Disrespecting The Last Wishes of Rosamond

Mark and Vicki must have talked about her dropping out as executor. I was not part of that conversation. My daughter knew Bill was going to start a fight with me about his trauma because his mother and I are obese. Do I look obese to you? Mark read this outrageous claim by Garth that there was much chaos going on months before our sister drowned – that he is free of due to DEATH in my family. Rosamond’s fans probably slammed this evil book down, then tossed it in the garbage. How could Mark and Viki throw away our sister’s one year of sobriety like this? We read the struggle Richard Burton had.

Nina is Garth’s new live-in lover. There was talk about a reconciliation. Supposedly these lovers are on the way to Rocky Point after hearing eight year old Drew Benton was pulled out of the ocean, but, her mother drowned! HER MOTHER DROWNED! How perfect for Nina – and Garth! 

I haven’t seen my grandson in ten years! When I saw my sixteen year old daughter for the first time, I told her – and her mother – to stay away from my family! They thought they could handle us. They did not love us, or know us. They wanted – stuff! Garth and Vicki did not list the family partnership prints. 


“We were almost there when an ambulance passed us going the other way. We both realized it was carrying Christine. My mind flashed back over the last few months and years, and all the anguish FOR Nina and Drew and me, even for Christine. I was crying, and I turned to Nina – this is what I am ashamed of- and said, “We’re free! And Drew is saved!”


Rosamond Press

Capturing Beauty


John Presco

Copyright 2021

Chapter 10 The Ten of Swords

“The Ten of Swords shows a man lying face down, apparently dead, with ten swords in his back. A red cape drapes over the lower half of his body as a sign of dignity as he leaves this world. While the dark sky is ominous, the sun is rising on the horizon, bringing a renewed sense of hope and opportunity. The calm sea in the background also brings solace, suggesting that even in times of darkness, there is a sense of peace and calm to be found.”

Let us take a look at the events that occurred – after the wave. My sister is dead. Perhaps in death there is rest and salvation. Then, from another place, she reads this in her bio..

“We were almost there when an ambulance passed us going the other way. We…

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