Blamed For Bill’s Suicide

I was talking with my good neighbor about how shocked Oprah was when Meghan said she felt suicidal and wanted to get into therapy. I told her about the things said about me in a book and movie script about my famous sister that put me in therapy. For about five seconds Sandy thought this was true. Then she asked; “Why didn’t Christine give Bill the note herself?”…….”“It’s even more obvious in her work on ‘The Crossing’. She was very depressed, dealing with her unresolved feelings for her childhood sweetheart, Bill. He died before she could work it through with, or about him, and she resented Greg because she said he didn’t deliver on his promise to tell Bill how she felt. She really loved him, and maybe Greg saw that as a intrusion. Anyway, Christine told me he never delivered her message. Later. Bill pulled his car onto the tracks and died under the wheels of a train – a suicide according to Christine – and she never got over her failure to tell Bill her feelings for him. She felt very strongly she could have saved him, if he’d only known.”

My sixteen year old daughter came into my life in 2001. I thought I would die fatherless. I insisted she stay away from my family because they were behind this evil literature written by ghost writers. She thought she was immune – because she was not fighting with them. Like Meghan, she was overwhelmed with the toxic poison. We have not communicated in ten years. I am blamed for everything. My negativity ruined it for everyone. I asked her if she read the bio. “No!” Do you see the idea that I am the cause of Christine’s suicidal thoughts? This idea comes from Garth Benton who had just gone through a evil divorce – that may not have been finalized at the time of my sister’s death. My mother said was a suicide!



Rosamond Press

A week ago I read this passage from Tom Snyder’s biography of my late sister to my therapist in our last session. I wept. Yesterday I found out Bill’s sister is dead. She is the one who begged me to get sober. The four members of the Arnold family, are gone. I tried getting hold of Vicky Arnold to inform her I was going to publish this evil lie that my sixteen year old daughter was encouraged to get involved in – by several adults. She was innocent and completely clear of this. Heather Hanson’s claim that I suffer from some weird psychological disorder that does now allow me to get along with people – is another horrible lie she has to live with. When Heather’s peers read this filth they might say;

“Looks like your father killed his best friend out of jealousy!”

That I declared the Miracle Family…

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