughter and grandson is terrible lies, she too nothing but fuel for the chaotic Benton Family Smokescreen

“You said in a e-mail you made the 911 call, but the 911 operator told me a woman made the call, she listening to it when she told me this! I asked her to send a copy of it to the coroner. I sent off my report to the coroner – who changed his report, because he was
told you four were hikers on Highway 1. That is the address on the autopsy report – Highway One! Outrageous! Christine was a guest in a million dollar home, and you and Vicki still refuse to tell me who invited MY sister there. You go get that information from Vicki – Now! Now – you little lying creep! I want that persons testimony.
I want to know why they/she/it invited Christine out to stay in that/their home – by herself, without their presence.” What is incredible, is there is no account of a world famous artists last 24 hours on earth. Alas we hear she played Acquire. What did she talk about? What was her hopes and fears?”

We now know it was he hope she would be reconciled with Garth Benton at Rocky Point. I am sure Christine mentioned this while they played Acquire in the cabin. When was Garth due to arrive? Vicki said in the Pinecone she and her son were invited there as an afterthought. Did Christine want them there – just incase? If there was a party planned at RP, was it to celebrate the reconciliation of Garth and Christine that was taking place Friday night? How many of the expected guests knew of this attempt?

“Were any family member or friends coming to town to celebrate Christine’s sober birthday? How about Raphael? How about Mark?”

“Why didn’t she talk about the sober birthday and the plans she was making? Drew is kept from the funeral lest she is questioned. You are never questioned – because Vicki removed you as an eyewitness! Everything Vicki tells me and the world – can’t be true! Vicki offers as little as possible lest people get on a role and want a clearer picture, like, what did Vicki mean by saying she was helping Christine overcome her fear of the ocean? Were you playing chicken with giant waves?”

Shannon is arrested for Trespassing

As incredible as this seems, there is powerful evidence Vicki and Garth set up members of my family to be accused of stealing from Christine’s home and gallery – after we were invited there. After the funeral, and while talking in the kitchen, I noticed this gentleman lurking in the background in an adjoining room. I asked Vicki who he was, and she said he was Garth’s good friend. I went and talked to him. I later gave him a call. I now realize that he was guarding Christine’s belongings, I mean……Garth’s belongings.

I and my friend witnessed Vicki Presco give Shannon Rosamond a set of new keys to her mother’s home after Vicki employed a lock smith to change all the locks in Christine’s home. Vicki gave permission to Shannon to stay in her mother’s home. My friend is prepared to testify to this. I gave testimony this was the case in several letters to Sydney Morris and Judge Silver in the year following my sister’s suspicious demise.

My friend is also able to testify to his observation Vicki had a unusually heavy load in the trunk of her Rambler sedan, and the back seat was filled, he saying to me; “We should get the locksmith to open the lock to the trunk and see what’s in there.”

Robin Beare says this in her letter to the bonding company; “6. In addition, attached to this declaration is a notarized Affidavit from Vicki Presco, who was nominated as Co-Executor in the decedent’s will date July 2, 1993, which sets forth the facts regarding her
telephone call to Ms.Benton that the locks to the decedent’s residence had been changed and that and that Ms.Benton was not to enter the residence. 7. I personally requested that Vicki Presco, who is Ms. Shannon Benton’s aunt, and sister of the decedent, contact
Ms.Benton to request that she not come back to the residence, since I was aware that Ms.Benton had already taken property belonging to the estate from the residence. Also for that reason, I requested that Garth Benton change the locks on the residence.”

Ms. Beare then says; “there is no possibility whatsoever that Shannon Benton will be able to obtain any type of bond, based solely upon the fact that she is homeless.”

Shortly after this false arrest, Vic Presco called Ms.Beare who told my father he was shocked to know of his existence – and the existence of the 8,000 partnership prints saying Garth and Vicki had not mentioned them in the inventory of the estate. Vicki had asked me to sell these prints at street fairs, and build shelves to store them in her walk-in closet, neither of which I did.

