My Kidnapped Family

The focus of my being, my book, my art, and my spirituality will now be on divorcing myself and My Family from the three dysfunctional families that are guilty of kidnapping Heather Hanson, who was a minor at the time three families tried to merge without the genetic and spiritual input and permission of The Father, who saved his life, and is responsible for the giving life to Heather Hanson, Tyler Hunt, and Ember Dew. This kidnapping would have never occurred if executor Sydney Morris had not sold our Family Story to an outsider, Stacey Pierrot, who advertised for people who had anything to do with the world famous artist, Christine Rosamond Benton, to come forth and be in her biography, written by a hired ghost writer, Tom Snyder.

Besides our DNA, genealogies, and birth and wedding documents, what binds a family together, is Family Stories. It will be to THIS TRUTH that I author a Genesis of MY FAMILY that will be a truer bond. I accuse Patrice Hanson of making criminal bonds, with criminals, and thus she forfeited her title…..’Mother’. This Fake Mother did not have the best interests of MY CHILD at heart. Indeed, she stole My Child, and put her in the arms of a convicted felon – knowing he was not the father – for she told me he could not conceive a child. Hanson, and her siblings, are guilty of falsifying a birth certificate. They knew this inability to multiply the genetic material in this marriage, had caused rancor in the combined families.

I believe Craig, Linda, and Patrice Hanson conducted family discussions, as to whether Heather Delpiano should contact me, or, go to the Rosamond gallery reopening in hope I would not be there, and THEY – the adults – could make contact with my natal family. We know sixteen years old Heather was there, because she took a photograph and sent it of my aunt Lillian, who told me in a phone conversation, my daughter had a rather large butt, not anything like the Rosamond butt. Lest I identify my child – later on in galley photos – she died her hair blonde. It was suggested my offspring contact me in hope I would contribute to ‘When You Close Your Eyes’. They feared Lillian would tell me I sired a child. I was played in what amounts to a confidence game. My niece, Shannon Rosamond talked to me about proof she came to own by the death of my sister, Vicki Presco, that her aunt conspired with Pierrot to defraud the estate. I was not going to be told my sister was dead. This is part of the conspiracy to divorce me from my genetic material that I share with others, so that my autobiography will not be considered a first-hand account of a relative of ‘Rosamond’.

The Family of John Presco | Rosamond Press

On, or, about October 10, 2003, the package I sent to my daughter, was returned, with no forwarding address. I called the numbers I had for Heather Hanson, and they were disconnected. I suspected THE HANSON ADULTS, along with Holly Hunt, and Ryan Hunt, discussed amongst themselves how best to get me out of my daughters life, so she could further her dream which was to be a famous Country Western singer who makes millions of dollars and, supports her mother as she was not supported. This is


In October I talked with Dianne, Jennifer, and Michael Dundon about having my daughter and her mother come live in Blue River so that I can have a relationship with my daughter – I long deserve! Michael is the brother of Jim Dundon, who was married to Vicki. They conceived, Shamus Dundon. Michael encouraged Christine to take up art. I was un-invited from my daughter’s high school graduation. Nineteen years old Ryan Hunt was having sexual relations with a minor, and accompanied Heather to the prom. Ryan and his mother, Holly Hunter, knew where my missing daughter was. Did he cross State lines when they went to visit Vicki Presco, who along with Mark Presco, did not tell me where my daughter was. They did not tell me she was pregnant with Tyler. All these adults were telling my daughter she was going to be a Big Star, and they would help her. Truly, this is a very Evil Family Story.

This kidnapping – is a Literary Kidnapping! Vital facts have been altered, such as the tide and wind at Rocky Point. I have proven how my sister drowned – can not be true! I am a paying member of that is built upon Death and Birth events. My mother suggested her daughter – killed herself! This is to say, she altered he history. The motive for the cover-up is, the people who surrounded her had made investments, and, they wanted to take control of the estate from the Adult Heir, Shannon Rosamond. The Rosamond Estate – was bankrupt! Who is responsible for this? The Miracle Story of Heather being united with her father – would be the book Rosamond fans would want to read, and, the book millions who never heard of Rosamond, would want to read. I had a chance to become a millionaire, and make my daughters dreams come true – and her mothers – because we were engaged to be married. Verbal contracts were broken – as well as a written one.

For the reason there might exist further attempts to capture my family so money can be made off our story, there is a need to define who is in the story, and why The Story Family should have precedent over the genetic story. This is to say, the influence of the mother should be rendered Null&Void, for that is what Patrice Hanson has rendered me. For the first time the influence of a criminal mother can be challenged on many levels – especially the level of Creativity!

John Presco

Copyright 2021

More Than Just a Custody Dispute

Make no mistake – parental kidnapping is illegal. Parental kidnapping is far more than a dispute regarding custody matters between divorcing parents. Such matters are relegated to the civil courts; however, parental kidnapping is a criminal act. In fact, parental kidnapping violates the laws of all U.S. states, the District of Columbia, and the Virgin Islands, plus U.S. federal laws and international laws. It is dangerous and can be deadly.

