Inciting Riot and Insurrection

Nancy Pelosi and the Democrats are authoring the Papers of Impeachment that accuses the President of the United States of inciting a riot and insurrection. On May 9. 2014, Alley Valkyrie conducted a Tribunal on her facebook. Attorney Mary Broadhurst was witness to the slanderous castration of a sixty-eight year old newspaperman. I am the sole reporter for my newspaper-blog, Royal Rosamond Press. Mary expressed her concern that this tribunal might put Belle Burch in jeaoperdy. Alley brushes that concern aside, and states why she went after me in the first place…..

May 9 at 1:40am · Like
Alley Valkyrie If you read the rest of his blog, you’ll see why I went after him in the first place. I am making this public because this man is a sick psychopath who takes pictures all over Eugene.”

Every time I read this proclamation from the Eugene Homeless Government in Exile, I hear Victor Hugo and Dumas moan from their tombs. For these words are the review they begged for. It is…..High Bohemian! Jack!…..Is that you? No….It’s not out of Doctor Zhivago. Nice try!

“Takes pictures all over Eugene!” Is he an artist? Perhaps – a poet?

Doctor Zhivago (novel) – Wikipedia

An hour into this betrayal of all Left-wing, and Alternative Life-style Movements, one of Valkyries cult followers discovers I am a member of Alley’s facebook and calls me out. I type my brief response, and am unfriended. I will send this post to the Facebook Police, who have banned the President, as did Twitter – for life!

I wrote a long letter to the Mayor of Eugene and the City Council demanded Councilperson Mary Semple RESIGN, because she too was witness of the most vile and evil thing ever done to a FELLOW ACTIVIST. She did not come to my defense. Kim Haffner and several of my neighbors cherrypicked the most slanderous and inciteful remarks the Wiccan Tribunal made about me, and spread them amongst other neighbors. I was utterly slimed! The more slimed – the better…..for all!

Attention of City Hall Meeting | Rosamond Press

When I went back East with my wife and stepdaughter paid a visit to one of the Chicago Seven who was a good friend of Mary Ann who lived in Mexico with Thomas Pynchon. I believe it was Weiner. After that we went and spent to night at Sol Yurich who wrote ‘The Warriors’ that was made into a movie that looks like the Attack On The Dome. We talked about the gangs of New York and Oakland where the Presco Children were befriended by Kay Coakley, the daughter of the famous Oakland Prosecutor, James F. Coakley who prosecuted the Seven. Kamala Harris was a Prosecutor in Oakland.

For seven hours I have been suffering a powerful Fight of Flight reaction to what I have been reading and seeing in regards to the attack on our Nation’s Capitol. I am still shaking about my discovery that Belle Burch became my neighbor sixteen months ago. I do not know if she still lives a hundred yards away. What has truly frightened me is what I read on a Trump Supporters facebook. There was an argument going on that was straight out of Hell. Half the Good Trump Supporters were claiming Antifa led the charge, and, the other Good Supporters were saying – THIS CAN’TE BE TRUE!

“Where is the evidence?”

If you have seen/read the history of the rise of Hitler’s Nazi Germany, then you recognize this kind of argument. The Good Germans – who did not go along with blaming The Jews for all that went wrong – were rounded up with the Jews, and put in a concentration camp. Many were asassinated. Alley and her Gang are assasinating my character on facebook. Then, they talk about getting me – and murdering me.

I began to shake, because I realize I have THE STORY OF THE CENTURY, and it is all Belle’s fault….because it was a case…..of love at first sight. Two hours after I met Belle, I wrote her a poem, and published it on Royal Rosamond Press several days later. Alley and her lover, John Monroe, read it……and became afraid! Belle and I were – THE COMPITION! Belle was their protégé, as was Belle’s lover who took a wiccan name. I literally fell in love with a witch wanna-be who was being groomed by the coven. This is a famous story, that this resembles a fictional masterpiece. I go foreword, into the fray – with my pen…….MY SWORD!

For….I am surrounded, now. For my crime of falling in love with Belle, I am hounded like a beast.

(13) La Belle Et La Bête | The Mirror | Jean Cocteau – YouTube

The President of the United States promised his Crew they would have a WILD time in Washington. In this video I ask my accusers and abusers…

“Who are you people? I don’t even know your name?”

John Preaco

President: Royal Rosamond Press

Copyright 2021

(13) 1946 La Belle et la Bête (Cocteau) 720p (Criterion) – YouTube

Mon Belle

Posted on April 12, 2014by Royal Rosamond Press


When I was a gifted youth
I do not recall if I studied the artist Sandro Botticelli.
When a man
I wrote my version of ‘The Birth of Venus’
and did a painting of my muse
coming out of the sea.

I must have neglected this great Renaissance Artist,
and his beloved Muse – until now!
But, Since I beheld her, my Belle
and compared her to Simonetta Cattaneo de Candia Vespucci,
do I now behold all the clues of the petals
and the thread
that have brought me through the labyrinth of time,
to adore her once again.

The Warriors Trailer – YouTube

(13) Springfield Witch Hunt – YouTube

Hail Satan and Valkyrie! | Rosamond Press

Democrats Ready Impeachment Charge Against Trump for Inciting Capitol Mob (

Here’s Gwendolyn saying the rock in window was contrived.

“Meanwhile social media is buzzing: Many proponents of Kesey Square have wondered if the vandalism was contrived by someone who wants to see the square developed. “I really think it is someone who has a grudge against the movement to save the square,” says Gwendolyn Iris, a Save Kesey Square activist. “Based on the words and spelling, it just reads like mockery.”