Vicki dropped out as Executor, but here she is helping Garth and his attorney rest control of the estate from the adult heir. She is working against other members of the family as well, knowing they have a vested interest. If she had not forsaken the sacred trust
Christine had given her, then she could not morally or ethically do this. Why she thinks she could do this after refusing to serve as Executor, constitutes fraud, and a conspiracy to deceive those who have an interest in the estate.

Shannon was encouraged to come to Carmel and live in her mother’s home as the ‘Pinecone’ article said. Vicki asked me to move into the house, and guard Shannon from stealing. I refused, suggesting the contents be video taped if she did not trust Shannon, which was done. If Shannon had not done moved in, then she would have had a strong
hand, thus preventing the take-over of her legacy.

I believe there was a conspiracy to set Shannon up, weaken her position, so others could take control of the estate and the art. I am also certain Vicki Presco, and others, wanted to set me up, get me arrested for stealing from the estate, as in his biography written
for Stacey Pierrot, Tom Snyder says family members and others stole
from the estate the day of the funeral.

“Before the service, Vicki had taken the trouble to go through Christine’s bedroom, putting her jewelry and intimate belongings out of sight. As matters turned out, it did little good, for the funeral was not long over before family members and others were ravaging Christine’s house, taking whatever could be carted away. The artist’s
closet, a veritable mother lode – took the worst beating. World-class spender that Christine had been, much of the clothing had never been worn. So whatever still bore price tags was hauled off to be exchanged for money. Jewelry disappeared, as well as other personal belongings. Gallery employees and close friends of the family, along
with Vicki, were doing their best to staunch the flow – the estate had not yet been inventoried – but to no avail.”

Let it be known that the guests who stayed the night in Christine’s home, were; Rosemary,Pip, Raphael, Cindy, John, Vicki, Michael, Shamus, and myself.

Vicki asked me to stay away the day after my sister drowned as she was having a gathering of Christine’s friends (which was held in her house) to help pay for funeral costs. Several months later Paul’s mortuary told me they were going to bill the estate. At the funeral reception, I saw Stacey Pierrot down in the gallery basement handing
prints to my brother, Mark Presco. I would see my uncle, Dick Molnar, with a print(s) under his arm. The value of these prints had to be over $500.00. Was the cost of this reception also billed to the estate? Ms. Pierrot shamelessly promoted herself in front of my family in our time of grief, and then dare say this in her biography she paid Mr.Snyder to write with sales of our sister’s art, knowing my new found daughter would read it;

“Like long sea voyages in small boats, funerals render families and friends in their truest colors. Vicki had taken on the larger part of the planning and managed to pull together what became the best of it all – and it must be said that if there is a hero in this story, it
is Christine’s younger sister. She not only handled Christine’s burial, but later, those of her mother and father. Despite the jibes of the family malcontents intent on their own agendas, Vicki had served admirably no matter what the calling.”

Vicki did not tell me Vic was dying or dead, or my mother was dying, she dying the day after I found out. I had a falling out with both my parents after I found out Vicki and Vic had played devious games with the legacy of Vic’s mother, who disinherited all four of her grandchildren because none of us showed up at her death bed. Vic told me he asked Vicki to tell the other Presco children his mother was dying, and was shocked that she had not. Vic told me this after he found out Vicki did not mention his existence to Robin Beare. The family partnership was formed with the legacy left by our Grandmother
to her only son – as planned, as this got Mark and I out of the will, Vic at the time turning our sister’s against their brothers. Vicki had no problem with that – even knowing Vic had got her and Christine drunk and into his bed when they were in their twenties.

When I began to expose my younger sister, who had hid behind all the chaos, Vic and Rosemary closed ranks, as it became evident these raging alcoholics had used Vicki to get to the their older children who they had falling outs with. Vicki played everyone against each other.

“So in this setting, the contentiousness among family members, once again able to hate each other face to face as they had not in years, boiled to the surface. Everyone seemed furiously self-righteous about something. If it is possible for the recently departed to have a final glimpse, Christine would have had a sardonic chuckle at the behavior of the characters on stage.”