Parentally-abducted children live a life on the run as if fugitives. It is not uncommon to see a child receive a new name, nickname, haircut, dyed hair, glasses, or otherwise altered appearance. Children may be coached not to reveal their true names, birth dates, home states and addresses, and other identifying information. They may move often to avoid detection and recovery. School performance and social relationships suffer materially (that is, if the child is permitted to attend school). Even medical treatment may suffer because of requirements for identifying information involved in the registration for care and insurance claims processing.

Traumatic for Children

Parentally-abducted children are traumatized emotionally and psychologically, especially if they are brainwashed by the abducting parent to believe that the other parent no longer loves them or has died. Abducted children are truly innocent victims of their parents’ decisions and actions. Their relationships with other family members, perhaps even siblings and grandparents, are terminated, and their sense of family, belonging, and identity is compromised, if not lost entirely in the process.

What typically starts as a custody dispute balloons into a much larger tragedy with long-term and widespread impacts. Perhaps most tragic are the higher risk factors that abducted children face for severe psychological conditions such as reactive attachment disordergeneralized anxiety disorder, and post-traumatic stress disorder in both the short and long terms.

When it comes to parental rights, it is not enough that someone has functioned as the parent. For example, if a man lives with a woman and her child for eight years and as far as the child knows and believes, the man is his father, the function of parenthood will not grant the man the same rights as a biological parent. If he wants the same access and status as a parent, he must petition a family court and obtain those rights. A parent with legal custody of their child pursuant to a court order cannot usually be charged with parental kidnapping. However, a parent who violates a custody order and then snatches or conceals a child can potentially be charged with parental kidnapping.

A Literary Kidnapping

Posted on October 15, 2017 by Royal Rosamond Press

Never before in the anals of history, has someone been disappeared in order to render one biography a resounding succeess, while making sure another biography is never published. Above is a envelope that was returned to me when Patrice Hanson closed her P.O. Box, and, disconnected her phone – just before I was to attend my daughter’s High School graduation. I was under the impression Heather was seventeen because I checked on California laws in regards to kidnapping. I said she had been captured, taken hostage, but it is I who was captured by my desire to have a child, have half of my beautiful daughter in my life for the first time.

Patrice felt like she had a right to contact any member of my family she wanted to. We were never married, nor had she met any member of my other than me. This goes for Heather Hanson, who told me Stacey Peirrot sent her a Rosamond Gallery brochure which containted an image of her favorite print ‘Magan’. I had just seen my daughter for the first time in March of 2001 and wondered why Pierrot sent this brochure. When Lillian told me Pierrot sent her a photo of Heather taken at the Rosamond gallery, I surmised this is where this impressionable sixteen year old got that brochure. My brother Mark Presco told me he was going to be there, and, I asked him to pay my airfair so I could attend. If I did, I would have seen Stage Mother&Child walking in cold off the street. What I am saying, Heather meeting her father – was never a priorty. Being a Millionairess was the goal. Thus, the reason my child was disappeared, was, I got suspicious, and, they got afraid!

Above are photos of the log cabin I found for Patrice and Heather. I got my fiancé a job at the local school. I proposed to Patrice and bid her to remove Randolpjh Depianos name from our daughter birth certificate. Randy was impersonation Bob Weir and was doing  a Harvey Weistein on women he coaxed into giving him sex using his (Bobby’s fame).

I took the pic of Heather on the Berkley Pier – after Ryan Hunt gave me permission to be alone with my daughter. Heather told me Patrice wanted Ryan present because I was crazy and unpredictable, like her husband that did two stints in San Quinton Prison for fraud. Patrice is a passive aggressive and an expert at rendering perpetrators – victims. She had a son by a Black Panther who was close with Angela Davis. She knew Fred Hampton.

When I bid my daughter and her Stage Mother to stay away from my criminal family, she perked up!  Every wound and flaw would be worked by the Hanson Family. This is why I saw off the Hanson Limb from my Rosy Tree, and splice the Hunts in. How can you begin to love a father you never saw, when you are rehearsing the lies you plan to tell him. My feelings never counted with is a strong indicator you are a Mark in a Long Con. Heather enjoyed the power she had over the man who helped give her life. She played me with the help of her aunt, the Gypsy She-devil. Mark and Vicki assured the Con Artists I would never see my family again, so feel free to stab your father in the back, and betray him with glee! My Judas had come onto the stage.

Patrice and I had a fight over our daughter living with hot shot Scientologist, thus, when I went home, this question was put to a starry-eyed thespian who once played the Good Fairy Mother in a school play.

“”Do you want to continue seeing your father, who made mommy cry, or, would you like a million dollars – your first million?”

When we walked off the pier, there was Ryan on an observation deck keeping a close eye. Was he concerned I would throw THEIR ASSET into the drink, and that would be that?

Jon Presco

Copyright 2017

Traditionally, the term “long con” has referred to an elaborate con of one or more marks which ends with the payout, when the marks surrender their money or valuables. Long cons play on one or both basic human frailties: greed and desperation, both qualities are also usually found in the mark.

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