Kamala Harris Get’s Old White Dude’s Goat

EXTRA! I started writing my post on Harris around 8:00 A.M. I knew I was taking a big risk. The backlash will put Trump back in the White House if we don’t get it right. President Obama chose VP Biden as his running mate, twice, and won twice. What these two men did for Radicals and Bohemians – is NOTHING! They knew if they catered to them, then the Circular Firining Squad would be out of control! The Bay Area has always been a Power Grab for experimental radical groups. No one knew this better then Huey Newton, Bobby Seal, and eldridge Cleaver. This was their filed study that they won when they carried shotguns into the State Capitiol building. This was a world radical event and a stroke of genius. Kamala Harris was the district attorney of Oakland, that was the brunt of this genius that all but destroyed Ed Meese who governor Reagan deliberately raised from the dead. I just learned there is a movie being made on the Chicago Seven. I pray some movie tell it like it was – before I die! We radicals died with Bobby Kennedy. Biden was a member of this ATTEMPT to unite us. How did the Soviet Union take to Robert?

Kamala Harris BUSTED Biden’s ass like she did to many low-life scum who hurt society. Biden had not hurt society. I was reminded of ‘Breaking Bad’.  There is a Guilty Dog look in Kamala’s eyes. She did a dirty deed. It was a blow below the belt. She was softening Biden up for more questioning. Once a DA, always a DA.


Biden supporters and Democrats who have attended the former vice president’s events in the days after the first nationally televised debate, are describing Harris’ assault on Biden as an all-too-calculated overreach after she knocked him on his heels in a grilling over busing and his remarks on segregationist senators.

“She played low ball, which was out of character. And he didn’t expect it, nor did I,” said Lee White, a Biden supporter who attended his remarks at the Jesse Jackson Rainbow PUSH Coalition. “She should not have gone that route. She’s much too intelligent, she’s been able to be successful thus far, why do you have to do that.”

THINK swing voters! White dudes in their seventies don’t like to see other old white dudes attacked for things they did not do. Black Democrats don’t want these white dudes to vote for Trump for the first time, or, vote for him again, just because they fear blacks want to push an even more radical agenda, as if that will attract more old white voters to their cause. How many old white voters are going to find their conscience under attack when they enter a voting booth?

“Gee! I better prove I am not a white racist. I better vote for the most radical ticket, because black people want radical changes to happen. Why was my neighbor whistling when he left the voting booth? I know he’s a Republican, and, hasn’t a care in the world. He thinks he’s right all the time! Hmmm! Trump isn’t that bad. If I vote for him, I won’t feel like a LONE RACIST anymore. I feel I am being targeted and ganged up on! The President and I are the same age. He goes to church!”

Ed Ray’s Renaming Minority Club believe if you take away all the images, whistles, and bells, that make it easy for old white dudes to be a white supremist, then, they will vote for non-whites out of guilt and shame. Are there any examples this has worked? Do blacks think they swayed, or tricked white people before, and they can do it again? I mean, if Martin Luther was not such a great orator, then dumb-ass whitey would have voted for  a fellow racist. White people are too ignorant, to change on their own. They need a smart-ass black person to get in their face and tell them like it is, never mind if that clever black person does not get the nomination. What  important, is, black people are speaking up. What better time to do this then at election time.

The equation has changed! There are no young white radicals for change like there was in the 60s. The old radical and hippies don’t vote as much, and, no one goes for their vote. You see how I am treated by young radicals – just because I am a rare radical senior who has made myself available! I am the only OPEN TARGET. My old radical brothers are really into the high content of their THC. They don’t want trouble – of any kind! Even thinking about voting – IS TROUBLE! Who wants to hear all this SHAME-SHIT! It makes your head hurt. Hey, man! Don’t lay your guilt trip on me!

I was born in Oakland and grew up in the Bay Area where there were a thousand Kamala Harris’s. There were two thousand very raidical black dudes who were threatened by the woman’s movement. Then, here come the angry gay folk smashing the shit of of City Hall because a racist cop shot one of them! Dan White wanted to shoot Willie Brown, too. No one ever shot a hippie. Why not? Because you had the CIA the FBI, the COPS, the MINISTERS, the RUSSIANS, the ARABS, and WOMEN all over our ass! It was open season on HIPPIE – every damn day! Lone gunmen were therefore not threatened by Doomed Hippie. Did Caesar Chavez give us hippies a shout-out?

So, who is Kamala Harris preaching to?………..THE BLACK CHOIR! Oh, and she is preaching to DEAD HIPPIE RADICAL who………………doesn’t give a rat’s ass! Did the blacks come to our defence? How about the women and the gays?

