Non-Disclosure Mad Man


As a Silent Partner, Mark hid behind the scenes for several reasons. He had not paid taxes for a very long time, and, I believe he took out a life insurance policy on our sister – then drove her to suicide! Weeks after Christine took her life, I am on the phone with Stacey Pierrot who told me there was an insurance policy, and she handed it over to Robin Beare, Garth’s divorce attorney – that was acting as THE EXECUTOR. Vicki declined to serve. OUTRGIOUS! Snyder’s book is also Beare’s book. No stone is left unturned in depicting a world famous artist as a raving lunatic who abused children, went on a wild spending spree, and hurt everyone who tried to help her. Mark wanted to distance himself from me as he got behind Garth. He was betraying Christine – and not respecting her last wishes. There needs to be a Life Insurance Fraud Investigation. I will contact the IRS.

Rosamond Press

My brother, Mark Presco, told me if I did not sign the non-disclosure form that Tom Snyder sent me, he would disown me. I told him to go fuck himself. He disowned me. Months later, my daughter came into my life and was lured away from me and was missing for two years. Did her mother sign Snyder’s non-disclosure? How about Raphael? How about Merian Salyer whose family owned one of the biggest ranches in California – bigger than Frank Bucks! In Tom Snyder’s evil book, Merian discloses she is an alcoholic and is Christine Rosamond Benton’s sponcer. This breaks the primary rule of Alcoholics Anonymous.

“What’s said here – stays here!”

When Stacey Pierrot advertised from people who knew Rosamond to come forth and contribute, my daughter went to the Rosamond gallery – before they informed me I was a father. Did Heather meet Merian and other wealthy…

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I am an artist, a writer, and a theologian.
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