Hail Satan and Valkyrie!

Here is Alley Valkyrie on the Wild Hunt who interviewed a Satanist. The Pagans and Witches hated this article. In her fake abuser report she points to my blog as proof I am dangerous and deranged. So does Kim Kaffner and my neighbors. Is Satan an Expansionist like Senator Benton? Satan enjoys Freedom of the Press, and I don’t because he has followers. Loners with opinions have to be harassed and – watched!

John Presco

Column: Musings on Propaganda in the Age of Authoritarianism

TWH: The documentary Hail Satan? was screened at Sundance earlier this year and received favorable reviews. What factors prompted TST to agree to being the subject of a documentary?

Greaves: We had been approached many times throughout the years by people working with various production companies pitching documentaries, reality series, and other potentially high-profile media projects. Few people recognize how discerning we have been, and just how many offers we have turned down. I simply do not subscribe to the notion that all press is good press. In fact, sometimes good press — meaning press that is willing to look at The Satanic Temple in a positive light — can even be bad press if it fails to accurately represent who we are, what is important to us, what we do, and why we do it.

Oftentimes documentarians would approach us enthusiastically offering to “humanize” us to a broader audience. We weren’t interested in that. We are not interested in being normal or being normalized. We are an outsider movement, and we are not here to make the general population more comfortable by appeals to banality.

Many of the pitches were far more insulting than that — requests to explore the everyday lives of Satanists in a reality TV-style format. The Satanic Temple has always been very careful to only seek media when there are specific issues that demand public attention. We do not accept media merely for the purposes of aggrandizement, and we have a general prohibition against leveraging The Satanic Temple as a vehicle for personal exposure.

Dark Tales of Ex-Slug Queen

In time for Halloween, here is a Tale of a real Witch Hunt that took place in the Emerald Valley. Enjoy!


Dark Side of Ex-Slug Queen




EMILY109 EMILY478 EMILY999CaptureB8Emily_and_friends4emily7


Ex-Slug Queen, Emily Semple is running for the Eugene City Council in Ward One – which is the downtown! I knew the Gwendolites were going to run someone for office, when Gwendolyn Maeve Iris bragged about how many people’s posts she had deleted because they were negative. Then, people were being banned with her Harry Potter wand. When I said something negative to a Gwendolite, I was out of there! Poof!

This is the core of OCCUPY and SLEEPS. Emily, also known as ‘Brave Beatrice’ is a member of The Nightingale Collective, along with Alley Valkyrie and her lover, John Monroe. Is that Emily’s bodyguard – Lurch? Is Emily and Lurch concerned about being molested by a crazed Zombie panhandler – for the Arts? Is it time to revive ‘The Rocky Horror Picture Show’. That’s City Councilors, Betty Taylor, and George Brown, bookending Alley Valkyrie’s compatriot in the Nightingale Public Advocacy Coalition! Am I dreaming? Is this ‘The Invasion of the Body Snatchers’?

“Into the burning holly cauldron you all go!”

Philosophy Major? This explains why Monroe practiced Psyhcobabble on me after his lover captured me in her Wiccan Pillory. These are my favorite lines, the luring of the monster north – away from Pretty Belle! I will ask the director to hire that Big Boy to be the dude they want me to be.

Ashley Hewes: Mary people like this hurt people who turn the other cheek. That is all I have to say (she lied) I will not stand idly by when there is something I can do to quell his obsessing. I would be willing to become the object of his obsession if I felt it would work. But that would be detrimental to his health.

What Ashley is suggesting, is, only my death will quell my lust for Belle. Alley wants some of this hot action!

Alley Valkyrie: I’d rather he focus on me than Belle, that I’ll absolutely say. I have 100 miles of distance from this fucker.

“Let’s go hide behind the chainsaws!”


I did not go to the City Council meeting that started 90 minutes ago. My new position is to let the Ghoul Times roll, and write a Trilogy. My first book is titled ‘Satan’s Slug Queen’. I tried it on the State Trooper who called for a donation – and he loved it! I pledged $15 dollars – and they are on my side!

What gets me, these women raid banks, raid the mayor’s office, trespass all over the place so they can get on the news, win a Slug Queen crown, then run for a city council seat, and, if you write something bad about them, you’re a Serial Killer rape-artist! Now, they have evolved, or devolved to their old ways.