“I thought about voting for the first time in thirty years, but, when I saw the black woman ragging on Biden’s ass. I was reminded of my nagging wife,  who left me because I wouldn’t get a real good job, now that we had kids – who I don’t get to see! I dropped out a long time ago. I don’t give a shit if Kamala had to take a bus! I got teargassed at Sproul Hall. Did I tell you about that?”

Some folks are saying Kamala is not a real black person. I say, she is not acting like a real Oaklander. Why doesn’t she give a shout-out to Joan Baez who organized a demonstration against the most powerful military in the history of the world. Joe Hill was her role model.Ten trillion dollars was spent on stopping the spread of Communism all over the world. One trillion dollars was spent on GETTING HIPPIE! My peers were drafted, while Kim’s father seriously considered invading South Korea.

Trump crossed the border today, in order to give the message a vote for him is a vote for the Christian Peacemaker. Kamala Harris can redeem herself by talking about the black men who were drafted and sent to die in Vietnam – along with their White Brothers! To hear the Republican Press attack the Radical Democrats for being too radical without a response from the Democratic Pundits, tells me and a bunch of old white dudes, that America IS STILL ASHAMED of Radical White Folks, and the Evil Propaganda used on us, like no Commie ever employed – WORKED! Putin and his trolls, worked over the Hippie with the help of a Draft Dodger, who is hugging a serial commie killer! But, look, over there………..It’s America’s Enemy No. 1, Charlie Manson, staring in a Tarantino movie!

What was it all for? Communism was founded by the most radical men in the world! Oakland Kamala would do well to point this out, and wear a t-shirt with a black soldier next to white soldier killing communists in Vietnam.

The only place where Hippie is honored, is in Springfield Oregon, where I live. Neil Laudati got a giant mural of Ken Kesey put up on a downtown wall, with the help of our mayor, Christine Lunderg.

Putin just said “liberalism is eating itself”. Is he referring to Kamala and Biden, a white man and a black woman? These two citizens should be talking about Putin giving weapons to the Vietcong. These two should start talking about our Real National Shame, being, every white man in the world understood, that for every black man drafted and sent to Vietnam, meant one white dude got to stay home.

In World War 2 black draftees were not allowed to fight. How many black men who were drafted – sought sanctuary in Canada? We’re talking about a Slave Nation forced to fight in a foreign land. They killed men and women who were supposed to be championing the Black Cause via bringing Communism to the Black Ghetto. We American Radicals talked about these issues back then, and Regan did his best to shut us up! When did Putin start talking about using the blacks to bring down America? Was he – a teenager? Putin is a fucking racist who needs his clock-cleaned! Where are the Christian Soldiers?

In the first video you see Mohammed Ali, who was not in Oakland when he refused the draft. We see Bobby Seal talking about Huey Newton running for Councilperson of the 7th District. Here are the Radical Republicans who made most of the “history” Kamala refers to that made her mission possible. Ali encourages other black men to fight the draft and become Black Muslims. This pretty much set the bar for Black Radicalism, and the truth folks like people who standup for their convictions!

Ali had nothing to lose. Neither did Donald Trump. Now he does! Work that! Make an ad that shows – HIS FEAR! Harris exposed Biden’s FEAR! This is where the Dems will lose votes. We have become a chicken-shit nation, but for one man! Make him afraid!

Go after Trump’s powerful friends!

“Trump’s good buddy told Americans liberalism is eating itself. But, this rich right-wing conservative sure bawled his eyes out when the Soviet Union fell thanks to Reagan and brave soldiers like John McCain! We weren’t just liberals, then! We were Americans!”

Unite America against the New Evil Empire!

How come Black Radicals are not attacking Putin and his White Men – who are the new world cops! Obama and Biden ended Americas role as cops. Trump and Putin picked up the gauntlet by busting Refugee Mundi.

In Breaking Bad everyone tries to unite so everyone can look out for their own self interests. But, meth is against the law. No one can be truted to do the right thing. My beautiful generation, made up of all colors, was made ILLIGAL. This is what Harris did to Biden. This is what Trump and his Neo-Nazis are bout. They’re cops. Dirty cops on the take! They don’t deserve the Public Trust. Eric Flawell got it right! Bust their ass – but good!

John Presco





Lt. Gov. Robert Finch on behalf of Gov. Ronald Reagan, however, saluted law enforcement officers for their “exceptional ability” during the demonstrations. The statement read: “Their actions in upholding the law are to be commended and should serve as a reminder throughout all California that law must be obeyed.”

After the fighting, dozens of arrests and incidents of violence sprang up in the last three days of Stop the Draft Week in Oakland, but police tactics were more restrained. The Oakland Induction Center was the site of many more protests and arrests into the early 1970s, but the riots of October 1967 remained the bloodiest confrontation.

On Jan. 28, 1973, Defense Secretary Melvin Laird announced an end to the draft, and the all-volunteer army era began again.




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