Let The Women Decide?

Millions of women love Trump. Why? The Free World wants to know! Women got the right to vote in 1920. A study needs to be made of the evolution of this Centennial Right. We are seeing the emergence of black women voters who want more of a say so in the Democratic Party. It appears many white Republican women – are racists – too! Some call upon Jesus to protect their offspring from the advance of minorities. How many millions of Republican women do not care about the State Department, and foreign affairs. They want a president who tends to their Tribal Needs.

Republican Women claim they own this innate sense of goodness. What would Trump’s mother have to say about her son screwing a porn star and sending a mob of lunatics against Senators and Congressmen?

John Presco

“Let the voters decide” was the common GOP refrain back then.

The Department of Homeland Security issued an advisory on Wednesday warning of further potential attacks from domestic extremists following the election of President Joe Biden.

DHS, citing a heightened threat environment across the country in its national terrorism bulletin, said people opposed to government authority and the presidential transition could continue to “mobilize to incite or commit violence.”

Trump’s standing rises among Republicans: survey (msn.com)

Republicans circle the wagons around Trump one more time (msn.com)

DHS issues advisory warns of continued violence by domestic extremists – POLITICO

Over 30,000 Republican Voters Change Party Affiliation After Pro-Trump Capitol Riot (msn.com)

Well, after voters did decide — and after Trump tried to overturn the results — most GOP senators on Tuesday voted that Trump shouldn’t be impeached and convicted because he is no longer in office (though some say they still haven’t made up their mind whether they’ll vote to convict).

No matter that the alleged offense (inciting an insurrection) took place while he was president.

No matter that it was the GOP who decided not to hold a Senate trial while Trump was still in office.

And no matter that there’s clear precedent (the case of Secretary of War William Belknap) for impeaching and trying someone who just left office.

Trump’s standing rises among Republicans: survey (msn.com)

Fifty percent of Republican voters polled in the new Morning Consult survey said Trump should play a “major role” in the party, an increase of 9 percentage points since his supporters rioted at the U.S. Capitol after he addressed them and repeated unproven claims of election fraud.

Women drove the uptick with a 15-point surge among likely GOP female voters who say they wish to see Trump as a key player in the party’s future.

Wednesday’s survey also found 81 percent of Republicans have positive views of Trump, with more than half saying they hold strong feelings on the issue. On the night before his second impeachment by the U.S. House over his role in the rioting, 76 percent of Republicans said they viewed him favorably.

Three in 10 Republicans also said in the new poll that they would prefer to join a “Patriot Party” if it were led by Trump, with 25 percent saying they would be undecided in such a scenario.

Trump has not made any definitive statements about his political future since leaving office last week, saying “we’ll be back in some form” during his final remarks as president.

House impeachment managers delivered an article of impeachment for “inciting insurrection” against Trump to the Senate earlier this week and senators were sworn in as jurors for an upcoming trial on Tuesday.

On Tuesday afternoon, Sen. Rand Paul (R-Ky.) introduced a point of order on the Senate floor declaring the impeachment of a former president is unconstitutional and therefore the Senate should not hear the case against Trump.

Only five Republicans broke with their party and voted with Democrats to table Paul’s motion, which failed but indicated the majority of the caucus led by Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) is unlikely to vote to convict Trump. Democrats, who hold a slim majority in a 50-50 Senate with a Democrat in the White House, would need 67 votes in total to do so.

Trump has signaled support for at least one former aide seeking public office after spending time in his White House.

Former White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders on Monday announced her intention to run for governor of her home state of Arkansas. She touted Trump’s accomplishments, vowing to take on “the radical left” and picked up the former president’s endorsement a few hours later.

Trump and other former top aides have created an “Office of the Former President” that they said will handle his “correspondence, public statements, appearances and official activities.”

The Morning Consult poll was conducted Jan. 22-25 among 599 Republican voters and 581 Trump voters. It has a margin of error of 4 percentage points.

Tens of thousands of voters have become former Republicans this month in states including Pennsylvania, Arizona, North Carolina, Maryland, Colorado and Florida, according to a Wednesday report from The Hill, citing state statistics. A far smaller number of voters dropped affiliation with the Democratic party during the same time.

In Pennsylvania, almost 10,000 Republicans had parted ways with the GOP by January 25. Of those, 3,476 changed their registration to the Democratic Party, while the rest moved to a third party or remained unaffiliated. The state saw 2,093 Democrats switch to the Republican Party during the same period, while 1,184 become unaffiliated or switched to a third party.

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