Emily was arrested, and released, and she was with Belle Burch and her lover, Ambrose Holtham-Keathley, when they got arrested in the City Managers office. The only reason our ugly ex-slug queen was not taken to jail, was the police said they could only arrest twelve. THE TWELVE! This is right out of a fairytale! You can hear me mention Sleeping Beauty to Belle in the first video. I wished I had kept in running.

This is huge! In the video I took in Ken Kesey Square on April 4, 2014 – they are all there, including Emily Semple – who looks right at me. So does Jean Stacey who seems to be running the whole show. Why didn’t they approach me, just to see who this interesting and handsome old guy is? This is supposed to be an impromptu art gathering of normal citizens, but it’s a rogue’s gallery of wanna-be criminals. – who understand Belle is working me, working the crowd! She’s their Beautiful Poster Waif. You can see her link arms with her lover-boy, Ambrose, and with some other young dude, just before she was arrested! When Alley saw my video, then looked at my blog – she flipped! Belle had destroy all of Jean Stacey’s work, and the work of the Nightingale Collective.

What they saw was THE NEXT MAYOR who comes from a very famous family of artists – who are kin to Elizabeth Rosemond Taylor – and the Getty family. When you read their mission statement, their main goal is to take away the art and culture of the rich – and give it to the homeless and the poor! Why do I suspect Jean Stacey’s sister was a very talented, even beautiful artist? Jean looks like a frog.

The Collective could care less about the homeless. They are after power! Now, they want to be the political force downtown. Was Belle being groomed for public office?

What a story! Beauty and the Beast! She once was a beauty queen. Then………she met a Fairy, her Dark Tinkerbelle.


I just found the Maypole these Wiccans dance around. It is a Pagan Tress – with clenched fist! BINGO! This is why these Pagans broke away from OCCUPY and founded SLEEPS who will come to sleep under this Tree of Hope one day! This is why Belle did not ask me to be one with them at the Wandering Goat – after seeing we were on the same path! Well, not quite! These Wiccans read my Biblical stuff, an not understanding any of item were dismayed. They concluded their job was to separate my Pagan stuff from my Biblical stuff – for the sake of the Pagan Word Economy that was just planted in the ground. Emily Semple is their Jeanette Appleseed who may become the Pagan Council-Fairy of the whole goddamn downtown!


Alley Valkyrie read this, and went on the attack the next day! I anoint Belle the Goddess of the Birch Tree and Labyrinth. I have wondered if Alley threatened Belle. Now, I am almost certain of it.

Here is Storm Faerywolf, a confessed Warlock and Witch who conspiring with Alley Valkyrie to bring me down. He is the Master of the Blue Rose and posts with Alley on The Hunt. That is Ambrose and Emily holding a serpent banner. John Monroe hexed me.

EMILY33 EMILY899 EMILY900johnm2invasion-of-the-body-snatchers-15


Storm Faerywolf F(a)eri(e) or non?

Alley Valkyrie Local creeper. Delusional narcissist. Not Feri, but reminds me of a few of them. I sent him a PM firmly telling him to leave a friend of mine alone, and my “threat” will be the subject of his blog tomorrow. He has no idea who he is fucking with.

Storm Faerywolf Give him hell, Alley!

This is the greatest radical film ever made! There’s a love story here. I walked into a coven of Witches and Warlocks at Kesey Square. Here is Gwendolyn having a Witching good time, at the expense of the Kesey family. John McCahill is wearing the death hood. How did Alley know I was not Feri? She read my blog and found Christian stuff in it.



Here’s Gwendolyn saying the rock in window was contrived.

“Meanwhile social media is buzzing: Many proponents of Kesey Square have wondered if the vandalism was contrived by someone who wants to see the square developed. “I really think it is someone who has a grudge against the movement to save the square,” says Gwendolyn Iris, a Save Kesey Square activist. “Based on the words and spelling, it just reads like mockery.”


Alley Valkyrie

May 9 at 12:32am · Portland, OR · Edited ·
Well, I just picked a fight with quite the unstable psychopath. May not have been the most sensible thing to do, but it should definitely get interesting…

John McCahill just cant turn it off can you …. LOL

May 9 at 12:36am · Like · 2

Alley Valkyrie Local creeper. Delusional narcissist. Not Feri, but reminds me of a few of them. I sent him a PM firmly telling him to leave a friend of mine alone, and my “threat” will be the subject of his blog tomorrow. He has no idea who he is fucking with.