“The rest was, given those involved, what one might expect. Vic was cornering whatever woman he could; Rosemary came in drunk, lost in her story that she was the only seventeen-year-old to turn down Errol Flynn’s advances. “Oh it was just awful,” Lillian recalls. “Rosemary was shouting that Shannon was late, ‘ and ought to have butt kicked’.
I don’t know what all she said after that, but she had her silver flask with her and it was getting rough.”

No family member saw Vic at the funeral as he hid himself. Rosemary had no flask with her. Knowing this would be the contentious approach in their biography, Ms.Pierrot and Mr. Snyder approached my sixteen year old daughter, and her stage mother, to be in their biography. I had just found out Heather existed for sure, and had yet to lay eyes on her. This is child abuse!

Christine drowned on her first sober birthday which is considered more important then you natal birthday to those who are in recovery. I have will have eighteen years sobriety After stealing my program after I forbid him to employ it in his book, Mr. Snyder goes out of his way to distant me from Christine – after her death – using the sick intrigue that is common in alcoholic co-dependent families. He deliberately ignored the truth Christine and I had become Brother and Sister in AA, and our new life together was about to begin, a life based upon the steps and principles of AA which Snyder broke. It says this on our birthday coins;

“To thine own self be true.”

Vicki had a un-natural relationship with her father, who rewarded her for being loyal to him, and his abuse. Vic paid her when she betrayed her siblings who were confronting his about his abuse, as Shannon had done. Vicki represents the insane sister of the never ending lies in Vic’s drunken program that commands us still from beyond the grave….

“Thou shall not be aware.”
The biography Ms. Pierrot commissioned, exonerates Benton of any wrong doing, but for one outrageous comment. he made This biography depicts me as being delusional. What is delusional is Snyder depicts Vicki as a hero, but yet she never told Snyder about the attempted reconciliation. If she had, Snyder’s biography may have taken another direction, and not been the miserable failure it is. If the truth would have been told, then there might be a movie being filmed about Rosamond’s mysterious last hours on earth, that would produce millions of dollars for the heirs and the creditors. In this regards wasn’t Sydney Morris under some obligation to seek the truth, and suggest a police investigation – that would have begun by the questiong of ‘The Neighbors’? Instead, Morris thwarts my investigation all the way. He even discourages me from filing a claim saying “The Decedent died intestate.”

I suspect Mr.Chazen paid for Robin Beare’s legal services, he a good friend of Christine and Garth, and my father’s private lender. Did Chazen know about the attempt at a reconciliation at Rocky Point? He was a partner in the first Rosamond Gallery and was a creditor in the Bankruptcy Christine filed and is to be given $67,000 dollars by Sydney Morris, who denied my claim. Chazen is a business partner of the Getty and Pelosi family. Andrew Cuomo of HUD accused Chazen of loan-sharking. The IRS must have been putting pressure on Garth and Christine to name others who might have been involved in tax evasion. Lithographs have been used in the past to declare illegal write-offs. I suspect Christine was luring backers this way. Chazen’s deception sounds desperate, he too afraid to lose control of the Public Forum. to Shannon who has deep suspicions about Getty’s right-hand business man. whom my father introduced Vicki to, as he wanted her to take over his loan business. Vic Presco was convicted of loan sharking shortly after Christine’s death.

Alan Fox needs to be found and questioned so this court can own all the facts about this reconciliation, that might have in truth been a business reconciliation disguised as a reconciliation between Garth and Christine.

Because of the conflicting testimony about who Garth was with when he drove to Rocky Point, one must consider their was a false alibi being established in order to remove Mr. Benton from the scene. Was this the motive of Mr.Fox removing himself from the scene lest he be questioned by the authorities and reveal the presence of Mr., Benton at Rocky Point – before Christine drowned?

I request this Court withhold any distribution of the estate of my later sister to Drew Benton unless her father submits to a lie detector test and explains where he was and who was with whtne Christine died, and what was the nature of the reconciliation. Did Mr. Benton involve his daughter in a cover-up? If so, this child needs to be set free of this covert, and perhaps criminal activity. which would be injurious to her mental health.

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