Alley Valkyrie

May 9 at 12:32am · Portland, OR · Edited ·
Well, I just picked a fight with quite the unstable psychopath. May not have been the most sensible thing to do, but it should definitely get interesting…

John McCahill just cant turn it off can you …. LOL

May 9 at 12:36am · Like · 2

Alley Valkyrie Local creeper. Delusional narcissist. Not Feri, but reminds me of a few of them. I sent him a PM firmly telling him to leave a friend of mine alone, and my “threat” will be the subject of his blog tomorrow. He has no idea who he is fucking with.

May 9 at 1:40am · Like
Alley Valkyrie If you read the rest of his blog, you’ll see why I went after him in the first place. I am making this public because this man is a sick psychopath who takes pictures all over Eugene.

Randy Cain I’m glad the mafia sent him treats.

May 9 at 8:53am · Like

Mary Broadhurst yeah well…I’m a bit concerned about labels being applied to this guy. obviously he has issues. but will calling him a psychopath push him over the edge. did anyone consult with Belle before coming to her rescue? perhaps she had a plan as to how to deal with this…

May 9 at 8:57am · Edited · Like · 1

Alley Valkyrie Yes, I talked to Belle.

Glenn Combs: I’m thinkin’ concrete shoes. We got a river with deep spots… Hypothetically speaking, of course.

Here is John Monroe who uses a world famous artist, and the mother of two creative children to demonize me, destroy my reputation. John is Alley’s lover, and wrote this vile slander on her facebook. This is an ATTACK on artists and my newspaper for the arts.

“we should be protecting those who are being targeted.”

“John Monroe This man is dangerous. Regardless of whether he intends or would use physical violence, he is being emotional abusive and manipulative. He is clearly mentally ill, but he is also highly intelligent. Based on my research he comes from a family with incredible abuse but also high capacity. ( and…/christine-rosamond/)

This guy isn’t making simple errors. He is a very ill person. But he is also highly abusive, and we should be protecting those who are being targeted. On top of that, I don’t see how this isn’t also a case of male domination. Regardless of his mental space, that is patriarchical BS. Our community should be made aware that he is a threat to young women.”

Glenn Combs: I’m thinkin’ concrete shoes. We got a river with deep spots… Hypothetically speaking, of course.”

Ashley Hewes I’m not just talking about the street families in fact lol I am speaking of an entirely different group of people.”

Mary Broadhurst and this is what I mean. now someone who writes disturbing thoughts and publishes them on the internet is now thrown into the same box as a child molester.

May 9 at 9:15am · Like

Alley Valkyrie: Have you read his blog? I’m not comparing him to a child molester, but I can’t believe you’re defending him!

Andrew Cottrell On second scrutiny of the photo on his blog – yup, that’s the guy who stalked me while he stank of methadone.

The Chicago Seven (originally Chicago Eight, also Conspiracy Eight/Conspiracy Seven) were seven defendants—Abbie HoffmanJerry RubinDavid DellingerTom HaydenRennie DavisJohn Froines, and Lee Weiner—charged by the United States federal government with conspiracy, crossing state lines with intent to incite a riot, and other charges related to anti-Vietnam War and countercultural protests in ChicagoIllinois during the 1968 Democratic National Convention. The Chicago Eight became the Chicago Seven after the case against co-defendant Bobby Seale was declared a mistrial during the trial.

All of the defendants were charged with and acquitted of conspiracy; Hoffman, Rubin, Dellinger, Hayden, and Davis were charged with and convicted of crossing state lines with intent to incite a riot; Froines and Weiner were charged with teaching demonstrators how to construct incendiary devices and acquitted of those charges. All of the convictions were later reversed after an appeal.

While the jury deliberated, Judge Julius Hoffman convicted the defendants and their attorneys of contempt of court and sentenced them to jail sentences ranging from less than three months to more than four years. These convictions were also later reversed after an appeal. From the beginning of the trial, the defendants and their attorneys have been represented in a variety of art, film, music, and theater.

Huey Newton Rising | Rosamond Press

Kamala Harris Get’s Old White Dude’s Goat | Rosamond Press

Most Wanted Woman in France | Rosamond Press

The Chicago 8 – Wikipedia

7 Reasons Why the Chicago 8 Trial Mattered – HISTORY

  1. The Chicago 8 – Official Trailer – YouTube

Chicago Seven – Wikipedia

The Sol Warriors | Rosamond Press

Springfield Witch Hunt | Rosamond Press

Frank Coakley Convicts Oakland 7

Posted on January 1, 2012by Royal Rosamond Press

The District Attorney of Alameda and Oakland brought charges against anti-war demonstrators, and went after Mario Savio and the Free Speech Movement – as well as the Black Panther!

In 1967 while taking a bus from L.A. to Oakland I was detained for being a professional Demonstarer and held in a cop room inside the greyhound Station. I was aksed if I was going to the demonstration in Oakland. I told the plain-clothes officer I knew nothing about a demonstration, I live there. This cop took out his truncheon and was going to work me over, when his superior walked in and told him to “Knock it off!”

Coakley was close with Ed Meese and Erl Warren, thus this appears to be a conspiracy headed by the U.S. Government. It is my intent to put all radical and liberal agendas under the umbrella of organized religion due to the holy Jihad being directed from Israel at our Freedoms – and backed by Republican Senators and Congressman who are guilty of Treason!

Call for an investigation of Israeli agents who call for Americans to go to war, while at the same time they demonize the Peace and Freedom Movement. If these religious zealots had been watching the Bankers of the World, then millions of people would not have lost trillions of dollars. What damage to America did those who want Peace and Freedom of Speech, do? Bras were burned. How immodest! A trillion dollars went up in smoke! How obscene!

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