Removing Rosamond’s Mother – Rosemary

Executor, Sydney Morris, sold Rosamond’s estate to non-family member. Stacey Pierrot in order to INCREASE the waning interest in Rosamond’s works of art. He also gave permission to Pierrot to make a movie. Pierrot advertised on her Rosamond webpage for people who knew Christine to come forward and be in HER BOOK that was written by TWO GHOST WRITERS. Why two?

Christine Rosamond Benton was not a famous artist. She was a successful commercial artist for many years. But, interest in work was not being carried to another generation. She was in financial trouble. She filed for Bankruptcy. No professional Art Critic ever gave a review of Rosamond and her work because they knew what she was. Therefor it behooves me to come up with a reason Stacey Pierrot went after my mother – and destroyed her. Does Heather Hanson approve of this hatchet job done on her grandmother? How about Patrice? These two mothers come off as the Protectors and Promotors of Goddess Justice. They never met my mother. She died not knowing she was a grandmother – and her second son was a father. Heather is my only child. Here is a list of people that would have enhanced Pierrots book if depicted in a positive light.


I have puzzled over why Christine’s mother was so utterly demonized. Who is settling an old score? Is Pierrot getting permission from Mark or Vicki? This slander is diabolical, because at the funeral reception, Pierrot approached Rosemary, got down on one knee, took Christine’s mother’s hand, and said’

“Don’t let THE DREAM die!”

I believe Stacy already got my mother’s blessing and this was staged to show me I would not be inheriting any aspect of the creative legacy I began at the age of twelve. Pierrot is not a artist or writer. My sister hired her to work in the gallery. She was a FRONT for Mark, Vicki, and Garth Benton – as planned! This is why Vicki and Belford dropped out as Christine’s executors named in her Will. This was a keep-away game from Shannon, the adult Heir.

I was going to read what you will read, to my therapist, but, I was so distraught over being blamed for the suicide of the best friend, Bill Arnold, I could not take any more of the vile and evil plagiarism that Snyder took part in. He took copyrighted stories from this blog in order to make me and mother look bad. It was I who stopped Rosemary from pulling hunks of my sister’s hair out of head. In doing so, I had to leave my home at the age of seventeen. I hitchhiked to New York in the dead of winter. Why my daughter has no empathy for me, is chilling. She is mentally ill. She had been cleverly brainwashed by a family whose mother was in and out of mental hospitals, and, she killed herself by jumping off a cliff. But, Betty came back as an angel, and is dwelling inside my daughter – healing all her children. This story was invented in case I and my child should be united. Heather was on a mission from Goddess-Angel of Mercy. This is why we could not be together as rightful daughter and father.

In normal families the mother and father combine their natal family stories, to make a whole story. Stacey Pierrot and Tom Snyder knew they were destroying the real story of Heather and her father. We were a threat. They also went after the natural bond siblings own, by destroying my connection with Christine – our mothers womb. Outrageous! I suspect Mark and Vicki are behind this. Lillian had given me a five hour interview, then, was interviews by Snyder. How unethical. Vicki said Lillian was distraught on her death bed for saying bad things about her sister.

“If Rosemary had direct knowledge of Vic’s behavior (incest), she never made that public, though it could have contributed to the fury she later loosed on Vic, along with a deepening need to control men, if only for the moment. And it must have added to the jealousy, and near constant anger that Rosemary expressed towards Christine. As the young girl grew ever more beautiful and vulnerable, Rosemary became her chief tormentor. More than once, while visiting the Presco home, Lillian found Rosemary beating Christine with her fists, or pulling her hair out by the handful, and she was forced to drag her sister away from the child.”

Mommy Dearest was written by Christine Crawford, the daughter of Joan Crawford, who claimed to be beaten by a famous Hollywood Star. Snyder is not related to Christine – or me! This is secondhand information that is false – and thus he is guilty of slander! This MAN writes about the rape of a child by her father. He does not have the best interests of this child – now a deceased adult – in mind. Tom Snyder is guilty of child abuse. He lies, creates a false narrative to make a outsider – MONEY! Christine’s rape as a child – is being EXPLOITED. This is not a Self-help book written to help victims of incest. I was authoring such a book in 1992.

Lilliam Molnar lived in the San Fernando Valley. The Presco’s lived in Oakland. Thus, there were no un-expected drop-ins. Rosemary knew when her sister was due for a visit, and would be on her best behavior. To be caught more than once, committing a felony, is very unlikely. The reason my mother was beating on Christine, was she came home early, and caught her daughter in bed with Larry Sidel, the boy next door, and my future brother-in-law….will testify in a court of law to this fact – that became evil fiction thanks to the law firm of Robert Brevoort Buck. Why didn’t Lillian take Christine home with her, or, call the police?

For sure, Patrice and Heather Hanson would not want these things written about Patrice, who did suggest I allow Snyder to write his evil book of lies so she could be in that book – too! This evil Stage Mother was promoting HER daughter, not, our daughter. For this reason I declare John, Heather, Tyler, and Ember – the surviving family members! Congradulations – my beloved Literary Family, that God has blessed!

I can assure you all Rosamond’s fans wanted to read about, was how proud Rosemary was/is of her famous daughter. Many of her fans, were young mothers. This lie helped to destroy the Rosamond estate.

John Presco

Copyright 2021

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I am an artist, a writer, and a theologian.
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