May 9 at 1:40am · Like
Alley Valkyrie If you read the rest of his blog, you’ll see why I went after him in the first place. I am making this public because this man is a sick psychopath who takes pictures all over Eugene.

Randy Cain I’m glad the mafia sent him treats.

May 9 at 8:53am · Like

Mary Broadhurst yeah well…I’m a bit concerned about labels being applied to this guy. obviously he has issues. but will calling him a psychopath push him over the edge. did anyone consult with Belle before coming to her rescue? perhaps she had a plan as to how to deal with this…

May 9 at 8:57am · Edited · Like · 1

Alley Valkyrie Yes, I talked to Belle.

Glenn Combs: I’m thinkin’ concrete shoes. We got a river with deep spots… Hypothetically speaking, of course.



Storm Faerywolf is professional warlock, author, and co-owner of The Mystic Dream in Walnut Creek, California. An initiate of the F(a)eri(e) tradition, he has over thirty years of experience practicing witchcraft and has been teaching both privately and publicly across the U.S. and around the world for more than twenty. He holds the Black Wand of the Master and is the founder of BlueRose, his own school and lineage within Faery, offering classes both in-person and online. He is the author of The Stars Within the Earth, and the forthcoming Betwixt and Between: Exploring the Faery Tradition of Witchcraft, due 2017 from Llewellyn Worldwide. For more information about his classes, books, CD’s or art visit his website at

Last year I interviewed Feri initiate, activist, and Wild Hunt columnist, Alley Valkyrie after she was arrested protesting for the rights of the homeless in Eugene, Oregon. Now, the verdict is in, and Alley Valkyrie has been vindicated. Quote: “Lane County violated the constitutional rights of a local activist last year when it had her cited for trespassing following her refusal to leave a public plaza after officials closed it, a Eugene Municipal Court judge has ruled. In her decision, Judge Karen Stenard said the county’s reason for ejecting protesters and shutting the Wayne Morse Free Speech Plaza — that the area had to be cleaned because human feces were smelled in the area — was too broad and did not pass the rigorous test required for government actions that restrict constitutional freedoms. As a result, Stenard dismissed the charge of second-degree trespassing filed against protester Alley Valkyrie.” – See more at: http://wildhunt.org/tag/grey-school-of-wizardry#sthash.I6X9TL5y.dpuf

The Federal Plaza

Since the second SLEEPS movement was kicked out of the Free Speech Plaza on September 3rd, the Federal Plaza located at 7th and Pearl has become a key strategic site. This site is secure for SLEEPS in part because local protestors have been challenging free speech constraints on that site for over a year now. On May Day, 2012, an Occupy camp was setup there. This was the last Occupy site proper in Eugene. The plaza was held for a number of months before being closed down, and local protestor ‘Brave Beatrice’ took a federal citation in order to take the closure to court. Her case was thrown out. After protestors assembled a second time, Federal agencies again shut down the site. This time not only Beatrice but another local protestor Terry were cited. Again the court threw out the case. Due in part to these precedents, Deparment of Homeland Security staff have been compliant with allowing the protestors to remain there.



NPAC Board

Alley Valkyrie–President

Alley Valkyrie is an artist, small business owner, and tireless supporter of the unhoused.  She currently lives in Portland and sells her handcrafted clothes and prayer flags at the Saturday Market. Since the Occupy  Movement in 2011, she has worked “full-time without  pay as an informal liaison between homeless campers and police” (Eugene Weekly) . She founded the Nightingale Public Advocacy  Coalition with her partner, John Monroe.

John Monroe–Vice President

Activist and musician John Monroe studied philosophy at the University of Montana and has recently attended graduate school in Europe. He was an early member of the Occupy Movement, SLEEPS (Safe, Legally Entitled Emergency Places to Sleep), and the Kesey Square Revival and founded Nightingale Public Advocacy  Coalition with his partner, Alley Valkyrie.

Louise Prevost–Secretary

Louise Prevost moved to Eugene, OR, as a child in 1963 and attended schools here up to and including the University of Oregon, where she earned a BFA Degree. In the last five years she has been homeless or underhoused for various periods, and spent time staying at the Mission, couch surfing , and earning a roof over her head via pet- and/or house-sitting and as a live-in personal home-care aid. Her experiences have instilled in her a sense of urgent need to see that the rights and basic necessities of the most vulnerable people of our community  are met through community action.

Victoria Nelson–Treasurer

Vickie Nelson is a retired librarian who has been a social activist since the 1970s when she was a founding member of Growers Market and of the alternative newspaper the Willamette Valley Observer . As a writer and editor she gravitates toward communication tasks in most of the groups she belongs to. She is currently an editor of The Eugene Occupier and a member of the board of directors of SPOT (Stop Pet Overpopulatt0n Now), a group that helps low-income people spay and neuter their dogs. She has been advocating for the unhoused for the last few years.

John Mccahill–Director

John McCahill joined the Occupy Movement in Eugene almost as soon as he heard about it. He organized the kitchen and kitchen volunteers , solicited donations of funds and food, and took on the massive task of providing several hundred meals a day and keeping activists and unhoused people fed.  He is also a regular volunteer  at the Egan Warming Centers.

Emily Semple–Director

Emily Semple is a political activist, and a member of SLEEPS, who has been put herself on the line for Constitutional Rights to free speech and assembly many times. A self-employed graphic designer at Semple Design with an AAS from Lane Community College, she brings a dramatic flair to all her activities, serves as a Eugene Slug Queen, and works as a pastry chef at Ambrosia, a Eugene  restaurant.

Mary Broadhurst–Director

Mary Broadhurst has been involved in community  organizing, first in the late 70s and early 80s as a VISTA volunteer with the Jobs and Justice Project and an organizer in the anti-nuclear movement. More recently she has been involved with Occupy Eugene, SLEEPS, and the Whoville Coalition. She is an Egan Warming Center volunteer. Mary is a graduate of the University of Oregon School of Law and a practicing attorney . For over 20 years she has represented students with disabilities, ensuring that they receive the educations to which they are entitled under federal law. A highlight of her career was as co- counsel before the United States Supreme Court. She has mediation experience and extensive experience facilitating meetings with school district administrators and staff. In 2012 she completed a three day training in Dynamic Facilitation: Conflict, Creativity , and Community. She also has been trained through the intermediate level in Nonviolent Communication.

Kesey Square Revival

UPDATE: As of April 5, 2013, Kesey Square Revival will no longer be taking place. Please read this post for the story and explanation behind this decision.

A vibrant commons is essential to a healthy city center, and Eugene lacks a functional and frequented public space. Despite the fact that Kesey Square is publicly owned and centrally located in downtown Eugene, it is a neglected and underutilized plaza. Originally furnished with balconies and then benches, all seating was removed by city staff a few years ago in order to discourage street youth and the general unhoused population from congregating in the square. Those populations have not left and are still the subject of constant complaints, and what remains is an empty plaza with nowhere to sit.

Kesey Square Revival was birthed from a vision of what a common space in downtown Eugene could look like, combined with a need for integrating those involved in activism and social service with those who are underserved and seek assistance and advocacy. After the Occupy Eugene camp closed in December of 2011, Eugene’s unhoused population experienced increased harassment by police and enforcement of “quality-of-life” crimes in the downtown area, as well as increased use of the DPSZ ordinance.

The need to both create community in public space and stand in solidarity with our unhoused neighbors came to fruition in February of 2012, when approximately fifty people spontaneously appeared in Kesey Square on a Friday afternoon, bringing with them tables, chairs, board games, free food, music, street theater, and chalk art. We created our vision of what downtown Eugene could look like, and the response was overwhelmingly positive. A friend of ours created a short video which documented the first Kesey Square Revival that can be seen here:

Since then, we’ve gathered at Kesey almost every Friday during the warm months. We are continually focused on integrating the downtown population as a whole and creating vibrant public space that focuses on community inclusion, positive energy, economic revitalization, and free expression. We currently meet at Kesey Square every Friday afternoon, weather permitting. For updates and specific events related to the Kesey Square Revival, “like” our Page at facebook.com/keseysquarerevival

More video footage of the Kesey Square Revival can be found by searching for “kesey

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